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Confirmed: Al Qaeda Number Two Killed by US Airstrike in Yemen

4 months agoNews : Vice News

Al Qaeda has confirmed that its second-in-command was killed by a recent US airstrike, dealing the global network its biggest blow since the killing of Osama bin Laden and eliminating a charismatic leader at a time when it is vying with the Islamic State group for the mantle of global jihad. Show More Summary

Al-Qaeda Second in Command Killed in Drone Strike; Once Incited Jihadists to 'Eliminate the Cross'

Nasir al-Wuhayshi, the man recognized as al-Qaeda's second in command, has reportedly been killed in a drone strike in Yemen, marking the terror group's heaviest loss since the death of leader Osama bin Laden.

Al-Qaida Confirms Its No. 2 Leader Was Killed In U.S. Drone Strike

4 months agoNews : The Two-Way

Nasir al-Wahishi was part of al-Qaida's "old guard," NPR's Alice Fordham reports. He was a veteran of the fighting in Afghanistan and had been Osama bin Laden's personal secretary.

Al-Qaida confirms US strike killed leader of Yemen affiliate

A U.S. airstrike has killed Al-Qaida’s No. 2 leader, who commanded its powerful Yemeni affiliate, dealing the global network its biggest blow since the killing of Osama bin Laden and eliminating a charismatic leader at a time when it is vying with the Islamic State group for the mantle of global jihad. In a video […]

Yemeni al Qaeda leader killed in suspected drone strike: CNN

DUBAI (Reuters) - The Yemeni leader of Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), Nasser al-Wuhayshi, who was once an associate of Osama bin Laden, was killed in a suspected U.S. drone strike, CNN reported on Monday, citing two Yemeni national security officials.

High-ranking al Qaeda leader reported killed in Yemen

Al Wuhaysi, leader of al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula and former secretary to Osama bin Laden, believed to have been killed by CIA drone strike

A U.S. Air Strike Just Killed a Very Bad Man

The Pentagon says that a U.S. air strike in Libya seems to have killed Mokhtar Belmokhtar, who is not a former U.N. secretary general but instead a former top operative in al-Qaeda’s North Africa affiliate, a veteran of Osama bin Laden’s operations in Afghanistan. Show More Summary

The ‘bro’ who wanted Osama bin Laden’s ‘porn stash’ is the same ‘bro-bro’ who went on a 2012 Date Lab set-up

When does a bro-bro stop being a bro? The answer, of course, is never ever. Just ask David Covucci, a writer and blogger at who recently tried and failed to get the CIA to release Osama bin Laden’s “porn stash.” But before Covucci, the self-styled “King of the Bros,” used the Freedom of Information Act — […]

CIA Refuses To Release Osama's Porn Collection Information To Bro Who Submitted FOIA For It

4 months agoIndustries / Law : Techdirt

Who could have possibly thought that something of interest would actually come out of something called BroBible? As it turns out, the site that calls itself the best place for all the world's bros to gather on the internet -- which sounds...Show More Summary

What Could Go Wrong? Barack Obama Releases Osama’s Bodyguards From Gitmo to Oman

Barack Obama released six more Gitmo detainees today to Oman, a country next to embattled Yemen. FOX News Insider Two... The post What Could Go Wrong? Barack Obama Releases Osama’s Bodyguards From Gitmo to Oman appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.

Clinton’s Attorney General Blocked Plan to Kill Bin Laden Before 9/11

Former Attorney General Janet Reno was a key figure in blocking possible Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) plans to kill Osama Bin Laden in 1998, according to a declassified letter by former CIA Director George Tenet.

CIA Chief’s Anger Against 9/11 Secret Report Revealed in Declassified Docs.

Former Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Director George Tenet angrily accused CIA Inspector General in 2005 of sloppy investigation and of wrongly claiming that he had targeted Osama Bin Laden and al-Qaeda, a cache of more than 500 pages of newly declassified Agency documents reveal.

Pakistan Shuts Down Save The Children Office and Kicks Charity Out

4 months agoNews : Vice News

Save the Children — the NGO accused by the Pakistani government of involvement in the CIA polio-vaccination plot that helped find Osama bin Laden — has been ordered to leave Pakistan. On Thursday night, officials placed a lock on the gate of the group's offices in the capital city Islamabad and gave foreign staff 15 days to leave the country. Show More Summary

Divided D.C. Circuit Restricts Authority of Military Commissions

A divided panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit on Friday placed new limits on the jurisdiction of U.S. military commissions, vacating the conspiracy conviction of a man accused of serving as Osama bin Laden’s spokesman.       

Josh Marshall wants to know WTF is Diane Rehm's problem.

"If you're interviewing President Obama and you ask him whether Osama bin Laden is his brother or whether he's conspiring with Iran to destroy America, that's not just a question. Why not ask an African-American congressman if he's held...Show More Summary

Why al-Qaeda Is on Verge of 'Collapse'

Al-Qaeda's spiritual leaders say the organization is on the verge of "collapse" while ISIS thrives. The former al-Qaeda branch—booted last year for disobeying Osama bin Laden successor Ayman al-Zawahiri—is attracting money and recruits that have helped it spread from Afghanistan to west Africa, even as an al-Qaeda group...

CIA turns down the BroBible’s FOIA request to reveal bin Laden’s favorite porn

There are many questions about Osama bin Laden that people might want to have answered, and his adult movie preferences appear to be one of them. However, the CIA would not reveal this particular detail to anyone, no matter how hard they might try. Show More Summary

CIA Denies FOIA Request for ‘Classified’ Osama bin Laden Porn Stash

4 months agoNews : Mediaite

A blogger for a men's website was denied his FOIA request to the CIA for Osama Bin Laden's porn collection. This came off of numerous rumors of an extensive video collection being recovered from the al-quads leader's military compou...

Bros Want to Know: What Porn was Osama Watching?

The BroBible, an online news source for 20-something bros, wants to know what kind of porn Osama bin Laden was ‘enjoying’ before his death. Unfortunately, the dirty stash is being treated as classified state documents and the CIA won’t let anyone get their hands on it.

CIA Tells "King of the Bros" He Can't See Bin Laden's Porn Stash

If you were hoping to score a peek at Osama Bin Laden's pile of smut, arguably the most salacious stuff collected when Navy SEALs raided his hideout in Pakistan, it looks like you're out of luck: The White House is keeping good on its...Show More Summary

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