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Paul Krugman: Something Not Rotten in Denmark

The important lessons we can learn from Denmark: Something Not Rotten in Denmark, by Paul Krugman, Commentary, NY Times: No doubt surprising many of the people watching the Democratic presidential debate, Bernie Sanders cited Denmark as a role model for...

More on TBTF: Quick Rejoinder to Mike Konczal

Mike Konczal has picked up on my post responding to his piece on too big to fail. Just to give folks a quick orientation, the point of entry here was a Paul Krugman post saying that Dodd-Frank had largely ended too big to fail (TBTF),...Show More Summary

Krugman: Why Wall Street Tycoons Are Panicking About the 2016 Election

Financiers are doing whatever they can to elect a Republican, any Republican. Paul Krugman weighed in on the differences between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders when it comes to financial reform and regulation in Friday's column.Show More Summary

Paul Krugman: Wall Street loves GOP because “with great wealth comes great pettiness”

The New York Times columnist demonstrates why Wall Street has gone all-in for the GOP this campaign season

Paul Krugman and the End of Too Big to Fail Subsidies

Paul Krugman used his column today to tell us that any Democrat in the White House will take a tough line on regulating Wall Street. I hope that he is right, but am a bit more skeptical given past associations. But beyond the speculation,...Show More Summary

Abbreviated pundit roundup: Wall Street reform, the economy and more

We begin today's roundup with Paul Krugman: Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders had an argument about financial regulation during Tuesday’s debate — but it wasn’t about whether to crack down on banks. Instead, it was about whose plan was tougher. Show More Summary

Paul Krugman: Democrats, Republicans and Wall Street Tycoons

Financial tycoons broke up with Democrats. Now they ? Republicans (or maybe they are just using them with their money): Democrats, Republicans and Wall Street Tycoons, by Paul Krugman, Commentary, NY Times: Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders had an argument...

Paul Krugman Bursts David Brooks’ Fantasyland Version of Conservatism

Krugman with a reality check: The Republican Party David Brooks imagines died with Ronald Reagan. David Brooks looked up this week and suddenly found himself disillusioned with the Republican Party, calling Republicans running for the...Show More Summary

'The Waaaaah Street Factor'

Paul Krugman notes the correlation between getting tough on the financial industry and the flow of campaign cash. Some people argue this money doesn't much matter in terms of influencing elections, but the people giving it -- the ones so...

Paul Ryan -- 'FlimFlam Man!'

Paul Krugman had a very insightful column in The New York Times analyzing representative Paul Ryan, the possible next Speaker of the House of Representatives, as just another in a long line of Republican con men! Ryan's sleight-of-hand...Show More Summary

'Global Dovishness'

Paul Krugman: Global Dovishness: Tim Duy points us to a striking speech by Lael Brainard, who recently joined the Fed Board of Governors, which takes a notably more dovish line than we’ve been hearing from Yellen and Fischer. Basically, Brainard...

IN A DESPERATE BID FOR RELEVANCE: NYCC 2015: Paul Krugman and Brad DeLong Ponder the ‘Star Trek’…

IN A DESPERATE BID FOR RELEVANCE: NYCC 2015: Paul Krugman and Brad DeLong Ponder the ‘Star Trek’ Economy.

Speaker Watch

The question of the day is, “Is he dumb enough to do it?” — he being Paul Ryan and it being running for Speaker of the House. Ryan allegedly is considering his options today. As Paul Krugman points out in a column and blog post today, Ryan’s strength is that he’s the guy non-Republicans take […]

NYCC 2015: Paul Krugman and Brad DeLong Ponder the ‘Star Trek’ Economy

The economists took part in a New York Comic Con panel exploring what the utopian science fiction economy would look like in real life.

Paul Krugman: Republicans Are Running Out of Talented Con Men to Sell Their Garbage Agenda

The "post-policy" Republicans are in dire need of a new 'moderate' face. New York Times columnist Paul Krugman mocked the Republican Party generally, and the House Freedom Caucus in particular, for begging Wisconsin Representative Paul Ryan to fill the House leadership void by becoming the next speaker. Show More Summary

When Will Fed Raise Interest Rates?

It has been puzzling many major economists, including Nobelist Paul Krugman, Obama advisor Larry Summers, and Minneapolis Fed Chair Narayan Kacherlakota, why Janet Yellen's Fed is still talking about raising interest rates when current...Show More Summary

Princeton's Angus Deaton wins Nobel Prize in Economics

Princeton University's long list of economics Nobels includes Christopher Sims (2011) for research in macro econometrics, Paul Krugman (2008) for work on international trade and economic geography, Daniel Kahneman (2002) for 'havingShow More Summary

Paul Krugman: The Crazies and the Con Man

Why is Paul Ryan under so much pressure to become speaker, and why would he be wise to resist?: The Crazies and the Con Man, by Paul Krugman, Commentary, NY Times: How will the chaos that the crazies, I mean...

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