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Abbreviated pundit roundup: Job growth, "religious freedom" bills and more

We begin today's roundup with Paul Krugman's excellent analysis of the current economic landscape: Two impossible things happened to the U.S. economy over the course of the past year — or at least they were supposed to be impossible, according to the ideology that dominates half our political spectrum. Show More Summary

Economists Who Study Science Fiction Will See Science More Realistically

last monthGenres / Sci Fi : io9

There are definitely plenty of economists who love science fiction — Paul Krugman comes to mind immediately. But economics could still benefit from more attention to the genre, argues economist Ha-Joon Chang from Cambridge University. But Chang's reasons for recommending SF might be a bit surprising. Read more...

'Anti-Keynesian Delusions'

Paul Krugman continues the discussion on the use of the Keynesian model: Anti-Keynesian Delusions: I forgot to congratulate Mark Thoma on his tenth blogoversary, so let me do that now.... Today Mark includes a link to one of his...

On the Stupidity of Anti-Monetarist Economics: David K. Levine vs. Chris Sims as Refereed by Paul Krugman, with Additional Thoughts

Paul Krugman is the picador: Paul Krugman: [Anti-Keynesian Delusions]( "I’d like to weigh in with a more general piece of impoliteness, and note a strong empirical regularity... Show More Summary

April Fools' Festival Day XVI: No, Steve Keen Doesn't Know What He Is Talking About. Why Do You Ask?

From the Archives: Paul Krugman: >Minunderstanding IS-LM: Some readers have asked me to reply to this Steve Keen piece claiming that I don’t understand the IS-LM model. Sigh. I really don’t want to spend time fighting against people with whom I don’t really have a current policy disagreement — and this is so silly, besides. Show More Summary

Paul Krugman Is Wrong About The UK And Borrowing

Submitted by Andrew Lilico via, Paul Krugman once did something or other quite good on the economics of trade, winning him the Nobel Prize. He also wrote some rather good stuff in the 1990s about the euro and about how Japan might escape its then-malaise. Show More Summary

Suspening Stupidity In the Nick of Time

We'll have more here now and then as we approach the British general election on May 7. But an essential table-setter is offered today by Paul Krugman, who explains the...

Paul Krugman: This Snookered Isle

Mediamacro: This Snookered Isle, by Paul Krugman, Commentary, NY Times: The 2016 election is still 19 mind-numbing, soul-killing months away. There is, however, another important election in just six weeks, as Britain goes to the polls. And many of the...

Paul Krugman: No, Great Britain isn’t an austerity success story

Austerians claim that the sceptered isle vindicates their prescriptions. Why they're wrong

Explaining Away Competence

A Krugman blog post got me thinking — Everyone in the Republican Party knows that Reagan presided over an economy that has never been equaled, before or since. When I was on TV with Rand Paul, he confidently declared When is the last time in our country we created millions of jobs? It was under […]

Snoop Dogg and Arcade Fire lead SXSW panels

Musicians and even Paul Krugman came together in Austin to debate the music business, from selfies to selling out As well as the bands and boozing, South by Southwest is the place the international music business comes to chew the fat about its many challenges. Show More Summary

Paul Krugman: Trillion Dollar Fraudsters

Why do Republicans use "magic asterisks" in their budget proposals?: Trillion Dollar Fraudsters, by Paul Krugman, Commentary, NY Times: By now it’s a Republican Party tradition: Every year the party produces a budget that allegedly slashes deficits, but which turns...

Paul Krugman Reveals the Outrageous Con Job Behind the Savage GOP Budget

"The modern G.O.P.’s raw fiscal dishonesty is something new in American politics." It can be tough, Paul Krugman allows in Friday's column, to keep up the level of outrage at Republican lawmakers who do not seem to be in any way bound to the rules of honor or honesty in their budget proposal. Show More Summary

The Kroog Versus The GOP Budget

Paul Krugman is tired of Republican fraudsters powered by Magical Laffer Curve Fairies in general, but this year’s version of the Hunger Games is particularly bonkers. So, about those budgets: both claim drastic reductions in federal spending. Some of those spending reductions are specified: There would be savage cuts in food stamps, similarly savage cuts [Read more...]

“You should be very, very angry”: Paul Krugman torches GOP’s new budgets

In an increasingly cynical age, it can be hard to summon outrage -- but these budgets deserve it

Arcade Fire And Paul Krugman Discuss Selling Out And The Future Of The Music Business At SXSW

Win and Will Butler of Arcade Fire and economist/New York Times columnist Paul Krugman headlined a panel discussion at SXSW today on the “celebrity economy in music” and how artists in the future will make a living. Moderated by Grantland’s Rembert Browne, who ironically claimed that he “failed economics,” the panel also included Nielsen’s Tatiana […]

SXSW gets a Paul Krugman economics power lesson

Besides being a prominent New York Times economic columnist and a Princeton professor, Paul Krugman is an avid music fan, and he bought a typically nuanced grasp of top-down economics to the South by the Southwest Music Conference.

Paul Krugman And Arcade Fire Agree: Touring Is The Key To Music Money

Nobel laureate Princeton professors aren't known for declarations of agreement with the views of indie rock bands from Canada. But today at a South By Southwest panel dubbed The Celebrity Economy in Music, that's exactly what happen...

Ramesh Ponnuru on the 'test' of Market Monetarism

Ramesh Ponnuru has an article in the National Review where he revisits the 'test' of Market Monetarism put forth by Paul Krugman and Mike Konczal in 2013. Here is Ramesh: The story begins in late 2012. The Federal Reserve had begun its third round of monetary expansion following the economic crisis of 2008. Show More Summary

The Israeli Gilded Age

Above: Friend of plutocrats Paul Krugman contextualizes Netanyahu’s troubles by pointing to what he calls “Israel’s Gilded Age,” as the free market devotee has pushed policies that has led to the same sorts of massive income inequality and concentration of extreme wealth among a very few people that such policies have created in the United […]

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