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Paul Krugman: What Greece Won

How well did Greece do?: What Greece Won, by Paul Krugman, Commentary, NY Times: Last week, after much drama, the new Greek government reached a deal with its creditors.... So how did it go? Well, if you were to...

This is no surrender: Paul Krugman on the Greek left’s surprising victory against austerity

The new government's debt deal isn't everything the left wanted -- but don't let that obscure key achievements

Paul Krugman: How Austerity Madness Was Dealt a Crucial Blow this Week

"The Greek government didn’t succumb to the bum’s rush, and that in itself is a kind of victory." Paul Krugman takes a contrarian view of the deal the new Greek government reached with its creditors earlier in the week. The deal was widely derided on the left as a disaster,  a “surrender” on the part of Syriza, the new ruling coalition in Athens. Show More Summary

Live from the Roasterie: Dealing with "Cognitive Closure": Paul Krugman vs. Allan Meltzer

For those who missed this last fall... Paul Krugman on Allan H. Meltzer: Paul Krugman (September 12, 2014): [The Inflation Cult]( "You find the same Groundhog Day story... Show More Summary

Assorted links

1. Measuring the quality of NBA defenders.  And digitalizing NFL players.  Both are interesting pieces.  And don’t ridicule Manny Pacquiao. 2. An interview with a guy. 3. Vermont, Gruber. 4. Paul Krugman on superstars and the economics of music.  I think of the era of the music superstar as having peaked in the 1980s or […]

Arcade Fire’s Win & Will Butler To Talk Music Economy With Paul Krugman At SXSW

With dwindling album sales and 360 deals and increasing corporate-sponsorship encroachment, the economics of the music business are getting tougher and tougher to figure out. You practically need to talk to two rock stars and a Nobel Prizewinning economist. Fortunately, SXSW attendees will get that chance this year. New York Times columnist and world-renown economist […]

Afternoon Must-Read: Paul Krugman: Phantom Phiscal Crises

Paul Krugman: [Phantom Phiscal Crises]( "Matthew Klein takes on...

ATG x SXSW Present: The Celebrity Economy In Music

We're partnering with SXSW on an amazing panel featuring Paul Krugman, Win Butler and more.

"Rising inequality is not about who has the knowledge; it's about who has the power."

Paul Krugman turns his attention today to the "deeply unserious fantasy" promoted by the corporate education dissemblers and diversionists, who have made careers and millions from pretending that inequality is a schooling issue and that education will solve all the problems that poverty, classism, and racism have created. Show More Summary

Krugman vs. Pethokoukis

Paul Krugman: Pethokoukis is wrong about what actually works in the direction he wants. He argues that big welfare states discourage having children, and dismisses pro-natalist policies as ineffectual. Here are fertility rates in advanced...Show More Summary

Paul Krugman: Knowledge Isn’t Power

A skills gap is not the problem, it's economic power: Knowledge Isn’t Power, by Paul Krugman, Commentary, NY Times:... Just to be clear: I’m in favor of better education. Education is a friend of mine. And it should be...

Kudlow’s Deficit Dance

I was not invited to the private dinner with Scott Walker but Paul Krugman notes who was on the guest list: Scott Walker, the governor of Wisconsin, is said to be a rising contender for the Republican presidential nomination. So, onShow More Summary

Nobody understands that nobody understands supply and demand

Paul Krugman often makes claims like something to the effect that nobody understands liquidity traps—expressing frustration with the views of his fellow economists.  But liquidity traps are a fairly esoteric issue.  Why is there so little outrage that nobody understands supply and demand? Marcus Nunes has a new post pointing to the latest atrocity, in […]

'Greece Did OK'

How did Greece do? Paul Krugman says: Greece Did OK: Now that the dust has settled a bit, we can look calmly at the deal — if it really is a deal that survives through tomorrow, which some people doubt....

All the Governor’s Men (Economists)

Paul Krugman notes Governor Walker’s advisers on economics at a recent meeting are Larry Kudlow, Stephen Moore and Arthur Laffer. These folks make appearances in the Econbrowser archives. Larry Kudlow From The Financial Crisis: Foreseeable and Preventable (Feb. 2011). Jeff Frieden asks, in the NY Times, why warnings of imminent housing collapse and financial crisis […]

Krugman on the State of the GOP

Paul Krugman runs down the state of his party encountered by Republican Scott Walker as he enters the 2016 Presidential field in The New York Times. So what does it say about the current state of the G.O.P. that discussion of economic policy is now monopolized by people (supply-siders Laffer, Kudlow and Moore) who have [...]Show More Summary

Afternoon Must-Read: Paul Krugman: Chastened Exceptionalism

Paul Krugman: [Chastened Exceptionalism]( "Jamelle Bouie has a very good article responding to Rudy Giulani’s attack on Obama’s patriotism...

Paul Krugman: Cranking Up for 2016

Creating an alternate reality: Cranking Up for 2016, by Paul Krugman, Commentary, NY Times: Scott Walker... did what, these days, any ambitious Republican must, and pledged allegiance to charlatans and cranks.... Mr. Walker, in what was clearly a...

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