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1. 140 Google interview questions. 2. Jim Manzi on Piketty and executive compensation. 3. OrderStatistic on AD, AS, and Paul Krugman. 4. CIA cafeteria review. 5. Data on white nationalists. 6. The wisdom of the confident crowd?  And top economists do not generally favor monetary policy rules.  And Barry Eichengreen has a new forthcoming book.  […]

Over at Equitable Growth: How to Understand the BIS View as an Analytical Position Rather than a Rhetorical Attitude?

[Over at Equitable Growth:]( Paul Krugman admonishes me for thinking I should try to work out what model underlies the [Bank for International Settlements' 84th Annual Report]( Show More Summary

Paul Krugman Rips Rick Santelli: ‘He Hates the Poors’

2 months agoNews : Mediaite

Count Paul Krugman among those who enjoyed Steve Liesman's epic takedown of Rick Santelli on CNBC earlier today. The New York Times columnist highlighted the clip, in which Liesman told Santelli, "It’s impossible for you to have been more wrong," on his blog.

Bubbles Everywhere: Krugman Wrong Again; Austrians And The BIS Are Correct

Submitted by John Cochran via Mises Economic blog, Paul Krugman is at it again – distorting or misinterpreting work by other economists to attack critics of today’s central bank driven low interest rate environment and to defend policy status quo or to push for even more stimulus. Show More Summary

Krugman: Obamacare Fails to Fail

Paul Krugman: How many Americans know how health reform is going? For that matter, how many people in the news media are following the positive developments?... [A]n immense policy success is improving the lives of millions of Americans, but it's largely slipping under the radar. Show More Summary

Is There a Phillips Curve? If So, Which One?

One place that Paul Krugman and Chris House disagree is on the Phillips curve. Krugman (responding to a post by House) says: New Keynesians do stuff like one-period-ahead price setting or Calvo pricing, in which prices are revised randomly. Practicing...

Paul Krugman savages elite pundits for ignoring Obamacare’s success

The New York Times columnist argues that media elites are too out of touch to notice the program's victories

Abbreviated pundit round-up: End-of-life treatment of Mandela 'disgraceful,' children at the border

2 months agoUS Politics / Liberal : Daily Kos

Paul Krugman at The New York Times talks again of how right-wing predictors not only get lots wrong, they also keep coming up with new wrongnesses, as in the case of Obamacare Fails to Fail: it’s a remarkable thing — an immense policy...Show More Summary

Don't be fooled by Krugman's half-truths about the BIS

Paul Krugman has another go at the Bank for International Settlements, whose take on the world economy he accuses of lacking all method, or being just an "attitude, looking for justification". For Prof Krugman, the BIS is another example of those who have been wrong about the crisis, but refuse to acknowledge it and have [...]

Paul Krugman: Obamacare Fails to Fail

Why don't we hear more about the success of Obamacare?: Obamacare Fails to Fail, by Paul Krugman, Commentary, NY Times: How many Americans know how health reform is going? For that matter, how many people in the news media are...

Evening Must-Read: Paul Krugman: Liquidationism in the 21st Century

Paul Krugman: Liquidationism in the 21st Century: "The BIS position has basically been the same... > that of 1930s liquidationists like Schumpeter, who warned against any 'artificial stimulus' that might leave the 'work of depressions undone'. Show More Summary

Are Interest Rates Artificially Low? Nope.

Discouraging: The Meme is Out There, by Paul Krugman: I just answered some questions for Princeton magazine, and among them was this: Please comment on how artificially low interest rates have impacted the current value of baby boomers’ retirement portfolios...

Paul Krugman Is Dumber Than We Thought

Krugman’s July 11th NYT laugher provides yet more evidence the Nobel Prize winner … just … makes … stuff … up. Consider this Krugman assertion: The really big losers from low interest rates are the truly wealthy — not even the 1 percent, but the 0.1 percent or even the 0.01 percent. Krugman says the rich sock their [...]

Paul Krugman blasts selfish plutocrats for inflation hysterics

The popular liberal pundit says wealthy bondholders care more about their income than the overall U.S. economy

"The truth is that in a society as unequal and polarized as ours has become, almost everything is..."

2 months agoTechnology : Message

“The truth is that in a society as unequal and polarized as ours has become, almost everything is political. Get used to it.” - Paul Krugman, Who Wants a Depression? 

Fellow Travelers of the Depression Lobby

Paul Krugman took off the gloves in his column today. He said that much of the opposition to the Fed's low interest rate policy stems from the narrow interest of very rich people who earn lots of interest on their money. While we hear...Show More Summary

How liberalism became an intolerant dogma

At the risk of sounding like Paul Krugman — who returns to a handful of cherished topics over and over again in his New York Times column — I want to revisit one of my hobby horses, which I most recently raised in my discussion of Hobby Lobby. Show More Summary

Paul Krugman: Who Wants a Depression?

Why has there been so much "hysteria over Fed policy"?: Who Wants a Depression?, by Paul Krugman, Commentary, NY Times: One unhappy lesson we’ve learned in recent years is that economics is a far more political subject than we liked...

There are two kinds of people . . .

(July 10, 2014 04:00 PM, by Scott Sumner) Ideology is perhaps the most common way of dividing economists into groups. You have Allan Meltzer on the right, and Paul Krugman and Joe Stiglitz on the left. Today I'd like to argue that in one very important way it... (0 COMMENTS)

Who's Afraid of an Itsy Bitsy Bit of Inflation, Anyway?

Why are so many people obsessed with "hard money"? Why the endless hysterics about the prospect of inflation getting higher than 2 percent? Paul Krugman, like many others, thinks it's basically a class issue. If you have a lot of debt, inflation is a good thing because it lowers the real value of your debt. Show More Summary

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