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Paul Krugman: Republicans Against Retirement

Why do Republicans want to get rid of Social Security?: Republicans Against Retirement, by Paul Krugman, Commentary, NY Times: Something strange is happening in the Republican primary — something strange, that is, besides the Trump phenomenon. For some reason, just...

Paul Krugman: 1 percenters are pulling the GOP candidates’ strings — and Trump is benefiting

2 months agoNews : The Raw Story

In his column for the New York Times, economist and Nobel laureate Paul Krugman claims the majority of 2016 GOP presidential candidates are so deep in the pockets of the richest 1 percent that they are practically handing the presidential nomination to Donald Trump. Krugman notes that many of the...

Currency Unions with Differential Labor Mobility

Paul Krugman had a nice blogpost outlining some of the key issues in the literature on optimal currency unions. The question is what happens in a currency union like the euro zone, which is not optimal for many reasons, if there is free...Show More Summary

Paul Krugman: Bungling Beijing’s Stock Markets

The Chinese leadership appears to be "imagining that it can order markets around": Bungling Beijing’s Stock Markets, by Paul Krugman, Commentary, NY Times:... Is it possible that after all these years Beijing still doesn’t get how this “markets” thing...

"Is it possible that after all these years Beijing still doesn’t get how this “markets” thing works?..."

“ Is it possible that after all these years Beijing still doesn’t get how this “markets” thing works? - Paul Krugman — Stowe Boyd (@stoweboyd) August 14, 2015 ”

Stop cheering, Keynesians

THE appeal of Jeremy Corbyn, the likely Labour party leader, is said to be that he offers an alternative to austerity. Indeed his rise has been championed by Keynesians such as Paul Krugman. And there is plenty of scope for arguing about whether the British government has placed too much emphasis on deficit-cutting in recent years. Show More Summary

Hoisted from the Archives from Two Years Ago: That Friedrich von Hayek Was Inconsistent and That Milton Friedman Was Running a Con on His Ideological Allies Are Not to Their Benefit

[Over at Equitable Growth][1]: Two years ago today we noted Daniel Keuhn saying smart things about Friedrich von Hayek and Paul Krugman saying smart things about Milton Friedman. Keuhn's major point was that Hayek is inconsistent and incoherent on both macroeconomic political economy issues, and we should recognize that incoherence. Show More Summary

'International Money Mania'

Paul Krugman: International Money Mania: China is claiming that it’s not devaluing the renminbi to gain competitive advantage, it’s adding flexibility to prepare for the yuan as an international reserve currency, becoming part of the basket in the IMF’s SDRs...

Donald Trump, the Tea Party, and Political Correctness Have All Collided in 2015

Aside from conservatism (duh), Alan Abramowitz says the strongest predictor of support for the Tea Party is racial hostility. Paul Krugman says he thinks Donald Trump supporters are basically just tea partiers. Put these together and...Show More Summary

The Macroeconomic Divide

Paul Krugman: Trash Talk and the Macroeconomic Divide:... In Lucas and Sargent, much is made of stagflation; the coexistence of inflation and high unemployment is their main, indeed pretty much only, piece of evidence that all of Keynesian economics...

Krugman and the Times Still Spinning Obama’s Legacy

Paul Krugman’s columns for that paper, while opinion pieces, reflect the Times’ underlying perspective and political agenda.

Paul Krugman: GOP Candidates Can’t Attack Obama Because of Party’s Disastrous Record of Predicting His Failures

The president's 'failure to fail' has left the field scrambling to find an angle the party hasn't already ruined. In his column on Monday, Paul Krugman tackled the problem that the GOP candidates in last week’s first presidential debate...Show More Summary

Paul Krugman: G.O.P. Candidates and Obama’s Failure to Fail

The GOP has failed again and again at predicting failure: G.O.P. Candidates and Obama’s Failure to Fail, by Paul Krugman, Commentary, NY Times: What did the men who would be president talk about during last week’s prime-time Republican debate? Well,...

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Links: Roger Farmer (2014): [Real Business Cycle Theory and the High School Olympics]( Paul Krugman: [Cap and Trade and Polarization](

Yes, Donald Trump Won the First Republican Primary Debare. Why Do You Ask?

Live from Bullwinkle Plaza: Well played, NBC and SurveyMonkey, well played! Paul Krugman: [Behold the Deep Bench]( "NBC has the first post-debate poll... Show More Summary

Krugman: GOP Not Serious (Not Just Trump)

Paul Krugman argues that Donald Trump differs from the other 2016 GOP Presidential candidates only because he does not pretend to be serious in The New York Times. The point is that while media puff pieces have portrayed Mr. Trump’s rivals as serious men — Jeb the moderate, Rand the original thinker, Marco the face of a [...]Show More Summary

Abbreviated Pundit Round-up

2 months agoUS Politics / Liberal : Daily Kos

Paul Krugman trains an eye on the GOP's "deep bench." This was, according to many commentators, going to be the election cycle Republicans got to show off their “deep bench.” The race for the nomination would include experienced governors like Jeb Bush and Scott Walker, fresh thinkers like Rand Paul, and attractive new players like Marco Rubio. Show More Summary

Paul Krugman’s shameful colonialism: Why the progressive economist has Puerto Rico all wrong

The New York Times columnist urges unemployed Puerto Ricans to migrate to the mainland. If only it were that simple

Why Krugman Should Not be Surprised

Paul Krugman makes a good point comparing the economy's performance under President Reagan and Obama. He shows the path of unemployment was actually worse under Reagan than Obama. This is to show there is no real basis for praising the Reagan record. Show More Summary

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