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Reviewing Lawrence Summers's et al.'s VoxEU Ebook on "Secular Stagnation": The Honest Broker for the Week of August 23, 2014

[Over at Equitable Growth:][4] The Setup: Let's start with Paul Krugman, who made me aware of this ebook by writing: Paul Krugman: [All About Zero:][1] "Way back in 2008 I (and many others) argued... >...that the financial crisis had pushed us into a liquidity trap... Show More Summary

Paul Krugman Mostly Right on War and Authoritarian Adventurism

last monthNews : Reason

First, please don't hate me. Even a blind pig can find... and all that. New York Times columnist and economics Nobelist Paul Krugman's column oday, "Why We Fight," explains why war keeps breaking out in the modern age. Recall that Secretary...Show More Summary

Millennials are More Libertarian than the Political Duopoly Wants to Believe

last monthNews : Reason

As far as the David Frums and Paul Krugmans of the world are concerned, talk about a “libertarian moment” in America is baloney. Why? Because beyond legalizing pot, young Americans don’t care about government intervention in the economy. But...Show More Summary

Why is Krugman so forgiving of the ECB?

Yesterday I posted that the ECB just doesn’t “get it,” secure in the knowledge that Paul Krugman totally agrees with me on at least that one point.  And then look at what commenter Vaidas Urba sends me: Paul Krugman from a week ago: The good news is that the ECB does, I think, understand the […]

Paul Krugman on the “scary prospects” of more war

The Times columnist worries that, despite globalization making it irrational, countries may increasingly go to war

Monday DeLong Smackdown: The Wellsprings of Bad Monetary Economics in Goldbugism

Finally! The Internet comes through with a high-quality DeLong smackdown! Hooray! Paul Krugman: Inflation OCD: "Brad DeLong... falls short... >...trying to attribute it to bad models or just finding it incomprehensible.... There’s something deeper at work here.... Show More Summary

Paul Krugman: Why We Fight

Why do wars still exist? Why We Fight, y Paul Krugman, Commentary, NY Times: A century has passed since the start of World War I, which many people at the time declared was “the war to end all wars.” Unfortunately,...

Is Inequality Causing Soft Economic Growth?

By Steven Hansen: Professor Paul Krugman was at it last week when he opined: For more than three decades, almost everyone who matters in American politics has agreed that higher taxes on the rich and increased aid to the poor have hurt economic growth... Show More Summary

Paul Krugman: Want to strengthen the recovery? Stop listening to paranoid inflationistas

If the "too-muchers" triumph over the "not-enoughers," econimic weakness could become permanent depression

Paul Krugman: The Forever Slump

The risks from tightening policy too soon are much greater than the risks from leaving policy in place too long: The Forever Slump, by Paul Krugman, Commentary, NY Times: It’s hard to believe, but almost six years have passed since....

Does “Stupid” Have A Place In Political Discourse?

by Dish Staff About two weeks ago, Paul Krugman caused a tiff by obliquely calling Paul Ryan “stupid,” leading Laurence Kotlikoff to respond, “No one, and I mean no one, deserves to be called stupid.” (Krugman later clarified that he believes Ryan isn’t stupid, but rather a “con man.”) In a post relevant to all […]

Philip Pilkington: Financial Times Contributors Understand ‘Liquidity Trap’ Better Than Neo-Keynesians Like Krugman

I have long complained that the likes of Paul Krugman have grossly misinterpreted the meaning of the term ‘liquidity trap’. These economists seem to think that we are currently in a liquidity trap despite the fact that yields on bonds are extremely low across the board.

Krugman vs. the Libertarians on Phosphorus, Freedom, and Environmental Economics

Paul Krugman is at it again with a stunningly ignorant NYT op-ed on libertarians and the environment, “Phosphorus and Freedom.” As the author of a book on the libertarian perspective on environmental policy, I would like to respond.Phosphorus...Show More Summary

Krugman Auditions

(Steven Hayward) Everyone is buzzing about the New York Times Magazine cover story over the weekend about whether libertarians and libertarianism are ascendant.  And one of the busy bees buzzing the most is Paul Krugman, who is a libertarian denialist. Show More Summary

Afternoon Must-Read: Paul Krugman: Inequality Is a Drag

Paul Krugman: Inequality Is a Drag: "For more than three decades, almost everyone who matters in American politics... >...has agreed that higher taxes on the rich and increased aid to the poor have hurt economic growth.... But there’s now growing evidence for a new view... Show More Summary

Krugman: The Fantasy of Libertarian Economics

Paul Krugman: In the latest Times Magazine, Robert Draper profiled youngish libertarians -- roughly speaking, people who combine free-market economics with permissive social views -- and asked whether we might be heading for a "libertarian moment." Well, probably not. Show More Summary

Sliming Rick Perlstein: Live from La Farine CXXXVI: August 11, 2014

Paul Krugman: Sliming Rick Perlstein: "OK, this is grotesque... >Rick Perlstein has a new book... and he’s facing completely spurious charges of plagiarism.... The people making the charges--almost all of whom have, surprise, movement conservative connections--aren’t pointing to any actual passages that, you know, were lifted.... Show More Summary

Paul Krugman exposes libertarianism’s “foolish fantasy”

The New York Times columnist says the water contamination crisis in Toledo shows libertarianism's fatal flaw

Paul Krugman: Phosphorus and Freedom

Markets are not always magic: Phosphorus and Freedom, by Paul Krugman, Commentary, NY Times: In the latest Times Magazine, Robert Draper profiled youngish libertarians... and asked whether we might be heading for a “libertarian moment.” Well, probably not. Polling...

The power of wishful thinking?

(August 10, 2014 09:00 PM, by Scott Sumner) Here's Paul Krugman in 2013: Joe Stiglitz has an Opinionator piece arguing that inequality is a big factor in our slow recovery. Joe is an insanely great economist, so everything he says should be taken seriously. And given my political... (0 COMMENTS)

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