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Thursday Morning Open Thread: Both Sides!… Is A Big Lie

(via: Paul Krugman’s blog). This chart is from a NYTimes piece by Angie Drobnic Holan, of Politicfact, published under the cheerful title “All Politicians Lie. Some Lie More Than Others.” Which is… well, difficult to rebut. I would argue that the whole premise behind the chart is Pants on Fire, because it seems like […]

Paul Krugman and Larry Summers Are Such Amazing F#@$%$ Geniuses! Department

[Over at Equitable Growth][1]: So as I finish my Pre-Federal Reserve Interest-Rate Liftoff Lollapalooza, I am left with three conclusions: 1. Paul Krugman and Larry Summers are such amazing f#@$%$ geniuses... 2. If I simply wiped my brain, and reprogrammed the left half with Paul and the right half with Larry, I would be so much smarter than I am... Show More Summary

What Is the Eccles Building Thinking Today? III: The Mysterious Absence of Paul Krugman Thought

[Over at Equitable Growth][1]: I am, once again, struck by just how much smarter the economics profession as a whole would have been over the past sixteen years if only people had taken as their loadstone this paper: Paul Krugman (1999):...Show More Summary

Paul Krugman: GOP So Far Down the 'Black Hole' That They Might Not Be Able to Stop Progress

Can we breathe a sigh of relief? Krugman writes in his Monday column that maybe we can breathe a little -- the Paris climate agreement shows perhaps a new kind of impotence. "Republican attitudes haven’t changed, except for the worse: the G.O.P. Show More Summary

Paul Krugman: Hope From Paris

"Paris gives us real reason to hope": Hope From Paris, by Paul Krugman, Commentary, NY Times: Did the Paris climate accord save civilization? Maybe. That may not sound like a ringing endorsement, but it’s actually the best climate news we’ve...

'Debt and Demographic Debt Spirals'

Interesting theory from Paul Krugman: Debt and Demographic Debt Spirals: I’m in Portugal... I have been doing some homework about the terrible times Portugal has recently suffered.... We used to think that high labor mobility was a good thing...

Krugman on Portugal and the Migration Death Spiral

Paul Krugman comments that Portugal can be a situation where its aging population, combined with a large outflow of younger people due to high unemployment, can lead to an ever worsening financial situation where fewer workers are left to support a larger debt and non-working population. Show More Summary

Doctor Krugman and Mister Trump

Mark Thoma cites a Paul Krugman column on Empowering the Ugliness in which the latter concludes that."..this ugliness has been empowered by the very establishments that now act so horrified..." Professor Krugman was referring to a contemporary...Show More Summary

How the Republican Party Made Donald Trump

Paul Krugman notes the Republican Party “hasn’t tried to freeze out the kind of people who vote National Front in France. Instead, it has tried to exploit them, mobilizing their resentment via dog whistles to win elections. This was the [...]

Paul Krugman: Fascists like Trump only possible because Republican leadership is “inbred and out of touch”

Trump is "saying bluntly the things establishment candidates try to convey in coded, deniable hints"

Paul Krugman: Empowering the Ugliness

Reaping what they've sown: Empowering the Ugliness, by Paul Krugman, Commentary, NY Times: We live in an era of political news that is, all too often, shocking but not surprising. The rise of Donald Trump definitely falls into that category....

How Consequential Was the Fed Tightening in 2008?

So Senator Ted Cruz's claim that Fed policy was too tight in 2008 and my ringing endorsement of it has generated some interesting conversations. Paul Krugman says I should taper my enthusiasm, while Scott Sumner and Ramesh Ponnuru say it is okay. Show More Summary

'Pandering to Plutocrats'

Throw the middle class a bone to get their vote, then take even more away later. The Tax Policy Center analyzed Jeb Bush's tax plan. Paul Krugman reacts: Pandering to Plutocrats:...Most of the headlines I’ve seen focus on the...

The Uneasy Case for NIMBYism

Paul Krugman is turning his attention to housing affordability, and the results as usual are salutary. When discussing the skyrocketing cost of housing in New York City, he observes: There’s still room to build, even in New York, especially upward. Yet while there is something of a building boom in the city, it’s far smaller […]

Paul Krugman: How America Was Spared the Worst of Financial Crisis

It could have been better, but it also could have been a lot worse. In his latest New York Times column, economist Paul Krugman points to a series of federal economic policies that spared America the worst of the Great Recession. Despite...Show More Summary

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Most-Recent Must-Reads: Paul Krugman: [The Not-So-Bad Economy]( Matthew Rognlie: [What Lower Bound? Monetary Policy with Negative Interest Rates]( ""The gains...Show More Summary

Paul Krugman, Larry Summers, and the Fed's Unused Ammunition

Paul Krugman and Larry Summers both have very good columns this morning noting the economy's continuing weakness and warning against excessive rate hikes by the Fed. While I fully agree with their assessment of the state of the economy...Show More Summary

Paul Krugman: “Things could be worse — and they may indeed get worse”

The New York Times columnist isn't quite as rosy as the Fed is on the future of the American future

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