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Paul Ryan's Honeymoon As Speaker Is Over

Remember when Paul Ryan agreed to become Speaker of the House, he said that he would only be if he could be a unifying force for the Republicans? Well, that didn't last long: Nearly one-third of the Republicans in the House of Representatives...Show More Summary

36 Democrats push bill to keep people on terrorist watch-list from buying guns

Thirty-six Democrats plus independents Sen. Angus King and Sen. Bernie Sanders have sent a letter to Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Speaker Paul Ryan urging them to bring to the floor of the Senate and House legislation designed to block people on the terrorist watch-list from legally buying firearms in the United States. Show More Summary

Paul Ryan Succumbs to ‘Broken’ House Rules

The Speaker’s reformist ambitions fall victim to his need to manage the media cycle.

This week in the war on workers: Shocker. Paul Ryan's 'anti-poverty' idea would lead to funding cuts

Remember how, prior to becoming House speaker, one of Paul Ryan’s big things was that Congress was going to end poverty by converting assistance programs to block grants because flexibility and freedom or something? Well, wouldn’t you...Show More Summary

Does Chris Matthews Think Comparing Paul Ryan to Luke Skywalker Is a Bad Thing?

Back in the mid-1980s, a hero of Chris Matthews's, Sen. Edward "Ted" Kennedy (D-Mass.), attempted to mock Ronald Reagan's anti-ballistic missile shield program, the Strategic Defense Initiative, by tagging it as a "Star Wars" program. Show More Summary

Paul Ryan comes up empty when pressed on what's wrong with our current refugee screening process

That wonky wonk House Speaker Paul Ryan really needs to bone up on our refugee screening program, because he really doesn't get it. Steve Benen: The trouble comes when pressed for policy details or any kind of substantive analysis. The...Show More Summary

Ingraham: Obama "Despises Middle America ... He Thinks It's A Rotten, Horrible, Dark, Horrible Country"

From the November 19 edition of Courtside Entertainment Group's The Laura Ingraham Show: LAURA INGRAHAM: Paul Ryan had an opportunity as the new Speaker of the House to tell conservatives that he was with them, and that he was going to have a full and fair airing of the differences. Show More Summary

The House returns to regular disorder (Guest Voice)

The House returns to regular disorder by Dana Milbank Washington Post Columnist WASHINGTON — Well, it was nice while it lasted. Three weeks ago, Paul Ryan accepted the speaker’s gavel with a vow to return to “regular order,” in which the Congress runs by deliberation rather than fiat and lawmakers have loose rein to amend [...]Show More Summary

Paul Ryan stumbles over 'leadership' test

"The world needs American leadership," House Speaker Paul Ryan said, immediately before showing the opposite of leadership.

Paul Ryan Steers Refugee Bill, and Some Cover, to a House Vote

Less than a week after the Paris attacks and after some maneuvering by Mr. Ryan, the new speaker, the House on Thursday is set to approve a bill that would institute new screening standards for refugees from Syria and Iraq, but would not suspend the program or introduce religious tests.

The House Refugee Bill Is a Fraud

(John Hinderaker) Polls indicate that most Americans oppose importing thousands of Syrian refugees in particular, and more immigrants in general. So naturally, in his first important act as House Speaker, Paul Ryan is reported to be rushing to the floor, as early as tomorrow, a bill that will insure that President Obama gets his way on the issue. Show More Summary

Congress takes up Syrian refugee fight, starts slide toward shutdown

House Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell are taking an increasingly bellicose stance against President Obama, with Ryan refusing to rule out a shutdown and saying Republicans will force the president to accept their poison pill policy riders on a spending bill. Show More Summary

Ryan: House refugee bill won't have religious test

WASHINGTON (AP) — House Speaker Paul Ryan says a Republican bill the chamber plans to vote on this week won't limit Syrian and Iraqi refugees admitted to this country based on their religions. Ryan said that under the House bill, Syrian and Iraqi refugees could only be admitted to the U.S. Show More Summary

Right-Wing Media Praise Paul Ryan's Proposed Refugee Halt That Some Christian Conservative Groups Are Condemning

Right-wing media figures are supporting calls from House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) to stop the Syrian refugee program over worries the refugees could be terrorists, saying Ryan is "exactly right" and his statement is "common sense." This comes as Christian resettlement groups are criticizing calls by GOP figures to block the refugees. Show More Summary

Ryan Sees Confrontation with White House Over Budget

House Speaker Paul Ryan “struck a confrontational stance with the Obama administration Tuesday, setting the stage for showdowns over domestic spending and national security matters as Congress works to wrap up business for the year,” the Wall Street Journal reports. [...]

Jeb Bush Urges Caution on Accepting Syrian Refugees

Mr. Bush said that he supported a call by Speaker Paul D. Ryan to suspend a program to accept Syrian refugees, and that he also respected the right of governors to try to block refugees from coming into their states.

House Republicans push for ‘pause’ to Syrian refugee program

With Republican presidential candidates and GOP governors sounding an increasingly strident alarm about the program to admit Syrian refugees into the country, House Speaker Paul Ryan today announced that he would seek a “pause” in the program. However, the House GOP leadership is ruling out any kind of changes to the program that would prohibit […]

Ryan: The House Will Vote to 'Pause' Syrian Refugee Program

With America's national security in mind, House Speaker Paul Ryan announced Tuesday morning his wish to "pause" the White House's plan to accept...

House Speaker Calls For ‘Pause’ In Accepting Syrian Refugees In U.S.

"This is a moment where it’s better to be safe than to be sorry,” Rep. Paul Ryan said. The post House Speaker Calls For ‘Pause’ In Accepting Syrian Refugees In U.S. appeared first on ThinkProgress.

Speaker Paul Ryan Threatens to Defund Refugee Program Over Syrian ISIS Threat

Speaker Paul Ryan threatened to defund Barack Obama’s refugee program over the Syrian migrant threat. 27 governors, including one... The post Speaker Paul Ryan Threatens to Defund Refugee Program Over Syrian ISIS Threat appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.

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