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Paul Ryan’s American tragedy: What GOP’s next big budget fight is really about

Paul Ryan's infamous Medicare privatization plan may never become reality -- but will still have dire consequences

Harry Reid Not On Board Yet With Medicare Bill

Paul Ryan presses colleagues to vote for bipartisan Medicare fix: — The Hill (@thehill) March 25, 2015 House Speaker John Boehner has been quietly pushing a bill to change the formula used to pay physicians under Medicare. The bill ends the sustainable growth rate (SGR) formula which has forced Congress to pass ad [...]

Paul Ryan: No to Obamacare exchanges, yes to Medicare exchanges

Monday, March 23, isn't just the fifth anniversary of the signing of the Affordable Care Act. The day also marks five years since then Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) promised the GOP response would "'repeal and replace,' 'repeal and replace.'" But with the possibility that a Supreme Court ruling in the King v. Show More Summary

Paul Ryan to states: help us sabotage health care

To derail the status quo on American health care, Paul Ryan doesn't have an alternative to the ACA. He does, however, have a sabotage plan.

Paul Ryan Presents New Republican Healthcare Plan: Deathcare!

When I think of Paul Ryan, I think of this. Freedom to become a pauper, freedom to hurry up and die! Digby says: So Paul Ryan is out there instructing states not to set up state exchanges if the Supremes knock down the federal exchange subsidies. Show More Summary

Paul Ryan Warns GOP Governors Not To Set Up Exchanges If SCOTUS Kills Subsidies

Paul Ryan, the man who keeps tossing bull into the ring by saying Republicans will offer an alternative to the ACA if the Supreme Court kills subsidies in states using, is now ordering Republican governors in those states...Show More Summary

BREAKING! Republicans Will Not Fix the ACA if the Supreme Court Guts It

Paul Ryan urges Republican statehouses to do what they would do anyway: If the Supreme Court strikes down subsidies to states using the federal health insurance exchanges, Rep. Paul Ryan was asked, should they set up their own exchanges to prevent people from losing their insurance? “Oh God, no…The last thing anybody in my opinion […]

Paul Ryan: 'Oh God, no,' states shouldn't take action to preserve health insurance

Sociopath. If the Supreme Court strikes down subsidies to states using the federal health insurance exchanges, Rep. Paul Ryan was asked, should they set up their own exchanges to prevent people from losing their insurance? "Oh God, no…The...Show More Summary

PAUL RYAN: Obama Helped Bibi Netanyahu Win in a Landslide (VIDEO)

Paul Ryan Speaks Truth to Power– Rep. Paul Ryan told FOX and Friends this morning that Barack Obama helped Netanyahu win Tuesday’s national elections. The Obama Administration spent 350,00 in taxpayer dollars to help defeat the Israeli leader. “I think … Continue reading ?

Why Paul Ryan Should Host a Poverty Summit

On Tuesday, Rep. Paul Ryan released the miniseries Comeback, a seven-part documentary about stories of redemption, spurred by his travels across the country since the 2012 campaign. When he was running as Mitt Romney’s second, Ryan realized that he didn’t know enough about what was causing poverty and what could be done to help. Show More Summary

House Unveils Budget That Plans to Balance in Eight Years

The House Budget Committee, now in the hands of Tom Price rather than Paul Ryan, introduced its 2016 budget resolution today. Chairman Price has an op-ed in USA Today making the case for his plan here; here are summary tables and charts...Show More Summary

Senate Republicans not so keen on the Ryan budget: Too many words

Now that Republicans are in charge of the Senate and its budget-making powers, they want nothing to do with the infamous Paul Ryan budget and its Medicare voucher ways. Nor will they touch Social Security. "From the standpoint of a budget, the less words of the English language you use, the better off you are," said Sen. Show More Summary

Congressional Republicans surrender on transforming Medicare

It’s time for the Republican Congress to start the long, tortured process of creating a budget, and as Alexander Bolton of The Hill reports, now that Paul Ryan has moved from chairing the Budget Committee to running Ways and Means, this version is going to be a little different from recent ones. Specifically, the transformation […]

GOP Yellowskins Strike Again: Senate GOP budget to break with Paul Ryan’s blueprints

From The Last Tradition Punks exist in more places than Ferguson Missouri. We have quite a number of then in the Republican Party who are quick to raise the White

Senate Republicans Will Break with Ryan’s Blueprint

“Senate Republicans will not include detailed plans to overhaul entitlement programs when they unveil their first budget in nearly a decade this week,” The Hill reports. “The decision would break from Rep. Paul Ryan’s (R-WI) House budgets from recent years, [...]

Paul Ryan 'quietly' keeps a high profile

The congressman says he doesn't want his poverty efforts to be seen as a vanity project -- so he's releasing a movie.

Federal tax code unfair to the super wealthy

This past week the Joint Committee on Taxation (JCT) chaired by Republican Paul Ryan released a document titled 'Fairness in Tax Policy". Not surprisingly conservative pundits like Forbes contributor Robert W. Wood fall all over themselves...Show More Summary

Paul Ryan touts his health care pseudo-plan

One observer asked today, "Just how stupid does Paul Ryan think we are?" The answer, in all likelihood, is that Paul Ryan isn't thinking about us at all.

Paul Ryan’s new healthcare brainchild: Obamacare, but without the bad parts

Paul Ryan's post-King v. Burwell healthcare "plan" is deliberately vague and not on the level

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