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Paul Ryan to Washingtonians: ‘Pray without Ceasing’

I’ve always had a little bit of mixed feelings about the National Prayer Breakfast, which this year was held this morning just a stone’s throw from the White House at the Washington Hilton. In a country that needs to pray more, we give speeches about it. That said, there have been some wonderful graces there. Show More Summary

Paul Ryan on President Obama: Don’t Feed The Troll

House Speaker Paul Ryan spoke today to the Heritage Action Conservative Policy Summit to lay out his vision for the GOP in 2016. Let me translate his remarks for you, starting after his standard thematic intro about being “a Jack Kemp, Ronald Reagan conservative.” “Let’s cut to the chase: There are a lot of people hurting in America right now. Show More Summary

Conservative Policy Summit 2016

Townhall was in attendance today at Heritage Action of America’s third-annual Conservative Policy Summit, where House Speaker Paul Ryan,...

Paul Ryan woos the gadflies

Heritage Action, which inveighed against former House speaker John Boehner, pushed for the shutdown and perfected the art of demonizing anyone who did not adopt its (losing) tactics, has always said it wanted a conservative agenda. To its credit, it recently has turned to policy development. Now House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) is taking Heritage […]

Paul Ryan: Donald Trump's Best Friend

The current House speaker is doing more good for Trump than any super-PAC could hope to.

Speaker Paul Ryan On The Year Ahead

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan joined me today to discuss the year ahead: Audio: 01-25hhs-ryan Transcript: HH: That will make interviews number 144, 145, and 146 that I have done with GOP would-be nominees since the first debate. But I open the program with the Honorable Paul Ryan, Speaker of the House of Representatives. Show More Summary

Paul Ryan is Streaming the DC Blizzard From The Speaker's Balcony

If you're living outside of the area that is due to be hit by Winter Storm Jonas any second now, and want to experience a storm that is...

Speaker Ryan’s Immigration Strategy Allows Obama to Issue Visas to 300,00 Muslim Migrants Each Year

Another shining moment in Paul Ryan’s tenure as Speaker of the House. Speaker Paul Ryan’s immigration strategy allows Barack Obama... The post Speaker Ryan’s Immigration Strategy Allows Obama to Issue Visas to 300,00 Muslim Migrants Each Year appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.

ICYMI: Planned Parenthood Said It Was "Disrespectful" Paul Ryan Invited Nuns to SOTU

Some of House Speaker Paul Ryan's guests for the State of the Union address were sisters from the Little Sisters of the Poor, a Catholic religious...

Fighting Poverty With Real American Values

A recent forum on fighting poverty, sponsored by the Jack Kemp Foundation and moderated by House Speaker Paul Ryan and South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott, showed why the Republican Party

Maher Demonizes Ryan & Satan-Dog 'Child' Cruz, Sucks Up to Al Gore

On Friday's Real Time with Bill Maher, Senator Ted Cruz and House Speaker Paul Ryan were the two Republican figures who were most on the receiving end of host Maher's vitriol as he derided Cruz as the "child of Satan and a dog," andShow More Summary

Ryan: Obama Degrades the Presidency by Stinging GOP Candidates in SOTU

One day after President Barack Obama made his final State of the Union address, Paul Ryan -- speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives -- criticized the event by stating that “it was a fairly typical speech” for the Democratic occupant of the White House, who “glossed over the economy” as well as his “foreign-policy failures.”

CNN's Lemon Touts Twitter Attack on Paul Ryan; Labels Him 'Attack Dog'

Don Lemon offered a strange critique of Paul Ryan on Wednesday's CNN Tonight, as he noted the House Speaker's "poker face" during Tuesday's State of the Union address. Lemon spotlighted a Twitter post from Shonda Rhimes, where the Hollywood...Show More Summary

NBC’s Lauer Grills Paul Ryan on ObamaCare Repeal, Demands He Respond to President’s Attack

In an interview conducted with House Speaker Paul Ryan on Tuesday and aired on Wednesday’s NBC Today, co-host Matt Lauer derided Republican attempts to repeal ObamaCare: “The House and the Senate last week passed a bill that would have repealed the Affordable Care Act. Show More Summary

GOP HIT JOB: Nikki Haley Targets Donald Trump in SOTU Response… Disgraces Republicans

In what I can only describe as a lowly and despicable move, Nikki Haley used the SOTU response to attack Donald Trump. She was hand picked by Paul Ryan and

WELL PLAYED: Speaker Paul Ryan invites nuns to Rep. Keith Ellison’s ‘Bring Your Own Muslim’ ni…

WELL PLAYED: Speaker Paul Ryan invites nuns to Rep. Keith Ellison’s ‘Bring Your Own Muslim’ night. “Ryan instead chose as his guests the Little Sisters of the Poor, the nuns who have been alternatively winning and losing their fight against the Obamacare mandate that they provide, against their religious beliefs, birth control (including abortifacients) as part […]

Paul Ryan to push for Obama’s legacy “jail break” agenda

(Paul Mirengoff) Paul Ryan has made it clear that he considers himself the Republican Party’s “shadow nominee” for president. As such, he’s trying to lock the contenders for the real nomination into positions he favors — positions that,...Show More Summary

Paul Ryan says what few pols say

House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) deservedly is receiving widespread praise for hosting and leading a discussion with six GOP presidential candidates on poverty. It is symptomatic of the media’s fixation on treating politics like sports to call Ryan the “winner” in a serious discussion of a critical issue, but that is what one can expect these […]

Local resistance: the next move in blocking AFFH

(Paul Mirengoff) Readers may recall that last year, the House passed the Gosar Amendment that would have defunded President Obama’s “affirmatively furthering fair housing” (AFFH) rule. Unfortunately, Speaker Paul Ryan abandoned the Gosar Amendment during the negotiations over the Omnibus spending bill. Show More Summary

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