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Does Chris Matthews Think Comparing Paul Ryan to Luke Skywalker Is a Bad Thing?

Back in the mid-1980s, a hero of Chris Matthews's, Sen. Edward "Ted" Kennedy (D-Mass.), attempted to mock Ronald Reagan's anti-ballistic missile shield program, the Strategic Defense Initiative, by tagging it as a "Star Wars" program. Show More Summary

The House Refugee Bill Is a Fraud

(John Hinderaker) Polls indicate that most Americans oppose importing thousands of Syrian refugees in particular, and more immigrants in general. So naturally, in his first important act as House Speaker, Paul Ryan is reported to be rushing to the floor, as early as tomorrow, a bill that will insure that President Obama gets his way on the issue. Show More Summary

Ryan: The House Will Vote to 'Pause' Syrian Refugee Program

With America's national security in mind, House Speaker Paul Ryan announced Tuesday morning his wish to "pause" the White House's plan to accept...

Speaker Paul Ryan Threatens to Defund Refugee Program Over Syrian ISIS Threat

Speaker Paul Ryan threatened to defund Barack Obama’s refugee program over the Syrian migrant threat. 27 governors, including one... The post Speaker Paul Ryan Threatens to Defund Refugee Program Over Syrian ISIS Threat appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.

Paul Ryan Moves Forward on Syria Refugee Strategy

Amid the rising chorus of Republican lawmakers demanding  a moratorium on the program, Speaker Paul Ryan is seeking legislation this week to take action on President Obama’s Syrian refugee resettlement initiative.  In a closed-door conference of House Republicans early Tuesday morning, Ryan said that the U.S. Show More Summary

CBS’s Pelley Accuses Paul Ryan of ‘Blowing Chalk Dust in the President's Face’

In an interview with House Speaker Paul Ryan for 60 Minutes, CBS Evening News anchor Scott Pelley scolded the congressman for criticizing President Obama’s unconstitutional executive action on illegal immigration: “On your first day as speaker you said you were going to wipe the slate clean. Show More Summary

Paul Ryan should stay away from entitlement reform next year

(Paul Mirengoff) I have heard several Republican presidential candidates, including Ted Cruz, publicly wish that the GOP would fight as hard for conservative principles as President Obama fights for radical leftist ones. It’s a good thought, but I wonder whether those expressing it realize the full implications. Show More Summary

What Will We See in Speaker Ryan's House?

Wisconsin Republican Paul Ryan is the new speaker of the House. With him, we are told that we are entering a new era in the House of Representatives. Really? Let’s see. The sequester caps are gone as part of a Boehner-Obama budget deal that Ryan endorsed with his vote. Show More Summary

House Passes Highway Bill in First "Victory" for Speaker Ryan

In what is being hailed as the first victory for new House Speaker Paul Ryan, the lower chamber has just passed a highway funding bill - the first...

BREAKING: Kevin Brady Will Succeed Paul Ryan as Ways & Means Chairman

The Republican Steering Committee has chosen Texas’s Kevin Brady, a longtime ally of Paul Ryan, to succeed the new speaker  as chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee. Wednesday afternoon, in the same conference room where Ryan...Show More Summary

Paul Ryan Is Right: Congressional GOP Needs a Clear, Articulated Vision

Appearing last weekend on "Fox News Sunday," Ryan said, "We've been too timid on policy. We've been too timid on vision -- we have none. We fight over tactics because we don't have a vision." He's right. Ryan might have also added that...Show More Summary

WELL, GOOD: Paul Ryan refuses to rule out riders on spending bill. New Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis….

WELL, GOOD: Paul Ryan refuses to rule out riders on spending bill. New Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) on Tuesday refused to rule out attaching legislative policy riders to an omnibus spending bill, foreshadowing a possible confrontation with President Obama next month. “This is the legislative branch and the power of the purse rests within the […]

The Generational Change

Hugh had newly minted Speaker of the House Paul Ryan on yesterday – typically great Hewitt interview.  Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas was also in the studio and early in the interview Hugh directed a great observation/question at Senator...Show More Summary

THE VIEW FROM THE REBELLION: “Daniel Henninger’s hymn to Paul Ryan and The Party of Governing in …

THE VIEW FROM THE REBELLION: “Daniel Henninger’s hymn to Paul Ryan and The Party of Governing in Monday’s Wall Street Journal is a great example of the power of the establishment. What’s interesting about the increasingly desperate attempts by the Ruling Class to clear away the pitchfork carrying insurgents is that they really don’t understand […]

CNN Presses Ryan on Paid Leave, US 'Way Far Behind' 'Most Civilized Nations'

After pressing Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan on the issue of whether the federal government should require employers to provide paid family leave in a pre-recorded interview aired on Sunday's State of the Union, CNN correspondent...Show More Summary

Speaker Paul Ryan On The Way Forward, And What Debates Should Be Like

The audio: 11-02hhs-ryan The transcript: HH: I’m honored to have join United States Senator Cotton and me the new Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, the Honorable Paul Ryan. Speaker Ryan, welcome to the Hugh Hewitt Show from the Kirby Center. PR: Good to be back, thanks for having me. Show More Summary

'The Party of No'? Let's Test that Hypothesis

I saw a lot of this yesterday after Paul Ryan did the rounds on the Sunday shows: Because GOP strategy is “just say no” no matter what? — Henry Blodget (@hblodget) November 1, 2015 This is a popular line among critics of the GOP. Show More Summary

'Pet Political Causes': House Dem Wants Ryan to End Benghazi, Planned Parenthood Committees

Rep. Louise Slaughter (D-NY) believes the best way for new Speaker Paul Ryan to make good on his promise to “respect taxpayers’ money” is to...

Speaker Ryan Goes ‘Full Ginsburg’ On Sunday Circuit, Says House GOP Will Become ‘Proposition Party’

Boehner is out. Paul Ryan is in–and House Republicans begin a new era under his leadership. Yes, there are some who are skeptical about the change...

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