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Matrimony according to the Use of the Philippine Islands

Today, on this very same eve of Exaltation Roodmas, also that of the 6th anniversary of the promulgation of the celebrated apostolic letter Summorum Pontificum of Benedict XVI, Pope emeritus, a matrimony was celebrated according to the...Show More Summary

New light is shed on Pope Benedict’s 9/11 memorial prayer

VATICAN CITY — When Pope Benedict XVI visited ground zero in 2008, he knelt alone and prayed inside the cement-walled crater where the World Trade Center Towers once stood. As a sign of bringing light and hope to the dark memory of 9/11, the pope was going to light a large beeswax candle adorned with […]

Pope Francis Tweets For Peace In Syria, Impresses Us With Twitter Skills

Pope Francis is already way better at using Twitter than his beleaguered predecessor, Benedict XVI. Okay, so that whole “purgatory credits” thing wasn’t actually a thing. He’s not getting any credit for revolutionizing the way religious folk use social media, but Pope Francis has at least shown that he “gets” it. His tweets are often...

Pope Emeritus Benedict: I resigned because ‘God told me to’

Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI said this week that he stepped away from the papacy on the orders of God. “God told me to” during a “mystical experience,” he said, as the Voice of America reported. Benedict resigned as pontiff in February, to the shock of the Catholic community. He’s the first pope to give up [...]

Pope Emeritus in the News

There’s some buzz -- a Drudge link helps -- surrounding a report that Pope Benedict XVI has said that “God told me” to resign after a “mystical experience.” Reported as some kind of bombshell revelation, it sounds much like the window...Show More Summary

The Flip Side of Flip Wilson

3 years agoHumor : Doggy Style

The Catholic wire service Zenit  says Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI didn’t retire from the papacy because he was getting old and weak as he originally said, but rather because “God told me to.” Probably good that he took the advice if he’s getting messages like that, though one has to wonder what he would have […]

Church Freaks: Boston Clergyman Caught Creepin’ Was Receivin’ Spit Treatment Behind Cemetary

Another day another religious freak! According to Gawker reports: Last December, Pope Benedict XVI named Massachusetts episcopal vicar Arthur M. Coyle a Prelate of Honor, the second of three monsignor ranks within the Catholic Church. Yesterday, police allegedly

Pope Francis On Gay Priests: ‘Who Am I To Judge?’

Pope Francis’ remarks do signal a significant shift in tone within the Vatican, especially when compared to his predecessor, Pope Benedict XVI. The post Pope Francis On Gay Priests: ‘Who Am I To Judge?’ appeared first on ThinkProgre...

Pope Francis On Gay Priests: ‘Who Am I To Judge?’

Pope Francis’ remarks do signal a significant shift in tone within the Vatican, especially when compared to his predecessor, Pope Benedict XVI. The post Pope Francis On Gay Priests: ‘Who Am I To Judge?’ appeared first on ThinkProgre...

Pope Francis on gays: `Who am I to judge?'

ABOARD THE PAPAL AIRPLANE (CNN) –Pope Francis said today that he will not "judge" gay priests, a huge shift from his predecessor, Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, who sought to bar men with "homosexual tendencies" from the priesthood and another sign of his reshaping the church's approach to historically marginalized groups. “If someone is gay and […]

Pope Francis Wonders: “Who Am I To Judge” The Gays?

3 years agoLGBT / Gay : Queerty

Pope Francis I is taking a much softer line with gays in the clergy than his predecessor, the notoriously anti-gay Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI. In a news conference while returning from his first foreign trip, Francis asked, “If someone is gay and he searches for the Lord and has good will, who am I to [...]

Has Pope Francis decontaminated the Catholic brand?

Three million. That's more than the entire population of Albania. Or Jamaica. The crowds of young people who greeted Pope Francis on Rio's Copacabana beach yesterday demonstrate his extraordinary appeal; Benedict XVI couldn't have attracted such jaw-dropping numbers. How many were devout participants in World Youth Day is another question: one poll claimed that 65 [...]

Over 2.5 Million Expected for Pro-Life World Youth Day in Rio

Pope Francis fulfilling the schedule of the 28th World Youth Day (WYD) events prepared by his predecessor Pope Benedict XVI, is expected to draw and unprecedented turn out of young people in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, July 23 to 28. In his October 18, 2012 message regarding this 28th World Youth Day, Pope Benedict affirmed [...]

Pope Francis embraces the Ordinariate – and increases its power to evangelise

Opponents of the Personal Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham, set up by Benedict XVI to allow ex-Anglicans to worship together with their own liturgy, were so excited when it was reported that Pope Francis, when Archbishop of Buenos Aires, wasn't keen on the initiative. But if that were ever the case, then he has [...]

Pope Benedict Upset At Saint Snub, Vows Hellfire

3 years agoHumor : CAP News

VATICAN CITY (CAP) - Former Pope Benedict XVI is reportedly angry at being passed over for sainthood by his successor Pope Francis and is promising to "rain hellfire and damnation" down on the Catholic Church for the rebuke. "Ooh, I'm scared," Pope Francis said when he heard of the threat. Show More Summary

Encyclical shows seamless transition from Benedict to Francis

by Elise Hilton July 5, 2013 (Acton Institute) - Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI was not able to complete his encyclical on faith during his pontificate, and Pope Francis chose to complete the work, Lumen Fidei (“The Light of Faith”.) Acton’s Director of Research, Samuel Gregg writes about the…

The Pope Emeritus makes a rare appearance

Pope Francis was joined by Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI today for the blessing of a statue of St. Michael the Archangel and for the consecration of Vatican City to the protection of the saint. The statue was commissioned by Pope Benedict during his pontificate and is by Giuseppe Antonio Lomuscio. Show More Summary

Pope Francis Releases First Encyclical: Lumen Fidei, 'Light of Faith'

Pope Francis’ first encyclical, released on Friday, is actually, as he himself described it, the work of “four hands.” A joint effort by himself and his predecessor, Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, the papal letter, entitled Lumen FideiShow More Summary

Busy Pope Francis: Vatican Consecration, New Encyclical, and Canonization Approval

Many joyful tidings are coming from Rome today as Pope Francis joined forces with Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI to give us plenty of reason for joy and hope. 1. Vatican Consecrated to Protection of St. Michael the Archangel To the joy of...Show More Summary

Pope & Ex-Pope: Straight Marriages Only

3 years agoLGBT / Gay : Joe. My. God.

Today the Vatican released an 82-page document co-written by Pope Francis and former Pope Benedict in which the pair says that marriage is only blah blah blah. Francis paid tribute to pope emeritus Benedict XVI in the encyclical, saying...Show More Summary

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