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Republicans Brace for Another Unruly Primary Season

“The 2016 Republican presidential contest, designed to be a tidy affair, is instead shaping up to be a chaotic, drawn-out slog, thanks largely to an expanding pool of rich patrons raining money on a broad field of candidates,” the Washington [...]

Nevada May Switch Back to Primary

Republican leaders in Nevada are moving to junk their presidential caucuses and re-implement a standard primary election for 2016,” the Washington Examiner reports. “Nevada hosts the fourth nominating contest of the 2016 GOP primary and the first out west, making [...]

Bush Tells Donors They’ve Set Fundraising Record

Jeb Bush “told about 350 of the top donors to his super PAC on Sunday evening that the organization has raised more money in its first 100 days than any other Republican operation in modern history,” the Washington Post reports. [.....

The Polling Roller Coaster Begins

Nate Cohn: “The wave of candidate announcements that began late last month has set off a new phase of volatile polling, when voters will rally behind news-making candidates and move on as soon as the next arrives.” “Republican voters are [...]

GOP Looks to Undercut Obama’s Climate Talks

President Obama and Congress “are headed for another power clash on the international stage, as key Senate Republicans challenge his efforts to forge a global pact on climate change,” the Wall Street Journal reports. “The White House considers the agreement [...]

Republicans Struggle With Shifts on Gay Marriage

New York Times: “Rick Santorum said he would never attend a same-sex wedding. Marco Rubio said he might attend one. Scott Walker actually went to a same-sex wedding reception, not to be confused with an actual same-sex wedding ceremony. Ted [...]

Many GOP Contenders Court Evangelical Voters

“An unusually large field of Republican presidential contenders is trying to win the support of evangelical primary voters, worrying many social conservatives that their influence will be diluted in a way that boosts more-centrist candidates,” the Wall Street Journal reports. [...]

2015 White House Correspondents’ Dinner

President Obama “came out swinging in his speech at this year’s White House Correspondents’ Association dinner Saturday night, mocking his critics and taking various shots at Republicans and members of the media,” The Hill reports. CNN compiles Obama’s top ten [...]

Snyder Set to Enter Presidential Race

Michiagn Gov. Rick Snyder (R) “may be the newest GOP candidate for the White House,” the Guardian reports. “Snyder mingled with donors at a meeting of the Republican Jewish Coalition in Las Vegas on Friday and told at least one [......

Jenner Says He’s a Transgender Republican

Former track and field Olympian Bruce Jenner acknowledged to ABC News that he was a transgender American, The Hill reports. “The more shocking revelation for many, however, was Jenner’s admission that in addition to identifying as a woman, he also [...]

Clinton Campaign Faces Early Test

“An assertive Republican Congress coupled with new disclosures about the Clinton family’s charitable foundation threaten to shadow Hillary Clinton’s newly minted presidential campaign for months, a period when she will be trying to reintroduce herself to voters as an advocate [...]

Gay Marriage Becomes Tricky Issue for GOP

Republican presidential hopefuls are struggling with how to position themselves on same-sex marriage, an issue that is bedeviling a party hoping to avoid social controversies as the 2016 election approaches,” the Washington Post reports. “Rapidly changing public opinion has forced [...]

GOP Candidates Silent on Drone Deaths

Republican presidential hopefuls, including two prominent critics of the Obama administration’s drone program, held their fire on Thursday after the White House disclosed strikes in which American citizens were killed, instead offering condolences and focusing on the continued threat posed [...]

Bush Said He Wouldn’t Make Same Mistakes as Romney

Jeb Bush said he “would not make the same mistakes as Mitt Romney during a private event in New York on Thursday, saying the 2012 Republican nominee was unable to connect with voters in a genuine way,” the Washington Free [...]

GOP Debates Keeping Obamacare Subsidies Thru 2016

“Congressional Republicans are locked in a debate about whether to temporarily keep in place the Obamacare subsidies that are at risk of being struck down at the Supreme Court,” The Hill reports. “The stakes are high, as a ruling against [...]

Jeb Bush Is On a Diet

New York Times: “As he prepares to challenge an almost universally younger and svelter field of Republican rivals, Mr. Bush has adopted a drastic weight-loss program that is melting away pounds at a staggering rate even as it inflicts an [...]

Just Three Republicans Really Have a Chance

Amy Walter: “At the end of the day, when you put all the assets and liabilities on the table, it’s hard to see anyone but Rubio, Bush or Walker as the ultimate nominee. Sure, one of them could stumble or [...]

McCain Prefers Ted Cruz to Rand Paul

Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) told Fox News that Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) was the worst Republican presidential candidate on security issues. Said McCain: “Sen. Paul is the worst possible candidate of the 20 or so that are running on the [.....

Secret Koch Memo Details 2016 Plans

“The Koch brothers’ political machine is expanding into new states and recruiting new donors as it seeks to shape the Republican Party — and its presidential field — headed into 2016,” according to confidential donor briefing documents obtained by Politico. [...]

Romney Son Interested in Elected Office

Josh Romney, son of 2012 GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney, told the Deseret News that he won’t challenge Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) in next year’s U.S. Senate race but said he’d like to see another Republican run against the first-term [...]

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