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RNC Circulates “Loyalty Pledge” to Candidates – Hopes to Ensnare Trump => More Interested in Pledge Than People’s Needs

The Republican Party circulated a loyalty pledge to the 17 presidential candidates today. The Republican establishment is far more... The post RNC Circulates “Loyalty Pledge” to Candidates – Hopes to Ensnare Trump => More Interested in Pledge Than People’s Needs appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.

Pro-Walker super PAC to spend $9 million on ads in South Carolina, New Hampshire and Nevada

The super PAC supporting Scott Walker's run for the White House plans to spend another $9.25 million on ads in early primary states in the coming months to introduce more voters to the Republican governor of Wisconsin -- and, it hopes, help him regain his status as a top-tier contender. The Unintimidated PAC has already spent $6.75 million […]

Obama seeks to burnish environmental record with Alaska trip

Rachel Maddow reports on President Obama restoring the name of the tallest mountain in North America to Denali over the objections of Ohio Republicans, and...

Two Republican State Representatives Allegedly Got Caught Making Out In A National Park & Are Now Denying The Claims!

So juicy! Tim Kelly and Tara Mack are two Republican lawmakers from Minnesota who happen to be married… just not to each other! That's why we were shocked to hear that they were caught making out in a parked car in a local park late August! Apparently, the two politicians have been committee chairs in Minnesota's House of [...]

Morning Must Reads: September 3

The Republican National Committee is circulating a loyalty pledge to its presidential candidates this week, largely seen as a way to force front-runner Donald Trump‘s hand to commit to not running a third-party campaign should he lose the nomination. Trump appears to be on board, calling a 2 p.m. press conference Thursday at which RNC…

Mike's Blog Round Up

Republic of Gilead: The Josh Duggar case, and the "treatment center" he's attending, illustrate how fundamentalist culture can't solve the behavior problems it helps create. Booman Tribune: Many Republicans are wrong about Obama's religion...Show More Summary

Bush: "I laughed" at Trump's criticism of speaking Spanish

WASHINGTON (AP) — Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush says his first reaction was to laugh at rival Donald Trump's criticism of him for speaking Spanish. Bush called Trump's comments bizarre, adding that Trump is appealing to people's angst and fears rather than their higher hopes.

NY Post: Republicans Have A Duty To Force Debate On Iran Deal

On one hand, you have the NY Times lauding Obama for his “coordinated strategy” in obtaining the 34th Democratic Senator’s support in order to make sure that any vote in

Political showdown takes shape over Kentucky's Kim Davis

In the case of the Kentucky clerk, some Republican candidates recognize the importance of the rule of law. Some... really don't.

First Draft Focus: Throwback Thursday — Whoa, Baby!

The Republican vice-presidential candidate, Representative William E. Miller of New York, held Paul Kirchenstein, 1, while campaigning in Lowell, Ind., in September 1964.

The knives are starting to come out for one of the GOP's most surging candidates

In recent weeks, Ohio Gov. John Kasich (R) has been enjoying a surge in polls of the Republican presidential primary field. And as Kasich has been making gains, some of his rivals are arguing he's noticeably to the left of the other GOP contenders. Show More Summary

Republicans Are Trying Their Damnedest to Dismantle the Endangered Species Act

Over the past few months, Republican members of Congress have been attempting to systematically dismantle the Endangered Species Act (ESA) through dozens of legislative proposals. They say the ESA has been abused and is no longer anShow More Summary

GOP Seeks to Avert Third-Party Run

“Seeking to avert a 2016 disaster, the Republican National Committee on Wednesday challenged every GOP presidential candidate to sign a pledge not to undertake a third-party bid under any circumstances,” the AP reports. “The challenge, confirmed by multiple campaigns, is [...]

Jeb Bush responds to Trump: ‘Ridiculous’ to say only speak English

Jeb Bush responded Thursday morning to Republican presidential rival Donald Trump's criticism of him speaking Spanish on the campaign trail, saying in a television interview that he "laughed" when he learned about Trump's remarks. "People come to this country to pursue their dreams," Bush said on ABC's "Good Morning America." "Sometimes they start without speaking […]

6 Interesting Facts About the Christian Faith of Marco Rubio

Marco Rubio is often cited in the media as the second preferred choice as the presidential nominee for many Republican voters.

Today in Politics: A Pledge for Republican Togetherness, on Donald Trump’s Terms

While President Obama celebrates the success of his strategy to secure enough votes to put the Iran nuclear agreement in place, the head of the Republican National Committee was seemingly engaging in some strategy of his own, calling for all 17 candidates to make a promise meant to ease concerns about one candidate's intentions.

Undocumented Children Aren’t US Citizens

“I will propose we join every other developed country in the world, save one, and put an end to the automatic citizenship of children born here to illegal immigrants”, Santorum said. After Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump unveiled his six-page immigration policy paper earlier this week, his GOP rivals have wasted no time in lambasting

Bush-Trump dispute intensifies, Bush hitting back harder

Donald Trump on Tuesday hit back at Jeb Bush’s accusation that the billionaire businessman is not a true conservative, amid an intensifying feud between the two Republican presidential candidates. Bush’s comment comes as his polling numbers have fallen to single digits in Iowa and New Hampshire and as Trump continues his run at the top

Kentucky clerk's defiance is a test for GOP rivals

ATLANTA (AP) — The Kentucky clerk who is defying a federal court order to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples is putting Republican presidential contenders on the spot as they try to mollify social conservatives without alienating the majority of Americans who support gay marriage. Former Arkansas Gov. Show More Summary

Obama’s Iran Nuclear Deal passes Congress

Senator Barbara Mikulski announced in the morning she would back the deal, giving Obama the 34 and final vote needed to stave off attempts by Republicans to veto the Iran deal. “Many of the same people who argued for the war in Iraq are now making the case against the Iran nuclear deal”, Mr Obama

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