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The New Hampshire aftermath: This week’s PB/Polling Matters TV Show looks at where the race stands now

Where does the battle for Obama’s successor stand now? Although the outcome in both the Republican and Democratic races in the New Hampshire primary was completely in line with the polls the results have come as a massive shock. One thing’s for sure – previous assumptions about how US elections work don’t apply any more […]

Rubio’s Bad Foreign Policy Judgment

Like Clinton, he invokes his foreign policy record as if it were something to be proud of, but in the eyes of many Republicans it is exactly the opposite.

Watch Young Republicans Talk About the 2016 Candidates

Last year, the Millennials surpassed the Baby Boomers to become the largest living generation of Americans. Defined as those born between 1982 and 2000, the generation is also the most liberal age group, according to the Pew Research Center. But not all millennials are on the left. TIME spoke with some younger voters who attended…

Fiorina Ends Her Presidential Campaign

Carly Fiorina is ending her bid for the Republican presidential nomination. The former Hewlett-Packard executive announced the decision on Facebook Wednesday after finishing seventh in New Hampshire's primary. "While I suspend my candidacy...Show More Summary

A Multifront Battle in South Carolina

“Donald Trump’s rivals for the Republican presidential nomination dug in Wednesday for a hard fight in the South Carolina primary, where Mr. Trump will seek to gain a clear upper hand in the 2016 race after his smashing victory in [...

Donald Trump Retweets Outright Neo-Nazi AGAIN, Then Deletes It

A little while ago, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump once again retweeted an outright neo-Nazi. We reported on this last month, when he retweeted "@WhiteGenocideTM," a blatant racist who uses a picture of George Lincoln...Show More Summary

MSNBC's Chris Matthews Hints Cruz Ginning Up Nixonian 'Dirty Tricks' In S.C.

With New Hampshire in the dust and the 2016 presidential campaign moving southward to the Palmetto State, MSNBC's Chris Matthews tonight sought to paint conservative Republican Senator Ted Cruz as a latter-day Richard Nixon ginning up a bag full of "dirty tricks" for the February 20 South Carolina contest.

Marco Rubio Charges Ahead After Rough Finish in New Hampshire

More After a rough couple of days, Marco Rubio says he’s back on track. The Florida Senator stumbled badly during the last Republican debate, repeating the exact same phrase multiple times under pressure from New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie. He then finished in a disappointing fifth place in New Hampshire Tuesday night. “I just didn’t…

Obamacare continues to succeed, proving Republicans laughably wrong

The final open enrollment numbers for Obamacare this year are "so-so" in the words of Charles Gaba, but about what the administration had predicted last fall: 12.7 million. But within those respectable but not amazing numbers are some...Show More Summary

Donald Trump trolled at rally by man standing behind him with bizarre 'steak' sign

A man standing behind Donald Trump at a Wednesday-night rally held a fairly unusual protest sign. The Republican presidential front-runner gave a fairly stump speech before a packed Clemson University crowd in Pendleton, South Carolina. At...Show More Summary

Stephen Colbert Mocks GOP Debate Entrance Fiasco & Debate Performance Which Sunk Marco Rubio

The top moments of the last Republican debate were Ben Carson’s entrance and Marco Rubio’s robotic repetition of a single line, even after Chris Christie had already started mocking him for this. Stephen Colbert mocked all three Republicans in the video above. Now that the New Hampshire results are in, we know that this could [...]Show More Summary

Quick Thought: Don't Talk of Reagan. Talk Like Reagan.

I've been reading some of Reagan's old speeches to confirm something to myself. At the Trump-less debate, Rand Paul finished his closing statement by saying something like, "And I'm the only Republican who'll balance the budget." This provoked a reaction...

Texas Researchers Who Confirmed Planned Parenthood Cuts Harm Women Are Now Under Attack

a katz / Two researchers for the Texas Health and Human Services agency are finding out what Republicans do when they encounter scientific studies that contradict right wing orthodoxy -- they attack and smear the people...Show More Summary

Donald Trump on Bernie Sanders: We’re Dealing with a Socialist Over There, Possibly a Communist (VIDEO)

Republican Donald Trump weighed in on Socialist Bernie Sander’s win in New Hampshire last night. Trump says Sanders sounds like... The post Donald Trump on Bernie Sanders: We’re Dealing with a Socialist Over There, Possibly a Communist (VIDEO) appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.

MRC's Bozell Calls NY Daily News Out for 'Character Assassination', Insulting GOP Voters

Appearing on the February 10 edition of Fox Business Network's Risk & Reward, Media Research Center founder and president Brent Bozell blasted lefty tabloid papers like the New York Daily News for insulting Republican primary voters and engaging in a "campaign of character assassination."

Anyone But Trump the Real Winner in New Hampshire and Iowa

Donald Trump: Bombaster-in-Chief? Can the nation and the GOP be saved from this man? In New Hampshire 64 percent of Republicans voted against Donald Trump. In Iowa 76 percent of Republican voters told Trump that "he's fired." The big...Show More Summary

Next up for the GOP presidential candidates: South Carolina

More than 700,000 people could vote in South Carolina's Republican primary, dwarfing the 180,000 Iowa caucus-goers and 284,000 voters who cast ballots in New Hampshire. Among them are every kind of Republican, and political pros sayShow More Summary

Senator Blocks Sale of F-16 Fighters to Pakistan

A senior Republican senator is blocking the sale of as many as eight new F-16 fighter jets to Pakistan, citing Islamabad’s continuing relationship with militant members of an organization known as the Haqqani network, known for targeting and killing American-trained police and army forces in neighboring Afghanistan.

New Hampshire: Proof Trump's bravado is his best asset

WASHINGTON, D.C. (AP) — Donald Trump began his Republican presidential campaign by labeling Mexican immigrants as rapists and criminals. Yet contrary to the conventional rules of presidential politics, the bombast and vulgarity haveShow More Summary

Trump Says Calling Cruz A Pssy Helped Him Win New Hampshire Primary

More Donald Trump values on display in an interview this morning on “Today”. Everyone was having a good time so a potential future leader of the free world saying “fck” businesses and calling a fellow Republican primary candidate a “pssy” is totally fine, moms and dads. Show More Summary

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