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Kevin McCarthy Compares House Republicans to Alcoholics: "Sometimes You Have to Hit Rock Bottom"

In an interview with National Review, Rep. Kevin McCarthy called out the "House Freedom Caucus" (otherwise known as the "Kamikaze Caucus") for "going into lockdown mode" and demanding things McCarthy didn't want to deliver. But the best part is how he -- very appropriately -- compared the Tea Party dead-enders to...

Chris Christie on House Speaker Drama: ‘I Quite Frankly Don’t Care’

Republican presidential candidate Chris Christie said he didn’t care who became the new House speaker in the wake of the sudden resignation of House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy from seeking the top GOP slot.

GOP-E in Tears Over McCarthy House Speaker Bid Collapse; Angry Lib Peter King: “A Banana Republic”

The Republican establishment is in full meltdown over the collapse of the bid by House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy of... The post GOP-E in Tears Over McCarthy House Speaker Bid Collapse; Angry Lib Peter King: “A Banana Republic” appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.

McCarthy Quits: The Tea Party and Republican Wreckers Seize Control

Kevin McCarthy's decision to pull out of the House Speaker race is a genuine political surprise only if you have ignored the steady move of the Republican Caucus from hard right-wing ideology to wrecker. The notion that McCarthy is somehow...Show More Summary

Shocker: Kevin McCarthy Pulls Out

(John Hinderaker) In a stunning development, Kevin McCarthy has withdrawn his candidacy to be Speaker of the House. Republican Congressmen apparently were as surprised as we are: McCarthy shocked his colleagues at the start of Thursday’s closed meeting, telling them he was not the right person for the job. Show More Summary

The Republicans' Mr. Congeniality drops out of speaker race

[...] McCarthy's sudden withdrawal from the contest for speaker Thursday stunned apparently everyone in the political establishment. If the silver-haired Californian hadn't invited one of his 246 fellow House Republicans out for a movie...Show More Summary

One Step Boehner Can Take in the Face of Conservative Republicans’ Revolt

Jim Manley: Mr. Boehner needs to repudiate the "Hastert rule," under which the only bills that get to the floor have majority support within the Republican caucus.

‘08 McCain Adviser on MSNBC: McCarthy News Shows GOP 'Hunts Heretics,’ Not ‘Converts’

To the surprise of no one, MSNBC ran to find the nearest token Republicans it could after shocking news that House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) dropped out of Speaker of the House race and once such person was MSNBC political analyst and former 2008 McCain campaign adviser Steve Schmidt, who railed against the GOP for “hunting heretics” and not “converts.”

Ben Carson: Hitler may have been stopped if the German public were armed

Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson ignited another Nazi-related controversy on Thursday. During a CNN interview, Carson was pressed to defend his new book's claim that Adolf Hitler's regime benefited from gun control. The retired neurosurgeon did not back down. Show More Summary

Creeping Boehnerism?

Some House Republicans apparently crying over McCarthy's fall.

The Devils of Darwin: Satan Takes on the Tea Party

Ben Carson is interesting as a Republican candidate for the presidency, not because he could ever win, but because he embodies in one person the very worst of conservative thought. In spite of his intellectual prowess as a neurosurgeon, Carson celebrates ignorance, relishes anti-science sentiment and ignores the fundamentals of history. Show More Summary

Chaos: House Republicans in Complete Disarray, No Easy Fix in Sight

Boehner's out. McCarthy's out. Now what? Nobody seems to have the faintest clue. Capitol Hill sources are uniformly astonished and...

Kevin McCarthy Suggests House Republicans Are Ungovernable, May Need To ‘Hit Rock Bottom’

The House of Representatives may be ungovernable. The post Kevin McCarthy Suggests House Republicans Are Ungovernable, May Need To ‘Hit Rock Bottom’ appeared first on ThinkProgress.

No Republican Is Fit, Able, and Willing to Run the House of Representatives

If House Speaker John Boehner secretly had no intention to resign, and was instead using the threat of retirement to teach Republican House members that they need him—not the other way around—he couldn’t have pulled it off any better. But Boehner was engaged in no such ruse, and the Republica

House Republicans Having No Good Very Bad Day. Let’s Point And Laugh At Them!

It’s not like the job is THAT hard It’s hard out there for a Republican member of Congress right now, and not just because everyone in America, including their fellow Republicans, hates their maggot-infested guts. First, John Boehner tells his caucus he is sick of their bullshit, he is outta here, SEE YA WOULDN’T WANNA BE YA. Show More Summary

Republicans Must Pick A Woman For House Speaker

Now that Rep. Kevin McCarthy has bowed out of the race to replace House Speaker John Boehner, there's only one logical choice to replace him: Washington Congresswoman Catherine McMorris Rodgers. Though she's been tagged as a moderate,...Show More Summary

Republicans Are About to Cut a Handout to Big Banks—Thanks to Progressive Democrats

The Republican-led Congress, armed with their largest House majority since the 1920s and lined up in opposition to any further restrictions on Wall Street, nonetheless is on the verge of cutting over $16 billion in subsidies that go exclusively to big banks—and the proposal they’re using comes o

A Republican Party in Total Chaos

Matt Lewis: “The GOP’s presidential primary race legitimately risks nominating Donald Trump and descending into a parody. And now the Republican-controlled Congress is in total chaos. No one wants to be Speaker… All of this comes with the backdrop of [...]

John Boehner's worst nightmare realized: He might have to stick around the House and do work

Good luck getting out now. House Speaker John Boehner described a nightmare a few days ago. "I had this terrible nightmare last night that I was trying to get out and I couldn't get out," the Ohio Republican joked, according to one of his longtime friends, Rep. Show More Summary

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