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Distinguished pol of the week

Carly Fiorina had a banner week. When Fox News announced the first debate among 2016 hopefuls would be limited to 10 participants, she confidently responded she would be there. In Oklahoma at the Southern Republican Leadership Conference she gave another skillful and winning speech that brought raucous applause. She began by comparing her record in taking […]

Fiorina Stiffed 2010 Staffers for $500,000 in Pay

Carly Fiorina apparently left a trail of unpaid, unhappy campaign staffers after her unsuccessful 2010 U.S. Senate bid. According to Reuters, the former HP CEO and 2016 Republican presidential hopeful waited more than four years to give her campaign staff the compensation they were promised. Show More Summary

Late Night Open Thread: Is This the End of Sheldon Adelson?

Doubtful, very doubtful, but, per the Guardian: A judge in Las Vegas has ruled that a lawsuit involving accusations of graft and organised crime ties to casinos owned by the multibillionaire and Republican party funder, Sheldon Adelson, will be heard in the US. Show More Summary

Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Hillary?

Huge swaths of the Republican electorate, apparently. And it's got to stop.

Debate Dilemma: How to Cull the Republican Herd (Guest Voice)

Debate Dilemma: How to Cull the Republican Herd By Dick Polman This is more daunting than a Rubik’s cube: How in the world do you fit as many as 18 Republican candidates on one debate stage? The GOP has no clue how to do it. At a party confab last weekend, a top official said, [...]Show More Summary

All These GOP Candidates

TBogg's rogues' gallery of 2016 GOP hopefuls with their BFF Josh Duggar is a true sight to behold. The Republican Party is currently firming up plans for their 2016 Presidential debates; attempting to figure out how to fit possibly 70 candidates onto one stage in a way that it doesn’t make them look like a gospel choir — only all white. For the Sept. Show More Summary

Fox News Doesn’t Want to Lose the White House Again

I don’t often concern myself with the “small d” democratic integrity of the Republican Party but I was more than a little shocked to read Fox News will be assuming the role of making the first GOP presidential debate more manageable and, I would have to think, make the ultimate winner more electable. This week [...]Show More Summary

View from the left—Pence bows out of 2016, setting up a highly unusual GOP primary prospect

19 hours agoUS Politics / Liberal : Daily Kos

Ever since the tea party started flexing its muscle in 2010, moderate Republicans have feared for their political lives, continually attracting primary challenges from the right. There was Alaska's Sen. Lisa Murkowski, who lost her primary...Show More Summary

RNC Partner Wants Christianity Declared United States' Official Religion

They're at it again! Once again, the RNC has partnered with religious extremist David Lane, as Right Wing Watch explains: Earlier this year, the Republican National Committee teamed up with the American Family Association and the American Renewal Project to take dozens of RNC committeemen on a trip to Israel. Show More Summary

Oklahoma GOP Wants Chairman Out

“Behind the scenes of a major GOP conference, top Oklahoma Republicans have been plotting to oust their state party’s political director and, if necessary, the chairman of the party for protecting him,” National Journal reports. “Thomas Clint ‘T.C.’ Ryan, the [...]

Does Marco Rubio still think gay adoption is a 'social experiment?'

21 hours agoUS Politics / Liberal : Daily Kos

Gay adoption is legal in most states and it has typically polled better than same-sex marriage, which is why many Republican candidates have been dodging the topic and some wonder if it may become a bigger sticking point for the GOPShow More Summary

Fundamental Concepts - Born on Third Base

In 1988, a Texas Politician, Jim Hightower, addressed the Democratic National Convention at Atlanta, Georgia, on July 19. In his speech, he famously said that the Republican nominee for President, George H.W. Bush, “Was born on third base and thinks...

Senate Approves Trade Bill in Victory for Obama

48 Republicans supported the measure, but only 14 Democrats voted for it

Drudge Unleashes Against GOP in Rare Twitter Tirade: ‘It’s the Night of the Republican Suicide’

Democrats had opposed the President’s recent trade bill, but now Matt Drudge has lit in to Republicans for passing it as well. Internet-media mogul Matt Drudge heavily skewered Republican leadership

QoTD - Jersey Girls are Perfectly Competent to Pump their own Gas Edition

Usually, Republican Assemblyman Declan O'Scanlon and I are on opposite sides of political arguments. But recently, he and I are in sync on two issues. First, he's a sponsor of the compassionate Death with Dignity Act. But secondly, what...Show More Summary

Fox News Takes Control of the GOP Primary

Paul Waldman: “Liberals often say that Fox News is the house organ of the Republican Party, but in the 2016 election, the network is becoming something more: a kind of stern boss, setting the agenda, plotting the group’s course, and [...]

Senate Blocks Compromise NSA Surveillance Bill

“After vigorous debate and intense last-minute pressure by Republican leaders, the Senate on Saturday rejected legislation that would end the federal government’s bulk collection of phone records,” the New York Times reports. “With the death of that measure — passed [...]

Mike's Blog Round Up

ACA Signups: Sorry, Wall Street Journal, Republicans can’t save themselves from the King v. Burwell Obamacare nightmare they may have created. Balloon Juice: Obama administration takes new steps to protect clean water; GOP takes newShow More Summary

Abbreviated Pundit Round-up: Republicans and their base

WaPo: Democrats say they are happy to see Republicans race to the right, since they believe it will put the eventual GOP nominee out of step with the general electorate. Some Republicans are nervous about that possibility. “You haveShow More Summary

The Republican reversal on the Iraq war, 12 years later

It was all triggered by an apparent flub by Jeb Bush The post The Republican reversal on the Iraq war, 12 years later appeared first on

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