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New advance allows gels to wiggle through water

Using a worm's contracting and expanding motion, researchers have designed a way for gels to swim in water. The advance, which is described in a Journal of Applied Polymer Science paper, involves the use of a hand-held laser to shrink and swell polymer gels comprised mostly of water. read more

Experiments in Second Life Reveal Alternative Laws of Physics

The ability to modify the laws of physics in the virtual world of Second Life is allowing researchers to experiment with entirely different laws of motion.

New method of wormlike motion lets gels wiggle through water

A special hydrogel substance has been developed that can be equipped to detect bacteria, carry cargo and deliver medicine. A researcher used a worm's contracting and expanding motion to provide a way for gels to swim in water. He explains,...Show More Summary

Drone equipped with Google's 3D-sensing phone won't be deterred

Google wants to put its Project Tango handsets in orbit, but researchers from the GRASP Lab at UPenn are keeping things on the down-low with one of their already-clever quadrotors. If you'll recall, Tango has a depth sensor, motion tracking camera...

New method for propulsion in fluids

CAMBRIDGE, Mass-- Researchers at MIT have discovered a new way of harnessing temperature gradients in fluids to propel objects. In the natural world, the mechanism may influence the motion of icebergs floating on the sea and rocks moving through subterranean magma chambers. read more

MRC Files Unique Challenge to ObamaCare Mandate

RESTON, VA – Today the Media Research Center (MRC) announced that it has filed a motion in US District Court for a preliminary injunction seeking to block enforcement of the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) Health and Human Services (HHS)...Show More Summary

This 3D Motion Simulator Is Powered By People

2 years agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmodo

Haptic Turk is a prototype game that uses your friends as virtual robots to do immersive motion simulation at home. The research project from the Hasso Plattner Institute in Germany demoed a flight simulator variant at CHI2014 last week: the player wears 3D goggles and lies in two slings held by four friends—the "human actuators" or turkers. Show More Summary

Could toilet flushes help power our homes?

A new technology developed by Korean researchers could generate electricity from the the motion of water in our toilets as well as rivers and streams, even rain drops.

Engadget Rewind 2008: BlackBerry Storm

Smartphone makers were still reeling from the arrival of Apple's touchscreen-only iPhone when 2008 rolled around. Research in Motion (RIM), a mobile manufacturer best known for its BlackBerry line and QWERTY keyboard prowess, was at the top of its...

The Guardian tries to claim global warming sank the Titanic – research says the exact opposite

Kate Ravilious makes this nutty claim at The Guardian: But in fact the catastrophe may have been set in motion by a warm, wet year over Greenland in 1908, resulting in greater snow accumulation. Writing in the journal Weather, Grant … Continue reading ?

Flush Forward: Harvesting Renewable Energy From Toilets (VIDEO)

2 years agoNews : Truthdig

Here’s a bit of Earth Day news we might one day use: Researchers in South Korea have developed a method of harvesting electricity from the motion of water.

Domain walls in nanowires cleverly set in motion

Researchers have achieved a major breakthrough in the development of methods of information processing in nanomagnets. Using a new trick, they have been able to induce synchronous motion of the domain walls in a ferromagnetic nanowire. This involved applying a pulsed magnetic field that was perpendicular to the plane of the domain walls.

Why Do Zebras Have Stripes?

One of the main theories: It is called the “motion dazzle hypothesis”, and it suggests predators are confused by zebras’ stripes and cannot understand their movement. Research published in the journal Zoology in 2013 used a simulated visual system to show that zebra stripes do interfere with visual perception. But this is a difficult hypothesis to test […]

Hunt for an unidentified electron object

Researchers have developed a new mathematical framework capable of describing motions in superfluids – low temperature fluids that exhibit classical as well as quantum behavior. The framework was used to lift the veil of mystery surrounding strange objects in superfluid helium (detected ten years ago at Brown University). Show More Summary

Motion and muscles don't always work in lockstep, researchers find in surprising new study

RIVERSIDE, Calif. — Animals "do the locomotion" every day, whether it's walking down the hall to get some coffee or darting up a tree to avoid a predator. And until now, scientists believed the inner workings of movement were prettyShow More Summary

BlackBerry's identity crisis continues

To say that BlackBerry's had it tough these past few years would be putting it mildly, if not too delicately for a company emerging from a period of willful ignorance. The Waterloo-based outfit, formerly known as Research in Motion, played an...

Tim Cook to climate deniers: get bent

2 years agoHumor : Boing Boing

The National Center for Public Policy Research, group of climate deniers with stock in Apple, tried to force a motion to terminate Apple's use of renewable energy (and failed miserably).

Replicating motions of the heart: Artificial muscles that do the twist set the stage for soft robotics

Researchers have developed a low-cost, programmable soft actuated material that they used to replicate the complex motion of the heart, along with a matching 3-D computer model. The advance sets the stage for new possibilities in the emerging field of soft robotics.

Medical researchers use light to quickly and easily measure blood's clotting properties

This video shows the rapid "twinkling" or intensity fluctuations of the speckle pattern in a drop of unclotted whole blood. The rapid "twinkling" is due to the fast thermally-driven motion of blood cells that scatter light. read mor...

CamNtech Receives FDA Clearance for Wrist-Worn Motion Tracker and Diary

CamNtech has received FDA approval for two wrist-worn products to monitor patient activity for clinical purposes and in research trials. First is the MotionWatch 8, a small and light-weight waterproof wrist-worn device that uses a digital tri-axial accelerometer to monitor patient activity, similarly to many consumer fitness trackers. Show More Summary

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