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Limbaugh On Hillary: 'Never Got A Position That Wasn't Due To Bill'

In a desperate attempt to be relevant, Rush Limbaugh is focus-group testing new themes against Hillary Clinton for Donald Trump to use in the days to come. Today's test is one that every woman who has ever worked her ass off to get to the next goal has heard: She'd be nowhere without that man paving the way for her. Except, it's pretty ridiculous. Show More Summary

Nasty Bill Maher Speculates on ‘the Bones of Prostitutes Rush Limbaugh Killed on Vacation’

HBO host Bill Maher was his usual nasty self on Friday’s Real Time. Joking about Cuba and America’s relationship with the communist country, he sneered that the United States’s decades-old embargo “means endlessly patching up their old DeSotos and Edsels with whatever they can scrounge, old tractor parts, chicken wire, the bones of prostitutes Rush Limbaugh killed on vacation.”

Brand Loyalty and Politics

Jim Geraghty this morning commented on a gentleman that called Rush Limbaugh’s show to argue against Cruz: I’m getting accused of being out-of-touch, snobbish, elitist, “Leftist Trotskyist”, etc. Ultimately, I see a lot of people making decisions that don’t make much sense. Show More Summary

“Trump’s Appeal Explained — Again”

Allahpundit highlighted this call to Rush Limbaugh. It is worth listening to, because I think this guy’s attitude is representative of a lot of people. RUSH: I’m glad you made it through, Sean. Thanks so much. CALLER: Thanks. I just wanted to make a point, at least my perspective on the support of Trump. I […]

Conservative Radio Host Exposes Hannity, Limbaugh: Trump Is About Ratings

I've been saying this for months. Conservative radio host John Ziegler accuses Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, and even Matt Drudge, of supporting the unelectable Donald Trump in order to keep up ratings. "Liberals are going to be very happy with what Sean Hannity did in his own self-interest." Ziegler is telling the truth. Show More Summary

Rush Limbaugh: Trump Supporters Need to Stop Whining about the Delegates

I don’t think I am going out on a limb here by saying that Rush Limbaugh has been… well, if not friendly to Donald Trump, at the very least not antagonistic to Donald Trump. I’m being generous to Rush here. But even Rush on today’s show...Show More Summary

RUSH LIMBAUGH: If Cruz Plan Succeeds and He Wins on Second Ballot, It’s the “End of the Republican Party”

Rush Limbaugh told his radio audience today that if Ted Cruz succeeds in his plan to win the nomination on... The post RUSH LIMBAUGH: If Cruz Plan Succeeds and He Wins on Second Ballot, It’s the “End of the Republican Party” appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.

Koch Brothers Launch “Operation Chaos” [Updated]

(Steven Hayward) Remember Rush Limbaugh’s “Operation Chaos,” his initiative in 2008 to encourage people to vote for Hillary Clinton in the late primaries just to mess with Barack Obama’s march to the nomination? Well, it looks like the Koch brothers have decided to imitate the idea. Show More Summary

Man’s Lawsuit AWESOMELY Challenges GAY MARRIAGE- Liberals Are Smoking Out The Ears!

One of Rush Limbaugh’s favorite rhetorical tactics has long been to illustrate absurdity by being absurd. That tactic usually finds a good deal of purchase when it comes to applying

Quote of the Day

Rush Limbaugh: Trump got 47% of the vote in Florida, right? He gets 100% of the delegates. Does anybody want to say that’s unfair to Cruz? Does anybody want to say that’s unfair to Kasich? Anybody want to say it’s unfair to Rubio? “Why should Trump get all the delegates? He only got 47% of the vote!” I mean, it works both ways here. Show More Summary

Rush Limbaugh is a HACK Who Thinks Lying Is AWESOME As Long As His RICH BOYFRIEND Is The One Doing It

Well … not really. But that’s the kind of statement Trump supporters make every day about every member of the media (and normal people) who fail to sufficiently praise Donald Trump. They use them as headlines on articles, they write it as tweets and Facebook statuses, the put it in subject lines of emails they send to non-Trump lover websites. Show More Summary

Rush Limbaugh Has Completely Lost His Way

Probably no one has earned more leeway from conservative voters and pundits than Rush Limbaugh. Rush has been a tireless force for the conservative movement for decades, and he probably is responsible for a whole lot of conservative Republicans who are currently in office. Show More Summary

Rush Limbaugh's contract is up, his benefactors are broke, and his audience 'toxic.' Next?

Let us all take a moment to celebrate the fall of Rush Limbaugh, previous Republican kingmaker who is still filthy rich, thank you very much, but whose contract is up this year and whose previous radio benefactor is now teetering on the edge of penny-stock status. Show More Summary

Rush Limbaugh's Sugar Daddy Has Turned Sour

Let's all shed one tear for Rush Limbaugh's upcoming contract negotiations, which will not be pretty at all. Forget about the fact that his demographic is aging out, or that he's lost tons of sponsors because people just don't appreciate his specific brand of hate as much anymore enough to support it. Show More Summary

Sorry Trump Fans, No Trick Was Pulled, Nobody Cheated, Nothing Was Stolen, Says RUSH LIMBAUGH [AUDIO]

Today on the Rush Limbaugh show, he addressed the all-day drumbeat from Trump fans that the whole election was rigged. Indeed, “rigged” is the exact word used in their attempt to intimidate members of the Colorado GOP. Not so fast, says Limbaugh: “It’s not rigged,” says Rush. Show More Summary

Rush Limbaugh: What Ted Cruz did in Colorado isn’t “cheating,” it’s winning

"He's demonstrating he knows how to work himself within this insider labyrinth."

"Ted Cruz Isn't Cheating, He's Winning."

Says Rush Limbaugh — and this is not inconsistent with what I have been saying, as I will explain. First, a bit of Rush:Now, what happened in Colorado is, I'm sorry to say, it's not a trick. What happened in Colorado is right out in the open.... Show More Summary

Rush Limbaugh Responds to Trump's Accusation That Ted Cruz's Superior Delegate Operation is "Unfair:" "He's Not Cheating, He's Winning"

Yes, I agree, but then Limbaugh keeps talking about "the establishment" knowing how to play this game, and "the establishment" being determined that no one is going to take their stuff. Note to Rush: Ted Cruz is not "the establishment"...

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