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Secret Service plans to raise White House fence by 5 feet

"we have now a society that tends to want to jump over the fence..."

Trump Mocks Obama's Plan to Heighten Wall Around the White House

The U.S. Secret Service is planning to heighten the fence surrounding the White House after numerous attempts by fence jumpers to breach the...

White House lockdown lifted, person taken into custody

The Secret Service made what it describes as protective sweeps of the grounds to ensure nothing dangerous made it inside the fence line.

Alleged Robber Makes Getaway By Jumping White House Fence

After reportedly stealing a woman's purse a man jumped a fence near the White House causing a 30-minute lock down at the Capitol Tuesday, NBC News reports. Secret Service took custody of the man who got medical treatment for a cut he got on his hand while climbing the fence. Show More Summary

Secret Service: Man Fleeing Scene of Robbery Jumps White House Fence

A man was arrested at the White House complex on Tuesday after hoping the fence while fleeing the scene of a robbery in downtown Washington, D.C., the Secret Service said.

Why Do We Put Up With Saudi Arabia? Maybe We Don't Have Much of a Choice.

Responding to reports that Pakistan's intelligence service funded a deadly 2009 Taliban attack on a CIA outpost in Afghanistan, National Review's David French says we should release the secret 28 pages of the 9/11 report that describe possible Saudi involvement: We’ve long known that our “alliance” with Saudi Arabia has put us in bed with the devil. Show More Summary

VIDEO=> Secret Service PUSHES A GIRL ASIDE So Hillary Can Get On The Subway – No Charges Filed

Guest post by Aleister Hillary Clinton recently did a photo-op in the New York City subway which went badly when... The post VIDEO=> Secret Service PUSHES A GIRL ASIDE So Hillary Can Get On The Subway – No Charges Filed appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.

Navy Officer Busted Spying for China

Sam LaGrone, USNI News: A U.S. naval flight officer with an extensive signals intelligence background was accused by the service of passing secrets to China, USNI News has learned.Lt. Cmdr. Edward C. Lin, who served on some of the Navy's...Show More Summary

Report: Secret Service cracking down on convention screening

Buzzfeed’s John Stanton reports that the U.S. Secret Service is using an executive order by the president to exert control over screening reporter...

(VIDEO) Hilarious. Watch “Just Like You” Hillary Struggle With Metrocard On The Subway

As most people know, Hillary Clinton hasn’t driven a car in 20 years. Her preferred method of travel is via private jet and she’s carted around by handlers and the Secret Service any other time. Hillary is the worst kind of elitist. She’s extremely wealthy and powerful. Show More Summary

Hillary Clinton brings traveling press circus on a wild subway ride through the Bronx

NEW YORK — It was just another Thursday morning in the Bronx — except that Hillary Clinton was on her way. Secret Service agents looked around cautiously, New York City police officers paced the relatively quiet streets at the tail-end of rush hour, reporters glanced up nervously at the 4 train platform above them. Clinton would be […]

When Turkish president’s bodyguards get out of hand, Secret Service tells them: ‘This is America!’

This week, Turkish security realized very quickly what America is all about: Free speech. While at a conference, some Turkish security guards got out of hand and immediately got checked

BREAKING VIDEO=> Michelle Fields ‘Stalking’ Trump at Presser Before Alleged Lewandowski Incident

Former Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields was videoed coming between an apparent Secret Service agent and Trump adviser Dan Scavino to... The post BREAKING VIDEO=> Michelle Fields ‘Stalking’ Trump at Presser Before Alleged Lewandowski Incident appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.

Inside the Situation Room When Reagan Was Shot

President Reagan waves, then looks up before being shoved into Presidential limousine by Secret Service agents after being shot outside a Washington hotel. AP Thirty-five years ago today, on March 30, 1981, John W. Hinckley, Jr. shot President Ronald Reagan outside the Washington Hilton Hotel. Show More Summary

SECRET SERVICE ON ROOFTOPS to Protect Donald Trump in Wisconsin After Numerous Death Threats

Republican front-runner Donald Trump is holding a rally today in Janesville, Wisconsin. Last night protesters stormed the lobby of the... The post SECRET SERVICE ON ROOFTOPS to Protect Donald Trump in Wisconsin After Numerous Death Threats appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.

Secret Service Bans Guns at GOP Convention

A petition to allow guns had gathered more than 50,000 signatures

Fight over guns at the RNC draws Secret Service response

Tens of thousands gun enthusiasts demanded the right to bring loaded firearms to the Republican National Convention. It drew a Secret Service response.

Secret Service Tells GOP Gun Nuts "No Guns At The Republican National Convention"

A petition by the "Americans for Responsible Open Carry" started last week to allow open carry of firearms at the upcoming Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio, garnered close to 45,000 signatures. These folks wanted to allow every single attendee at the convention to arm themselves. Show More Summary

Secret Service bails Republicans out of their convention open carry dilemma

Republicans hate gun-free zones, so why are they holding their convention in one? A petition pushing to change that has now gathered more than 42,000 signatures: The petition calls on each Republican presidential contender, the National...Show More Summary

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