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NO WONDER THE SECRET SERVICE AND DEA DRIVE THOSE HUGE SUV’S: CA Dem Congresswoman Claims Climate Change Will Turn Women Into Prostitutes.

On Her Majesty's Personal Secret Service: Hacked Hillary/Blumenthal Emails Reveal She Was Being Fed Intelligence By Her Own Private Spy Service

So many questions here. One important question is: Did she disclose the emails containing these intelligence reports to the government? I strongly doubt that. Is she claiming intelligence reports about Libya, during the civil war, and in the build-up...

1st it was the Secret Service getting serviced by prostitutes in Colombia; now it’s the DEA

Not only did they attend parties where they were offered the services of prostitutes in Colombia. But, we’re learning today that the parties DEA agents attended there were funded by the very drug cartels they were supposed to be investigating. Now there are calls in Washington for big changes within the agency.

DEA Gets Its Very Own Colombian Hookers-N-Blow Scandal

Members of the Secret Service have to be feeling pretty relieved that theirs is now not the only federal agency with an embarrassing hookers-in-Colombia scandal. Agents from the Drug Enforcement Agency allegedly had “sex parties” — and...Show More Summary

Crisis at Secret Service reflects 'deep-seated cultural problem'

Rep. Jason Chaffetz, R-Ut., chairman of the House Oversight Committee, talks with Rachel Maddow about concerns over the leadership at the Secret Service in...

Video of Most Recent Secret Service Incident Is Shown

Representative Jason Chaffetz, the chairman of the House Oversight Committee, showed surveillance footage of at the center of the most recent Secret Service controversy.

House Committee Shows Video of Drunk Secret Service Agents Disrupting Bomb Scene

Despite the Secret Service’s refusal to provide video of the incident, House Oversight Committee chairman Jason Chaffetz (R, Ut.) released video showing two agents driving through an active bomb threat scene after drinking, knockingShow More Summary

House oversight leaders ‘disappointed’ Secret Service chief plans to testify alone

The heads of a powerful congressional panel are “very disappointed” that the Secret Service chief plans to testify alone about agency accountability on Monday after two agents drove into a White House barricade after a staff party this month. Show More Summary

What is wrong with the Secret Service?

Can Joe Clancy, the newest director, turn the Secret Service around? The use of alcohol by some members of the Secret Service, including those assigned to a presidential protection detail, is not a new phenomenon. On the night before...Show More Summary

Obama’s Golden Age of Transparency: Secret Service Says it Destroyed Footage of ‘Drunk’ Agents

The Obama administration is so transparent everyone can see right through their endless bullshit. The Secret Service erased surveillance video that would have shown clear angles of the drunken crash at the White House involving a top member of President Obama’s … Continued

Open thread: Sex slaves, secret service and blockheads

What's coming up on Sunday Kos... Republicans: the party of forced birth for teenage sex slaves, by Dante Atkins Republicans want to repeal Obamacare? Go ahead, make my day, by Ian Reifowitz Bernadette Devlin McAliskey: an Irish heroine,...Show More Summary

Coming to Terms with Kingsman: The Secret Service

Warning: You are entering a spoiler zone. Over a month after its release, Kingsman: The Secret Service seems primed to exceed all pre-release expectations with a US Box office haul that has already exceeded $110 million not to mention...Show More Summary

Jimmy Fallon Jokes About Obama’s Economic Record, Blaming Bad News on GOP

During his Thursday monologue, Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon turned to the Obama administration for the source of his current events jokesas President Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, and even the scandal-ridden Secret Service each saw a few jests dealt their respective ways.

White House incident footage overwritten

Carol Leonnig, national reporter for The Washington Post, talks with Rachel Maddow about new testimony by Secret Service Director Joseph Clancy, and explains...

Missing White House Secret Service drunk driving crash tape raises cover-up question

Remember the 18 minutes of tape of Richard Nixon’s conversations at the White House that went missing? Well, now the video tape of two allegedly drunk Secret Service agents, possibly running over a suspicious package thought to possibly a bomb outside the White House and then smashing into a concrete barrier, may be missing as […]

Coverup Of Secret Service Misconduct?

The Secret Service is supposed to be one of the most competent agencies in the federal government. And in all honesty, it’s hard to imagine that missing evidence of reprehensible bad behavior from the most guarded and surveilled residence on the planet by employees of that agency is a result of ineptitude. It is possible [...]

GOVERNMENT AS CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE: Secret Service erased tapes of latest White House incident. A f…

GOVERNMENT AS CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE: Secret Service erased tapes of latest White House incident. A fish rots from the head.

Letter sent to White House tests positive for cyanide

The Secret Service isn’t saying to whom the letter was addressed. But says an envelope tests positive for cyanide. But says it’s being retested to confirm the results. Letter To White House Tested Positive For Cyanide, Secret Service Says — Gabriel (@GaboMataGuzman) March 18, 2015

Initial Test of Letter Sent to White House Shows Cyanide

A letter sent to the White House has initially tested positive for cyanide, the Secret Service said.

Letter To White House Laced With Cyanide

Mind you, the chances of this letter actually making its way to the White House is miniscule, as this falls under the purview of the US Postal Service, not the Secret Service. It is nevertheless a reminder that there are unhinged loons who hate whoever is behind the desk in the Oval Office: A letter [...]

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