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Candidates vote to curb torture in interrogations

U.S. senators came out overwhelmingly against torture on Tuesday, in a vote that, if largely symbolic for now, marked a strong departure from the era of “enhanced interrogation techniques” under former Republican President George W. Bush.

Senate Votes To Ban Torture, Makes Obama’s Executive Order Law

The U.S. Senate passed a law prohibiting the use of torture for the entire government, including the CIA. The vote was overwhelmingly in favor, with 21 Senators – all Republican – voting against the measure. John McCain co-sponsoredShow More Summary

AP sources: Hill leaders to brief lawmakers on health care

WASHINGTON (AP) — Congressional aides say top House and Senate Republicans are ready to brief lawmakers on their plans should the Supreme Court erase federal subsidies under President Barack Obama's health care law. Some aides say the House and Senate are nearing agreement to temporarily continue some aid to the millions of people now receiving subsidies.

Inside the Quiet Effort to Change the Democrats’ Message

Morning Consult: “In the months since their party took another electoral beating and lost the Senate to Republicans, senior Democratic strategists have launched a major effort to rebrand the party, after concluding their message no longer inspires voters who turned out to elect [...]

Here's Where 2016 GOP Hopefuls Came Down On Torture

2 weeks agoNews : Huffington Post

WASHINGTON -- An unlikely cross-aisle coalition in the Senate voted Tuesday to outlaw torture, in an overwhelming affirmation that included quite a few Republican wild cards, despite the party’s tendency to back the controversial Bush-era...Show More Summary

These 21 Republicans—including Mitch McConnell—think the U.S. should torture people

These are the 21 Republican senators who voted against a McCain-Feinstein amendment to the FY 2016 National Defense Authorization Act, strengthening the ban on torture. That includes their illustrious leader, Mitch McConnell.

They’re all Ted Cruz: “Reasonable” Senate Republicans are just as irresponsible as the Tea Party charlatan on Obamacare

Senate GOP leaders are worried about Ted Cruz's health care hijinks. Maybe they should worry about their own?

Bob Corker gets a standing ‘o’ at Failure Theater

Republican foreign policy quisling guru Bob Corker knows how to play Failure Theater. Ever since the GOP regained control of the US Senate, Corker has been walking around in a palpable aura of Old Spice and arrogance that acts like pheremones on Senate interns and the foreign policy establishment. Show More Summary

Dems Playing Offense On The Defense Spending Bill

Team WIN THE MORNING is hand-wringing over Sen. Harry Reid’s plan to play hardball with domestic spending with the GOP (emphasis mine) Senate Democrats are ready to follow through on a risky strategy to confront Republicans this week...Show More Summary

Brian Doherty on Rand Paul’s Strategic Ambiguity

2 weeks agoNews : Reason

Rand Paul is campaigning for president as a different kind of Republican. Since entering the U.S. Senate in 2011, he has staked out unorthodox positions on foreign policy and civil liberties, rejecting what he and many of his fans see as recklessly interventionist militarism. Show More Summary

Donald Trump plans an announcement, and GOP wonders: Presidency or reality TV?

2 weeks agoHealth : Booster Shots

The Republican presidential field has a CEO, a doctor, three senators and one senator-doctor. On Tuesday, when Donald Trump will announce whether he plans to join the bunch, it could get its first reality TV star.

If Republicans Can’t Beat Hillary, the Party Is Over

Philip Klein: “When Republicans lost two elections to Obama, it was easy to explain away as a special phenomenon. In 2008, Obama was a rock star running against a boring old senator who represented an incumbent party that had presided [...]

Are Rumors About Lindsey Graham’s Sexuality Hurting His Presidential Chances?

Lindsey Graham is a formidable figure in Congress: A third-term Republican senator who also served eight years in the House, Graham is a national security hawk and a foreign policy expert beloved in his home state of South Carolina,Show More Summary

James Inhofe Lectures Pope Francis: Leave Climate Change To Us

Republican Senator James Inhofe says that global warming is the “greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people” and now he wants Pope Francis to leave it to the politicians. The Pope has taken up climate change as a moral issue and intends to use his influence at the Paris climate summit later this year. Show More Summary

GOP Goes Full Richard Nixon on Obamacare

The Senate GOP is joining its House counterparts by shrouding its majestic Obamacare fix in total secrecy. As Bloomberg reports, Republican senators are playing the "we'll let you know the plan when we have to" game. As with RichardShow More Summary

Clinton Sketches Populist Message In First Major Speech Of Campaign

2 weeks agoNews : The Two-Way

The former first lady, senator and secretary of state called for an end to Republican policies that favor the rich and "a new era of prosperity" for all Americans.

Washington Dems Function: Media Calls it Dysfunction

The NYTimes has a story today reporting the smackdown Obama and the Republicans suffered yesterday when the Senate voted against NAFTA 2.0. The Times paints Senate Democrats who voted against TPP as petulant children, who usually go along with their leader when he has lunch with them and tells them stories. Show More Summary

Massachusetts' Kennedy Institute offers window on U.S. Senate

By Elizabeth Barber BOSTON (Reuters) - One young senator had to be prodded out of a nap. A Republican congresswoman alleged that Democrats must "enjoy spending money." There was talk of a filibuster.  This could have been the U.S. Senate, were it not for one thing: it went on to pass a massive immigration-reform bill this week. Show More Summary

Lindsey Graham is really, really happy to be here (in Utah)

South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham may never be called a front-runner for the Republican presidential nomination but he is trying hard to make a mark, and at former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney’s retreat for wealthy donors, that means spending as much time with the press as it does with America’s richest people.

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