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Who’s Afraid of the Torture Report?

The Senate Select Committee on Intelligence’s report on the CIA’s enhanced interrogation techniques—a report prepared by Democrats—has immediately been processed by the partisan sorting machine. Democrats support it, and Republicans are almost unanimously against it, criticizing how the report was produced and the fact that it was released at all. Show More Summary

McConnell: Obama Released Torture Report as ‘One Last Thumb in the Eye’ of Bush Admin

2 weeks agoNews : Mediaite

Following the Republican's denunciation of the recent CIA torture report, Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) speculated that the motive behind its release had little to do with a desire for transparency.

Will the torture program’s defenders have the guts to say it should be restarted?

With the exception of John McCain, you’d have a hard time finding any Republican or conservative who didn’t object to the Senate Intelligence Committee’s torture report that was released yesterday. Some have said simply that it shouldn’t have been made public, lest it lead to attacks against American personnel spread around the world (which hasn’t […]

Senate Democrats Surrender to Republican Pot Prohibitionists, Nullifying Legalization in D.C.

2 weeks agoNews : Reason

Contrary to what National Journal reported yesterday, it looks like Senate Democrats have agreed o a spending rider that will not only prevent legal marijuana businesses from opening in Washington, D.C., but will also block legalization of possession, home cultivation, and sharing. Show More Summary

Santorum 4 Prez: Part Wev in an Ongoing Series

Former Republican Senator and former presidential candidate and current yuckmonster Rick Santorum has been threatening for months to run for president again in 2016, and, although he has yet to file the official paperwork, he's basically announced that he's definitely totally for sure absolutely running—and this time it's gonna be different. Show More Summary

Today in Politics

The sharp partisan split over the validity of the Senate's new report on torture raises questions about how closely the two parties will cooperate on intelligence issues when Republicans take control of Congress in January.

The GOP says the CIA's torture saved lives. That doesn't make it right.

Forcing pureed hummus into a prisoner's rectum for medically unnecessary reasons is justifiable, according to Republican critics of the Senate Intelligence Committee's report on the CIA's horrific torture program during the Bush era....Show More Summary

Boehner Drops 1,603-Page Omnibus Spending Bill, Securing Future of Obama's Amnesty

Election results in November that emboldened the House Republican majority and delivered the U.S. Senate majority to the GOP be damned, House Speaker John Boehner is desperately turning to the Democrats to pass his omnibus bill that enables President Barack Obama’s executive amnesty. Show More Summary

A Democrat grooves his pitch. Illinois Republicans whiff.

What an easy lob to Republican state legislators! A Democratic senator, Daniel Biss of Evanston, was tossing them a chance to be on the right side of history. Biss asked them to support a clever savings plan to help as many as 2.5 million Illinoisans — mostly working- and middle-class...

John McCain's Dissent on Torture

In a speech from the Senate floor, the Arizona senator broke with his Republican colleagues to commend the Senate's CIA report, relying on his own experience as a prisoner of war in Vietnam.

A hard pill to swallow

JOHN MCCAIN, the senior Republican senator from Arizona, spent time in a Hanoi prison camp after fighting for his country in the 1960s and early 1970s. His speech, which followed the publication earlier today of the Senate intelligence...Show More Summary

3 Banking Regulations We Can't Let Republicans Take Away

Beginning in January, Republicans will have their largest majority in the U.S. House of Representatives since World War II along with a new majority in the Senate. They have already signaled that one of their first priorities will be...Show More Summary

Congress Plans to Allow Legal Marijuana in D.C. but Not Legal Marijuana Businesses

2 weeks agoNews : Reason

Under an agreement between Senate Democrats and House Republicans, National Journal reports, omnibus spending legislation that Congress needs to pass this week will include a rider that prevents Washington, D.C., from taxing and regulating marijuana. Show More Summary

Rand: Omnibus 'Abomination,' Will Show If GOP Wins 'Made a Difference'

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) argued that the "abomination" omnibus bill was "a chance to see if electing Republicans made a difference" on Tuesday's "Laura Ingraham Show." "I'll vote no to any kind of 2,000 page bill that I'm given at the...Show More Summary

Lying about the CIA lying?

I want to focus on one aspect of the Senate Democrats’ report on CIA interrogation techniques. And we should be reminded that the GOP members vehemently disagreed with the methods employed in the making of the report (Republican critics say no CIA official was ever questioned) and its conclusions. The report is weakest where it […]

Senate Panel’s Republicans Dismiss Torture Report as ‘Partisan’

Several Republican members of the Senate Intelligence Committee pushed back against the release of the declassified executive summary of the panel’s report on the torture of prisoners by the Central Intelligence Agency. They condemned the report on techniques used during the George W. Bush administration as “partisan.”

McConnell Tells Staff 'Business as Usual' When GOP Returns as Majority

Incoming Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell gave remarks at his office's annual Christmas party Monday night at the NRSC, and according to an attendee, McConnell said that people overestimate what Republicans can do even though the GOP will have majorities in both chambers of Congress in January. Show More Summary

Your Guide to CIA Torture and Its Sick, Sad American Apologists

In one of its last acts before Republicans take leadership, the Senate intelligence committee today released another report again acknowledging that yes, the United States tortured people in the war and terror—and no, it didn't really help much. Here's what we know today. Read more...

Republicans divided on response to CIA torture report

In the days running up to the release of the Senate Intelligence Committee's so-called torture report, members of the Bush administration rallied around the CIA, defending their long-held claims that the CIA's "enhanced interrogation techniques" saved lives. Show More Summary

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