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MacBreak Weekly 392: Mountain Dew and Protein Bars

Leo Laporte, Andy Ihnatko, Alex Lindsay, and I talk the secret behind the Apple store, support for Snow Leopard not ending, iOS 7.1 news, inside gossip about Tim Cook, and more. Subscribe and download: TWiT.TV

Is Snow Leopard 'vulnerable to attacks?' Has Apple really abandoned it?

"Apple retires Snow Leopard from support, leaves 1 in 5 Mac vulnerable to attacks," reads the headline on Computerworld. Is it the end for Apple's venerable OS X 10.6 "Snow Leopard" operating system, and are you at risk if you're still using it? Hardly. Show More Summary

Snow Leopard Support Killed, 1 In 5 Macs Left Vulnerable

Mac OS X 10.6, better known as Snow Leopard, is almost four and a half years old. The last security update for this iteration was released back in September 2013. It was left out in the update released in December, as well as in the one released day before yesterday. Show More Summary

Apple Retires Snow Leopard Support, Leaves 1 In 5 Macs In The Dust

Apple has all but announced it will no longer Mac computers running Snow Leopard, or OS X 10.6. On Tuesday, the company released an update for Mavericks, or OS X 10.9, plus security updates for its two predecessors, Mountain Lion (10.8) and Lion (10.7), but nothing for any other previously-released versions of OS X. Show More Summary

1 in 5 Macs now wide open to malware attacks

Much like Windows XP users who refuse to upgrade, any holdover Mac users who are still clinging to OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard should really think about making the switch soon. ComputerWorld notices that in its last two major security updates...Show More Summary

Project Ara Arrives, Apple Hates Snow Leopard, Nintendo Kills Multiplayer [Tech News Digest]

Today in Tech News Digest, Project Ara is real and happening, Apple quietly ends support for Snow Leopard, Nintendo loudly ends support for online multiplayer on Wii and DS, Sony announces the closure of the majority of its bricks-and-mortar stores, Facebook retires its email service, and retro games are set to invade Adam Sandler. Show More Summary

Clouded Leopard Playing With Snowballs

The American Zoo Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium (Tacoma, WA), as in many U.S. cities this winter have got snow disruption. Recently zoo staff unveiled a series of remarkable photographs showing how the clouded leopard in one of the enclosures have fun playing in snowdrifts and catches snowballs fangs, apparently completely forgetting that he inhabitant […]

Snow leopard takes down a sheep

last yearHumor : Boing Boing

Check out this series of photos from India's Hemis National Park, where photographer Adam Riley watch a snow leopard stalk and hunt a pack of sheep.

Snow Leopard hunt by Adam Riley (INDRI Ultimate Wildlife Tours)

It was our third day in high elevation Hemis National Park, we had awakened before dawn and chugged down a mug...

Siegfried and Roy … and Putin?

Few things make Russia’s stone-faced leader smile quite like a cuddly, warm animal (see his past encounters with a shepherd dog, a baby moose and a walrus), but Putin’s latest snuggly photo op, this time with a snow leopard, turned ugly when one cub went into attack mode. Show More Summary

OS X Mavericks problems that drive me nuts - how about you?

OS X Mavericks has been out since October. Apple wanted to accelerate the uptake of their newest Mac operating system by offering a free update for anyone using Snow Leopard or higher. And millions of us have. Many for better, but some for worse. Show More Summary

Olympic mascot calls attention to snow leopards' plight

The Winter Olympics in Sochi are focusing attention on the appealing, but endangered, snow leopard.

Missed Safari Update Could Signal End Of OS X Snow Leopard Support

Over the past few years, Apple has released new versions of its OS X software, with the latest being OS X 10.9 Mavericks. Prior to that we had Mountain Lion, Lion, and Snow Leopard which was released back in 2009, a good four years ago, and it would seem as though Apple’s support for the four year old operating system could be coming to an end. Show More Summary

Sheriff Baca's not good, very strange week -- plus a snow leopard

It was a little strange altogether — considering that the overriding issue this week in the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department was its abominable treatment of inmates in its jails — to note that Sheriff Lee Baca felt he needed to leave his personal stamp on the case of a group of miscreant teenagers.

Party and pillage at unoccupied mansion coordinated on social media

The latest incident of teens busting in and partying while the owners are out of townA mounted snow leopard worth more than $250,000, pieces of armor and designer clothes were among the items recovered by sheriff?s detectives investigating a party...

Teen Partygoers Swiped $250K Leopard

Sixteen suspects described as "kids of means" have been arrested after a wild party in a wealthy Los Angeles suburbs where a mansion was trashed and partygoers made off with a bizarre assortment of loot—including a mounted snow leopard valued at $250,000. LA County sheriff Lee Baca estimates...

Snow Leopard Cub and Mother

2 years agoHumor : Neatorama

(YouTube link) These are some magnificent cats. A half-grown snow leopard cub attacks his very tolerant mother, in a video by Ben Eisenkop, also known as redditor Unidan. -via Tastefully Offensive

Scientists: Oldest big cat fossil found in Tibet

2 years agoNews : The Newsroom

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Scientists have unearthed the oldest big cat fossil yet, suggesting the predator — similar to a snow leopard — evolved in Asia and spread out.

Rare snow leopard cubs make zoo debut

2 years agoNews : The Newsroom

Snow leopard cub Little Boy tackles a pumpkin while playing in the Central Park Zoo on Thursday. (Gordon Donovan/Yahoo News)

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