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The best Star Wars Battlefront plays so far

Star Wars Battlefront has been out for a day in the UK and for a few days in the US (and for a week if you count the EA Access early start on Xbox One), which is plenty of time for people to record themselves doing extraordinary things in it. Show More Summary

There's a $329 PS4 Star Wars Battlefront bundle on eBay

It's Tuesday and it's another big release day. If you've digested all the Star Wars Battlefront reviews (e.g. this one here) and you still want in on the action, particularly on the PS4, then here's a worthwhile pre-Black Friday deal for you to gander at. Read more...

Sony investigating Star Wars Battlefront problems on PSN

Players reporting problems with Ultimate Edition on launch day. Sony is investigating issues which are stopping some people from playing Star Wars Battlefront on PSN. The game launches today in the U.S. but some players are reporting they are unable to play the game despite pre-ordering the game and downloading the day one patch. Some […]

Star Wars: Battlefront Lets You Play As Darth Vader During Installation

Back in the days of the PlayStation One, Namco used to allow players to play little mini-games in between loading. The ability to play mini-games while a game loads has mostly disappeared... until now. DICE revived the ability to play a mini-game in Star Wars: Battlefront while the game downloads.Click To Continue Reading

Star Wars Battlefront day one patch notes revealed

You’ll need to apply a patch to Star Wars Battlefront if you’re getting the disc version. So far, EA released one patch for Star Wars Battlefront. Some have taken to calling it the day one patch, but because the game is not officially out until Tuesday, there could be another one in the works. The […]

The New Xbox One Experience Is Being Rolled Out [Updated]

If you’ve been looking forward to Microsoft pushing out their largest ever update for the Xbox One — particularly if you’re going to be enjoying Star Wars: Battlefront through the EA Access subscription program over the next few days...Show More Summary

Snacktaku Senses Great Fear In Kraft's Star Wars Macaroni & Cheese

With The Force Awakens fever growing with each passing day, no where is safe from Star Wars merchandising—not even the pasta dish people usually make because they’ve too little time or money to eat real food. Read more...

Star Wars Battlefront live action trailer stars Anna Kendrick becoming 'more powerful'

Electronic Arts and DICE have released a new live action trailer for Star Wars Battlefront. The Become More Powerful live action trailer shows a number of people taking a break from their regular day to jump into Star Wars Battlefront. Show More Summary

We're not getting any new Mass Effect: Andromeda news this N7 Day

Apparently November 7 is a day for all things Mass Effect that EA really want to get off the ground. Think of it like May 4 is for Star Wars, except only really BioWare pays attention to it. You see, the joke here is that Commander Shepard's official designation is N7, and November 7 kind of looks like N7 if you squint. Show More Summary

Star Wars: The Old Republic - Knights of the Fallen Empire begins its story today

Today is a big day for Star Wars: The Old Republic and one that BioWare Austin has been anticipating for quite a while. Today sees the Knights of the Fallen Empire expansion launch for all subscribers. For those unfamiliar with the expansion...Show More Summary

Shack Reels: Stuff That Sucks: Star Wars Battlefront Editions

The price of video games is getting out of hand these days. With EA announced its Season Pass details for Star Wars Battlefront, Greg felt the need to get in front of a camera to discuss just how outrageous its pricing is. In the latest...Show More Summary

Watch how ambitious cancelled Star Wars Battlefront 3 looked like

There was an ambitious third entry in the Star Wars Battlefront franchise that never saw the light of day. Here’s some footage from it. Way before DICE started working on the new reboot of Star Wars Battlefront, Free Radical was working on another entry in the that franchise, simply titled Star Wars Battlefront 3. That […]

Preparing your PC for Star Wars: Battlefront

The Star Wars: Battlefront beta concluded a few days ago and DICE can seemingly rest easy - the nightmares of the Battlefield 4 era look to be over, server stability held up despite the immense load caused by a cumulative 9m users, and...Show More Summary

More than 9 million played the Star Wars Battlefront beta

How big is Star Wars Battlefront going to be this November/Christmas? If the beta is anything to go by: big. More than 9 million people logged into and played the Star Wars Battlefront beta over the past few days, EA DICE has announced. Show More Summary

Extended Betas Shouldn’t Be That Much of a Surprise Anymore

This weekend, fans playing the beta for Star Wars Battlefront got the news that the open beta for the much-anticipated shooter was getting one more day. Seems like a rare, awesome gift from EA to everyone, right? Turns out it’s not all that rare. Read more...

The Star Wars Battlefront beta has been extended by a day

Star Wars Battlefront kicked off its beta last week, and is currently still running. It was supposed to end today actually, but publisher Electronic Arts has revealed that the program will be extended until Tuesday. They are lookingShow More Summary

Here Are 5 Things We Learned From The Star Wars: Battlefront Beta

After a fun filled weekend of stormtroopers, shields and lightsabers, the beta for Star Wars: Battlefront will wrap up in a couple of days. But what exactly did we learn from it all? More »      

Star Wars Battlefront Beta Extended by a Day

Enjoying the beta for Star Wars Battlefront? Good news! EA has extended it by a day.

Star Wars Battlefront beta extended through Tuesday

The Star Wars Battlefront beta has been extended by a whole day. The Star Wars Battlefront beta will remain open for an extra day, DICE has announced, and will now run through Tuesday October 13. No precise time was provided but it’s likely to be European or US dating, so if you’re in Australia or […]

Star Wars Battlefront Beta Gets One More Day

Don’t put away your stormtrooper armor just yet kids. Originally slated to end tomorrow, the Star Wars Battlefront beta test has been extended through Tuesday in order to test extreme server scenarios and give me chance to add that word balloon I’d been eyeing. Read more...

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