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Star Wars Battlefront – the quest to capture fan nostalgia

Electronic Arts has promised gaming’s most authentic Star Wars experience, but can its new shooter compete with the vastness of the movie universe? Continue reading...

RUMOR - Disney Infinity 3.0 to feature Star Wars characters

We saw some leaked details on Disney Infinity 3.0 figurines earlier today, but it looks like the rumor mill isn't done yet. Polygon says they've talked to multiple sources close to the project, and those sources are claiming Star Wars figurines are going to be a part of Disney Infinity 3.0 as well. Show More Summary

Here's a Deeper Look Into the Development of Star Wars Battlefront

Electronic Arts and DICE are aiming to create the most authentic and realistic Star Wars game yet.

Watch the first developer diary for Star Wars: Battlefront

The first developer diary for Star Wars: Battlefront is here. Star Wars: Battlefront developers at DICE have released the first behind-the-scenes look at the game. The video is the first episode in a new series chronicling the game’s production. This one talks about the team’s visit to Skywalker Sound, the Lucas Arts vault and more. […]

BioWare's Star Wars Games Are Not Official Star Wars Canon

With the new Star Wars movies, Disney basically tossed out everything in the Extended Universe. At last week’s fan convention, someone asked what it meant for BioWare’s games. Read more...

Star Wars: Battlefront Release Date Announced

EA have revealed that Star Wars: Battlefront will be released for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC first on November 17th. For us here in the United Kingdom, Star Wars: Battlefront will be released on November 20th. Sigurlina Ingvarsdottir,...Show More Summary

Star Wars: Armada review – epic space battles on your dinner table

The pre-painted ships and custom dice peeking out from the box beg to be played. But is it worth the price? Continue reading...

Star Wars Battlefront is 60 FPS, splitscreen not available for all modes

Star Wars Battlefront has some good news and some bad news for you. Lots of Star Wars Battlefront information has been trickling out over the weekend, thanks both to press previews and DICE staff cheerfully tweeting answers to fan questions. As part of this bounty, we received some welcome news; Battlefront design director Niklas Fegraeus […]

Star Wars Battlefront playable solo with bots

Star Wars Battlefront players who can’t or won’t play with others can always team up with and against AI. Star Wars Battlefront will support AI bots for those who want to play alone, DICE has confirmed. According to design director Niklas Fegraeus, bots will be available both on and offline. We have a feature called […]

Star Wars Celebration: Battlefront Early Details

The trailer for Battlefront is now live, and as you can see, EA and DICE have seemingly pulled through in creating what could be the Star Wars game we fans have been waiting for.  The promise of being able to play as classic Star Wars heroes and villains, most notably seen in the trailer are [&hellip

IGN Power Rankings: Star Wars Reigns

How did Mortal Kombat X, Batman v Superman and last week's champ Daredevil fare?

Artoo detour: the original Star Wars Battlefront had anarchy and soul

By now, of course, it's official. A new version of Star Wars Battlefront will arrive later this year, in time for JJ Abrams's seventh instalment of the biggest space opera of them all. The galaxy might have got its first proper lookShow More Summary

So Many Mandalorian Mercs At Star Wars Celebration 2015

How many Mandalorian mercenaries can you fit in the Anaheim Convention Center? Looks like all of them. Read more...

Star Wars Battlefront III 2015 Screenshots Gallery

Welcome to our Star Wars Battlefront III 2015 Screenshots Gallery for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Check out this in-engine debut trailer for the Star Wars Battlefront III reboot. It is here that you can view all the latest screencaps and artworks from Star Wars Battlefront III 2015; some of these will also make great...

Star Wars: Battlefront isn’t just a “big-budget Battlefield mod,” says DICE

DICE boss Patrick Bach has promised Star Wars: Battlefront isn’t just a “big-budget Battlefield mod,” as the game carries the Battlefront title for a reason. Speaking with Eurogamer during Day 2 of the Star Wars Celebration yesterday, Bach said the team stayed true to the “core ethos” of the Battlefront series by adhering to what […]

Star Wars Battlefront 2015 Release Date Announced (PC, PS4, Xbox One)

The Star Wars Battlefront 2015 (aka Star Wars Battlefront III) release date has been announced for PS4, Xbox One & PC on November 17, 2015 in America, November 17th in the UK & November 19th in Europe. It will be developed by DICE (Battlefield series, Mirror’s Edge) and published by EA. Check out the debut...

Star Wars Battlefront is more than just a big budget Battlefield mod

When JJ Abrams gave his much-anticipated public panel on The Force Awakens in Anaheim this weekend as part of the Star Wars Celebration 2015 event, one of the loudest cheers he received (and there were a lot of loud cheers) was whenShow More Summary

Star Wars Battlefront Sets Up Episode 7's Story

If you're a Star Wars fan, you already know about the upcoming film and the new game from EA and DICE, but one thing you may not know is that Star Wars: Battlefront actually has narrative ties to Star Wars: The Force Awakens.Click To Continue Reading

Star Wars Battlefront will lack space battles

The official Twitter account for all things Star Wars from EA confirmed today that there will be no space battles in Star Wars Battlefront. When asked "space battles or not" EA responded: We’re focusing on air battles and dogfights that...Show More Summary

Star Wars Battlefront Novel Coming in November

A former BioWare writer is penning Twilight Company, the novel adaptation.

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