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Unboxing videos are normally dumb, but there are exceptions.

Unboxing videos are normally dumb, but there are exceptions. This video, showing what it takes to put a Star Wars Battlepod together, is one of them. Read more...

Star Wars Battlefront on PS4 shows huge promise - but needs work

With a show of work-in-progress gameplay footage - as captured from PlayStation 4 - Star Wars Battlefront's E3 demo was a genuine highlight of this year's event. Unlike its earlier April reveal (set to a woodland battle on Endor), it's...Show More Summary

Video: Star Wars Battlefront, Scrolls going offline and H1Z1 - The Eurogamer Show

Happy Fourth of July, people who care about that sort of thing! I'll be honest with you, I completely forgot the significance of today until I typed that excellent, witty and not at all dreadful sub-heading you see at the top of this page. Show More Summary

The Next SWTOR Expansion Looks Like The Same Old Thing

At E3, Bioware announced a new expansion for Star Wars: The Old Republic, dubbed Knights of the Fallen Empire. At its start, players will be frozen in carbonite for five years and when they’re thawed out will find that something called the Eternal Empire came out of nowhere to smash both the Republic and Sith Empire and take control of the galaxy. Show More Summary

Daily Deals: PS Vita Borderlands Bundle, Wii U With Splatoon, Cheap 2TB Hard Drive

Plus Borderlands: The Handsome Collection and Far Cry 4 have never been cheaper, Halo 5 and Star Wars Battlefront are already discounted, and District 9, Cowboy Bebop, The Matrix and more are cheap on Blu-ray.

Star Wars Battlefront’s graphics shine in these 4K PC screens

Feast your eyes on the incredibly-detailed world of Tatooine from the Star Wars Battlefront alpha. There is a Star Wars Battlefront alpha currently underway, with only a few lucky users getting invited. Some of them captured gameplay footage, others datamined game files for details. Today, we get to enjoy some direct-feed 4K screenshots from the […]

New Star Wars: Battlefront Footage Leaks, Looks Fantastic.

We’ve already seen what Star Wars: Battlefront looks like, but I honestly never tire of watching it being played. Why? I think it’s because it looks and feels authentically Star Wars. More »      

Star Wars Battlefront Gameplay Footage Leaked From Alpha Test

A few new videos have been leaked for Star Wars: Battlefront, showing the game's alpha gameplay across Hoth and Tatooine. The survival mode goes on for a few waves and the other videos show the game's standard multiplayer PvP in action.Click To Continue Reading

Daily Deals: Borderlands, Far Cry 4, Ghost in the Shell

Pre-order discounts on Halo 5, Star Wars Battlefront, and more, plus deals on The Matrix, Chappelle's Show, and Game of Thrones Monopoly.

Star Wars Battlefront Isn't Battlefield Game, DICE Says

Ever since it was announced that DICE would be in charge of developing Star Wars: Battlefront and that the game would be running on the very prestigious Frostbite 3 game engine, many fans instantly began questioning if that meant that Star Wars: Battlefront would turn into Star Wars: Battlefield. Show More Summary

Star Wars: Battlefront gameplay videos and info leak from closed alpha

EA and DICE announced Star Wars: Battlefront’s closed alpha were open a few weeks ago, and it appears they’ve opened the floodgates as both videos and new details surrounding the game have emerged. Some people who have been given access to the closed alpha have started mining for information from the game’s files. Show More Summary

Star Wars Battlefront leak reveals weapons, vehicles, emotes, more

The alpha client for Star Wars Battlefront has leaked, revealing a tonne of information about weapons, vehicles, maps, and more. The Star Wars Battlefront closed alpha, which is due to begin later today for a selected few on Origin, has had its client leak online. Now that these files are in the wild, players have […]

Watch – first PC gameplay footage for Star Wars Battlefront leaks

Star Wars Battlefront gameplay has leaked from the current alpha test. The Star Wars Battlefront alpha is available for a lucky few and thankfully, some of them have captured gameplay for the rest of us. The gameplay below is captured on PC and shows the Missions mode, played solo on Tatooine. The video is bound […]

Star Wars Woodblock Prints Made by Japanese Craftsmen

And yes, the prints are officially licensed by Lucasfilm. Read more...

Star Wars Battlefront alpha leaked, mined for information

EA has yet to officially launch its Star Wars Battlefront closed PC alpha test, but early adopters have already been poking around its files. The alpha is due to start today, though its files were already being shared around torrent sites yesterday evening (thanks, NeoGAF). Show More Summary

Deals of the Week: $10 Off Batman: Arkham Knight, Pre-Order Discounts on Star Wars Battlefront, Halo 5, Guitar Hero and More

Amazon is having a massive game sale for Prime members, plus you can get a PS4 for $342, a PS TV for $36, and a year of Xbox Live for $36.

Star Wars Battlefront dev “did not want this to be a Battlefield game”

Star Wars Battlefront is missing a ton of gameplay features present in the Battlefield series, but that’s something DICE planned on. Battlefront has drawn criticism for not seeming to have the same depth as the Batlefield series – there are no squads or classes, and you can’t customise your load-out to the same degree. Speaking […]

Star Wars Battlefront Leads Game Critics Awards Best of E3 Nominees

Star Wars Battlefront, Fallout 4, and Horizon Zero Dawn lead this year's nominees.

The first draft of Dragon Age: Origins didn't even have Grey Wardens

When BioWare finished work on Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (2003) and second Neverwinter Nights expansion Hordes of the Underdark (2003), two separate teams began work on two separate new games. One was a science fiction game that would become Mass Effect, and one was a fantasy game that would become Dragon Age. Show More Summary

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