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The director of the new movie about Steve Jobs says its release strategy was 'arrogant'

Danny Boyle, the British director of the new movie about Steve Jobs, has described the movie's release in the US as "arrogant" after it bombed at the box office. "We were arrogant to release it very wide, very quickly," Boyle said on Friday at a fundraising event for Shuffle Festival that was held in Second Home, the East London office space. Show More Summary

Jony Ive explained why Apple did a U-turn on making a stylus (AAPL)

Apple chief design officer, Jony Ive, sat down for an interview with Wallpaper Magazine and revealed why the company did a U-turn on making a stylus, something Steve Jobs famously decried. The iPad Pro comes with a Pencil, an electronic stylus that is aimed at those who draw. Show More Summary

The new movie about Steve Jobs has reportedly been pulled from more than 2,000 cinemas

"Steve Jobs," the new movie about the life of the Apple CEO which was written by Aaron Sorkin and directed by Danny Boyle, is having a nightmare at the box office. Cult of Mac reports that the movie is performing so badly that it has been pulled from over 2,000 cinemas because people simply don't want to go and see it. Show More Summary

Steve Jobs kicked around the idea of building a car in 2008 (AAPL)

Steve Jobs had considered making a car for years, according to a new interview. Bloomberg's Emily Chang, spoke with former Apple executive and Nest founder Tony Fadell, who revealed that he and Jobs had numerous discussions about building some sort of Apple vehicle. Show More Summary

These comments from the iPod's release 14 years ago show that ordinary people can't see into the future (AAPL)

On October 23 2001, at the Apple Music Event, Steve Jobs unveiled the iPod, a device that would go on to change the tide for the company, ushering in the iPhone, iPad, MacBook, Apple Watch, and so on.  However, on the day, internet commentators...Show More Summary

39 photos of how Steve Jobs saved Apple from disaster and led it to rule the world (AAPL)

Nowadays, Apple is the most valuable company in the world, thanks in huge part to the vision of late co-founder and CEO Steve Jobs. But if you only saw the movie, you got less than half of the story. Once upon a time, Apple was a complete disaster, chewing through CEOs and delivering one bad quarter of financial results after another. Show More Summary

What Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, and 10 other highly successful people were doing at 25

Some of the most accomplished people prove that no two paths to success are alike. While the Steve Jobses and Richard Bransons were already dominating the business world at 25, others took a little longer to hit their stride and saw their mid-20s as transformative years. Show More Summary

These comments from the iPod’s release 14 years ago show that some people hated the idea (AAPL)

On October 23 2001, at the Apple Music Event, Steve Jobs unveiled the iPod, a device that would go on to change the tide for the company, ushering in the iPhone, iPad, MacBook, Apple Watch, and so on.  However, on the day, internet commentators...Show More Summary

It looks like Aaron Sorkin's new Steve Jobs movie is a flop

"Steve Jobs," the new biography of the Apple cofounder produced by Aaron Sorkin, had a disappointing debut, earning only an estimated $7.3 million in its opening wide-release weekend, according to Rentrak. That put it into 7th placeShow More Summary

The men and women throughout history who inspired the world's most powerful tech leaders

Even the greatest tech leaders were inspired by someone, whether it's Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos, or Bill Gates. The team over at New Peaks decided to track down who a bunch of successful entrepreneurs learned their drive and determination from. Show More Summary

Steve Jobs' reaction to this insult shows why he was such a great CEO (AAPL)

It's 1997, and Steve Jobs has just returned to the company he was fired from 12 years before. On stage at Apple's World Wide Developers Conference, Jobs was holding a rare Q&A with developers when one audience member stood up and lobbed an insult at Jobs. Show More Summary

Aaron Sorkin says his 'conscience is clear' over the new Steve Jobs movie

Aaron Sorkin, the man behind the upcoming "Steve Jobs" movie, has said that his "conscience is clear" over the portrayal of the Apple cofounder, The Guardian reports. Speaking at the European premiere of the film, Sorkin told press that a certain level of "dramatisation" had to occur for it to be successful. Show More Summary

An original Apple 1 computer built by Steve Jobs is up for auction and could sell for £500,000 (AAPL)

An original Apple 1 computer has come up for auction, and the starting bid is almost a quarter of a million pounds. The Register reports that high-end auction London house Christie's is selling off the vintage device, which was launched in 1976. Show More Summary

13 tricks Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos, and other famous execs have used to run effective meetings

Americans sit through some 11 million meetings every day — with the unproductive ones costing companies an estimated $37 billion a year. We know that meetings tend to fall apart thanks to sloppy agendas and unclear ground rules, butShow More Summary

The cofounder of Apple talks about how Steve Jobs viewed innovation and instilled it into the company's products (AAPL)

In the tech industry, companies such as Apple, Google, and any other major player are constantly pressured to innovate. But Steve Wozniak, who cofounded Apple alongside Steve Jobs, doesn't think innovation simply means creating products that are different and new. Show More Summary

The story of Lisa Brennan-Jobs — the daughter Steve Jobs claimed wasn't his

Steve Jobs had his first child, Lisa-Brennan Jobs, at age 23. At first, he rejected claims that she was his child. After taking a court-mandated paternity test, Jobs accepted Lisa as his daughter. He admitted later on in life he was simply not prepared for fatherhood. Produced by Emma Fierberg Follow BI Video: On Facebook Join the conversation about this story »

People are freaking out about these photos of Snapchat’s CEO in Vogue

The classic look of a tech CEO has evolved over the years from Steve Jobs' black turtleneck to Mark Zuckerberg's hoodie to — Evan Spiegel's corduroy suit? The Snapchat CEO is the cover star of this month's Vogue Italy, L'Uomo Vogue,Show More Summary

Here's a young Steve Jobs giving the best advice on hiring, success and failure

With all the controversy surrounding the new Steve Jobs movie and its portrayal of him as a difficult person, it's sort of interesting to see videos of the real Steve Jobs from his early days. We dug up two videos that will maybe give you a glimpse of both his brilliance and his difficult sides (thanks to YouTube channel EverySteveJobsVideo). Show More Summary

Apple is losing control of Steve Jobs' legacy and Jony Ive isn't happy about it

Jony Ive's opinion of the new Steve Jobs movie —  it's "ridiculous" and "sad," and has "hijacked" the legacy of his late friend and colleague, he told The Financial Times — is part of an interesting pattern. For the past six months,Show More Summary

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