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Alex Gibney explains why his Steve Jobs documentary may cause you to put down your iPhone for good

For Alex Gibney it all started with the death of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs on October 5, 2011. “The motivation to make the film was why so many people who didn’t know Steve Jobs were weeping when he left,” Gibney told an audience last week who had recently seen his new film “Steve Jobs: Man in the Machine” (in theaters Friday). Show More Summary

Steve Jobs 'played no role at all' in designing the Apple I or Apple II computers, Woz says

There are two new movies about Steve Jobs about to hit theaters, but if you want to know how things really went down, talk to the man in the center of the action, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak. 14-year-old entrepreneur Sarina Khemchandani did just that, scoring an interview with Woz in late August. Show More Summary

The 11 greatest moments Apple's ever had on stage (AAPL)

Any Apple fan knows that the company's keynotes aren't just about the products being unveiled — it's about the way Apple does it. Apple's late cofounder and former CEO Steve Jobs had a reputation for captivating the audience during big events and announcements. Show More Summary

Former Apple CEO John Sculley just launched a new line of cheap Android smartphones

John Sculley's tenure as Apple CEO saw the launch of the PowerBook laptop and System 7 operating system in 1991, as well as the temporary ouster of Steve Jobs. Sculley was removed from the company himself in 1993 following a series of flops, but he never really left tech. Show More Summary

The bizarre way Kate Winslet landed the lead female role in the new Steve Jobs movie (AAPL)

Kate Winslet is set to play Joanna Hoffman — one of Apple's earliest employees who was known for standing up to Steve Jobs — in the new movie about the legendary Apple cofounder's life. The movie, which includes a star-studded cast that features Michael Fassbender as Steve Jobs and Seth Rogen as Steve Wozniak, is set to debut on Oct. Show More Summary

32 photos of Apple's early days before it ruled the world (AAPL)

Everybody remembers when Steve Jobs returned to Apple, setting the company on the incredible turnaround that's led to it becoming the world's most valuable company. But before its legendary rise, Apple was just three guys in a garage in Los Altos, California. Show More Summary

Swatch has trademarked the legendary line that Steve Jobs made famous (AAPL)

It was Steve Jobs' signature move. Apple's former CEO would wait until the very end of an Apple media event, only to say "one more thing" and reveal a surprise new product or feature. While the use of the line didn't start with JobsShow More Summary

9 books that Steve Jobs thought everyone should read

Late Apple cofounder Steve Jobs spent a lifetime learning what it means to be human by reading books. "The reason that Apple is able to create products like the iPad is because we've always tried to be at the intersection of technology and the liberal arts," Jobs once said. Show More Summary

Steve Jobs Movie to Showcase at New York Film Festival

The final verdict will be in soon Film steve jobs Danny Boyle Michael Fassbender

What Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, and 13 other tech visionaries were like in college

The tech industry is legendarily built on the brilliance of college dropouts. Steve Jobs didn't finish. Neither did Bill Gates or Larry Ellison. But just because they didn't all walk at graduation — or make it to their second semester — doesn't mean they weren't shaped by their years in the Ivory Tower. Show More Summary

11 crazy off-the-wall tributes to Steve Jobs — from tattoos to edible statues (AAPL)

Steve Jobs’ unwavering commitment to quality and innovation earned him many admirers throughout the world, and when an icon like him passes away, there will naturally be a flood of memorials. Books will be written, films made — in Jobs’ case, at least two. Show More Summary

This Shanghai company created a gold bust of Steve Jobs to motivate employees

People joke about Apple fanboys “worshiping” Steve Jobs, but a Shanghai company is taking this sentiment to a whole new level by actually creating a gold bust of the Apple visionary that welcomes employees when they come to work in the morning, Quartz reports. Show More Summary

Apple's HR chief: Working with Tim Cook 'actually helps you to be a better human being' (AAPL)

Denise Young Smith, Apple's vice president of human resources has been working as an HR exec for the company since 1997. That means she worked for both Steve Jobs and Tim Cook. At the Fortune Brainstorm Tech conference in Aspen she talked a little about what it's like to work for Cook after the Jobs era. Show More Summary

What we can all learn from the gutsy way 13-year-old Steve Jobs landed a job at HP

Cold calling usually gets you nowhere. Unless you happen to have the pluck of pre-teen Steve Jobs, and a copy of the Palo Alto phone book, in which case, cold calling will get you everywhere. Case in point: At 12, Jobs wanted to build a frequency counter, but he didn't have the parts. Show More Summary

This might be the only recent Apple product Steve Jobs would have loved (AAPL)

When Steve Jobs died in late 2011, many wondered how Apple would survive without its visionary captain. Thanks to the leadership of CEO Tim Cook, Apple has not just survived, but thrived: The company is more successful now than it's ever been — at times, more successful than any company in history. Show More Summary

A former Apple employee reveals the most memorable piece of advice he ever heard from Steve Jobs (AAPL)

Steve Jobs, the late co-founder and former CEO of Apple, is widely regarded as being one of the most influential leaders in technology and business. Dozens of inspirational quotes from Jobs have been uncovered throughout the years, including...Show More Summary

Steve Wozniak Weighs In on the Steve Jobs Trailer

As usual, the Woz has his opinions... Film steve jobs Steve Jobs movie steve wozniak Apple

The first intense trailer for Aaron Sorkin's 'Steve Jobs' movie paints a picture of him like you've never seen

An official trailer for "Steve Jobs" just came out. In this version of the Jobs story, the Apple visionary is played by Michael Fassbender. Meanwhile, Seth Rogen plays Steve Wozniak. Oscar winning director Danny Boyle ("Slumdog Millionaire," "Trainspotting") and Oscar winning writer Aaron Sorkin ("The Social Network") bring the story to life. Show More Summary

Watch Michael Fassbender in the Snappy New Trailer for Danny Boyle’s ‘Steve Jobs

A new trailer for "Steve Jobs" gives viewers a bigger taste of Michael Fassbender as the Apple honcho.

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