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Romney to meet with Sheldon Adelson on Tuesday

Casino magnate who gave millions to super PAC supporting Gingrich will meet with presumptive nominee in Las Vegas

Ann Romney opens up about health "scare"

GOP candidate's wife talks about dealing with multiple sclerosis on the campaign trail, including an episode the day before Super Tuesday

Super PACs spend beyond Super Tuesday

By next week, a super PAC for Romney will spend $937,000 on ads in Illinois and $451,000 on ads in Louisiana

Gingrich staffer calls for him to drop out

After a lackluster showing in Super Tuesday, a Gingrich staffer in South Carolina says it's time for his campaign to end

Five takeaways from Super Tuesday

Analysis: Super Tuesday results suggest the GOP race is very much alive amid a lack of enthusiasm among Republican voters

Romney wins ugly - again

Analysis: Super Tuesday story for GOP front-runner is a story of disaster narrowly averted

The Drive: Romney misses his Super Tuesday chance

Brian Montopoli talks about where Romney and Santorum go from here and discusses why Gingrich might not leave the race anytime soon

Romney takes 6 Super Tuesday states, Santorum nets 3

CBS News projects Romney to win Ohio, Vt., Va., Mass., Alaska, and Idaho; Santorum wins Tenn., Okla. and N.D.

Super Tuesday sets up long slog to GOP nomination

Analysis: Romney may be the frontrunner, but Rick Santorum's refusal to go quietly means the race is likely to drag on for months

Romney takes 5 Super Tuesday states, Santorum nets 3

CBS News projects Romney to win crucial state of Ohio, plus Vt., Va., Mass. and Idaho; Santorum wins Tenn., Okla. and N.D.; Gingrich takes Georgia

All eyes on Ohio as Super Tuesday results roll in

CBS News estimates Romney is now leading in Ohio; Romney and Santorum each set to take 3 contests tonight as Gingrich wins Georgia

Santorum: We're winning across the nation

Rick Santorum brags about multiple Super Tuesday wins while slamming Romney as not truthful and wrong on the issues

Gingrich fights for relevance after Super Tuesday

After winning Georgia but losing in other Southern states, Gingrich's candidacy may only serve as a thorn in Rick Santorum's side

Candidates split Super Tuesday states

CBS News projects Gingrich to win Ga., Romney to win Vt., Va. and Mass.; Santorum to win Tenn., Okla.; Close race in Ohio

Gingrich to win Georgia, CBS News projects

As votes begin to trickle in on Super Tuesday, CBS News projects Newt Gingrich will win Georgia and Romney leads in Virginia, Vermont

CBS News exit poll: Gas prices loom large in the South on Super Tuesday

Gas prices were an important factor for a significant majority of voters in primary states today, according to CBS News early exit polling, especially in the South

Graphic: The Republican presidential campaign on Twitter

As voters head to polls and caucuses for Super Tuesday, here's a snapshot of how the campaign is playing out on Twitter

Will Super Tuesday voters buy Santorum's underdog routine?

Rick Santorum is offering Super Tuesday voters a tough, gritty underdog who won't back down. Are they buying it?

Obama's Super Tuesday message to Romney: "Good luck tonight"

At White House press conference, Obama offered a few words of advice for the Republican front-runner on Super Tuesday

Will Dems give Santorum a Super Tuesday boost?

Democrats explain why they are participating in DailyKos' "Operation Hilarity" by voting for Rick Santorum to simply prolong the GOP primary

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