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Swiss Banks Now Offer Allocated Gold, Silver Accounts

From GoldCore Swiss Banks Offer Allocated Accounts As Move To Allocated Internationally Today’s AM fix was USD 1,666.25, EUR 1,230.70, and GBP 1,057.20 per ounce. Yesterday’s AM fix was USD 1,660.50, EUR 1,235.12, and GBP 1,057.17 per ounce. Show More Summary

The Morning Wrap

Chasing Dodgers: The taxmen at the Internal Revenue Service can get some records on Swiss bank accounts under a ruling Monday by U.S. District Judge William Pauley in Manhattan, and prosecutors say it is one more step toward identifying and...

Judge Gives IRS Access to More Accounts at UBS and Wegelin

Just when it seemed as if every Swiss bank account was out in the open, the IRS is on the scent again. A federal judge has approved a Summons on for secret account data about Wegelin & Co, the indicted and doomed Swiss bank. That means more names of more account holders. With Indictments, IRS [...]

Greek Parliament Votes to Investigate Ex-minister

(ATHENS, Greece) — Greek lawmakers voted early on Friday to investigate former finance minister George Papaconstantinou over his handling of data on Greeks with Swiss bank accounts and whether he amended the list to remove three of his relatives. Show More Summary

Greek Unemployment Hits Record High

Unemployment in Greece has climbed even higher, reaching 26.8% in October, according to figures released today, while another lawmaker abandoned the coalition government over a Swiss Bank account scandal. The Statistical Authority said unemployment increased from 26.2% in September 2012, and marked a significant jump from the 19....

Florida Widow Guilty + $21M Penalty for Inherited Swiss + Liechtenstein Accounts

It’s no secret the IRS is taking a hard line on undisclosed foreign bank accounts. An IRS voluntary disclosure can bring accounts into compliance with finite penalties and no criminal prosecution for those who come forward before being discovered. See FBAR Penalties Just Got Even Worse. For those who don’t participate, the odds of being [...]

Is This What The New "Swiss Bank Account" Looks Like?

There was a time when everyone (who was anyone) wanted a Swiss bank account, as much as an offshore cash parking vehicle as for its hushed prestige, whispered to a select few during Hamptons' cocktail parties. Those days are now gone, with the last remaining anonymous offshore private banking bastion left being Singapore, if even that. Show More Summary

Tax Evasion Closes Oldest Swiss Bank

Switzerland's oldest bank is to close after pleading guilty to helping some of the U.S.'s richest people evade paying taxes on at least $1.2 billion which was hidden in secret offshore accounts. Wegelin, which started business 35 years...Show More Summary

The 'Lagarde List' Is Back, And Things Could Get Really Explosive In Greece Again

Remember Greece? The infamous "Lagarde List" saga has the potential to drag it back into the spotlight tomorrow. The original list – which reportedly contains the names of around 2000 Greeks with bank accounts at the Swiss branch ofShow More Summary

9 Year-End Tax Tips for Non-Millionaires

If you're a millionaire, lowering your taxes can be complicated, involving shelters in the Cayman Islands, Swiss bank accounts, fancy trusts, and other strategies -- some of which are only arguably legal. But for the rest of us who are...Show More Summary

Mother Of Former Greek PM Papandreou Linked To $714 Million Swiss Bank Account

The so-called "Lagarde List" is causing trouble in Greece again, with new reports linking it to the very top levels of political society. On Sunday two Greek weekly magazines, To Vima and Proto Thema, reported that Margarita Papandreou,...Show More Summary

Former Greek PM G-Pap's 89 Year Old Mother Said To Have $700 Million In Swiss Bank Account

There was a time when Swiss bank secrecy was the passion of every tax-challenged oligarch in the world. Then things changed, Obama made it s badge of honor to rat out anyone you know who has a bank account in Zurich or Geneva, listsShow More Summary

Undisclosed Foreign Bank Accounts? They’re Even More Explosive Now

In 2008, paid $700 million to the IRS and upended Swiss banking forever by handing over Americans. Many other banks have followed suit, some quietly, some not. IRS amnesty programs in 2009, 2011 and today have offered a limited form of relief. But generally, Americans caught in this pickle have had no choice. Disclosure and [...]

The Greeks

3 years agoArts : Lie Like Truth

My head was full of thoughts about Costas Vaxevanis, the journalist who was arrested and put on trial by the Greek authorities a few days ago for publishing a list of wealthy Swiss bank account holders / tax evaders in his country, when...Show More Summary

Greek Journalist Who Outed Swiss Bank Account Holders Is Acquitted

Athens, Greece – Kostas Vaxevanis, the Greek journalist who was charged with violating data protection law when he published the names of over 2,000 Greeks with Swiss bank accounts, has been acquitted of all criminal charges. Vaxevanis, the editor of the magazine Hot Doc, was arrested on Sunday, a day after publishing the “Lagarde list.” [...]Show More Summary

Greek journalist on trial over 'Lagarde list'

Veteran editor Costas Vaxevanis in court after publishing names of 2,000 Swiss bank account holders.

Global Banking: Are UBS’s Massive Lay-Offs a Good Thing?

In 2009, when UBS paid the U.S. government $780 million in penalties for helping wealthy Americans hide money in offshore accounts, the Swiss joked that the acronym of the country’s largest bank stood for “United Bandits of Switzerland” (it actually means United Bank of Switzerland). Show More Summary

The Greek Editor Who Published The 'Lagarde List' Speaks Out Against 'The Exclusive, Corrupt Club Of Power'

The status of Kostas Vaxevanis, the editor who this weekend published the "Lagarde List" of Greek citizens allegedly holding Swiss bank accounts, remains unclear after his arrest several days ago. But he appears to have readied an op-ed explaining his actions, and yesterday, his essay was published by The Guardian. Show More Summary

Press freedom is under threat in Greece and the EU doesn’t seem to care

The silence from Brussels is deafening. In Athens a Greek newspaper editor, Costas Vaxevanis, faces imprisonment for printing a list of prominent Greeks who have squirrelled away their fortunes in Swiss bank accounts to evade taxes. He could spend two years in prison if convicted. This assault on the freedom of the press exposes the [...]

The Controversial 'Lagarde List' Was Leaked In Greece, And You Won't Believe Who Got Arrested

This weekend it was reported that the controversial "Lagarde List" was published in a Greek magazine. The list of Greek citizens with Swiss bank accounts is so named because Christine Lagarde gave it to the former PM of Greece bak in 2010. Show More Summary

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