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Credit Suisse Profits Plunge And Miss Expectations, Management Cranks Up Cost Cuts (CS)

Oct. 25 (Bloomberg) -- Credit Suisse Group AG, the second- biggest Swiss bank, increased a target for cost reductions after posting a drop in third-quarter profit that exceeded analysts’ estimates on an accounting charge related to its own debt. Show More Summary

WaPo: Racism in Obama TV Ad?

The Obama campaign has released a new ad criticizing Mitt Romney for having a Swiss bank account and wanting to keep tax breaks for corporations that offshore jobs.  The commercial's most devastating line: Romney once railed against the deadly pollution [...]

Is The Money-Laundering Driven Real Estate "Boom" Ending?

One by one all the money-laundering loopholes in a broke world are coming to an end. First it was Swiss bank accounts, which for centuries guaranteed the depositors absolute secrecy, and as a result saw money inflows from all the wealthiest...Show More Summary

Did Romney close his Swiss account to evade prosecution?

As I mentioned the other day, there are so many unanswered questions about Mitt Romney's taxes. One issue that is increasingly being asked is whether Mitt Romney closed his Swiss bank account at UBS to avoid serious prosecution for avoiding...Show More Summary

Graham: It's about your bank account, not Romney's Swiss account

(CNN) – It was a rough week for Mitt Romney's campaign, but Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham says last week's bumps in the road will not be a focus for voters come Election Day. Romney began the week defending his comments that were secretly recorded at an event last spring, and ended it facing renewed questions [...]

Swiss miss

I hadn’t thought of this before, but why on earth did Romney keep the Swiss bank account? “Put any three consultants of either party in a room six years ago and you can’t tell me they wouldn’t have told him: Get rid of the Swiss bank account,” Trippi said. “He just seems impervious to what [...]

Former UBS Banker Awarded $104 million by IRS

Bradley C. Birkenfeld, the infamous ex-UBS banker who blew the whistle on his former employer’s practice of helping wealthy Americans evade taxes by hiding taxable assets in Swiss bank accounts, has been awarded the highest ever whistleblower reward of $104 million. Show More Summary

Another Lie… Wasserman Schultz Says She’s ‘Middle Class’ But Has Second Home in New Hampshire, Drives Luxury Cars

Living Large – Taking Charge… DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz likes to say she’s just your average ‘middle class’ American. She likes to rip on those evil rich people with their Swiss bank accounts. She likes to rip on “secretive” … Continue reading ?

Jailed UBS Employee Gets $104 Million From IRS For Exposing Swiss Bank Account Holders

Just in case there wasn't enough excitement and fury directed at Swiss bank account holders, which continue to dominate the presidential election "debate" above such mundane topics as the economy, or, say, reality, here comes the IRS,...Show More Summary

Democrats and Swiss Bank Hypocrisy

If Mitt Romney's old Swiss bank accounts are a bad thing, maybe Obama shouldn't hire a bunch of people intimately involved with them.

DNC star: Swiss bank accounts

Here’s Maryland Gov. Martin O”Malley:”Swiss bank accounts never built an American bridge. Swiss bank accounts dont put cops on the beat or teachers in our classrooms. Swiss bank accounts never created American jobs!” Read full article >>

Calvados: Wish You Were Here: La Suisse Normande, France

3 years agoLifestyle / Travel : Jaunted

Bonjour from the banks of the river Orne, in the area of Normandy called "La Suisse Normande"?Swiss Normandy?on account of the hills, where autumn is setting in. This is World War II, Band of Brothers country, and unusually for France...Show More Summary

Criminal Tax Case Involving Offshore Bank Accounts Leads to Lawsuit Against U.S. Billionaire

When American billionaire Igor Olenicoff opened his offshore bank account with Swiss bank UBS, AG he was allegedly told he did not have to file Form TD F 90-22.1, or Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts Report, more commonly known as an FBAR, or pay taxes on the $180 million he held at the institution. Show More Summary

Credit Suisse denies Swiss banks helping Germans dodge tax pact

``The allegations have made it more difficult for Germany and Switzerland to finalize a proposed deal that would leave German account holders anonymous but under which the Swiss government would impose a retroactive withholding tax and would tax future interest income on the accounts. Show More Summary

Offshore Bank Account Whistleblower Released from Prison

Former Swiss banker Bradley Birkenfeld has been released from prison where he had served 30 months of his 40-month sentence for his work at UBS, AG helping clients hide their offshore bank accounts. Mr. Birkenfeld exposed the Swiss bank as a facilitator for U.S. Show More Summary

Nice work

GUESSING at the supposed—and secret—personal wealth of President Vladimir Putin is a favourite pastime for Russia-watchers, with much talk (and few facts) about opaque beneficiary companies, Swiss bank accounts, and intermediary oligarchs. Show More Summary

Why Switzerland is Not Amused by Miss Swiss Bank Account (a.k.a. Romney Girl)

The country is chagrined that it continues to be thought of as the hideaway for ill-gotten gains. Why don’t Americans pick on Delaware?

Did Romney avoid taxes with Swiss bank accounts and Cayman investments?

(Relevant segment begins at 8:35 mark) “First of all, there was no reduction, not one dollar of reduction in taxes, by virtue of having an account in Switzerland or a Cayman Islands investment. Those — the dollars of taxes remained exactly the same. Show More Summary

More bullshit from the flip-flopper

By Comrade Misfit To wit: Mitt Romney said Sunday that he gained no tax benefits by investing part of his fortune in funds based in the Cayman Islands and other overseas jurisdictions, or using a Swiss bank account, saying PresidentShow More Summary

Tax Problem for Romney

Republican Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney could find himself in a whole lot of trouble if he fully makes public his tax returns over the years. Mr. Romney has already admitted to having a Swiss bank account and while it is perfectly...Show More Summary

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