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Ted Cruz believes in nothing: The fundamentalist charlatan craves power above all else

Cruz wants his followers to believe his campaign is divinely inspired. Jonathan Swift warned us about men like him

How ‘Pssy’ Got Its Very Rude Power

3 hours agoNews : The Daily Beast

Scaredy-cat or womens body part: the p-word, as voiced by Donald Trump against Ted Cruz, has a colorful history.

Donald Trump's Support Had Almost Nothing To Do With Ideology

4 hours agoNews : Huffington Post

Donald Trump's win in the New Hampshire GOP primary Tuesday night highlights a peculiarity of his support: His base is all over the map. Although Iowa's winner, Ted Cruz, found success by appealing disproportionately to the state's most conservative voters, Trump's support shows  no regard for ideological lines. Show More Summary

New Hampshire Was A Very Good Night For Ted Cruz

5 hours agoNews : Huffington Post

MANCHESTER, N.H -- If Marco Rubio won the Iowa caucus by finishing third last week, Ted Cruz just won New Hampshire. Cruz (R-Texas), the actual winner of the Iowa Republican caucus, finished behind life-sized Chucky impersonator Donald Trump and Ohio Gov. Show More Summary

The View Weighs in on Pssy-Gate: ‘The More I See Him, the Less I Want to See Him as President’

11 hours agoNews : Mediaite

Not since Josie and her band took a rocket ride has the word "pussy" gotten this much play, but Donald Trump's giddy invocation of the term to insult Ted Cruz hasn't really been examined until it gets probed by the ladies of The Vie...

‘He Can’t Handle Losing Very Well’: Cruz Responds to Trump’s Pssy Insult

11 hours agoNews : Mediaite

During his primary campaigning today in New Hampshire, Ted Cruz was asked to respond to Donald Trump's very indirect way of calling him a "pussy."

Trump Defends Repeating Cruz ‘Pssy’ Attack: It Was Like a Verbal Retweet

12 hours agoNews : Mediaite

Just when you wonder how "pussygate" could possibly get any weirder, Donald Trump gave a rather interesting defense of his attack on Ted Cruz this morning on Fox.

Ted Cruz Getting National Security Advice From An Art Historian?

Senator Ted Cruz is a presidential candidate without any national security experience, he’s not the first of course, presidential candidates who lack experience in one area typically surround themselves with advisers who fill out the gaps, usually with people who are experts in their respective fields. Show More Summary

SEE IT: Protesters perform exorcism on Ted Cruz at rally

13 hours agoNews : NY Daily News

Some Ted Cruz critics think he’s the devil — but the Texas senator says liberals are the true heathens.

Trump says he was only repeating that Cruz is a 'pussy'

14 hours agoNews : NY Daily News

Donald Trump swears that he only called Ted Cruz “a pussy” as a public service to his supporters.

Did Donald Trump call Ted Cruz a [RUDE WORD]?

15 hours agoNews : ComPost

MANCHESTER, N.H. — Did Donald Trump call Ted Cruz a “pussy” at a rally Monday night? That depends. Is a retweet an endorsement? What Trump did do, in front of a crowd of thousands at the Verizon Wireless Arena, was repeat what a supporter had shouted, in response to Cruz’s debate answer on waterboarding. “She […]

Ted Cruz’s Victorian ideals: Cruz using draft issue to signal he’s the most anti-woman candidate in the race

Ted Cruz is for forced childbirth but opposed to drafting women. The common theme is keeping women in the home

OK, Yeah, Donald Trump Referred to Ted Cruz as a "Pussy" Yesterday

17 hours agoNews : Slate: The Slatest

The idea that Donald Trump will reverse the "pussification" of America has been one commonly repeated by his supporters during the presidential campaign. Last night at a rally in Manchester, New Hampshire, Trump made this theme literally...Show More Summary

Ted Cruz Takes On The Ethanol Lobby: New at Reason

17 hours agoNews : Reason

No candidate, Republican or Democrat, had to date attacked Iowa’s beloved ethanol subsidies and lived to tell thetale. The two biggest subsidy boosters in living memory are arguably President Obama and Donald Trump. But Ted Cruz treaded...Show More Summary

“He’s possessed by a demon!”: Retching hecklers attempt to perform an exorcism on Ted Cruz

Cruz laughs off the campaign interruption by joking that the protestors were sent by Bernie Sanders

Hecklers Tried To Perform An Exorcism On Ted Cruz In New Hampshire

23 hours agoNews : Huffington Post

Two hecklers tried to perform an exorcism on Texas Sen. Ted Cruz during a campaign stop in Raymond, New Hampshire, on Monday. "Ted Cruz, look in the mirror and let the evil spirit leave, leave your power-hungry demonic soul," one ofShow More Summary

Cruz Abandons Jesus (In New Hampshire)

Ted Cruz holy rolled his way into an Iowa victory. In New Hampshirewhere few where their faith on their sleevenot so much.

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