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Ted Cruz and the Politics of Faith and Fear

48 minutes agoNews / Independent News : AlterNet

These people are, in a word, afraid. And their candidates have mastered the exploitation of their fears. American politics is not easy for believers. “This is a forum where our candidates can share their faith and testimony and not feel ostracized. Show More Summary

Brit Hume: ‘Hypocrite’ Cruz Attacks McConnell But Refuses to Badmouth Trump

16 hours agoNews : Mediaite

Fox News' Brit Hume called out Ted Cruz as an "obvious hypocrite" tonight for attacking Mitch McConnell while refusing to say a bad word about Donald Trump.

Cruz’s GOP Colleagues Scold Him for Accusing McConnell of Lying

20 hours agoNews : Mediaite

A few of Ted Cruz's Republican colleagues in the Senate have already rebuked him for saying last week that leader Mitch McConnell lied about not making a deal for a vote to renew the Export-Import Bank.

Ted Cruz and Mike Lee go nuclear: The right’s new Obamacare repeal hardball

Conservative senators are already thinking about chipping away at rules to eliminate the scourge of healthcare

Ted Cruz and the politics of faith and fear: How the GOP mastered the art of exploiting scared Christians

23 hours agoNews : The Raw Story

Originally published at The Washington Spectator American politics is not easy for believers. “This is a forum where our candidates can share their faith and testimony and not feel ostracized. Except maybe by the press,” Mary Frances Forrester told me. “Here, we can ask questions and candidates can...

Obama chides 2016 candidates for 'ridiculous,' 'sad' remarks

yesterdayNews : The Newsroom

ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia (AP) — Insisting that Americans deserve better, President Barack Obama chided Republicans Mike Huckabee, Donald Trump and Ted Cruz on Monday for a series of campaign-trail attacks that he said would be "ridiculous if it weren't so sad."

Mitch McConnell and GOP leadership humiliate Ted Cruz on the Senate floor

Other junior senators wanting to grandstand on issues relevant to their presidential campaigns should take note

Top Stories: Obama In Ethiopia, Whitney Houston's Daughter Dies

yesterdayNews : The Two-Way

Also: Republican Senate leaders rebuke Texas Sen. Ted Cruz; the Boy Scouts hold a meeting to discuss gay adult leaders; and China's main stock market plunges 8% in today's trading.

Senate GOP Leaders Want To Put Ted Cruz In A Time Out

WASHINGTON -- Senate Republican leaders spent a rare Sunday session scolding Ted Cruz. The leaders wagged their fingers at the younger senator, accusing him of using his pedestal in the upper chamber to "pursue personal ambitions." Cruz,...Show More Summary

Bernie Sanders vs. Ted Cruz debate — it could happen on the floor of the Senate

yesterdayNews : The Raw Story

Bernie Sanders could participate in a one-on-one, leftwing versus right debate with Ted Cruz during the presidential primary, without violating restrictive rules set by the Democratic and Republican national committees. The two senators would just have to face off at their workplace, the US...

Guess Which Billionaire Brothers Are Funding Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz’ super PAC just received $15 million from a pair of billionaire brothers, but it might not be the duo you first thought. The Wilks, Farris and Dan, who keep a lower profile than the politically influential Koch brothers, are the new donors. Show More Summary

Fracking Industry Billionaires Give Record $15 Million To Ted Cruz's Super PAC

Citizens United strikes again. Thanks to the Citizens United decision at the Supreme Court, the ultra-rich and corporations are essentially freed up to give unlimited amounts of money to organizations called Super Political Action Committees...Show More Summary

Ted Cruz Exploits Americans Trapped In Iran To Score Political Points Against Obama

3 days agoNews : Huffington Post

WASHINGTON -- Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) on Thursday used the plight of four Americans trapped in Iran to launch a political attack on the Obama administration for its efforts to negotiate a limit to Iran's nuclear program. But in doing so, the senator and presidential candidate did more than reduce the captives' suffering to political grandstanding. Show More Summary

Ted Cruz Attacks His Own Party Leader, Calls Mitch McConnell A Liar

Politicians are notorious for accusing each other of lying and cheating, but it’s rare that a Senator attacks someone from his or her own party–especially the majority leader. But that’s exactly what Presidential candidate Ted Cruz did to Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell on the floor of the Senate this Friday. Show More Summary

HUFFPOST HILL - Donald Trump: I'm A Loser

3 days agoNews : Huffington Post

Ted Cruz called an upcoming vote to repeal Obamacare "meaningless political theater" -- making it totally different from that time he shut down the federal government in a failed attempt to repeal Obamacare, because that actually resulted in $24 billion worth of economic losses. Show More Summary

GOP Candidates Are Frothing With Islamophobia — Will Any Major Democrats Stand Up Against It?

Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio are using code words and collaborating with some of the biggest fearmongers and not paying a price. Cultural wedge issues have long been a feature of presidential campaigns, where Republicans in particular capitalize on the fears some have of the Other.  In 2012, the Republicans gravitated toward a new target: Muslims. Show More Summary

Watch Out, Trump: Ted Cruz Unleashes Blistering Attack on the Senate Floor

Presidential contender Ted Cruz on Friday unleashed a blistering broadside on his own party leader, accusing Majority Leader Mitch McConnell of “flat-out” lying and saying that the Senate under his control has been no better than it was under his Democratic predecessor, Harry Reid. Show More Summary

Cruz Shreds McConnell on Senate Floor: ‘Flat-Out Lied,’ No Better Than Harry Reid

3 days agoNews : Mediaite

Ted Cruz took to the Senate floor this morning to call out Mitch McConnell for straight-up lying to his own party on the Export-Import bank.

Mitch McConnell's Move Leaves Ted Cruz Out In The Hallway

3 days agoNews : Huffington Post

WASHINGTON -- Senior lawmakers and staff from the House and Senate armed services committees are hammering away on the National Defense Authorization Act, the annual bill that keeps the military up and running. But there are fewer chairs at the negotiating table this time. Show More Summary

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