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WildStar & ESO: 2014 AAA MMOGs with Big News Today

One bit of news is official, the other is unofficial and certainly rumor. We’ll go with the rumor from an unsubstantiated source first and that is this; The Elder Scrolls Online is no longer investigating a free-to-play transition, but fully preparing to make the business model change. Reports from retail sources across the globe are [&hellip

QuakeCon 2014: The Future of The Elder Scrolls Online (Screenshots)

QuakeCon 2014 presented an interesting opportunity for The Elder Scrolls Online. Unlike E3 after launch, the convention in Dallas, Texas gave ZeniMax Online, a sister company to the hosting id Software, an ideal venue to discuss the operations of its AAA MMORPG since launch. The panel, dubbed affectionately as The Future of The Elder Scrolls [&hellip

The Elder Scrolls OnlineThe Siege Cinematic Trailer

ZeniMax Online’s freshman entry and a universe everyone has been clamoring to play in with other is finally upon the greater gaming culture. Gaze at the glory of The Elder Scrolls Online opening cinematic above

Elder Scrolls Cinematic Released, CE Details Leaked (Confirmed)

For those of you eagerly anticipating the release of ZeniMax Online freshman entry, Elder Scrolls Online, it’s a good today. Today, the 29th day of January, contains a pair of major development. First, the official release of the cinematic trailer for the subscription-based MMORPG. The clip kicks off with some familiar material, including the three

Elder Scrolls Online PvE & Voice-over Actors Revealed

ZeniMax Online, the in-house Bethesda Softworks developer in charge of Elder Scrolls Online, is hitting its marketing groove. The company dumped a pair of new trailers on us this week to showcase the upcoming and newly-rated Mature MMORPG. The first video focuses on my personal favorite aspect of these online universes, group PvE content. The

The Elder Scrolls Online Release Date

What’s better than playing and Elder Scrolls game? Playing it with friends! We can finally get our hands on this for PC and Mac on April 4th, 2014, with a Playstation 4 and Xbox One launch to follow in June. Game launches are always so exciting! As an added bonus, ZeniMax has released a new

QuakeCon 2013: The Elder Scrolls Livestream (Video)

Coming soon to a screen near you will be new, uncut footage of The Elder Scrolls Online. That’s should  you chose to watch it, of course. While Lore Hound isn’t attending QuakeCon 2013 in the flesh, we’ll be joining the festivities as best we can remotely. And with the help of the increasing popularity of

E3 2013: The Elder Scrolls Online Heading to PS4/Xbox One (Video)

Bethesda Softworks hit gamers with an announcement not nearly as surprising as the Red Wedding. As part of its E3 announcements, Bethesda revealed that its upcoming ‘more like a multiplayer The Elder Scrolls’ RPG is heading to the next-gen consoles in addition to the already-announced PC and Mac clients. The title will be available for

Put Your Peepers on The First 20 Minutes of The Elder Scrolls Online

Our exclusive interview on The Elder Scrolls Online not deliver enough details on the highly-anticipated core MMORPG coming from ZeniMax Online for you? Well, the folks at The Escapist tracked down the first twenty minutes of leaked gameplay. The footage kicks off at the character creation screen that offers a wide range of customization options.

Exclusive Interview: The Elder Scrolls Online Lore – Combat, Endgame & the Holy Trinity

The announcement of The Elder Scrolls Online was a disparaging one. Some fans salivated, barely containing their excitement at taking the open-world single-player adventure to the massive multiplayer realm. Others felt it was a cash in, using the name and universe to create a watered down experience. Either way, the new was huge. ZeniMax Online

The Elder Scrolls Online Details Combat, Progression & “Synergies”

One of my friends absolutely hates the word “synergy.” To him, the only time it’s acceptable to use such a phrase when relating to business is sarcastically. To make fun of those that drop the business buzzword as an actual helpful phrase. His resolve is so steely that he burst out laughing when someone did

The Elder Scrolls Online Dishes Deets on Combat

In the latest Ask Us Anything, ZeniMax Online’s own version of a Reddit AMA, the company focuses on answering questions for one core facet of The Elder Scrolls Online; combat. The Elder Scrolls universe is rife with it, but exactly how it’ll work, how fast the gameplay will be and how important it will be

The Elder Scrolls Online Beta Sign-ups, New Trailer Live

First things first. You can sign-up for a shot at The Elder Scrolls Online beta access here. ZeniMax Online points out that the more optional information you’re willing to provide, the higher the chance you have at gaining beta access. Methinks being older and of the female persuasion may provide additional roll bonuses, but that’s

Thank you Zenimax for letting me know Elder Scrolls Online will suck

I’d just like to take the time to thank the developers and PR team behind Elder Scrolls Online for letting me know ahead of time that The Elder Scrolls MMO will be horrible and that I need not waste my time nor get my hopes up. It seems Zenimax is taking a page out of

Elder Scrolls Online Details & Images Leaked

It didn’t take long for images and screenshots of the recently announced The Elder Scrolls Online to be leaked onto the internet. Game Informer, which is featuring the game in its June issue, has had its images scanned onto the web and is now been appearing on various gaming sites. Along with images, details are

Elder Scrolls Fans Grumble at MMO Announcment…Really?

Yesterday ZeniMax announced that the many rumors of an Elder Scroll’s MMO were true and officially announced Elder Scrolls Online, only to be met with fan backlash. The main reason being that fans believe that Bethesda will be less likely to release another single-player Elder Scroll game, since they do not want to compete with themselves. While Bethesda

Elder Scrolls Online Announcement Trailer Released

Today ZeniMax released the official announcement trailer for Elder Scrolls Online, which was announced yesterday. The trailer is very short and shows no gameplay footage or reveals any details about the game, but it’s still worth checking out. Below you can find the Elder Scrolls Online teaser trailer. Enjoy

The Elder Scrolls Online to be Revealed in June Game Informer

Game Informer recently announced that their June issue will feature The Elder Scrolls Online. The game will feature all of Tamriel, including Skyrim and Elsweyr. A trailer for the game will debut tomorrow morning (May 4th). Set 1,000 before Skyrim, players will join one of three factions and fight in an open world environment for the region

Elder Scrolls MMO being announced in May?

According to an industry insider, Bethesda and ZeniMax Online Studios are currently developing a MMORPG based on the Elder Scroll series, which will be announced in May of 2012. The source also stated that the MMO will take place a millennium before Skyrim, during the Second Era, which is a few hundred years before any of

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