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The Elder Scrolls Online rebrands, drops subscription fee

Bethesda Softworks' massively multiplayer online (MMO) game The Elder Scrolls will be dropping its pay-to-play subscription fee starting in March, according to a new announcement. It's being rebranded as The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited. Show More Summary

The Elder Scrolls Online outlines the details of Collections

So you have a whole lot of stuff in The Elder Scrolls Online. That's great. How are you going to organize it all? With a house? Don't be ridiculous; what you need is the new Collections feature going live in the game's next major update. Show More Summary

It's time to pilfer Elder Scrolls NPCs' pockets on the PTS

Ready to kill and steal your way through Elder Scrolls Online's NPC population? You can thanks to Update 6's recent appearance on the public test server. The justice system is a big part of the patch, but so is the champion system which...Show More Summary

Elder Scrolls Online Goes Sans Subscription Fee For Consoles - Podcast Beyond

The crew of Beyond weighs in on whether or not the presence of a subscription fee impacts gamers' choice to play the tepidly received MMORPG.

The Daily Grind: What's the ideal guild size in an MMO?

Last week, a Massively commenter mentioned that he was in a 700-person guild in The Elder Scrolls Online. Yep, you read that number right! He inspired an impromptu discussion about the problems inherent in a guild of that size, suchShow More Summary

Elder Scrolls Online Justice System Lets Players Become Murderers And Thieves

Elder Scrolls Online will be receiving the long-awaited Justice System in Update 6. The Justice System allows players to pursue a life of crime.Click To Continue Reading

Here's how to steal from NPCs in Elder Scrolls Online

"Justice is coming to Tamriel," according to ZeniMax's latest website notice. It's probably more accurate to say that criminality is coming to Tamriel, though. More specifically, Elder Scrolls Online's upcoming Update 6 features theShow More Summary

The Elder Scrolls Online answers player questions on its buy-to-play model

Even if you were among the many players predicting a business model shift for The Elder Scrolls Online, a change in business models can be kind of disturbing. Suddenly the game doesn't behave according to all of the same rules you've been familiar with since launch. Show More Summary

Elder Scrolls Online Targeting 1080p, 30fps For Consoles

If you've been keeping track of Elder Scrolls Online you might remember that the game was delayed for the Xbox One and PS4. The delay has allowed Zenimax Online, a subsidiary of Zenimax, to focus on cleaning the game up for home consoles and optimizing the specs for the highest performance afforded for the eighth-gen machines. Click To Continue Reading

This Week in PlayStation: The Handsome Edition

Tons of big news this week! The Order has gone gold, Borderlands 2 & the Pre-Sequel are coming to PS4, Plex is now available on PS4 & PS3, Powers premieres March 10th, The Elder Scrolls Online launches on PS4 June 9th, FFXIV Patch 2.5 is now live, and more.

Epic Elder Scrolls Online Cinematic Trailer Announces End of Monthly Fees + PS4 and Xbox One Release Date

Looks like Bethesda is finally removing the monthly subscription fee on their Elder Scrolls Online game and will be releasing it for the PS4 and Xbox One as well! Beginning June 9th, you can join your friends on Xbox One and PlayStation...Show More Summary

Game Scoop! 329: Handsome Collection

This week we're discussing the latest Borderlands news, Elder Scrolls Online, and free-to-play Evolve.

The Elder Scrolls Online’ Cinematic Trailer ‘The Confrontation’ Announces End to Monthly Fees & Console Release Date

3 months agoHumor : Laughing Squid

Bethesda Softworks released their final cinematic trailer (previously), “The Confrontation“, for their massively multiplayer online game The Elder Scrolls Online. At the end of the trailer, Bethesda announces that they will be dropping the monthly subscription fees to play and a release date for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles on June 9, 2015. […]

The Think Tank: Analyzing Elder Scrolls Online's B2P model

Yesterday's reveal that The Elder Scrolls Online will go buy-to-play in March has prompted much speculation about the nature of the cash shop, the ethics of the switchover, the continued viability of the game, and the quality, cost, and frequency of the promised DLC. Show More Summary

Here's a 23-minute Elder Scrolls Online 'supercut' CG trailer

ZeniMax has released a 23-minute "supercut" of its Elder Scrolls Online trailer series. The firm says that the CG production was "over a year in the making," and the final bit -- dubbed The Confrontation -- brings the battle for Imperial City to an end and reveals "a new and horrific threat to Tamriel." Click past the cut to have a look. Show More Summary

Why ‘Elder Scrolls Online’ May Be A Hit On Consoles

News broke yesterday that The Elder Scrolls Online is losing its mandatory subscription model. This was expected by anyone who had watched the evolution of the MMO space over the past decade or so, and we at Forbes even had an office pool as to when this would happen. I wrongly predicted two months ago, […]

The Daily Grind: Will you play Elder Scrolls Online once it's B2P?

Yesterday's news that The Elder Scrolls Online is going buy-to-play in time for its console launch surprised... well, not many of Massively's readers. You pretty much saw it coming. Some folks around here said this move was a certainty even before launch and consequently refused to buy it, deciding that patience would pay off. Show More Summary

Microsoft Shows Off Windows 10, HoloLens, Cortana On PC & More… [Tech News Digest]

Microsoft reveals the future, with Windows 10, HoloLens, Cortana, and Spartan, BlackBerry wants app neutrality, Twitter launches While You Were Away, The Elder Scrolls Online is set free, and LittleBigPlanet does Game Of Thrones. Microsoft Reveals The Future Microsoft has revealed a host of details regarding its plans for the future. Show More Summary

Elder Scrolls Online dated for consoles, dropping subscription requirement

3 months agoEntertainment / Video Games : CVG

Hits PS4 and Xbox One in June, will be free-to-play on PC and Mac in March. Bethesda has announced a release date for the console versions of The Elder Scrolls Online, alongside plans to drop the game's subscription requirement on all platforms. Click here to read the full article

Elder Scrolls Online gets rid of monthly fees

3 months agoTechnology / Apple : Apple Tell

There's more than one way to accept your money. The post Elder Scrolls Online gets rid of monthly fees appeared first on AppleTell.

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