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Another Data Point To Ignore: Dividend Cuts Have Surpassed 2008

Being "paid to wait" in high-yielding stocks last year was a death by 394 cuts. As Bloomberg reports, the number of dividend reductions far surpassed 2008, almost 100 more than at the outset of the Great Recession - a time when the implosion of Lehman caused equity markets to plummet in the later stages of the third quarter. Show More Summary

10 Great Social Media Content Resources

Brands that create great content will enjoy benefits like increased brand awareness, an improved brand perception, audience growth, and an increase in leads for their sales department. Developing the kind of social media content that can make that happen is challenging. Show More Summary

Dead-Cat-Bounce Saves Stocks From Bankmageddon

Are the "fiction peddlers" winning? Since the "great" jobs report, stocks are tanking, the dollar has roundtripped, and bonds & bullion are surging... On the day, Nasdaq was the worst with FANGs FUBAR. Note that Stocks bounced off the...Show More Summary

The Super Bowl is a Platform -- the Rest is Pipes and Content

10:30 p.m. New York time, February 7, 2016. The Super Bowl just ended -- the Broncos upset the favored Panthers, in what was for some an exciting game (for me, anyways). I ate way too much -- way, way too much, had a great time withShow More Summary

The 5 Paths To Greatness: Which One Are You Called To?

A great organization or a great community is one in which five different roles are played with maximum commitment and relish. And only when people understand the less visible roles are just as powerful and meaningful as the visible, glamorous ones, the community reaches its full potential—and each member of it achieves her own distinct kind of greatness.

A New Approach To Food Marketing Came to The Super Bowl, And It's Great

The reviews of the Super Bowl, its Pepsi halftime show and even its commercials have not been very complimentary – however there is one standout that the food world, and all its advertising, PR, social media and marketing folks need to pay attention to. And while I loved the Heinz [...]

Industrial Relics, Abandoned Factories are Focus of Australian Photographer

Behind the Lens looks at architectural photographers both professional and amateur, examining how they got their start, stories from their portfolios, and tricks to capturing great design. Have a lensman in mind? Send links to portfolios (no photo files) to...

Why You Shouldn't Pay Taxes With a Credit Card

Getty By Matt Schulz Rewards junkies are always looking for a way to pile up more miles or points without getting on an airplane. The good news is that there are plenty of great ways to do that. Applying for a credit card with a big sign-up bonus is maybe the best example, but is hardly the only way. Show More Summary

Apple takes its eye off the ball: Why Apple fans are really coming to hate Apple software

There always have been two great virtues in Apple's policy of keeping the development of hardware and core software in-house: their seamless integration with each other, and their quality. Lately, however, these virtues have started to disappear. The last few weeks have seen an explosion of discontent...

This Designer's Minimalist Year of the Monkey Poster Looks a Lot Like ... Something Else

Minimalist design is great when it works, but sometimes the results can leave themselves wide open for interpretation. In the case of San Francisco designer Lehu Zhang, a quickly assembled poster idea for the Chinese zodiak's Year of the Monkey (which begins today) ended up looking more than a bit like something more raunchy. Show More Summary

Chipotle will shut down all its stores today and rivals are rubbing salsa in the wound

The great Chipotle shutdown of 2016 is officially under way. Chipotle will be shutting down all of its stores across the U.S. on Monday throughout the entire lunch rush to hold a company-wide meeting about its recent E.coli crisis and...Show More Summary

Whitestone is changing the future of music, giving artists a chance to create an experience

The creators of Whitestone see a great opportunity to “bring back album art and create rich online experiences that are auditory, visual, and interactive.” Follow The American Genius on Facebook for exclusive & breaking business stories Get more Business News at The American Genius

The Market Slide Doesn't Mean A Recession, But It Creates Good Value Plays, Like These 3

The stock market downturn spooks many into thinking that a recession is imminent. It isn't. But the market slide has created some great value plays. Here are three of them.

The Leaders Who Mistake Debate For Treachery

Where leaders lead, others follow right? Surely that’s what makes a great leader –the courage, determination and skill to lead liberated teams into the promised land through the sheer force of their personality, will and argument. The trouble comes when bosses decide that, in return for displaying such inspiring leadership, they [...]

New England Patriots Wide Receiver Julian Edelman on Playing with Tom Brady -- and Style

Like all great pro-athlete breakthroughs, Julian Edelman embraced the drive and determination to carry out his goals. What Edelman has achieved by entering into new territory from college quarterback to New England Patriots wide receiver, has enabled him to expand as a player while focusing on details of the teams [...]

Altruism, No Regard for Some Others, or Belief in the Tooth Fairy

(February 7, 2016 05:55 PM, by David Henderson) I gave a talk yesterday at a Fraser Institute event in Toronto. The luncheon speaker, neuro-economist Paul Zak, did a great job talking about oxytocin and its role in our systems. He started out beautifully, contrasting Thomas Hobbes's view of... (2 COMMENTS)

Weekly Wrap-Up: Reliance Jio Grofers Tie-up, Amazon Now, Patanjali Brand Rise & More…

It’s Monday morning and before we move forward it is time to do a quick wrap-up of the posts published on If you were offline for any reason, this is a great way to catch up with all the tech buzz! Central Govt. has sent a draft...Show More Summary

Steve Keen Exposes Our Dysfunctional Monetary System

Authored by Steve Keen, originally posted at, The great tragedy of the global economic malaise is that it is caused by a shortage of something that is essentially costless to produce: money. Both banks and governments can produce money at physically trivial costs. Show More Summary

Investment Grade Bonds Are A Great Opportunity

The recent spread widening between Investment Grade bonds and the U.S. Treasury curve has been significant and may present a compelling buying opportunity for high quality IG bonds. Year to date, U.S. corporate bonds rated AA have compiled a total return of 1.13% while those rated BBB have returned -0.22%. [...]

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