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A Leadership Challenge: Close the 'Saying-Doing' Gap

Great leadership first requires knowing what to do and how to do it really well.

'The Great Recession and its Aftermath: What Role Do Structural Changes Play?'

Jesse Rothstein at the WCEG: The Great Recession and its aftermath: What role do structural changes play?: Overview The last seven years have been disastrous for many workers, particularly for lower-wage workers with little education or formal training, but also...

8 Go-To Icebreaker Questions for Your Next Networking Event

These eight icebreakers will help you take your networking game to the next level (and hopefully, leave with a few really great contacts).

The 3 Qualities LinkedIn's CEO Looks for in a Great Leader

Jeff Weiner, who has the highest ratings of any CEO on Glassdoor, weighs in on what it takes to inspire employees.

Great Wall of China Disappearing, Which Is Great News for Nomadic Raiders

Big news for the nomadic raiders who have been waiting patiently to invade China since the Great Wall was construction in 300 B.C. The Great Wall of China Society reports that 30 percent of the original structure is gone...

It .sucks to Get Sucked into This New Domain

Summary: The Internet has brought us many great PR opportunities, but also many challenges. A recent one is the advent of the new, "forcing" brands and celebrities to purchase the domains to protect their brands against the obvious. Mark Zuckerberg, for one, has registered no less than domain names...

How to Pay Off Your Mortgage Balance Faster Without Being Scammed

The 30-year fixed-rate mortgage is a great instrument that has made home ownership possible for millions of consumers, but none of them like the idea of being in debt for 30 years. Those who like it the least and have the poorest understanding...Show More Summary

Greece Proves Again Why Democracy is the Criminal Class’s Great Fear

The people of Greece have just shown great courage, and even greater common sense, in voting “No” in overwhelming numbers

4 Reasons To Refinance Your Small Business Debt

Sponsored Post There was a time when small businesses could rely on bank loans for affordable finance. Then along came the Great Recession. And small businesses turned to higher interest options. One way to lower these rates is to refinance small business debt with a lower-rate business term loan.

Just How Stagnant Are Wages, Anyway?

Rumors of the demise of American well-being may have been greatly exaggerated.

Milton Friedman on the Euro

With the problems in Greece now leading the news, this old article by the great Milton Friedman is worth (re)reading. (Martin Feldstein made similar arguments at the time in this article.)

Why Debt Welchers Are Admired

By voting “NO,” the Greek people have rejected austerity measures by the EU in order to receive bailout money to pay off their debts. It’s as if Greece gave a big middle finger to the EU! It’s great that at least the people were able to vote on their future. You can see the jubilation in their Read More...

Comparison, escalation and the golf clap

We've all encountered a tepid group, an audience that won't make noise, a bunch of disaffected students, or perhaps the distracted masses. Cat taught me this trick, which gives great insight into human nature. "Can everyone give me a golf...        

The 10 most important things in the world right now

Hello! Here's what you need to know for Monday. 1. Greece rejected the latest bailout deal from European creditors in Sunday's snap referendum, with more than 60% of Greeks voting "No" to the terms of a package that would see greater austerity measures implemented. 2. Show More Summary

The Great American Natural Gas Surge

Americans already know about the U.S. natural gas revolution based on shale, with production up from 58 Bcf/day in 2008 to 75 Bcf/day today. This incremental increase has been so large that, if standing as its own nation, our shale gas production surge since 2008 alone would be the world’s [...]

Apple Music-Day Three

1. It’s about the money. Never lose sight of this. Apple Music will only be a success if ninety days in, a great proportion of those kicking the tires pay to subscribe. And this is doubtful. Because most people are cheap and the only way you can compete with free is to provide a service...Read More

Weekend Reading: David Glasner: Mises’s Unwitting Affirmation of the Hawtrey-Cassel Explanation of the Great Depression

The parallels with the antinomies of the thought of the Ludwig von Mises of today--John Taylor--are, I think, rather striking: David Glasner: [Mises’s Unwitting Affirmation of the Hawtrey-Cassel Explanation of the Great Depression](Show More Summary

Are Coins a Good Investment?

While most of the coins we find on the ground aren't particularly valuable, there are some coins that could be considered great investments. If you are interested in investing in coins, here's what to look for. The post Are Coins a Good Investment? appeared first on

Why Your Company “Bucket List” Won’t Cut It

Big initiatives of "bucket list" items are great, but without outlining the work needed to achieve your goals, they fail. Here are three ways to execute any goal your company sets. The post Why Your Company “Bucket List” Won’t Cut It appeared first on

Taxation Without Representation: Why We Celebrate July 4th

It's July 4, or Independence Day, in the United States. We celebrate the day that the colonies formally declared their independence from Great Britain - and that includes independence from tax.

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