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RNC Chair Praises Fox After Republican Debate, Bashes CNBC

Certain candidates fared better than others during the fourth Republican debate Tuesday night, but there was one clear winner: Fox Business. Reince Priebus, chairman of the Republican National Committee, took to Twitter after the debate to praise Fox Business and jab CNBC, which was roundly criticized for being unfair in the last Republican debate. And…

Republican party chairman takes a parting shot at CNBC after the Fox Business debate

The chairman of the Republican National Committee took a shot at CNBC in the aftermath of Fox Business' Republican debate Tuesday night. After the debate, Reince Priebus tweeted: "And that @CNBC is how you run a debate." Priebus and many Republican presidential candidates complained about how the CNBC debate in October was conducted. Show More Summary

Republican Candidates Get a ‘Silly Question’ But a Smoother Ride in Fox Debate

3 months agoNews : Newsweek: US

The chair of the Republican National Committee called last month’s debate a “crap sandwich.”

Wi-Fi password for the Republican presidential debate tonight: ‘stophillary’

3 months agoNews : The Raw Story

The Republican National Committee has officially confirmed that the GOP and its candidates are an extremely petty bunch. In their latest prank for media attention, the RNC will make every reporter type “StopHillary” to access the wi-fi network at tonight’s debate in Milwaukee hosted by Fox Business...

Bonus Quote of the Day

“I’m not some weirdo that’s out here just kinda running crazy, I’m the former governor of the state of Virginia. I’m the former chairman of the Republican National Committee.” — Gov. Jim Gimore, quoted by BuzzFeed News, on being excluded [...]

RNC Making Reporters Use ‘StopHillary’ as WiFi Password at GOP Debate

According to the Benny Johnson at IJ Review, the Republican National Committee will require journalists use the password “StopHillary” in order to use WiFi at tonight’s GOP presidential debate on Fox Business in Milwaukee. Johnson remarked...Show More Summary

What You Need to Know About the Fourth GOP Debate

Nobody was happy with CNBC's Republican debate, and now the candidates are getting a do-over – but not because they demanded it. The candidates' stand against the networks and the Republican National Committee fizzled out when a few of them refused to sign a list of debate reforms last week,... More »

The Ghost of Scott Walker Will Haunt the Fourth Republican Debate

When the Republican National Committee chose Wisconsin to host its fourth Republican debate ten months ago, it seemed an unconventional choice. The Badger state has never hosted a Republican debate. Its late primary, in April, means it will likely play a negligible role in choosing the Republican no

RNC Chair Tells Off Matt Lauer, Rips Media ‘Vendetta’ Against GOP Candidates

During an interview with NBC Today co-host Matt Lauer on Monday, Republican National Committee chairman Reince Priebus denounced the “crazy obsession” of the media over alleged inaccuracies in Ben Carson’s biography and pointed out a...Show More Summary

RNC Chair Slams Media’s ‘Vendetta,’ ‘Crazy Obsession’ with Ben Carson’s Past

3 months agoNews : Mediaite

Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus said on NBC’s Today Monday that the media had a bizarre obsession with looking into Ben Carson‘s past, and that they had a “vendetta” against the Republican presidential candidate. “I would imagine some questions are appropriate, but I do believe that this is a totally crazy obsession over incredible details from 30 […]

Harsh Talk

Three years ago, after the reëlection of Barack Obama, a rueful Republican National Committee launched an inquiry into where the Party had gone wrong. Researchers for the Growth & Opportunity Project contacted more than twenty-six hundred people—voters, officeholders, Party operatives—conducted focus groups, and took polls around the country. Show More Summary

CNN host to RNC official: Catering to folks ‘playing in the Fox News sandbox’ won’t win you the White House

3 months agoNews : The Raw Story

CNN’s Michael Smerconish spent Saturday morning attempting to convince one of the Republican National Committee’s chief strategists that his party stands no chance of reaching voters outside of their locked-in “Fox-only constituency” if they don’t stop complaining...

Debate absurdity

Forget the candidates’ attempts to avoid hardball questions and complaints about their green rooms. Forget whether the Republican National Committee or the candidates are the best negotiators with the network. The real absurdity of these debates – and reason to never repeat this year’s formula – came into full view last night when Fox Business […]

How social media disrupt the RNC's business model

The Republican National Committee no longer calls the shots about money now that candidates can reach voters directly

Now Republicans are Debating Their Debates (Guest Voice)

Now Republicans are Debating Their Debates By Dick Polman Two years ago, after the GOP had lost the popular vote for the fifth time in six presidential elections, the Republican National Committee autopsied the corpse and proposed a long list of cures. This sane suggestion appeared on page 76: “The Republican party needs to stop [...]Show More Summary

Can National Review Fairly Moderate a Debate?

When the Republican National Committee cancelled its debate agreement with NBC News in order to punish the network for the alleged bad behavior of its business news affiliate, CNBC, in...

CNBC Biased? You Don’t Say!

Question: What did Reince Priebus not know about CNBC — and when did he not know it? Priebus, chair of the Republican National Committee, sanctioned CNBC’s sponsorship of last week’s

GOP candidates inadvertently validate media control of debates

Remember when the Republican presidential candidates were going to unite and assert themselves, elbowing aside the media and the Republican National Committee to seize control of the debate process? That was way back on …...

GOP Candidates and "Gotcha": 'Please Don't Hold Us Accountable For Our Outrageous Behavior!'

Wah, wah, wah! That's the collective whining of Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus and several GOP presidential candidates complaining of unfair, biased, mean-spirited debate moderators and their "gotcha" questions. But President Obama has it right. Show More Summary

Bozell & Graham Column: Long-Overdue Vigilance on Moderators

The competing Republican presidential campaigns had a meeting on November 1 to discuss their concerns with how the Republican National Committee had planned debates with the media. That’s a healthy development, considering the CNBC debate,...Show More Summary

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