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Likely Congressman Opposes MLK Day, Supports ‘Don’t Say Gay,’ Thinks Women Don’t Want Equal Pay

Did Wisconsin Republicans nominate 2014's Todd Akin? The post Likely Congressman Opposes MLK Day, Supports ‘Don’t Say Gay,’ Thinks Women Don’t Want Equal Pay appeared first on ThinkProgress.

If Only We Were All This Honest, It Would Be Good For Women–And Men

Tom Tomorrow via Upworthy. Now read this:Rape Apologist Todd Akin Might Run For Office Again To ‘Stand Up To Evil’ (Aug 4, 2014) It’s A War For Women, Says The GOP (Aug 2, 2014) Massachusetts Gets the Final Word After Explosive Supreme Court Decision (Jul 31, 2014) Men Shouldn’t Hit Women, But Not For the [...]

Rape Apologist Todd Akin Might Run For Office Again To ‘Stand Up To Evil’

Definer of rape Todd Akin said that another run for office wasn’t off the table. The former Republican Congressman spoke last week with Joseph Farah of the right wing conspiracy site WorldNetDaily, which is publishing his new book. Right Wing Watch notes that Akin is morphing the controversy over his “legitimate rape” remarks into a battle between [...]

Because Todd Akin and the Other Republicants Know Best

One woman’s reason for having an abortion in Mississippi’s sole clinic that provides abortions (boldface mine): As she answers, her voice begins to shake: “Um, my husband passed away—he committed suicide. He committed suicide in front of his family. I … Continue reading ?

Todd Akin Totally Proves Liberals Wrong In Just Over One Minute, Because 9/11 And Bumper Stickers

Rape apologist Todd Akin discussed liberals with WorldNetDaily editor Joseph Farah last week (I’m not linking to them), and argued that the September 11, 2001 attacks shocked liberals into “silence,” and said that liberals don’t believe “there are really bad people in this world” and “don’t think we need any defense in America.” Not true, [...]

Déjà Vu All Over Again: From Akin to Ellmers to Aiken

In 2012, then Senate candidate Todd Akin's statement that "legitimate rape" rarely causes pregnancy unleashed a storm of media controversy, and lost him the support of many in his party. Flash forward to last week. North Carolina Congresswoman...Show More Summary

Todd Akin Tells World Net Daily the Media Makes Fun of Him Because They Want to Destroy America

YouTube RightWingWatch has been keeping track of Todd "Legitimate Rape" Akin as he goes from one far right media outlet to the next, pushing a line of persecution and victimhood that would embarrass a spoiled five-year old. Akin is doubling down on his creepy misogynistic statements by claiming the evil left...

'Legitimate Rape' Akin Says He Might Consider Exception For Tubal Pregnancies

If Republicans want to make sure they keep alienating themselves from half of the population and looking like the extremists they've proven themselves to be on the issue of abortion, please, please, please let former Rep. Todd Akin speak for them and keep rearing his ugly head for interviews on national television like this one. Show More Summary

Chuck Todd Disses Akin: 'I Know You Want To Be Mad About the Media,' But Don't Blame Us

Former congressman Todd Akin took his book tour to Chuck Todd's MSNBC show The Daily Rundown on Thursday morning. That came after a pretty rough Megyn Kelly interview on Monday night about the 2012 media feeding frenzy over his medically...Show More Summary

Akin Bad: GOP’s ‘Legitimate Rape’ Poster Boy Gives Long Rapey Interview

As the GOP continues to fail miserably at reaching out to women (or anyone else who is not an old white man), Todd Akin continues to helpfully make the rounds talking about “legitimate rape,” as he did in an interview with Chuck Todd Thursday morning. In case you missed it, then-Congressman Akin (R-MO), in 2012, [...]

Todd Akin Is Still Talking About Rape—And Suggests Bill Clinton Is a Rapist

Todd Akin won't stop talking. And he won't stop talking about rape. On Thursday, the former Republican Missouri congressman and failed Senate candidate—best known for suggesting that the female body could self-terminate a pregnancy in...Show More Summary

Todd Akin's new excuse: 'Legitimate rape ... is a law enforcement term'

A very weird interview this morning on MSNBC with a very weird man: Former Congressman and failed Senatorial candidate Todd Akin. MSNBC's Chuck Todd, who conducted the interview, began by asking Akin about his infamous "legitimate rape" comment and Akin offered up a new and bizarre explanation for what he said: Legitimate rape is a law enforcement term [...]Show More Summary

Todd Akin’s Pathetic Attempt To Defend ‘Legitimate Rape’ Goes Down In Flames

He's back. The post Todd Akin’s Pathetic Attempt To Defend ‘Legitimate Rape’ Goes Down In Flames appeared first on ThinkProgress.

Todd 'Legitimate Rape' Akin is back, and he's steamed

Todd Akin has a new book. Like most books by politicians, it is about how awesome he is and how terrible all the people who are not him are. You know, a summertime light read. For now, Akin says one of his main missions is to shed light...Show More Summary

Todd Akin Defends ‘Legitimate Rape’ Remark By Accusing Bill Clinton Of ‘Sexual Assault’

Former Missouri Rep. Todd Akin, credited with preventing Republicans for taking control of the Senate during his last political campaign, is using his book/rehab tour to attack Bill Clinton. “I merely had poor word choice, nothing I said was demeaning to women or in any way diminishing the seriousness of the crime. But it was [...]

Todd Akin deserves as much sympathy as Joe McCarthy

By Richard K. Barry You remember Todd Akin. Think hard. He was the 2012 Republican U.S. Senate candidate in Missouri who said that women who were victims of "legitimate rape" could not get pregnant because, you know, the "female body...Show More Summary

Todd Akin Says He And Joe McCarthy Were Both Victims Of The Liberal Media

Todd Akin says he and the infamous leader of the 1950s Communist witch hunt were assassinated by the media. The post Todd Akin Says He And Joe McCarthy Were Both Victims Of The Liberal Media appeared first on ThinkProgress.

Fox's Kelly Pitches In To Help Rehab Todd 'Legitimate Rape' Akin

Todd Akin is back in the spotlight after he retracted his apology for his "legitimate rape" comments and Fox's Megyn Kelly was more than help him out with some Republican rehab on her show this Monday. As our friend Ellen at NewsHounds...Show More Summary

On Tuesday’s Radio Show…

• Firing back. Six-term congressman Rep. Todd Akin (R-MO) tells the story of how the Republican leadership threw him under the bus. • Why is Boehner wrong in suing President Obama? Harvard Law School Professor Laurence Tribe explains and also discusses his new book, Uncertain Justice: The Roberts Court and the Constitution. • Americans United for Separation of Church [...]

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