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Kentucky's Matt Bevin-Shaped Nightmare Begins With Rollback of Voting Rights, Minimum Wage 

2 months agoPop Culture / Celebrity : Jezebel

Matt Bevin—a far, far-right Tea Partier and political novice who loves cockfighting, voting against the Violence Against Women Act, and uninsured constituents —is now, because no one fucking voted, the governor of Kentucky. Things are not going great! Read more...

Your State Might Make You Pay for Your Rape Kit

A recent study reveals that hospitals around the country interpret a rule set down by the Violence Against Women Act – that rape victims should not have to pay to be examined at the hospital after being sexually assaulted – very differently. Read more...

Patrick Stewart: It's in Men's Hands to Stop Violence Against Women

While speaking at Houston's Comicpalooza, an audience member asked Sir Patrick Stewart what he's most proud about in his life, besides acting. He responded by talking about his work helping to bring light to the issue of violence against women — and his words are all kinds of wise, insightful, and compassionate. Read more...

Sir Patrick Stewart: 'Violence Against Women Is Learned'

Speaking on behalf of the Ring The Bell campaign — a movement that calls on men and boys around the world to take a stand and make a promise to act to end violence against women — Sir Patrick Stewart, a consistent and powerful activist for equality, spoke eloquently about what violence against women looks like, and what it means for our world. Show More Summary

Sneaky VAWA-Opposing Republicans Are Now Pretending They Care About Ladies

Remember when a whopping 130 House Republicans voted against the Violence Against Women Act reauthorization bill last month? Some of them are banking on your amnesia. More »

Congress Reauthorizes the Violence Against Women Act

The House voted Thursday to accept the bipartisan Violence Against Women Senate bill, 286-138. Eighty-seven Republicans and 199 Democrats to support the bill; no Democrats opposed it. More »

House Will Likely Pass the Violence Against Women Act Tomorrow

Finally: House Republican leaders are ready to let their VAWA bill go to make way for the Senate's legislation, which includes protections for LGBT, Native American and immigrant survivors of domestic violence. From the Huffington Post: More »

Shit Politicians Say About the Violence Against Women Act

The Violence Against Women Act reauthorization passed the Senate and is now waiting for its fate from the House, where conservatives will surely come up with a variety of creative ways to explain why they object to protections against Native American, LGBT, and undocumented victims of domestic violence. More »

Senate Passes Violence Against Women Act Despite Best Efforts of Republican Dudes

The Senate passed the Violence Against Women Act this afternoon, by a vote of 78 to 22. Every female senator voted in favor of the act (phew) and, naturally, those dissenting 22 were all Republican men, including rising GOP star Sen....Show More Summary

Here Are the Senators Who Oppose the Violence Against Women Act

Are you for or against violent crimes against women? Ask these senators — 8 men and one woman — who voted yesterday not to consider the reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act. More »

Violence Against Women Act Reintroduced, Can it Pass the Infamously Backwards House GOP?

You, a sane person, might think the reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act — something that's a proven saver of lives — would be an easy, bipartisan pass in Congress. Well, the two other times the 1994 legislation came up for reauthorization, it was. Show More Summary

Say Goodbye to the Violence Against Women Act

You'd think the Violence Against Women Act was a nonpartisan no-brainer: can't we all agree that the federal government should work to investigate and persecute the perpetrators of violent crimes against women? More »

Can We Count On House Republican Women to Help Pass the Violence Against Women Act?

In case you needed another reason to feel disillusioned today, we live in a country where politicians are having a hard time passing the Violence Against Women Act because, this year, it strives to protect too many vulnerable women. Ah, America. More »

Congresswoman Who Was Raped Understandably Pissed at Passage of Weaksauce Violence Against Women Act [Video]

Congresswoman Gwen Moore, a Democrat from Wisconsin, told reporters that the watered down House Republican version of the Violence Against Women Act was insulting to her as a woman of color, and as a rape victim. The House's versionShow More Summary

Why a Wife Beater, Mail Order Bride Service, and Men's Rights Group Improbably Joined Forces [Vawa]

The House of Representatives is debating a stripped down version of the Violence Against Women Act introduced by a cabal of Republicans who thought that the Democrats' proposed inclusion of undocumented, Native, and lesbian women went too far and "watered down" the definition of violence. Show More Summary

Conservatives Make up for that Whole 'War on Women' Business with Club Especially for Ladies [War On Women]

Conservatives are sorry, ladies. They're sorry about the whole "calling sexually active women on birth control sluts" thing. They're sorry about hesitating to reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act. They're sorry about passing all kinds of laws that make it much more difficult for pregnant women to choose abortion. Show More Summary

Sen. Al Franken Cries While Discussing Violence Against Women Act [Vawa]

Here's Minnesota Senator Al Franken breaking down into tears during the Violence Against Women Act debate today. On the Republican side of the legislative branch, John Boehner's usually prolific tear ducts have remained tellingly silent. More »

New Version of Violence Against Women Act Shows GOP Only Hates the Most Vulnerable Women [War On Women]

Faced with accusations that their opposition to renewal of the Violence Against Women Act is a sign that they've taken a very unpopular "pro-woman beating" stance, Congressional Republicans are hurriedly drafting their own version of the bill to prove that they don't hate all women. Show More Summary

Get Ready for the Most Depressing Senate Debate of All Time! [Politics]

This week, the US Senate will begin debating provisions of the Violence Against Women Act that extend protection to undocumented immigrants and same-sex couples, because Republicans are so opposed to extending protection to undocumented immigrants and same-sex couples that they're willing to contest something called the Violence Against Women Act. Show More Summary

Republicans Oppose Violence Against Women Act Because Ladies Can't Vote, Right? [Politics]

It would take quite a monumental asshole to oppose providing assistance to victims of domestic violence. But, here we are in 2012, enmeshed in serious discussions about whether a woman's boss should be able to decide what health care...Show More Summary

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