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Virgin Galactic Pilot Speaks Out About SpaceShipTwo's Tragic Crash

11 months agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmodo

Last year, Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo crashed catastrophically above the Mojave desert, killing one of its pilots. Now, the pilot of White Knight Two, which carried SpaceShipTwo to altitude, has spoken out about what happened on the day. Read more...

JXE Streams: Join us for some 'Affordable Space Adventures'

KnapNok Games gets what Richard Branson doesn't. Of course people want to hang out in space, but they definitely don't want to pay top dollar to do it! So rather than drop $200,000 on a Virgin Galactic reservation, why not fire up your...Show More Summary

Flying in a spaceplane is like a magic carpet ride

Virgin Galactic's chief pilot David Mackay on how he's gearing up to take tourists to the edge of space – and why recent tragedies won't stop him

Cosmic Messenger records your messages and sends them into outer space

If you find the $250,000 tag price for a Virgin Galactic seat a bit too steep, there are other ways to reach the final frontier. With Nooka's futuristic Cosmic Messenger you can record your own private message, send it into space and watch the recording

Amazon’s Jeff Bezos will enter commercial space race with Blue Origin test launches later this year

Bezos's Blue Origin joins a small number of privately held space flight companies, including Virgin Galactic, XCOR Aerospace, and SpaceX.

Flying with Virgin Galactic

last yearHumor / odd :

From Vanity Fair's William Langewiesche, who has written extensively on the aviation industry and is a pilot himself, a detailed account of what happens during a space flight on Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic. Accelerating through Mach 0.95, the aircraft wobbles as shock waves develop on its wings and tails. Show More Summary

SPACE: Bigelow Aerospace’s Inflatable Habitat Ready for Space Station Trip. Also: Virgin Galact…

SPACE: Bigelow Aerospace’s Inflatable Habitat Ready for Space Station Trip. Also: Virgin Galactic Opens Rocket Plant to Build Satellite Launchers.

Net Neutrality’s Final Frontier Takes Shape (Not So) Far Above The Earth

“A heavenly Internet is taking shape above our heads. In the same week this January, the spaceflight companies SpaceX and Virgin Galactic both announced plans for “megaconstellations” of low-Earth orbit, or LEO, satellites delivering broadband to every inch of the inhabited world.”

Richard Branson Wants To Take On Tesla

Richard Branson is challenging Elon Musk in yet another arena. The billionaire's private space-travel company, Virgin Galactic, already rivals Musk’s SpaceX. Now, the Virgin Group founder says he may take on Tesla Motors. “You may well...Show More Summary

Virgin Considering Tesla Rival?

Billionaire Richard Branson has made no secret of his dream to conquer space with the Virgin Galactic brand. Now, the British mastermind has hinted he may be considering another space: the growing electric vehicle market. Branson already...Show More Summary

Yes, Please!

Fly me to the moon—or, you know, just "thrillingly close" to outer space:Instead of rocket-powered sub-orbital flights like those of Virgin Galactic, could high-altitude ballooning become the most viable way of letting paying tourists...Show More Summary

Could Virgin Galactic's Spaceport America be put up for sale?

The past year has been a mixed bag for the commercial space industry, with successful launches from the likes of SpaceX, but also a few mishaps, including a tragic Virgin Galactic crash that claimed the life of one pilot. That last incident...Show More Summary

The Troubled Future of the World's First Commercial Spaceport

Completed in October 2011, Spaceport America is an 18,000 acre commercial spaceport—the first of its kind in the world—that was going to be a major hub for SpaceX and Virgin Galactic, as each company toils away on developing the future of private spaceflight. It's been more than three years since opening, and New Mexico is still waiting for the payoff. Read more...

Virgin Galactic reveals where it'll build its satellite-launching rockets

Richard Branson's not just into space tourism -- there's also LauncherOne, which delivers satellites into orbit after being dropped from a "mothership" aircraft. Virgin Galactic says that the rocket will be built a mere 30 minutes from Los Angeles at...

Virgin Galactic to build Long Beach plant

After losing thousands of aerospace jobs in recent years, Long Beach received good news Thursday when Virgin Galactic announced that it would build its new satellite-launching rocket in the city.

Virgin Galactic opens a Long Beach facility

Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic is opening a facility in Long Beach to build and design the company’s new satellite-launching space vehicle.

New Mexico spent $218 million on a launch port for Virgin and SpaceX rockets but it's barely being used

Spaceport America, a 28-square-mile complex in the southern New Mexico desert, was supposed to be rocketing tourists into space. But after the crash in October of Virgin Galactic's spaceship during a test flight, plans for sending tourists into space has been halted for at least a year. Show More Summary

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