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Review: ‘Deadly Class’ #4

Marcus and Willie recover from their adventure into the city by way of a hallucinogenic quest to Las Vegas to kill Billy’s Dad. “Deadly Class” #4 is one helluva trip, man! WRITTEN BY: Rick Remender ART BY: Wes Craig PUBLISHER: Image PRICE: $3.50 RELEASE: April 30, 2014   We should all take a moment to […]

How to recover lost contacts on iOS and prevent it from happening again

11 months agoTechnology : Gigaom

It can happen to anyone at anytime, noticing that your contact list is either missing or incomplete. All may not be lost, as there may be a way to get back some or all of your contacts.

Al Gore On 2016

11 months agoLGBT / Gay : Joe. My. God.

"You say you can ask the question a million ways. I’m going to only answer it one way. With apologies, I’m sure you’ve heard this answer before. I am a recovering politician. And the longer I avoid a relapse the more confidence that I will not succumb to the temptation to run yet again. Show More Summary

South Korean Ferry Death Toll Rises to 104

The official death toll in South Korea's ferry disaster jumped to 104, after divers found a way to enter the submerged ship that capsized off the country's southern coast last week, authorities said Tuesday, local time. Divers recovered...Show More Summary

Vice President Joe Biden Lands in Ukraine

Vice President Joe Biden landed in Kyiv as a way to show the US is committed to helping Ukraine become less dependent on Russian energy and recover from an administration that drained the nation's bank accounts. Biden is the highest US official to visit Ukraine since the Euromaidan protests in November at Independence Square. Show More Summary

5 Ways To Recover From A Bad Job Interview

Did you ever leave a job interview feeling like it did not go so well? Haven't we all? Here are five ways to recover from a bad job interview. The post 5 Ways To Recover From A Bad Job Interview appeared first on CAREEREALISM.

We've Already Found The Best Video Game Bug of 2014

There are a lot of questions to be asked here. For one, does Bigby Wolf really expect to recover from his injuries like that? Why is nobody reacting to Bigby? Why is this so goddamned hypnotizing? Is there a way to toggle The Wolf Among Us so we can play the whole game like this? Read more...

6 Ways To Recover From The End Of A Toxic Relationship

Breakups are hard. Breakups from bad relationships are harder. Here's how to move on from a toxic, draining relationship. The post 6 Ways To Recover From The End Of A Toxic Relationship appeared first on The Good Men Project.

The right way to recover from the Heartbleed bug

Rushing to change your password at every site you have one isn't necessarily the best move at the moment. Here are some tips

A 25-Minute Interval Playlist For Brand-New Runners

12 months agoHealth / Fitness : FitSugar

For brand-new runners, there's no better way to build up your stamina (and confidence) than an interval workout. Alternating between periods of walking and running allows your body to work and recover, so you feel energized and happy at the end of workout. Show More Summary

Three Reasons to Feel Optimistic About a Small Business Recovery

Even though the economy still has a way to go before it's completely recovered, the silver lining might be emerging right now for small businesses.

It's A Miracle!

Doctors in the US have discovered a way that may one day help paralyzed patients in walk again. Four paralysed men have been able to move their legs for the first time in years after electrical stimulation of their spinal...Show More Summary

Monday Give Away Linky: Let’s Hope for a Saner Week Edition

Good Monday, Heroes! Wow. Last week was just…well, I was a mess for most of it. So thankful that things turned out to not be completely catastrophic, and I am now well on the way to recovering most of my […] Be the first to comment... Show More Summary

Blax News Investigates: Jet Magazine Denies That They Are Working With Incarcerated Former Democratic Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr On A Documentary Attacking "Solitary Confinement" As Torture But They Thanked Us For The Good Idea

The best way for convicted felon former Democratic Representative Jesse Jackson Jr to recover his reputation is to become a "Prison Rights Activist" while incarcerated where he provokes the prison administrators to throw him into solitary confinement. Show More Summary

Missing Jet Deliberately Avoided Indonesia Radar As Flight MH370 Flew To Nowhere

12 months agoNews : The Inquisitr - News

The missing Malaysia Airlines jet now the subject of a stepped-up search racing against time to recover the Flight MH370 black box, appears to have deliberately steered around Indonesian airspace on its way to its final crash site in the Indian Ocean, a new report has revealed. If the report proves accurate, it only increases

The U.S. Economy Has a Long Way to Go According to This Powerful Woman

While things have recovered for countless firms -- even the biggest banks like Wells Fargo and Bank of America -- since the depths of the Great Recession, the new Federal Reserve Chair has surprising insight into how the U.S. economy is performing.

Recovering from relapse: The 7 R’s

12 months agoHealth / Addiction : AddictionBlog

What is the best way to get back on track with recovery after a relapse? Addictions therapist Beth Burgess shares the 7 vital steps to recovering from relapse - and coming back even stronger.

Status Update, I'm Sober: Talking to Belle, Recovering Heroin Addict and "Junkie of Instagram"

12 months agoHumor : The Hairpin

by Melissa Batchelor Warnke In this series, people in recovery speak about the ways in which they have used social media as a tool. This month’s interview is with “Belle,” a mid-twenties former college student working to get clean against an enduring pill and heroin addiction. Show More Summary

Better to Sacrifice the Marshmallow Than Risk Burn Injury

With a chilly start to spring many families are breaking out their fire pits or starting bonfires to recover from cabin fever and start enjoying being outside. Though fire pits and campfires are a great way to connect with friends and family they also can be dangerous to adults and kids.

Top 5 Ways To Fall Back In Love With The South

Ah, springtime in Crackerstan! As we recover from the flood of goober politicians and their moronic policies polluting our state legislatures, and ignoring the pending tsunami of absurdly awful political media that would make Gomer Pyle’s chest swell, there really is no better place than the Deep South for springtime frolics. We’re prettier than the rest, so let’s get on […]

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