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In Clumsy God, helping looks a lot like hurting

The Twitter is always bringing strange morsels to my attention. Today, it's Clumsy God, a Windows game about a giant heavenly hand helping people recover from an earthquake. "Just be careful not to crush anyone along the way... Show More Summary

Canada's Women's World Cup Ends with Tears and Hope

Three minutes cost Canada in the biggest game the women’s team has ever played. The defence slipped and gave way to England early in the first half, and Canada could not recover. But the past two weeks earned Canada a generation of new supporters and, with that, a greater future. Show More Summary

Obama recovers: He rescues his trade agenda — with GOP help

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama has overcome an embarrassing defeat on trade and maneuvered his way back to a rare victory under a Republican-controlled Congress. In so doing Obama salvaged a key piece of his second-term legacy with the extraordinary help of the very Republican leaders he once accused of obstruction.

5 Ways to Recover From Being Cheated, Lied To, or Manipulated

10 months agoTechnology : The Goods

Research shows that the more decent we are ourselves, the better target we are for tricksters.

Dad's inspiring way to teach his kids about his battle with cancer

Joe Boyle is recovering from stage 4 kidney cancer, and came up with a clever way to talk to his kids about his cancer treatments. TODAY's Erica Hill sat down with the family to talk about Boyle's creative solution.

16 Ways Super Successful People Spend Their Weekends

If you're spending your weekends trying to catch up on the things that didn't get done, or trying to recover from the work week in a fog of Netflix binges and overindulgence, you're doing it wrong. Read on to discover a better way.

Top 5 Ways to Reverse A Negative First Impression

First impressions are long lasting and hence it can be tough to shift someone’s view after you’ve made a negative first impression. Sometimes, first impressions are so bad that it becomes nearly impossible to recover from those. When...Show More Summary

Mutilating Teenagers, To Thunderous Applause

This is a sad and disturbing way to begin an article. From the New York Times: In a cozy cottage decorated with butterflies to symbolize transformation, Katherine Boone was recovering in April from the operation that had changed her, in the most intimate part of her body, from a biological male into a female. It was not easy. Show More Summary

Do This Foam-Roller Exercise Right Now, Feel Better All Day

Want to feel better all day? You need these easy foam-roller exercises from Self in your life. Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Kat Borchart You train like an athlete-so you should recover like one, too. One of the best ways? Foam rolling. Show More Summary

Bill Nye’s Tiny LightSail Spacecraft Fully Recovers and Succesfully Launches Its Solar Sail - Sailing the solar system on beams of light. And not in some feel-good metaphor way.

11 months agoHumor / odd : Geekosystem

The Planetary Society's LightSail spacecraft was in trouble recently when it encountered a software glitch, lost contact with the ground, and had to wait for an automatic reboot. After it reestablished tentative contact last week, it's finally come fully back under control and successfully deployed the sail that will allow it to ride on beams of light.

3 Ways to Detox Fast

Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Kat Borchart Whether you're starting out on a new healthy routine or always recovering after an indulgent weekend, detoxing by eating clean and nutritious foods will help you feel less bloated and more energized. Show More Summary

U.S. Marine Vet: Yoga ‘Saved My Life In So Many Ways

11 months agoFitness / Yoga : YogaDork

“The military is very good at training you for combat, but what happens when it’s over?” C.J. Keller is a U.S. Marine Corps. veteran still trying to recover from symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder 10 years after his deployment to Iraq. Show More Summary

New head of Conservative Way Forward aims to keep Tory activists busy

Westminster is still recovering from the 2015 election but some Conservatives are already thinking ahead to 2020. Two of Conservative HQ’s activist movements, Team 2015 and Roadtrip 2015, were key… Continue reading The post New head of Conservative Way Forward aims to keep Tory activists busy appeared first on Spectator Blogs.

Lost memories recovered in mice with a flash of light

Traces of "forgotten" memories lurk in the brain and can be revived with the right tools – raising hopes of new ways to help people with Alzheimer's or amnesia

Plastics-to-Fuel: Creating Energy from Non-Recycled Plastics

Companies are transforming used, non-recycled plastics into oil, fuels, and petroleum-based products. These plastics-to-fuel technologies, which complement ongoing recycling efforts, are a way to recover clean energy from plastics that cannot be economically recycled, the American Chemistry Council says.

UFC Fight Night 67: 5 Reasons to Watch Condit vs. Alves Fight Card

Whether you've recovered from UFC 187's blistering lineup of high-profile scraps, the UFC is tossing another hard-hitting event your way Saturday with UFC Fight Night 67. Featuring a main event welterweight showdown between Carlos "The...Show More Summary

Can David Cameron Recover the U.K.’s National Sovereignty?

Things don’t turn out the way they are supposed to, do they? The international structures put in place after World War II offer unhappy evidence. The United Nations, for instance, originally utopian in inspiration, on balance does more harm than good. Show More Summary

Why I'm Not Rushing to Have a Baby (Even Though I Really Want One)

I'm probably the most content I've ever been in my entire life, though I still have a ways to go. Now don't get me wrong; contentment is still a struggle. I'm a recovering perfectionist, which means life has never been good enough for me. Show More Summary

WWE Legend Scott Hall -- BOOTED FROM WRESTLING EVENT ... Allegedly Hammered, Again

11 months agoPop Culture / Celebrity :

WWE Hall of Famer Scott Hall was physically escorted out of a wrestling event in NJ this weekend... after promoters say the recovering substance abuser was way too hammered to do his job.  Hall has battled…

9 Ways to Recover From An Embarrassing Moment

Here’s how to redeem yourself after an embarrassing moment strikes. We’ve all had our share of embarrassing moments. (Basically, if I’m conscious I’m embarrassing myself in some form.) Whether you just spilled a drink on the hottestShow More Summary

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