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Freshpet Tricks People Into Eating Its Dog Food, and It's Pretty Hilarious

Tricking someone into eating something disgusting—tarantulas, worms, insects in general—is nothing new. Some game shows have whole segments based around that look of horror that comes over someone's face when they realize what they've just swallowed. Show More Summary

New Microsoft Points Program Lets You Earn at Starbucks, Whole Foods, and More

American Express Plenti - the coalition rewards program that gives you points for transactions with a variety of merchants like AT&T, ExxonMobil, RiteAid, and more now has a new competitor Earn by Microsoft. So far their partners are in different spaces. Show More Summary

How Whole Foods (and Other Health Markets) Could Make You Gain Weight

We cruised the treacherous aisles of Whole Foods and similar chains to uncover just how health-food stores may be inadvertently making us gain weight.

Rand Paul's Super PAC is Powered By Whole Foods and Pot

Rand Paul's fundraising has been surprisingly anemic over the past few months as the GOP presidential candidate has found his message failing to resonate with some of the traditional sources of GOP campaign money, such as Wall Street. Show More Summary

6 Foods That Are Actually Cheaper At Whole Foods

Whole Foods is working hard to shake off its reputation as "Whole Paycheck." And now that more and more major chains are increasing their offering of organic and socially responsible food items, Whole Foods is lowering its prices to prove that it doesn't cost an arm or leg to shop at its...

The Audacious Rebranding of the Marijuana Industry

While the fight for legalization is still being fought, entrepreneurs are taking charge to rebrand the plant away from outlaw culture and towards the Whole Foods crowd.

Focus on Customer Service: Vega [PODCAST]

Conceived by an Iron Man athlete looking for a plant-based, whole food alternative to nutritional supplements, Vega describes its products as “the future of optimal health”. Enjoyed by vegans and non-vegans alike, Vega’s products attract athletes of almost every sport looking for a more natural diet to help with training and ongoing health.

How Can You Still Say That After Hearing Me Sing 'Respect'?

Four-year-old: Mooooom! I want deseeeeeert!Yuppie mom: No, sweetie, you didn't finish your sandwich.Four-year-old: You have no soul!–Whole Foods, TriBeCaOverheard by: Has Cookies

Here's Which Foods Have Gotten More Expensive in the Last 30 Years

last monthGenres / Sci Fi : io9

Food prices have risen in the last three decades—but that’s not the whole story. While some foods have gotten more expensive, while others have fallen in price dramatically, and a look at the data says a lot about why we eat the way we do. Read more...

Whole Foods, Expensive Cheese, and the Dilemma of Cheap Prison Labor

last monthNews : Vice News

On the heels of a public apology in June by Whole Foods CEOs over allegations that the store overcharges customers for seafood, produce, and other goods weighed by the pound, the grocery chain is now receiving a fresh round of criticism for its use of cheap prison labor to produce some of those goods. Show More Summary

9 Kick-Ass Ketchup Recipes You Can Make Yourself

last monthNews : Huffington Post

Some folks are fine with humble Heinz. But for the more refined palette, nothing less than black truffle ketchup will do. Good thing you don't have to blow a paycheck at Whole Foods to get gourmet ketchup. This convenient guide from Rodale's...Show More Summary

Who you callin' ugly? Join the campaign to end food waste now!

A petition calls on Whole Foods and Wal-Mart to start selling ugly produce instead of throwing it away -- an act that can benefit everyone.

Tea Sommeliers Are The Hot New Thing In Food Pairing

Which black tea goes best with blue cheese? It turns out there is an art to unlocking new flavors in your food by pairing it with tea. And a whole new breed of experts has risen up to spread the word.

Overcharged for Groceries? 5 Ways to Keep Stores Honest

Getty Images By Liane Starr Whole Foods is facing fines in New York City for regularly overcharging customers by skewing the price per pound on packaged items -- and this isn't an isolated problem. Earlier this year Target shelled out...Show More Summary

Polar Loop 2 lets you work out in style

It goes without saying that we would like to remain fit and mobile for as long as we live, and a whole lot of our future bearings do lie in our decisions today – the kind of food which we partake in, as well as making sure that we get an adequate amount of exercise, and then some. In the past, most of us just keep track of the distance...

6 Keys to Turn Your Creativity Into Wealth

We are reaching a whole new level in this human game. How we've understood human development and psychology is changing. Heard of Maslow's hierarchy of needs? At the base are all the things we need to survive, food, shelter, etc. We need to feel safe and have a place. Show More Summary

FYF Fest announces fifth stage, more food options, 2 a.m. closing time

last monthHealth : Booster Shots

Born as a ramshackle punk rock festival in 2004, the FYF Fest in 2015 will be a whole other beast altogether if founder Sean Carlson has anything to say about it. Yes, guitars will still be loud, but few expect much moshing when headliners including soul singer Frank Ocean and British crooner Morrissey...

Meatless Monday: Steak Chefs go Meatless for Culinary Clash

Three dishes, two competing South Beach steak chefs, one hour, no meat -- this was the challenge at last week's Culinary Clash at Whole Foods in Coral Gables, Florida. At the top of the hour, the emcee revealed the secret ingredient -- wild mushrooms -- and the surprise rule -- meat was off the menu. Show More Summary

CounterPunch: Whole Foods Exploits Prison Labor

Ben Norton, CounterPunch: Whole Foods CEO John Mackey, whose net worth exceeds $100 million, is a fervent proselytizer on behalf of "conscious capitalism."... Mackey's company Whole Foods, which has a $13 billion and growing annual revenue, sells overpriced fish, milk, and gourmet cheeses cultivated by inmates in U.S. Show More Summary

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