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The Enduring Wisdom of Julian Simon

Last week, the World Bank updated its commodity database, which tracks the price of commodities going back to 1960. Over the last 55 years, the world’s population has increased by 143 percent. Over the same time period, real average annual per capita income in the world rose by 163 percent. Show More Summary

Australians Join Global Protest Against Laws To Weaken Encryption

A “backdoor” to allow access to any encrypted file — including personal conversations, medical and banking records — will be created if laws proposed in countries around the world are passed, according to the Electronic Frontiers Association (EFA). More »      

Global Growth Forecast Causes Concern

The World Bank has reduced its forecast for global growth for a third year in a row due to weakness in the developing world. Global markets hit a rough patch in the beginning of 2016 due to weak Chinese data, the fall of currencies in emerging-markets, decreased stock prices, and an increase in the value of the U.S. Show More Summary

Gartman: "In Our Retirement Funds We Shifted To Modestly Net Short, We Have Had No Choice"

In a world of sheer confusion and pervasive central bank intervention, there is one immovable force of stability and direction: Dennis Gartman. Here is his latest: SHARE PRICE CONTINUE THEIR PARLOUS, GLOBAL WEAKNESS as all ten of the...Show More Summary

WWE Latest News: Diva Sasha Banks Injured? Manager Paul Heyman Reveals Plans For Brock Lesnar

World Wrestling Entertainment diva Sasha Banks is reportedly the most recent addition to the current injured list of wrestlers.

Old Spice: Whale

“Is there a limit to how much living I can make with my life?” Old Spice’s eccentric commercial for its Dirt Destroyer body wash tells the tale of a man who broke the world limit to coolness. And his bank account.

Elizabeth Banks Is Making A Movie Based On Mrs. Claus, And We Are So In

They holidays may have come to an end, but that in no way, shape, or form means we have to put away our Christmas movies anytime soon. As arguably the biggest single holiday in the world, Christmas has developed into its own film genre over the years, producing timeless classics as well as some genuinely terrible flops. Show More Summary

How the Fed Tightened

Back in August, we explained in our blog the mechanics of how the Fed can tighten policy in today's world of abundant bank reserves. Now that the first policy tightening under the new framework is behind us, we can review how the Fed...Show More Summary

The Hedge Fund Known As The Swiss National Bank Posts A Record $23 Billion Loss, Down 4%, On EUR, AAPL, VRX

To some it is the independent and impartial Swiss National Bank; to others it is the world's biggest hedge fund with $584 billion in assets or about the same as the Swiss GDP, whose former chief suddenly resigned in 2012 following a family FX trading scandal. Show More Summary

The most brilliant China analyst in the world says the government has a 'new playbook'

China started 2016 with two mini stock market crashes and a 0.5% currency devaluation. So it should come as no surprise that Charlene Chu, an analyst known the world-over for making sense of China's complex shadow banking system, has a grim outlook for the year. Her reports are considered one of Wall Street's most valuable commodities. Show More Summary

The latest in gadgets: YouTube way bullish on digital video

YouTube's chief business officer is banking on virtual reality video, original programming and music videos to keep the world of digital video growing. Joining him on stage was music manager Scooter Braun, who discovered Justin Bieber from his YouTube videos and recognized a hit in "Gangnam Style" long before it became the first video to garner a billion views on the site.

Signs of Global Crisis: World Stocks See Worst-Ever Beginning of the Year

As the Chinese central bank has evaluated state currency and oil prices have reached a 12-year low, concerns that the new global economic crisis is unwinding arouse, US media reported citing economic experts.

Emerging-economy growth: Doom-laden headlines off the mark

If you just read the headlines, you would get the impression that 2016 was going to be a shocking year for the emerging economies. In reporting the World Bank's just-published forecasts, the Financial Times headline was 'Grim year forecast...Show More Summary

World Bank: TPP Trade Deal to Benefit Vietnam, Japan, Malaysia Most by 2030

The US-backed Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) free trade deal is set to provide economic impetus predominantly to Vietnam, Japan and Malaysia among other parties to the agreement by 2030, a Global Economic Prospects report showed.

A triple threat to global growth

A number of factors could undermine the World Bank’s forecast for global economic growth.

World Bank Lowers Forecast for Global Economic Growth in 2016 to 2.9%

The World Bank has lowered its forecast for the global economic growth in 2016 from previously expected 3.3 percent to 2.9 percent, the organization said in a statement on Wednesday.

Russian Economy to Grow by 1.3% in 2017 - World Bank

The Russian economy will see a 1.3-percent growth in 2017, the World Bank said in its new report Wednesday.

World Bank cuts global growth forecasts

World Bank cuts forecasts for the third straight year on disappointing growth.

World Bank Trims Global Growth Forecast

When it rains, it pours in this crummy week of market news. The World Bank on Wednesday afternoon cut its forecast for global economic growth for the third straight year. The World Bank forecast global economic growth of 2.9% in 2016, up from 2.6% last year but below an earlier estimate of 3.3%. Here’s the […]

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