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A new Google service will let you pay people instantly from your phone, like Venmo (GOOG)

Google is planning to introduce a new set of payment products, including a peer-to-peer service that allows users to send money to each other directly from their smartphones, The New York Times reported Wednesday. The service sounds similar to Venmo, which is now owned by PayPal. Show More Summary

Google can now answer your questions before you finish asking them

Google’s instant search suggestions are about to get a better. An update, which is rolling out now, shows answers to short questions directly in the autocomplete options as you type them. A query like “when did Hawaii become a state?” shows the answer in the suggestions dropdown. Show More Summary

Here's one sign that Snapchat is dominating Facebook and Google when it comes to instant messaging (FB, GOOG)

Here's yet another sign of Snapchat's meteoric success. In the UK, Snapchat accounts for 75% of all instant messaging data, according to the CEO of mobile carrier Vodafone. We first spotted the stat on Digital Trends. Here's what Vodafone...Show More Summary

Google Tone Allows You To Instantly Share Through Audible Sounds

Google has launched a new Chrome extension called Google Tone that brings you a new way to share or broadcast your urls to nearby computers. Google Tone browser extension that lets Chrome use the computer’s speakers to produce a special sound signature for other computers’ microphones to identify as a URL. Show More Summary

Google Tone sings to share with nearby devices

Tools like email and instant messaging have made it easy for us to share information with people around the world. It can still be overly complicated to share something with people in the same room as us though. Google Tone allows users...Show More Summary

N-Word Search On Google Maps Leads To The White House, Fuels Racism Outrage

At the time of writing, if you search using a racist term on Google Maps, you will be instantly led to the White House, “iconic” home of President Barack Obama. Yes, one of America’s most revered buildings comes up as the sole result of an n-word search. Show More Summary

Christopher Li: ‘People have become used to instant gratification with products, services and data’

"With companies like Google, Apple and Amazon, people have become used to instant gratification with products, services and data," Li notes. "But real estate is so local and always changing that agents and brokers will always be a necessity."...

Be among the first to download the Periscope Android App

You can be among the first to download the new Periscope for Android App from the Google Play Store by following these simple steps for the company's instant e-mail notification.

Google adds real-time tweets to mobile web and iOS app search results

Following up on Google’s agreement with Twitter to instantly add tweets to web search results, the duo announced today that users on mobile devices will start seeing real-time Twitter results as well. The feature is available in the Google app on iOS or Google’s mobile website, and is expected to make its way to the desktop […]

Om Malik: ‘On Mobile, Slow Speeds Kill’

Om Malik: Whatever you might think about Facebook Instant Articles, they have refocused our attention on the importance of architecting apps and experiences with network performance and speed — something Google made us aware of 11 years ago. ?

Playing leapfrog and werewolf with Google and Facebook

First Google made its friendship pact with eight old, European publishers, vowing to innovate together. Then Facebook leapfrogged Google — by a considerable distance — launching its Instant Articles with nine publishers, old world and new, inviting them into its mobile News Feed and helping them make money to boot. Now it’s Google’s turn to […]

People are seriously discussing whether Facebook might be the end of the web as we know it (FB, GOOG)

If you want a really interesting and/or frightening take on how Facebook's new Instant Articles feature might change the web, head over to Danny Sullivan's column on MarketingLand. Sullivan is a longtime observer of Google and the search world. Show More Summary

Pre-Registration For Apps And Games Goes Live On Google Play Store

Whenever a hot new product arrives on the market people line up for hours to get their hands on it, what if you were waiting for a new app and games and would want to get in line so that you could instantly get it as soon as it wentShow More Summary

You Can Now Order Food Delivery Through Google Search Results On Your Phone

An empty belly and no desire to cook is no problem in an age of instant, Internet-fueled gratification, and now Google is taking another step out of the occasion. Anyone searching for food or restaurants nearby for delivery or takeout using the search engine on their phone will now see an option to “Place an order” next to some results.… [More]

Google Actually Recommends That You Use Messenger for SMS Over Hangouts

For months, we were confused as to why Google created and introduced their own Messenger app when we were all expecting Google Hangouts to become the standard for all messaging needs throughout Google’s services. From instant messaging to texting and MMS to in-document chats, Hangouts is supposed to be the guy (or gal). Show More Summary

Google Now Integrates 70 More Partner Apps, Including Zipcar And Spotify

Google Now is an essential tool for most of the smartphone users, as it enables instant searches. In the latest development, cards in Google Now will fetch you all the information at the correct time and guess what, you don’t have to do anything to set it. Show More Summary

Can't find your phone? Google it

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Now you can simply type "find my phone" into the Google search bar to instantly locate your Android smartphone

Android Apps Install Links Available Directly From Google Search

Google has added a new feature to its search engine which will enable users to download apps featured in search results. Not only will this make it easier for users to instantly download apps that they’ve searched for, it’s likely to...Show More Summary

Clever new Google search trick will instantly locate your Android phone

Google this week made it easier than ever to find your missing Android phone. All you have to do is search Google for “Find my phone” and Google will locate your device and give you the option of having it ring at full volume. You’ll...Show More Summary

Google HR boss says asking these questions will instantly improve your job interviews

Managers may want to keep interviews conversational or unique — asking weird questions like "What was the last costume you wore?" — but you'll be doing both yourself and the candidate a disservice, says Google's SVP of People Operations...Show More Summary

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