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Samsung TVs, Apple Watches, iPads, Xbox Ones sell like crazy to Black Friday online shoppers

Increasingly, consumers are opting to do Black Friday from the comfort of their their phones, tablets and PCs. Online sales for Black Friday were up 21.5% over last year, according to IBM. Between Black Friday and Thanksgiving, online shoppers spent about $4.5 billion, with 60% – $2.72 billion – spent on Black Friday itself, according to Adobe. Show More Summary

Here's what we'd like to see in the iPad Pro 2 (AAPL)

The iPad Pro is a good first generation device. The hardware is good, the software can cope, and the accessories are above average (even if they take five weeks to arrive). Overall, the reviews were positive, with praise coming from everyone who tried the device, even if it can't replace your laptop just yet. Show More Summary

Analyst: The iPad Pro won't save Apple's falling tablet sales (AAPL)

The iPad Pro may struggle to turn around falling iPad sales, according to research firm Strategy Analytics. The iPad currently has 22% of the tablet marketshare in 2015 which will grow just 1% by 2019. The iPad Pro, which has a 12.9-inch screen, is aimed at creative professionals and businesses. Show More Summary

The 'Apple of China' has made a Windows 10 tablet

Xiaomi, the "Apple of China," has launched a Windows 10 tablet, called the Mi Pad 2, at an event in Beijing. The device, which has been described as an "iPad mini that runs Windows 10," has a 7.9-inch screen, an 8 megapixel camera, a...Show More Summary

Here's how many giant iPad Pros Apple could sell (AAPL)

Investment bank RBC Capital Markets has released a note that predicts Apple will sell three million iPad Pro tablets, around one million per month, after its release in November. The main aim of the Pro is to boost the overall sales of the iPad line which have fallen at dramatic rates over the past years, dropping to below 10 million in Q4 2015. Show More Summary

There's a big problem with the iPad Pro that could ruin its main selling point (AAPL)

Developers are becoming unhappy with a lack of features in the iOS App Store, and they feel it's preventing them from making iPad Pro apps, The Verge reports. Some of the missing features include a free trial option for apps as well better...Show More Summary

Everything Apple does can be explained by this one simple question

This has been a huge year for Apple, the most valuable company in the world, with the launch of three major products: The Apple Watch, Apple Music, and the massive iPad Pro tablet. Despite the hype, all three of those products earned mixed reactions. Show More Summary

People are not happy with the iPad Pro's launch (AAPL)

iPad Pro customers are not happy with Apple after shipping times for the Pencil and Smart Keyboard have slipped to over a month in both the UK and US.  Ben Thompson, an analyst who writes a daily email update on technology, described...Show More Summary

Apple admitted there's a problem with the iPad Pro (AAPL)

Apple has published a document saying the company is aware of complaints over an issue with the new iPad Pro, The Register reports. As we reported on Wednesday, multiple customers are complaining on Apple's support forums that their new device stops working when they connect it to a charger. Show More Summary

The iPad Pro is great, but the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is better for most people (AAPL, MSFT)

This holiday shopping season, both Microsoft and Apple have tablets that they claim can replace your laptop. I've used both the Apple iPad Pro, which starts at $799, and the Microsoft Surface Pro 4, which starts at $899, extensively at this point. Show More Summary

People are stealing the iPad Pro's Pencil from Apple Stores (AAPL)

Some people are reportedly stealing the Apple Pencil accessory that launched alongside the iPad Pro, according to various reports across the web.  The Pencil is a $99 (£79) stylus accessory that can be used to draw on the 12.9-inch iPad Pro. Show More Summary

The iPad Pro has big spaces for speakers that could have been used to fit a larger battery in (AAPL)

The iPad Pro has four big speakers which, according to the iFixit teardown, take up space that could have been used for battery. Every time Apple releases a new device, iFixit tears it down, taking a look inside and seeing what's what. Show More Summary

Microsoft's Surface Pro 4 has a slightly better screen than the iPad Pro (MSFT, AAPL)

DisplayMate has published a report examining the quality of the 12.9-inch iPad Pro's display across key areas, including colour accuracy, screen reflectence, and viewing angle performance. Overall, the iPad Pro scored an A- with ratings...Show More Summary

There's a weird glitch with the software on the iPad Pro (AAPL)

If you're having trouble using the iPad Pro's software keyboard you aren't alone, 9to5Mac reports. A strange oversight by Apple means that the auto-capitalisation feature and the Pro's new keyboard layout don't work well together, causing typos. Show More Summary

Jony Ive explained why Apple did a U-turn on making a stylus (AAPL)

Apple chief design officer, Jony Ive, sat down for an interview with Wallpaper Magazine and revealed why the company did a U-turn on making a stylus, something Steve Jobs famously decried. The iPad Pro comes with a Pencil, an electronic stylus that is aimed at those who draw. Show More Summary

Some people are complaining that Apple's giant new iPad Pro stops working when connected to a charger cable (AAPL)

Apple customers are complaining that some units of the giant-sized iPad Pro are experiencing an issue that causes the device to stop working when it's being charged. Phone Arena reports that the only way to fix the iPad Pro when it freezes during charging is to hold down the power button and home button at the same time in order to reset the device. Show More Summary

This simple diagram explains how Apple thinks about its strategy

Last week, I took a trip down to Apple's Cupertino headquarters to pick up the iPad Pro tablet I've been using for the past several days. In the course of conversation, we asked a representative from the Apple iPad development team if he thought a lot of people would end up buying the iPad Pro rather than a new MacBook. Show More Summary

'Absolute failure': People are not happy with the iPad Pro's launch (AAPL)

iPad Pro customers are not happy with Apple after shipping times for the Pencil and Smart Keyboard, two accessories that were demoed heavily alongside the tablet, have slipped to over a month in both the UK and US.  Ben Thompson, anShow More Summary

Tim Cook says that Apple will never make a combined MacBook and iPad (AAPL)

Apple CEO Tim Cook has said in an interview with The Irish Independent that Apple will never make a "converged" MacBook and iPad as the experience would be a "compromise" for users. "We feel strongly that customers are not really looking...Show More Summary

I tried Apple's new gigantic iPad Pro and was pleasantly surprised — but it's not for everyone (AAPL)

If you look at the Apple iPad Pro as a laptop replacement, you're going to come away disappointed. But if you're looking for a big, beautiful iPad with a great stylus and awesome performance, this may be the tablet for you. Even then,...Show More Summary

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