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Microsoft just made the iPad an even harder sell (MSFT, AAPL)

People just aren’t buying iPads right now, and Microsoft just gave potential customers an even tougher decision: Buy a baseline iPad for $500, or buy a new Surface 3 computer, which comes the full Windows experience, for the same price? Microsoft unveiled its new Surface tablet-laptop hybrid on Tuesday. Show More Summary

Alleged photos of Apple’s giant iPad might reveal a second port (AAPL)

Apple’s next iPad might have two ports, if these images first spotted by (via Apple Insider) are legitimate. The photos clearly show an iPad — complete with Apple logo, rear camera and volume buttons on the side — but the model shown here curiously lacks mute controls, and it also reveals a small opening on the side of the tablet. Show More Summary

Become a modern day rockstar with the Jamstik Wireless Smart Guitar [$100 off]

Meet the guitar for the modern day rockstar. The Jamstik Wireless Smart Guitar feels and performs like a normal guitar, but you hook it up to an iPad to use Apple music apps. This gadget guitar is easy to set up and doesn't require any tuning. Show More Summary

Here's why Apple's iPad business is sinking

Apple's on top of the world right now, with strong sales across all its product lines — save for the iPad. Sales of the iPad have hit a wall, and while lots of people have different theories as to why that's the case, Credit Suisse analyst Kulbinder Garcha believes there's a simple answer: Large phones are to blame. Show More Summary

Why the iPad business is cratering, in one chart (AAPL)

Just about everything is going well for Apple right now. The iPhone business is booming for Apple, Mac sales are strong, and people are getting excited about the Apple Watch. The stock is up. Apple is getting a new, glowing story in the press on a weekly basis. Show More Summary

Microsoft is about to solve the problem that sank the first Surface tablet (MSFT)

Microsoft is working on a Surface device, a new l0w-end tablet that will succeed the discontinued Surface 2 and compete more directly against Apple's iPad, reports WinBeta. But this tablet fixes a big problem with the earlier versions:...Show More Summary

The most beautiful iPhone calendar app is now available for your Mac

Fans of popular (and beautiful) iPhone/iPad calendaring app Fantastical 2, rejoice: After a four-year wait from the original Fantastical, the second version is available for Apple Mac OS X Yosemite computers today. And it's looking good. Show More Summary

Every British MP is being given a free iPad (AAPL)

Every British MP is to be given a free iPad after the General Election in May, the Telegraph reports. It's part of a "hardware refresh" to ensure that politicians have the latest tools to do their job. All 605 MPs will receive a new iPad Air 2, the latest tablet device from Apple, along with a laptop (we don't know what brand yet). Show More Summary

21 of the most expensive iPhone and iPad apps in the world (AAPL)

If you think $10 is too much money for an app, you won't even consider downloading anything on this list. While the App Store is full of great apps that are inexpensive or free, there are also a handful that cost hundreds of dollars....Show More Summary

Tim Cook explains how Apple decides which new products to work on next (AAPL)

Apple enters new product categories with purpose, often opting to forego the title of "first" for a chance to be deemed "the best" instead. That was the case with the iPod in 2001, the iPhone in 2007, the iPad in 2009, and it could turn out to be true for the Apple Watch in 2015. Show More Summary

Tim Cook has a theory for why the Apple Watch will be a hit (AAPL)

Every time Apple gets ready to dabble in a new product category, we hear the same stuff: It's going to flop. It's going to fail. Why would anyone need this? That was the story with the iPod, iPhone, and iPad, three products that went on to be very successful. Show More Summary

The clever way Apple was able to trademark the 'iPad' name while keeping the product a secret (AAPL)

One of the key legal steps technology companies take before releasing a new product is securing the trademark for its name. That can be tricky for a company like Apple, famous for developing products under complete secrecy. This means...Show More Summary

The Apple Watch launch may be more than 12x as large as the iPad launch

This is a post from Above Avalon, a new site from Neil Cybart, an analyst who previously commented on our site under the name Sammy The Walrus IV. You can sign up for his Apple newsletter here. With an aggressive nine country launchShow More Summary

A drawing app for iPad raised $30 million

FiftyThree, the team behind the critically acclaimed Paper sketching app, has raised a $30 million Series B round led by Dayna Grayson of New Enterprise Associates (NEA). Georg Pettschnigg, FiftyThree's CEO and co-founder, says the new...Show More Summary

London police are going to abandon their notebooks in favour of iPads (AAPL)

For more than 100 years, UK police have been using pen and paper to take crime reports from members of the public. That may be about to come to an end. London's Metropolitan Police force wants to extend its trial of using iPads to fight crime. Show More Summary

Learn to build your own Apple Watch apps with this $19 course [93% off]

The final details about the Apple Watch were officially released on Monday. The Apple Watch — just like the iPhone and iPad — will have apps on it. If you are already brainstorming ideas for the next big hit, this is your chance to get ahead of the curve and learn how to build apps for this gadget. Show More Summary

Apple's giant iPad may come with a feature some Android and Windows tablets have had for a while (AAPL)

Apple is reportedly delaying production of its long-rumored 12.9-inch iPad because it's considering adding more productivity-focused features, The Wall Street Journal reports. This could include a USB 3.0 port and the option to connect a keyboard and mouse to the device. Show More Summary

Apple reportedly delays production of a larger iPad (AAPL)

Apple is postponing production of a larger iPad until September, Tim Culpan and Tim Higgins at Bloomberg report. They say Apple planned to produce a 12.9-inch iPad starting this quarter. However, supply issues have pushed back Apple's schedule. Show More Summary

Apple's next iPhone may come with a feature that could anger wireless carriers (AAPL)

Apple is considering shipping its next iPhone with its own Apple SIM card, which was announced for the iPad Air 2 last October, according to a new report from Apple Insider. The blog claims to have spoken with a source familiar with the matter that provided reliable information in the past. Show More Summary

The best screen protectors for your Apple iPhones and iPads [up to 51% off]

Cracked phone screens are the worst. But good news: we've found some great screen protectors to keep all your Apple products looking as good as new. These "Tech Armor" screen protectors are made of precise laser-cut tempered glass. They'll help keep your phone and tablet from getting scratched up after high impact drops. Show More Summary

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