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READ IN: Too Good To Be True Edition

Do you Read In? Sign up today and get all the political news you need, from Capitol Hill and beyond, delivered right to your inbox every day! -- The vastly different electorates that turn out in midterms and presidential elections have created a boom-and-bust cycle that makes control of the U.S. Senate a tenuous proposition […]

Supreme Court Won't Consider Challenge To Wisconsin Voter ID Law

2 months agoNews : Huffington Post

WASHINGTON -- The Supreme Court declined to hear a challenge to Wisconsin's voter identification law Monday, though it had blocked the state from requiring photo IDs ahead of November’s midterm election. The decision is a setback for...Show More Summary

Republicans Are Making Obama Popular Again

This isn't exactly Oprah levels of adulation or anything, but President Obama's Gallup approval ratings have been rising steadily ever since Republicans won the midterm elections last year. He's been bouncing around positive territory...Show More Summary

The Congressional Republican ‘Freak Show’

by Lee Olivas Let’s ALL go back to the last midterm elections. Remember? Democratic candidates did an about face adopting an amnesia condition of “Barack Obama who?” It was a pathetic display of cowardice by the spineless progressives vying for Congress who would have fared better had they stood firm in their support of President Obama’s [...]

Here Are the Youngest Members of Congress

New York Republican Elise Stefanik (age 30) became the youngest woman in American history to be elected to Congress during November's midterm elections. When the 114th Congress convened in January, she also became its youngest member. Although Rep. Show More Summary

A reminder that Democrats still need unions for campaign cash

Unions are taking a firm stand against President Obama's trade negotiations in the Pacific by refusing to make any campaign donations to lawmakers, Melanie Trottman writes in The Wall Street Journal. "In the 2014 midterm elections, unions—the...Show More Summary

West Virginia GOP passes Fetal Pain Bill

After the midterm elections, where the Republicans took control of both chambers of the state legislature in West Virginia, they worked on passing this bill and overrode the governor’s veto.

Obama’s Trip to Red States Too Little, Far Too Late

It seems that Obama is trying to curry favor with the very voters he ignored during the midterm elections, where Democrats were pummeled by Republicans. Is it a legacy play?

CitizenLink Report: Changing Election Outcomes

Your support for CitizenLink helped change the outcome of the election. Together with our association of family policy councils, we identified pro-family voters who may not have otherwise shown up for a midterm election. We’ve learned that when people know the difference between candidates on the social issues, they are far more likely to turn […]

Is a Bolder President Obama Emerging Like a Phoenix From the Ashes of the Midterms, Instead of a Lame Duck?

Like the swallows returning noisily to Capistrano each spring, Congress has returned to D.C. following another midterm election, this time with the Republicans firmly in charge and already imposing their will on the legislative agenda, as will be the case for the next two years at least. Show More Summary

The Insiders: The GOP “purist caucus” grows

Before the 2014 midterms elections, there were around thirty intransigent members of the House Republican “purist caucus” who made life tough for Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio).  Republicans have been in the majority in the House since 2011, but Boehner frequently didn’t have a majority when it came to the hard votes.  The conventional thinking was […]

The president and the press

the 2014 midterm elections was not a time of celebration for the losing Democrats, and the White House press corps was determined to get the party’s most senior member on the record about what was surely a disappointing night for the president. Ten reporters were given the chance to ask questions during the 74-minute press conference, and seven of...

How John Boehner Can End Republicans' Shutdown Addiction

After the Republican Party won big in the midterm elections, National Review published an editorial, “The Governing Trap,” arguing that the new GOP Congress should not even bother trying to govern. “The

The Required Metaphysical Metamorphosis of Debbie Wasserman Schultz and the DNC

There was a report last week that the Democratic Party, which is coming off a huge midterm defeat in the recent congressional elections, is doing some soul-searching. The Democratic National Committee released a preliminary report from...Show More Summary

Are Republicans Destined to be 21st Century Whigs?

Republican victories in the recent midterm elections that gave it majorities in both houses of Congress obscure the fact that it is a party in decline. It currently possesses a political trajectory that could place it along side theShow More Summary

Obama Calls Out America's Dismal Voter Turnout: 'Why Are You Staying Home?'

3 months agoNews : Huffington Post

President Barack Obama urged Americans frustrated with the lack of progress on immigration reform to voice their discontent at the ballot box, lamenting the dismal turnout in last November's midterm elections. Speaking Wednesday during...Show More Summary

Overused Management Bromide Now The Exclusive Property Of Carly Fiorina, Apparently

3 months agoNews : Huffington Post

Those who closely followed the 2014 midterm elections were treated to any number of compelling stories about candidates poaching one another's ideas and passing them off as their own. Well, here in the early stirrings of the 2016 campaign,...Show More Summary

Voter Challenges Marco Rubio On Immigration During Town Hall

3 months agoNews : Huffington Post

HOLLIS, N.H. (AP) — Back in New Hampshire for the first time since the midterm elections, it didn't take long for Sen. Marco Rubio to get a question about immigration. Speaking to a group of about 50 people in a wooden barn in the southern...Show More Summary

New Republican Congress is a Dangerous Failure

Give us a majority, and we'll show you what the GOP can do. That was the basic sales premise of the midterm elections. Controlling both chambers of Congress, Republicans would show Americans that their party is a governing party. NoShow More Summary

Report: 2014 Midterms Had More Money And Fewer Donors

A new report from the Center for Responsive Politics shows that after all the spending is calculated the 2014 midterm elections were the most expensive in history and had a fewer number of donors than the previous midterm. The slow but steady march to plutocracy continued as fewer and fewer donors gave more and more. [...]

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