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Obama and the G.O.P.’s Red Sea

Coming after the drubbing Democrats received in last year’s midterms, Tuesday was another bad Election Day for the Party. In Kentucky’s gubernatorial race, Matt Bevin, a Tea Party Republican who made rolling back the state’s participation...Show More Summary

A Very Unhappy Electorate

A new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll finds just 27% of voters believe the country is headed on the right track, which is identical to where it stood right before the Nov. 2014 midterm elections. Key takeaways: “Fifty-four percent think [...]

See Photos of House Speaker John Boehner’s Career

Former House Speaker John Boehner officially retired from politics in October. First elected in the midterm Republican wave in 1994, Boehner played a part in then-Speaker Newt Gingrich’s revolution, then saw his quick rise to the stop falter when he lost his position as chairman of the House Republican Conference in 1998. Rather than leave…

Support for Tea Party Hits New Low

Gallup: “Americans’ support for the Tea Party has dropped to its lowest level since the movement emerged on the national political scene prior to the 2010 midterm elections. Seventeen percent of Americans now consider themselves Tea Party supporters, and a [...]

“Political nonprofit spent nearly 100 percent of funds to elect Tillis in ’14”

Robert Maguire for the Center for Responsive Politics: A social welfare group called Carolina Rising spent 97 percent of the money it raised in the 2014 midterm elections — nearly $5 million — running ads that helped Sen. Thom Tillis … Continue reading ?

Political nonprofit spent nearly 100 percent of funds to elect Tillis in ’14

A social welfare group called Carolina Rising spent 97 percent of the money it raised in the 2014 midterm elections — nearly $5 million — running ads that helped Sen. Thom Tillis (R-N.C.) defeat the incumbent Democrat that cycle. The group, formed by political operative Dallas Woodhouse in late March 2014, did virtually nothing else.…

“ANALYSIS New Brief: The 2014 Voting Experience”

Pew: Pew today released a brief documenting the results of a series of surveys with voters about their expectations and practices during the 2014 midterm elections. The survey found that many voters spend less time waiting at the polls than they … Continue reading ?

New research has uncovered a surprising factor that helps people vote. And it involves marshmallows.

Voter turnout in the United States is low. In last year’s midterm elections, only 36 percent of eligible voters turned out. Voter turnout is also unequal: educated, wealthier, and older voters are much more likely to vote. These patterns shape the election outcomes we see and the public policies that get implemented. Unfortunately, most approaches […]

Big moments in Boehner's nearly 5 years as House speaker

The Republicans captured control of the House in the 2010 midterm elections, propelled by the birth of the tea party and anger at President Barack Obama. In 2011, Boehner and Obama met secretly in hopes of negotiating a "grand bargain"...Show More Summary

GOP Senators Up for Reelection Are Not Happy About a Potential Shutdown

Republican Senate candidates campaigning in 2014 had a great advantage; since it was a midterm election, potential voters leaned conservative and were mostly unimpressed with the current Democratic president. As a result, Democratic senators who were elected in 2008 — a year with some impressive Democratic coattails — had an... More »

Youth Apathy: The Problem Is in the Question, Not the Answer

Young people have a terrible reputation for not having political convictions or speaking out about them. Only 45 percent of 18 to 29 year olds voted in the 2012 election and less than 20 percent went to the polls in the 2014 midterms--the lowest number in the past 40 years. Show More Summary

The Black Box: Voting Machines

Computer Vote Tampering and Vote Counting Irregularities The 2014 midterm election results may have been a complete farce. All it takes is one insider who knows how to flip a switch and the outcome changes. When it comes to voting, should...Show More Summary

Fox's Charles Payne Embraces Jobs Trutherism: "We Know 5.3 Percent Unemployment Is A BS Number"

From the September 1 edition of Fox News' Your World with Neil Cavuto: Previously: On Eve Of Midterm Election, Hannity Declares Unemployment Rate "A Lie"Fox Pushes Jobs Trutherism In Anticipation Of October Jobs Report

Black Box Voting: Voter Intimidation

Hard to believe, but true. Voters are flat-out intimidated to come to the polls. During the 2014 midterms, incumbent Mitch McConnell sent out warnings to Kentucky voters that read: ELECTION VIOLATION NOTICE. You are at risk of acting...Show More Summary

Competition / Town Meeting Hall (New England) / AIA Vermont Emerging Professionals

TOWN MEETING HALL is the 3rd annual competition organized by AIA Vermont Emerging Professionals Network. COMPETITION BRIEF Only 35.9% of eligible voters in the U.S. cast ballots during the 2014 midterm elections. That was both the lowest turnout and the biggest drop from a preceding presidential election since 1952. Show More Summary

What the Black Lives Matter campaign gets wrong

HECKLING politicians is rarely an effective form of advocacy. In the midterm elections advocates for illegal immigrants heckled Barack Obama—and mostly were shouted down. But at a series of recent political events, protesters standing up to shout that “black lives matter” have been causing ripples in the Democratic presidential-primary race. Show More Summary

This Pastor May Run For The Senate -- And Help Turn Georgia Blue

WASHINGTON -- Rev. Raphael Warnock has been arrested while advocating for Medicaid expansion and inspired black parishioners to go to the polls during last year's midterm elections as part of the "Souls to the Polls" movement. Now, he's...Show More Summary

Why political journalists shouldn’t report on internal polling

In the waning days of the 2014 midterm elections, as the political sands shifted decidedly away from many Democratic candidates, The New York Times published a roundup of the party’s decisions to abandon races once considered competitive to shore up vulnerable incumbents. Show More Summary

Before He Was America's Wacky Uncle, Joe Biden Was a Tough-on-Crime Hardliner

"Hillary and I both feel a special indebtedness for the friendship and the leadership of Joe Biden," Bill Clinton said during a November 1994 campaign rally in Wilmington, Del., the evening before the midterm elections. "Without him, there would have been no crime bill this year. Show More Summary

Hillary Clinton’s First Campaign Ads Focus on Her Mom

Parents were the hot accessory in campaign ads during last year's midterm elections, and it looks like the trend will continue in the 2016 race. Last month Chris Christie launched his campaign with a video about how his mother made him the straight-talking man he is today, and on Sunday... More »

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