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Midnight Oil reunites, plots 2017 worldwide tour

Forget about the odd fact that your beds are burning. How can sleep knowing Midnight Oil is reuniting? “We wanted you to be the first to know that the five of us are planning to do some gigs in Australia and overseas during 2017,” the Aussie band RELATED POST PROFILESHARE

The Who Hits 50 review: Still wizards in Minneapolis tour stop

High on the bucket list of Stuck in the '80s has been seeing a concert by The Who, but as fate would have it, I keep missing opportunities to catch them live. However, our Minnesota correspondent Dr. Dim is a huge fan who refuses to let obstacles get in the way of him and a good time. Here's Dr. Dim's review …

Red 7 captured the heart beat of 'Miami Vice' with this tune

One complaint you hear about popular music is that it all sounds the same. Well, sometimes even the '80s were not immune from that criticism. Today we visit the '80s movie Manhunter and the song Heartbeat by Peter Gabriel - no wait, it's Red 7.

'Flight of the Navigator' star arrested for bank robbery

It’s been a while since we’ve had a “hall of shame” news item on Stuck in the ‘80s. Ah, how we almost miss the old days of Boy George on work release. But relief is at hand because Former child actor Deleriyes Joe Cramer has been charged with robbing a bank in Canada.Cramer is probably best known …

How a baby boomer really ought to eat

If case you need help, here are five easy ways to decrease your portions. The post How a baby boomer really ought to eat appeared first on BoomerCafe.

The winds of WWIII were on David Bowie's mind with this forgotten tune

By now, the news of the death of David Bowie has sunk in or maybe we are just numb as the celebrity death toll of 2016 continues to assault our pop culture. One of the most intriguing observations on the internet was the variety of Bowie songs people played in paying tribute to the Thin White Duke. One …

32 years later, 16 things you didn’t know about '16 Candles'

Oh, sexy girlfriend! Today is the 32nd anniversary of the release of Sixteen Candles. That calls for a celebration. Maybe we get Jake Ryan to throw a party at his place. Rumor is his parents are out of town, plus if his girlfriend Caroline Mulford gets drunk again, maybe we can go through with that plan to lop off half her hair.

Cereals From Beyond VIII: Healthy Cereals!

More cereals that you can’t buy anymore. BECAUSE THEY’RE DEAD. Fruit & Fibre 1982, Post Not to be confused with Kellogg’s Fruit ‘n Fiber brand cereal, Fruit & Fibre ran until 2004 when it was renamed Fruit & Bran. It was finally put to bed in 2006. Fruit & Fibre initially had two variations: apples […]

Valley Girl, Night of the Comet producer Wayne Crawford dies at 69

Wayne Crawford, co-writer and produce of '80s flicks Valley Girl and Night of the Comet, has died, according to the Hollywood Reporter. He was 69.Mr. Crawford died Saturday of cancer at his home in North …

On a vision quest for a Madonna song we might have forgotten?

Call emergency services. In a rare Stuck in the '80s sighting, we unearth the one Madonna song that has been forgotten - Gambler.

Concert Review: Def Leppard & Styx (May 2, 2016)

Def Leppard w/ Styx Pensacola Bay Center Pensacola, Florida May 02, 2016 Def Leppard kicked off their 2016 summer tour last night in the Florida panhandle. The majority of the tour will feature support from Tesla & REO Speedwagon, but opening for Def Leppard last night was Styx. I was pretty bummed that Tesla wasn’t there, […]

One of the ‘80s most romantic dramas turns 30 and still no one remembers it

Quick! Name-check some of the best romantic dramas of the ‘80s. Ummmm. When Harry Met Sally. Sure. Can’t Buy Me Love? Okay. Say Anything. Yes! Somewhere in Time? You bet. But …

Three baby boomers, Singing into Retirement!

Huxtable, Christensen and Hood sang together in their youth, and they are back at it. The post Three baby boomers, Singing into Retirement! appeared first on BoomerCafe.

Dennis DeYoung reacts to Jimmy Fallon-Paul Rudd spoof of Styx video

Have you seen last week's spoof of the Styx video of Too Much Times On My Hands by Jimmy Fallon and Paul Rudd? If not, you're the only one. Even Dennis DeYoung has seen it now and is commently publicly.

Iron Man was a drummer in Tuff Turf? Yep, and here's proof

We don't have many traditions here at Lost and Found but if we do have one it's that as the summer movie season approaches (and it looks like it is here already with this weekend's release of Captain America: Civil War) we roll out a week of movies songs that remain criminally under the radar, so grab your …

Boomers grew up in the midst of the plastic money world

BoomerCafé's David Henderson on today's very risky plastic money world. The post Boomers grew up in the midst of the plastic money world appeared first on BoomerCafe.

The All-New Metal Misfit!

I’ve decided to import the entirety of my music blog, Metal Excess, over into this blog. So now I’ll be posting albums reviews in addition to rambling on about junk food and Christmas and cartoons. You’re welcome.

Resurrection Kings [Album Review]

Resurrection Kings 2016, Frontiers Records Buy the album 1. Distant Prayer 2. Livin’ Out Loud 3. Wash Away 4. Who Did You Run To 5. Fallin’ for You 6. Never Say Goodbye 7. Path of Love 8. Had Enough 9. Don’t Have to Fight No More 10. Silent Wonder 11. What You Take Band: Chas […]

Judas Priest – Battle Cry [Album Review]

Judas Priest – Battle Cry 2016, Epic Records Buy the album 1. (Intro) Battle Cry 2. Dragonaut 3. Metal Gods 4. Devil’s Child 5. Victim Of Changes 6. Halls Of Valhalla 7. Redeemer Of Souls 8. Beyond The Realms Of Death 9. Jawbreaker 10. Breaking The Law 11. Hell Bent For Leather 12. The Hellion 13. […]

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