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A new life in Havana for a baby boomer

Figueredo Véliz is capturing images of old Havana before it all changes. The post A new life in Havana for a baby boomer appeared first on BoomerCafe.

Did network TV jump the shark in 1976? Here are the year's top 25 shows

Our time machine to the year 1976 concludes today with a look at the 25 top TV shows of 1976. Many of these shows - Happy Days, Three’s Company, MASH - would continue to be chug into the early ’80s. Others - The Six Million Dollar Man and its spinoff The Bionic Woman - definitely feel like relics of …

Okay, so, it's a dog: Listen to theme song for 'Ghostbusters' movie

Fall Out Boy and Missy Elliott have crafted a new theme song for the upcoming Ghostbusters movie. And about all I can say is: Huey Lewis deserves another settlement check for this sucker. It's basically a grungy, overly-technified version of the original theme song from 1984.

This list goes on breaking our hearts: The top songs of 1976

Yesterday, I celebrated the 25 top movies of 1976 in an tragic effort to someone reclaim my childhood. Today, I do the same with the 25 top songs of 1976.Chances are few of these …

The five best vitamins for baby boomers

A health writer offers some helpful tips about vitamin supplements baby boomers. The post The five best vitamins for baby boomers appeared first on BoomerCafe.

‘80s Nostalgia stole show at Hall & Oates in Montreal

Hall & Oates and Canada aren’t two things you normally put together, but the dynamic duo is a touring force these days and this time of year, a visit up north sounds like a good idea. Our Stuck in the ‘80s Montreal correspondent Peter Ryan was on hand for Tuesday’s show at the Bell Center. Here’s his …

An ape, panther, stallion and some Bad News Bears: The top 25 movies of 1976

If only I was stuck in the ‘70s. Think of all the advantages. I’d have experienced more of the glory days of print journalism. (Pica poles! Hot lead!) I could have waxed poetically about the Ford and Carter years. And I could have seen just as many great flicks (more or less) than I did in the ‘80s. Among the top …

Oh yeah! 30 years later, we're getting a Ferris Bueller soundtrack

John Hughes movies are beloved not only for their characters but also for their music. You’re eyeing your Pretty in Pink vinyl right now, aren’t you? Okay, now browse around and find that soundtrack for Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. Can’t do it. It doesn’t really exist.Urban legend has …

All the best '80s memories have Pete Townshend eyes

Usually every Sunday evening, I sit down with YouTube and my Chromecast and dive deep into an artist's catalog and let nostalgia just get the better of me. This weekend, it was the songs of The Who in the '80s and their solo work. I knew my old friend Dr. Dim was high on The Who, so I fed him Facebook messages …

A baby boomer checks one area off his bucket list

Larry Checco's list includes “travel to places you’ve never been.” The post A baby boomer checks one area off his bucket list appeared first on BoomerCafe.

30 years later, one fan still fights for the honor of 'Karate Kid Part II'

Am I the only one out there who likes Karate Kid Part II? Released June 20, 1986, Karate Kid Part II pulls a Rocky and picks up right where Karate Kid left off - the All-Valley Karate Tournament where uber-tool John Kreese picks a fight with Mr. Miyagi after Daniel-San’s upset win over Johnny. Ah. …

Do Guys Have Guy Friends?

Friendship is very important to me and I have many friends. Sort of. Most of my friends are women; some are former lovers but most were and are truly ‘just friends’. My closest friends are scattered across the globe, from Wisconsin to Louisiana to Colorado to Hawaii to England. Show More Summary

So sad, but these '80s movie dads are just bad

You think it's easy to find "Great Dad Movies of the '80s?" Well, it's not.

Happy Father's Day

My Dad died fifteen years ago but I think about him a lot. I think he visits me when I look in the mirror, when I pick up a tool box, when I get pissed off in traffic. He is floating around my head when I try to solve a problem using logic. Show More Summary

A baby boomer’s tribute to her dad

For Marina Klima Goldberg, the influence of her late father is with her each day. The post A baby boomer’s tribute to her dad appeared first on BoomerCafe.

In and Out and In and Out

The sensation is exhilarating yet relaxing: steady, repetitive in and out and in and out. Wet, rhythmic pounding that never stops. It embraces all the senses. The sight of glistening, tan skin, the fragrance unique to this setting, the satisfying sound of the surf on the beach. Beaches are kinda sexy.

Would I Live There?

Nearly every time I visit a place I picture myself living there. I've been visiting the Outer Banks North Carolina area for thirty years and I engage in that exercise often. I even began an informal job and real estate search at oneShow More Summary

Never Found in the 80s - Trip Shakespeare

Finally, we close out our live performance week of Never Found bands playing Minneapolis' legendary nightclub First Avenue & 7th Street Entry with the band Trip Shakespeare. Trip Shakespeare was a poppy, trippy, neo-psychedelic band out of Minneapolis. Their songs were just packed with catchy hooks, but mainstream charting …

Never Found in the 80s - The Wallets

Today's Never Found live performance by a Minneapolis band at the legendary nightclub First Avenue & 7th Street Entry (sounds like an award) features the avant-garde band The Wallets. Led by artist/accordion player Steve Kramer, The Wallets have been described by the Minneapolis Star Tribune as a "mix of polka, rock, …

Nowhere To Go and All Day To Get There

The title of this post is borrowed from a Kenny Chesney song but the sentiment perfectly describes my attitude this week. I’m writing this in the family room of a beach house in Corolla, NC, with a view of the Atlantic Ocean in one direction and Currituck sound and a golf course in the other. Show More Summary

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