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What do baby boomers want?

Answers may come in many forms for a complicated generation.

Were boomers the last generation to play outdoors?

Boomers could have fun with imagination and a pile of junk or dirt.

A simple philosophy for a boomer: be kind

Larry Checco in constant search of what life is all about.

Now is the time for baby boomers to love work

Veteran career advisor Reiner Lomb says to work for personal passion.

Baggage from a boomer’s own memories of the past

Writer Karen Karlitz talks about her "baggage," and we may relate.

Signs that baby boomers are dropping the ball

Are boomers now friends of their grown children, or still parents?

Three big financial mistakes baby boomers make

Here's sound financial advice for planning your retirement.

The empowerment of baby boomer women

Essayist Diana Raab has been reflecting on the ever-increasing influence of women.

Many boomers have grown up mindful of our roots

BoomerCafé's David Henderson found inspiring lessons from his past.

A boomer wonders, “Was that my midlife crisis?

For funny man Forrest Brakeman, it was a blue 1967 Mustang.

How can a boomer know if you are really a writer

English author Chantelle Atkins details the DNA of a compelled writer.

A boomer who avoided the familiar avenues of life

Before settling down long ago, Larry Checco lived on the road and the high seas.

For this baby boomer, life is a gas. Really!

The fun and adventures of BoomerCafé contributor Linda Myers.

Sometimes there are limits to what we can do

BoomerCafé's Co-Founder and veteran journalist Greg Dobbs' view of terrorism.

Baby Boomers? Downsizing? Are you kidding?

BoomerCafé’s Ranter-in-Residence Carrier Slocomb says, Downsizing Be Damned!

For some boomers, a social game, not social media

Marcy Abloeser has found a fruitful way to spend time with friends.

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