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Baby boomers stake out claim in digital world

If you want to keep up with the kids, the grandchildren, old friends, becoming more tech smart is a necessity.

How boomers can stay at work longer

Ann Brenoff gives tips to cheer up baby boomer job chances.

How boomers can handle online dating

Linda Myers says online dating works if you do it right.

Looking into My Future Health

We are in Houston this weekend visiting Susan’s Mom and sister.  We are staying with Susan’s Mom. She lives in a beautiful senior independent living facility. It is quite interesting and a wake-up call to be around so many folks who are 15-25 years older than I. Show More Summary

Good riddance to the Confederate flag. No turning back.

Don Edwards can finally say he's proud to be from Charleston, South Carolina.

The Sequence of Returns Retirement Risk

I hope that most baby boomers who are close to retirement have developed a fundamental understanding of the “sequence of returns” risk as it applies to their retirement security. In a nutshell, the sequence of returns risk tells us that...Show More Summary

Baby boomers – This is about your sex life

Roxanne Jones say hearing loss can affect your sex life. So listen up!

Generations Politics and the 4th of July

I spent Independence Day weekend with four generations of a family that is close to me. The age range was a few months to 82. One was celebrating an 80th birthday.A few more statistics: three Democrats and 30+ Republicans. Two Marines. Show More Summary

One boomer’s list of Life’s Greatest Pleasure

Writer and editor Alan Paul is a man of lists. This is his Life’s Greatest Pleasures.

Hey boomers! It’s summertime. Time to get healthy

Certified Personal Trainer and Health Coach Rashelle Brown says just get moving!

Sixty isn’t what it used to be. Lucky boomers!

Writer Roz Warren sees many baby boomers aging with vitality.

Watching Them Cry and Sing

Bad ass music legends shedding tears over being honored, then playing their signature songs. That’s how I’d describe the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame special I’ve been watching on HBO for the last two hours. It reminds me why I love music, all music, all forms of music. Show More Summary

A new novel by our Ranter-in-Residence

Writer Carrier Slocomb's new book takes place in 1640 off Rhode Island’s Narragansett coast.

Baby boomers have more time to travel

Boomers Carol and Paul Viau share great travel ideas.

The Beach Boys’ Brian Wilson has a second act

One of the musical groups every baby boomer remembers is The Beach Boys. They were Fun, Fun, Fun (til her Daddy took the T-Bird away). Well now there’s a movie about the founder of this mostly family rock group, and [...]

The Complexity of Working with Medicare, Social Security and Health Savings Accounts

I called the national Social Security phone line last week to discuss survivor benefits. (More on that later.) Of course, the person I spoke with could not actually process my claim.  Instead, he had to schedule a future telephone appointment to do that, with my local Social Security office. Show More Summary

When a baby boomer is creative and successful

Best selling author Daniel Silva shares an excerpt from his 15th thriller, The English Spy.

Prominent boomer calls for prayers and learning

Mencer Donahue Edwards grew up attending Charleston's historic Emmanuel A.M.E. Church.

Saturday mornings when boomers were kids

Writer Eric Mondschein recalls a time when TV was new and cartoons were good.

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