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Boomer Blues Man and the Learning Curve

I’ve been taking guitar lessons for just over a year. I still don’t play very well and I struggle to find time to practice, but I enjoy it and I am starting to make progress. I have learned some things about music and about myself. One...Show More Summary


A question for boomers: Have you kept up with technology? If you’re reading this, you’ve heard of the internet. Smirk. Are you on Facebook? Twitter? Instagram? Snapchat? How do you hear your music? Movies? Where do you get your news? Adjusting to technology is a daily thing for me because I edit and produce audio for a living. Show More Summary

I’ve Got Two Words For You

Two words … Power Ball. The 3 rd largest Power Ball jackpot amount is on the line in tonight’s drawing … an estimated $500 million. The cash lump sum payout for a single winner is around $337 million. The odds of winning are 175 million to 1, but who’s counting? Five hundred million dollars. Show More Summary

No, I Didn't

Oh well, I did not win Power Ball. You didn't either? The odds were against us anyway. In fact, here are five things that are more likely to happen than winning Power Ball... Dying from being struck by lightning Being attacked by a shark Becoming President of the United States Being crushed and killed by a vending machine Hitting a hole-in-one on two consecutive, par-3 holes

Fundamental Irony

A Montana State Representative recently introduced a bill that would change the state’s indecent exposure laws to ban yoga pants in public, among other things. The law would regulate various types of clothing, mostly women’s clothing,...Show More Summary

Ahh, Depression, My Old Friend, Welcome Back

My depression is probably not the same as clinical depression. I have some of the symptoms, I’m sure, but I am not in therapy (although it probably would help) and I’m not on any drugs. My life is generally awesome, I am generally happier than I’ve been in years, yet there are days like today during which I feel depressed. Show More Summary

Some Catching Up

I’ve been a little busy lately with medical crap. I feel like my Honda … runs great for having 163,000 miles on it but it’s in the shop more than it used to be and needs lots of tests. I’m not going into a lot of detail hereShow More Summary

America’s culture of opinions and name-calling

BoomerCafé Co-Founder and Executive Editor Greg Dobbs founds the world a fairly snarky place.

One boomer argues, Got weed? Let’s legalize it

Philadelphia humor writer Roz Warren on legalizing marijuana.

Boomers should put together finance and fitness

Fitness guru Bob Merz knows how to make workout programs affordable.

Life in the Baby Boomer Fast Lane

Recently I saw the movie “The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel.” I was anxious to see this movie because it was a sequel to one of my all time favorites, The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel.  All baby boomers should put this on their movie watch lists. Show More Summary

A sense of Worth from a boomer poet

April is Poetry Month, and it calls for a poem from Harriet Shenkman.

An American Baby Boomer in Paris

Baby boomer Erin O'Brien is thrilled by the famed City of Light, Paris.

What’s up with baby boomer exotic chair dancing?

South Carolina baby boomer Diane Owens is in tune with the latest fad.

Dumbing down a baby boomer’s world

Larry Lefkowitz takes aim at the shallowness of today's news sources.

A French beach changed a baby boomer’s life

Dr. Diana Raab on how our years and experiences shape our lives.

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