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What one boomer learned from lightning bugs

Marcia Smalley reflects on summertime nights when fireflies lit her world.

Jobs that are LOOKING for baby boomers

There are programs designed to give jobs to people our age.

Celebrating a Milestone Birthday of a Senior Family Member

Susan and I are  back in Nashville after a weekend in The Villages.  The Villages is the world’s largest community for 55+ adults. There are over 100,000 retirees living there. My father is one of them. He turned 90 this past week and his family gathered to celebrate this milestone birthday. Show More Summary

Those special years between 1946 and 1964

Writer Fred Arnow examines the impact the world has had on baby boomers.

Moving Mom: Super Heroes at All Ages

We all have heroes in our lives. Maybe a teacher, a mentor, a parent, or even a child fits that bill. I have several. I must confess, I like strong women and many of my super heroes are just that, strong women. I’ve learned a lot from them and I still do. Show More Summary

The 50 best songs of our boomer generation

Alan Paul on the extent to which music has shaped and defined his existence.

Save More for Retirement – Choose the Inexpensive Wine

Baby boomers like to drink wine, don’t we? I do (although it is hard to beat a good IPA). We hear and read that a moderate amount of wine – red wine in particular – is good for us. I choose to adopt this belief in my own drinking habits. Show More Summary

A passage of life baby boomers are confronting

Dr. Lorie Eber writes that a good death is hard to come by.

Don’t Let a Retirement Age Select You

I have advocated for a retirement plan in which the prospective retiree selects – in advance – an age at which he or she will retire. Some would call this retirement goal setting.  I think this makes sense because without a definite target in mind, the date or age of your retirement may select you. Show More Summary

Two boomers move from Silicon Valley to Swaziland

Wendy and Rick Walleigh trade careers in high tech to “encore career" in Africa.

Boomers regret not working longer at careers

Many boomers believe retirement is a "romantic fantasy of the past."

Where business with boomers is picking up

Laura Lee Carter relocated to a part of Colorado with majestic vistas.

Practicing for Retirement Makes Perfect

[Editor’s Note: The following post is from Susan – yes, the very same Susan who is the new woman in my life. Although she is a baby boomer, she is new to the world of baby boomer blogging so please welcome her (and be nice!). For future...Show More Summary

A boomer with a life too full for new friends?

Leslie Handler writes perhaps a life has been touched by friends.

Seven foods baby boomers ought to eat

Dr. Pamela Peek says the goal after age 50 is to prevent disease.

“Junk words” are getting on baby boomer nerves!

Writer/editor Alan Paul observes today's pop lexicon is full of "junk words."

In a New York Boomer State of Mind

Susan and I are in our last day of a weekend trip to Manhattan to visit family and to be tourists in the city. I have been to New York City a number of times on business and for pleasure. However, I have never had a truly immersive experience here. I really want one. For […] The post In a New York Boomer State of Mind was written by MJP and appeared first on Go To Retirement.

Boomer retirement spots with great eats

Top towns for food and retirement by Moira McGarvey.

A Lucky Healthy Baby Boomer at 64

I’m a very fortunate 64 year old, particularly in the health department. I need to keep reminding myself of that.  Moreover, I need to express gratitude to friends, family and the world at large for making it so. Do you ever feel this way? Let’s talk about it for a minute. Show More Summary

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