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Babylon A.D. – Revelation Highway [Album Review]

Babylon A.D. – Revelation Highway 2017, Frontiers Records Crash and Burn Fool on Fire One Million Miles Tears She Likes to Give It Rags to Riches Last Time for Love I’m No Good for You Saturday Night Don’t Tell Me Tonight Band: Derek Davis – Lead Vocals, Keyboards, Acoustic Guitar Ron Freschi – Guitars & […]

2017 Review Roundup, Part II: Jorn, Mike Tramp, Snakecharmer, Steelheart

Jorn – Life on Death Road Frontiers Records At this point, I know what to expect from a Jorn Lande solo release. Life on Death Road is really no different than any of his previous release– catchy melodic hard rock with Jorn’s amazing vocals that seem to channel Ronnie James Dio AND David Coverdale (“I Walked […]

2017 Review Roundup, Part I: Accept, Bloodbound, The Darkness, Deep Purple

In the interest of trying to swiftly move forward into 2018 so that I can blog about fresh new music (and non-music stuff), I’ve decided to condense and compile a handful of my remaining album reviews from 2017 down to a few blurbs. Part II coming shortly! There are two full reviews I’d like to […]

Christmas Songs I HATE, Part One

I love Christmas music. I’m not one of those people in November who complains that it’s too early to hear music in the stores or on the radio. I love it. I listen to Christmas songs every now and then throughout the year just because they put me in a good mood. Stuff like Mannheim Steamroller, Trans-Siberian […]

Cheap Trick – Christmas Christmas [Album Review]

Cheap Trick – Christmas Christmas 2017, Big Machine Records Merry Christmas Darlings I Wish It Could Be Christmas Ever Day I Wish It Was Christmas Today Merry Xmas Everybody Please Come Home for Christmas Remember Christmas Run Rudolph Run Father Christmas Silent Night Merry Christmas (I Don’t Want to Fight Tonight) Our Father of Life […]

Butch Walker – Over the Holidays and Under the Influence [Album Review]

Butch Walker – Over the Holidays and Under the Influence 2017, self-released Walking In a Winter Wonderland Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer Jingle Bells The Jingle Bell Rock Frosty The Snowman Lil Drummer Boy Santa Claus Is Coming to Town Feliz Navidad Taking a break from hipster indie rock, Butch Walker and his band (the wonderfully […]

25th Anniversary of ‘The Death of Superman’

  Superman died. Well, for a little while. 25 years ago. Running out of ideas for Superman, the DC Comics editorial team finally decided at a ‘Superman summit’ meeting in 1992 that they would stop joking about killing Superman and actually do it. The story made headlines across the world in newspaper and TV newscasts. […]

Europe – Walk the Earth [Album Review]

Europe – Walk the Earth 2017, Hell & Back Recordings/Silver Linings Music Walk the Earth The Siege Kingdom United Pictures Election Day Wolves GTO Haze Whenever You’re Ready Turn to Dust Band: Joey Tempest – Lead Vocals John Norum – Guitar John Levén – Bass Ian Haugland – Drums Mic Michaeli – Keyboards Producer: Dave […]

Funeral Home [Movie Review]

Funeral Home 1982, Motion Picture Marketing For the end of the Halloween season, I’ve been trying to watch horror movies that I have never seen or haven’t seen in a while. Funeral Home falls under the “never seen” category, and boy, I wish it stayed that way! A Canadian production filmed in 1979 and released in that […]

McDowell’s from ‘Coming to America’ comes to life in LA

If you ever wanted to try a “Big Mick” (same as a Big Mac, but with no seeds), now’s your chance. A legally-it’s-not-McDonalds restaurant called McDowell’s is open Monday and Tuesday in LA. The restaurant, based on the fictional fast food spot in 1988’s Coming to America, is open at Fat Sal's …

New podcast: Best Halloween songs in the '80s Part 2

We thought we were pretty clever a couple weeks ago when we created our own personal playlist of spooky '80s songs that were perfect for Halloween. We played our 10 songs, felt pretty proud about it, and then …

Jack Benny Radio Shows for Halloween

Over the years, I’ve mentioned that I’m a big fan of old-time radio shows, especially Jack Benny. Throughout his 23 years on radio, Jack Benny had a handful of Halloween-themed episodes. They even helped to inspire a Halloween tradition for myself, as I discussed yesterday. So here’s two of my favorite Jack Benny Halloween-themed episodes. The […]

Donuts are a Halloween tradition

One Halloween tradition of mine for the last 6 years or so has been to have donuts and apple cider on Halloween. Yes, donuts instead of candy. Maybe that seems weird, but maybe not. All kinds of bakeries, brands of baked goods and donut shops celebrate the season by dressing up their donuts with pumpkin […]

Lethal Weapon 5? We’re ALL too old for this …

Oh, Hollywood. You’ve been drunk-dialing again, haven’t you? How else could you explain the new that Mel Gibson, Danny Glover and Richard Donner are exploring the idea of creating Lethal Weapon 5.

Last-minute Halloween '80s costume idea: Joel Goodsen in 'Risky Business'

When it comes to easy '80s Halloween costume ideas, some might be a little TOO easy. Take Tom Cruise's role as "Joel Goodsen" in 1983's Risky Business. This might - at one point - have been the most-cliche '80s costume out there. How cliche? It was featured in a Drew Barrymore movie.

Last-minute Halloween '80s costume idea: Bruce Springsteen's 'Born in the USA'

The last-minute mania to find the perfect '80s Halloween costume continues. You can thank Adam Sandler for this one. In the movie Grown Ups 2, his gang of friends from childhood throw the …

Last-minute Halloween '80s costume idea: The one-armed violin player

The stress is real. Every year. What are you dressing as for Halloween? Will it be an '80s costume? Because, you know, you've been writing a blog about the '80s for 13 years now, so we figure you have some good ideas.

Dream Evil – Six [Album Review]

Dream Evil – Six 2017, Century Media Records Dream Evil Antidote Sin City Creature of the Night Hellride Six Hundred and 66 How to Start a War The Murdered Mind Too Loud 44 Riders Broken Wings We Are Forever Band: Nick Night – Vocals Mark U Black – Guitar Ritchie Rainbow – Guitar Pete Pain […]

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