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Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson in talks for 'Big Trouble in Little China' remake

"Just remember what ol' Jack Burton does when the earth quakes, and the poison arrows fall from the sky, and the pillars of Heaven shake. Yeah, Jack Burton just looks that big ol' storm right square in the eye and he says, 'Give me your best shot, pal. I can take it.' "Yeah, I can totally picture Dwayne "My Name is Dwayne and …

Stanley Cup Finals in the '80s dominated by two franchises

All the trash talk between Tampa Bay and Chicago fans before the start of the 2015 Stanley Cup Finals might sound a little trivial if you were a fan of NHL hockey in the '80s. In those glorious 10 years, two teams basically stole the spotlight from the rest of the league.

You were raised on the Ravyns ... whether you knew it or not

The ‘80s wasteland is littered with great AOR bands like the Ravyns that put out great sounding records but failed to survive the intrepid seas of the record industry. So on a midnight dreary, while I pondered, weak and weary, what became of the Ravyns? Only this and nothing more. Nevermore.

Cameron Crowe toying with idea of 'Say Anything' sequel for John Cusack

John Cusack gave Cameron Crowe his heart. And now Cameron wants to give him a pen. Well, sort of. Crowe has gone on the record telling fans he's been thinking about how to do a Say Anything 2. Speaking to Film …

Which is more shocking? Manfred Mann still touring ... or his cover of a second Springsteen hit

In the ‘70s, Manfred Mann and his Earth Band hit the top of the charts with a remake of Bruce Springsteen's Blinded By The Light, but did you know that the Earth Band remade another Springsteen song in the ‘80s just for you?

Here's the only Bruce Jenner photo you really need to see today

Bruce Jenner in Can't Stop the Music! Oh, I know you try to forget about this 1980 movie starring Steve Guttenberg as the songwriting brain behind the Village People. But you can't! Bruce played the role of "Ron White," an attorney who gets roped into representing the band.

Betsy Palmer, Mrs. Voorhees in Friday the 13th, dies at age 88

Betsy Palmer, the actress best known to '80s fans as mom-to-murderer "Mrs. Voorhees" in 1980's Friday the 13th, has died at age 88, according to sources. No word on whether Jason Voorhees is listed as a survivor.

Nazareth's forgotten hit of the '80s will remind you of an infamous podcast story

If mama ain't happy, nobody's happy. One of the most famous SIT80's podcast stories is Sean Daly's "Mama No," but today we have the ditty of "Mama Please" with Nazareth and their song Holiday.

30 years later, 'Fletch' is still all about ball bearings

Fletch turns 30 years old this weekend, so maybe you need a refresher course. For example, even though the character "Fletch" - based on the novels by Gregory McDonald - is eternally associated with Chevy Chase, did you know Chase wasn't the original actor considered for the role of the comic newspaper investigative reporter?

End of line: Disney pulls plug on 'Tron 3'

Disney has officially decided to nix plans for making Tron 3, according to multiple sources. Normally when Hollywood decides to stop making sequels to '80s classics, it's a cause for celebration here. But Tron was one of the few franchises that had …

Is 'Happy Hour' the most under-appreciated video of the '80s?

It's five o'clock somewhere, so let's start Happy Hour with Housemartins immediately. It's five o'clock somewhere, so let's start Happy Hour with Housemartins immediately.

In the '80s, no one got sick from these Blue Bells

Depending on what part of the country you live in, you have seen the unfortunate news about the Blue Bell ice cream listeria recall that has shut down the century old Texas-based ice cream company. While we would never wish a shutdown on any business, rest assured that the Blue Bells you get today are tasty and safe for consumption with …

Back off Warchild, seriously: Watch the trailer for the 'Point Break' remake

Let me get off my '80s soapbox for a moment and declare my manic love for 1991's Point Break. Keanu. Swayze. Busey. Hell, even McGinley is amazing. And the lines! Enough lines to quote them to friends for the rest of your natural life. So I don't necessarily blame Hollywood for wanting to tap that magic a second time. So, here it is. Our …

Naptime Chronicles: Leaving for the Hospital

“There I am jogging down the road. Not just jogging — running. It’s freedom. I must be well over a mile in. I’m feeling great. I haven’t exercised in the past nine months of pregnancy due to bed rest, and … Continue reading ?

This just in: John Cafferty actually had four hits in the '80s, including this gem

Today is the big day for linguists everywhere as the Scripps National Spelling Bee starts its two-day competition with 285 kid spellers taking a stab at correctly spelling words like onomatopoeia and triskaidekaphobia. For those Stuck in the ‘80s, we start our competition out with an easy one, courtesy of John Cafferty & the Beaver …

30 years later, Bond fans still whistle the same tune about 'A View to a Kill'

Is it possible that the worst James Bond movie also has the best theme song? Thirty years ago this week, that's what '80s fans were thinking when they first saw A View to a Kill in movie theaters. Released May 24, 1985, A View to a Kill was the 14th Bond flick and featured the title tune by a bunch of lads calling …

New podcast: Hair metal in the '80s ... part 1

For 10 years, Stuck in the '80s has managed to avoid this topic. No, not politics. Not fashion. Hair Metal. The one genre that most of our hosts are grossly and intentionally negligent in knowledge. But no more. This week, guest co-host Dave Dirt -- if that IS his real name -- joins us and takes everyone to school on the "glam …

The story of Stan Ridgway and his Vietnam love story 'Camouflage'

Memorial Day has passed and many spent time over the weekend placing flowers in the cemeteries for loved ones departed, including those who served our country. In tribute to those veterans, we give an ‘80s salute with Stan Ridgway and Camouflage.

Memorial Day box officer winners in the '80s

A long time, in a galaxy far far … well, the galaxy we're in now, Memorial Day weekend used to mean one thing: box office movie madness - '80s style. Sure, we could have spent our time off at the beach, but that would have meant missing out on flicks like Rocky III or Return of the Jedi. If you've ever been …

The Falcon, the Snowman, David Bowie and Pat Metheny: What do they have in common?

As we wrap up Movie Week on Lost and Found, it is fitting we feature an artist who deftly combined acting and singing in the ‘80s - David Bowie with the haunting This Is Not America.

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