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That one time when Madonna wasn't burning up the charts

Hot enough for ya? From the constant heat of Florida to the Midwest scorchers and finally the triple-digit temperatures in the Southwest, 2017 has been another year of burning up, but it's nothing new as in the '80s we were Burning Up with Madonna.

New podcast: What to expect on the next '80s Cruise

We're still eight months away from the 2018 voyage of The 80s Cruise, but it feels like the last one happened a century ago. (It was only March.) So for this week's Stuck in the '80s podcast, we invited Dane Butcher - cruise director of The 80s Cruise - to join us to spill some …

Trailer for 'Star Trek Discovery' is dark and wonderful

God bless, Comic-Con. Every year, it gives us some AMAZING previews of upcoming movies and TV shows. This weekend, we got a look at trailers for the Ready Player One movie and the new TV series Star Trek Discovery.

Dead images

Ugh. Didn’t realize my old Photobucket account no longer allows posting of my uploaded images without paying a ransom of $399/year. Geez. Well, maybe some day I’ll get around to uploading all of those images to a new host. How did I discover this? Well, I just got done doing a major update to That’s […]

Actor John Heard dies at age 72

John Heard, who played so many roles in the '80s but was probably best known as the dad in the Home Alone movies, has died, according to media reports. He was 72.

 1982 Topps Donkey Kong Trading Cards

 1982 Topps Donkey Kong Trading Cards When I journeyed an hour down the road to Pensacola, Florida for the 2015 Pensacon, I was mostly interested in the vendors. Even if I knew I couldn’t afford all of the cool retro junk I was sure would be up for grabs, it was still going to be great […]

Until this song, Alan Parsons Project stood on much higher ground

Listening to yesterday's Keats song made me pine for more Alan Parsons Project music and today we dig deeper into their catalogue with Standing On Higher Ground.

From 'Boot' to 'Jacket' - Top 5 war movies of the '80s

The media is going nuts over Dunkirk these days, and rightfully so if the reviews are on target. In my family, going to a war movie was a rite of passage passed on from father to son. The only movies my dad and …

Let's turn our love around for this forgotten '80s supergroup

We love '80s supergroups that flew under the radar on Lost and Found and today we have one that was so far under the radar its almost embarrassing for music lovers. So today let's show some love for Keats and their video for Turn Your Love Around.

30 years ago on Billboard charts, Heart was alone at top

It’s a shame that Nancy and Ann Wilson are struggling with family issues and have put Heart on the sideline for now. Thirty years ago, they were atop the charts with the hit Alone.

Fun they were, now somebody pick up the phone!

Music videos were fun enough in the '80s but when you add Fun Boy Three, the fun multiplies threefold as evidenced by The Phone Always Rings.

35 years later, ‘Summer Lovers’ shines more for music than romance

Back in the days when watching R-rated movies on HBO was the height of our teenage rebellion, perhaps no movie was more forbidden than Summer Lovers. The tale of an American couple (Peter Gallagher and Daryl Hannah) engaging in a romantic relationship with a French woman on the Greek island of Santorini probably stretched …

Don't confuse 'Slap Shot' with Sylvia's 'Snap Shot' - only one was an '80s hit

One of the goals of the Stuck in the '80s blog and podcast is to take an entire decade and break it down to individual snap shot moments that defined the '80s. As far as the styles of the '80s, we need to look no further than the aptly named video of Snap Shot by Sylvia to marvel at the fashions of our favorite decade.

Rocky sequel: Creed’s son vs. Drago’s son?!?

It’e been a while since we had something to report on Sylvester Stallone. So imagine our delight to double-dip today with two dueling new items.

RoboCop turns 30: Come quietly or there will be ... trouble

Were you a fan of RoboCop and Blade Runner? Did you know how the movies are actually connected?

New podcast: Cult movie classics in the '80s

Do you remember a time when the phrase Midnight Movies actually meant something? You can go down to the neighborhood cineplex, hand over $3 and go in and see an amazing flick with your friends before staggering home around 3 in the morning.

The Church's fall tour dates announced; 2 shows in Florida

Did you miss The Church on their recent mini-tour of the U.S.? You’re in luck because the Aussie band has announced it will launch a larger tour this fall. Two Florida dates are included.

32 years later, Live Aid still Gen X's greatest moment

Has it really been 32 years since Live Aid? Seems like it was just a month ago I was jammed inside my college dorm's TV lounge, trying to find a clear signal for the broadcast from London. All around me, a generation stayed glued to the tube until the final notes rang out late that night from Philadelphia.

5 things you didn’t know about Revenge of the Nerds 2 on its 30th anniversary

Let’s just ask the question: Did you really expect much from a sequel to Revenge of the Nerds? In the ‘80s, sequels were very hit or miss. Star Trek 2? Amazing? Meatballs 2? A catastrophe. Frankly, we were just happy that - full name here: Revenge of the Nerds 2: Nerds in Paradise - fell somewhere in …

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