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Whatever you do ... don't fall asleep: Top 5 Wes Craven movies of the '80s

Eighties horror fans lost a big one over the weekend. Wes Craven, the writer-director who gave us Freddy Krueger (co-starring some guy we've never heard of - Johnny Depp), passed away Sunday after battling …

Recognize this '80s wife/singer/actress? We'll keep holdin' on while you figure it out

Forgive us if in sometimes we appear a little guy-centric on Stuck in the ‘80s, but this week we hope to redeem ourselves with a week with nothing but the ladies on Lost and Found starting off Tane Cain and Holdin' On.

Great Now I’m Obsessed With Star Wars Card Trader

Twenty-four hours ago, I was normal. At least in the sense that I had never heard of something called “digital collecting,” and upon learning of it, I immediately and rightfully and condescendingly scoffed. THAT is not collecting. Collecting is stuff. … Continue reading ?

Give it up for disco in the '80s with this forgotten hit from KC (sans the Sunshine Band)

Though we are Stuck In The ‘80s, many of us fondly remember the ‘70s and shaking our booty to KC and the Sunshine Band. Though we traded in our bell bottom jeans for a skinny tie at the turn of the decade, that doesn't mean we can't forget our '70s roots and Give It Up.

30 years ago, Tiffany got her start with Ed McMahon and Star Search

Before Tiffany became the teen pop princess and darling of the mall concert circuit, she was in 1985 a contestant on Star Search, hosted by Ed McMahon. And believe it or not, she didn't win. Instead, the teen then known as "Tiffany Renee" came in second to Melissa Moultrie. But she took the disappointment like champ and learned …

This Tom Teeley video has more '80s nostalgia packed into it than any other video

The fireworks of summer are over, but today we bring the boom with Tom Teeley and the fun A Rocket and a Roman Candle.

Just missed the '80s: Pump Up The Volume 'talked hard' to the next generation

In the early days of Stuck in the '80s, I had a very strict policy about not honoring working done before Jan. 1, 1980 and ignoring anything beyond Dec. 31, 1989. Ten years later, I've learned to chill. In fact, one of my favorite just-barely-non-'80s movies just turned 25 years old this month: Pump Up The Volume. Released …

The '80s had its own version of 'Farrenheit' ... even if the spelling is a bit off

You know Fahrenheit 451 the novel; Fahrenheit 911 the movie and Fahrenheit 7800 the Bon Jovi album, but this is Lost and Found and today it's just plain old Farrenheit and another lost AOR nugget called Fool In Love.

35 years later, is Xanadu still a place where nobody dares to go?

Did we forget to honor Xanadu on its 35th anniversary earlier this month. Maaaybe. Released on Aug. 8, 1980, the big-screen fantasy-on-rollerskates is infamous for basically killing Hollywood's love affair with musicals. It's been said that, along with the Village People sorta-bio-pic Can't Stop The Music, Xanadu basically …

Let them all talk, because Elvis Costello scored hits in the '80s too

A critic's favorite, Elvis Costello was the toast of rock critics during the late '70s and all throughout the ‘80s, but would all the talk lead to any hits in the ‘80s?

30 years later, Better Off Dead has earned its two dollars ... and John Cusack's hatred

Is there a John Cusack movie from the '80s that you adore more than Better Off Dead? Think. The dark comedy about a teen named Lane Meyer - who turns suicidal when his girlfriend breaks up with him - probably could never be made today. And god help us all if Hollywood tries to remake this classic, which turns 30 years old this …

Yes, there's even a forgotten U2 video from the '80s

So we are closing in on three years of Lost and Found videos and we finally have a video that features U2? To borrow from our friend Vizzini, all we can say is "Inconceivable!"

It's not that I can't help honor 'Volunteers' ... It's just I don't want to

We're crazy for John Candy in the '80s, and particularly in 1985, when Candy racked up seven acting credits. Last week, we honored Summer Rental. Today, we mark the 30th anniversary of …

Miami Vice Week ends with this forgotten hit from Chris Rea

As we wrap up a week of Miami Vice songs, it really has been a labor of love and doesn't really feel like "work" at all. Still it's also the end of the work week and perhaps you feel like cast for the Chris Rea video for Working On It and ready to shed your chains and enjoy the weekend.

The story behind the unlikely path of Roger Daltry's 'After The Fire'

On Miami Vice, some liked Crockett best; some favored Tubbs but the most celebrated cop on the show was Lieutenant Martin Castillo, whose performance by Edward James Olmos won him the 1985 Emmy for Best Supporting Actor. You might even call him Der Kommisar. So in our game of word association, Der Kommisar is the …

I’m Not Dead, I’m Just Collecting Amiibos

Dude. Amiibos. WTF. What is their all-consuming powerful allure over me that has been slowly sucking away at my brain since the day they were released? Scene: Last Christmas. Best Buy. The wife is buying me a gift. We had … Continue reading ?

Goonies fans never say die! And that's a problem for the woman who owns the house

Here's the moral of the story upfront: If you don't like the Truffle Shuffle, don't buy the Goonies house. Turns out the woman who owns the Astoria, Oregon, house where the 1985 flick The Goonies was filmed are tired of all the tourists, says RELATED POST PROFILESHARE

Miami Vice hit the 'Big League' in Season 5 with this Tom Cochrane & Red Rider tune

With apologies to Texas, there is probably no state that loves their football more than Florida. The Miami Vice Season Five episode, Hard Knocks, finds Crockett and Tubbs on the gridiron fields of Florida with the Tom Cochrane & Red Rider song Big League - which is a sport song, but not about football - but hockey. …

Biggest surprise: Miami Vice only lasted 5 seasons? Or that it featured a Sinead O'Connor tune?

After two songs from Season 2 of Miami Vice, we fast forward to the Season 5, the last season of Miami Vice, and go alternative with Sinead O'Connor and I Want You (Hands On Me).

The story of the unlikely path of 'After The Fire' on Miami Vice

On Miami Vice, some liked Crockett best; some favored Tubbs but the most celebrated cop on the show was Lieutenant Martin Castillo, whose performance by Edward James Olmos won him the 1985 Emmy for Best Supporting Actor. You might even call him Der Kommisar. So in our game of word association, Der Kommisar is the famous …

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