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No. 1 Thanksgiving movie of all time? Planes Trains and Automobiles

Stay safe during your travels this Thanksgiving holiday. And if you find yourself stranded at an airport, bus terminal or Braidwood Inn, then pass the time by listening to our Planes, Trains and Automobiles podcast from years ago.

What songs and bands ended the '80s sound?

After two rather fun and educational podcasts about the origin of the '80s sound, Stuck in the '80s is now faced with the unpleasant task of pinpointing the bands and songs that ended the '80s the way we knew and loved the decade. A...

Lost and found: Get 'Reunited' with Greg Kihn

We embrace Greg Kihn because he has a great sense of humor and has no problem reliving the ‘80’s and telling wild stories about his rock n roll life, just as he did on Stuck in the ‘80s podcast # 233 in April, 2011.

You better love Rick Springfield if you're going to pass this trivia quiz

Quick. Name the '80s rocker who played Dr. Noah Drake on TV soap General Hospital. Aw, sure. Everyone knows that one. It's Rick Springfield, the easy-on-the-eyes singer who pined for Jessie's Girl and told us all decades ago that you...Show More Summary

Podcast: "Merry New Year!" ... "That's 'happy.' In this country we say 'Happy New Year.' "

Oh, ho, ho, thank you for correcting my English which stinks! Actually, our weird and improbable New Year's Eve episode -- actually done on New Year's Eve -- is online now and has NOTHING to do with Eddie Murphy or Trading Places. But click here to download it anyway. Or find us on iTunes.

The day the '80s died: Martha Quinn and our best New Year's Eve podcast ever

There's very little in this world that the late, great Dick Clark couldn't make better. American music. New Year's eves. But what if added the sheer magic of Martha Quinn? The MTV pixie joined us for a podcast back in 2009 and sprinkled...Show More Summary

Podcast time: 25 years of 'A Very Special Christmas'

If there are any more iconic beginning notes to an '80s holiday song that we get with Christmas in Hollis, please let me know. And 25 years later, ask any '80s fans about the album A Very Special Christmas and you're likely to get aShow More Summary

REO Speedwagon's Kevin Cronin sparks debate with Newtown shooting comments

REO Speedwagon frontman Kevin Cronin has survived indifferent critics, decades on the road and ever-fickle musical tastes, but his Facebook comments about the Newtown school shooting in Connecticut are keeping the fires burning withShow More Summary

12/12/12: Notable 12s of the '80s

Just realized this is the last repetitive date any of us will witness, so better take advantage of it. Please help me build this list of... 12 NOTABLE 12s IN THE 80s: REAL PEOPLE: 12th highest rated TV show of the 1980-81 season. BORN...Show More Summary

Stuck in the '80s podcast returns: Live in exile!

Remember that promise that the Stuck in the '80s podcast wasn't going away for good? That was... oh, feels like two months ago. Well, I've completed my move to the themepark lands of Orlando now and I can made good on that promise. Introducing the new era of the podcast with Episode 276. Show More Summary

They Might Be Giants turn 30 years old

Technically, just the band They Might Be Giants turned 30; John Flansburgh and John Linnell are much older, though you'd never know it to listen to their music. The high school classmates formed TMBG back in 1982 and released their debut...Show More Summary

Just eat it! Weird Al Yankovic returning to Tampa Bay

I believe this next statement whole-heartedly: Weird Al Yankovic puts on one of the best concerts you're likely to see -- ever! Oh, laugh at the '80s parodies of Madonna, Michael Jackson and Greg Kihn. Snicker at the frequent costume changes. Show More Summary

Thanksgiving earworm: Everytime You Go Away ...

Stuck in the '80s rarely takes holidays off, but this years we're making an exception... sort of. Look for daily updates to the blog, featuring some of our favorite Thanksgiving posts of the last seven years, starting with this one... Everytime...Show More Summary

Stuck in the '80s' next chapter begins today

Dear Stuck in the '80s nation, Today marks the end and a new beginning for Stuck in the '80s, an idea that came to mind seven years ago when I wanted to invent something to do at work that wouldn't feel at all like actual work. After 16 years at the Tampa Bay Times, today is my final day. Show More Summary

Guest review: Fans prove So-So at Peter Gabriel show at Chicago's United Center

When it comes to Peter Gabriel fans, no Stuck in the '80s friend stands about our beloved "Bassnote" in Chicago. (Re-listen to the podcast we did together on Gabriel a few years ago.) So when we heard that Gabriel was taking his 25th...Show More Summary

Heat up some haggis and enjoy our 'Highlander' podcast

Seven years we've been doing Stuck in the '80s and we waited until NOW to do our tribute to Highlander. Why? Why does the sun come up? Or are the stars just pin holes in the curtain of night, who knows? Actually we figured we better honor it now before its image is tarnished by a remake featuring Ryan Reynolds. Show More Summary

Bret Michaels' 2012 solo tour brings him to Largo

Last time Bret Michaels played Tampa Bay, it was the Tampa Bay Times Forum, along with his pals from Poison, Def Leppard and Lita Ford. The time before that, I think it was Busch Gardens. And then before that, a stop at Tropicana Field. His...Show More Summary

Howard Jones ready to give concert on your couch

Talk about putting a dream into action: '80s electronica/synth god Howard Jones is offering to perform a concert on your couch. Presumably you're the one on the couch as Howard rolls through hits like No One Is To Blame, New Song and What Is Love. It's all part of a special eBay auction to benefit children's charities. Show More Summary

Podcast time: Kiss, Kinks and more round out final Rock Dinosaurs episode

Pop quiz: How long ago did Stuck in the '80s start its Rock Dinosaurs of the '80s series? Thinking, thinking... It was more than a year ago. April 21, 2011 to be exact. Five episodes later, we're finally done. Maybe. Because, you know,...Show More Summary

Podcast time: Dexy, Atari, Cathy and Aussie

Stuck in the '80s returns with a new podcast this weekend. It's an '80s News Now show, but with a few twists. I won't blow it all, but get ready to welcome back our old friend Cathy Wos. And get ready for an entire continent to celebrate at last. Click here to download. Or click here to get all our shows for free via iTunes.

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