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Listen to Scarlett Johansson sing New Order's 'Bizarre Love Triangle'

Eighties tribute albums are a dime a dozen, but here's one that deserves our attention: The Time Is Now is a covers compilation that benefits amfAR, The Foundation for AIDS Research. It's due out Oct. 7. Among the more notable tunes on the disc is a cover of New …

The ultimate '80s playlist for a wedding: Help us build it!

Someone in the Stuck in the '80s family is getting married? ("Married?" "MARRIED!") Not, it's not your humble narrator. Been there twice and that's enough. It's our good friend Marty Yu, who is a frequent guest-host on the Stuck in the '80s podcast.

Forget John Parr's other big hit? That'd be awfully ... well you know the rest

Sure it was fun to see John Parrr team up with Meatloaf yesterday, but John Parr's best is not just about St. Elmo's Fire as this man has other songs including his first hit Naughty, Naughty.

‘Magnum P.I.’ sequel coming to ABC

Someone investigate this: Why does Hollywood insist on making more sequels to our beloved ‘80s classics? Not even Thomas Magnum can figure that one out, and it’s a shame because it’s his legacy that’s about to be tainted.

This Lost Boy gets my vote as the ‘Designated Survivor’

I’m fresh off watching the pilot episode of ABC’s new drama Designated Survivor, and I have just one question: Since when did Keifer Sutherland become such a nerd? The glasses, the Cornell hoodie... it doesn't work for our boy from the '80s.

John Parr a rock 'n' mercenary? Only in the '80s

I know this sounds like a Larry King sound bite, but if you ask me, meatloaf tastes better on the second day. Yesterday we caught up with Meatloaf in 1983 and today we add some John Parr and get some 1986 Meatloaf with Rock 'n' Roll Mercenaries.

Reheated in the '80s, Meatloaf still was a tasty treat

Meatloaf is back in 2016. Last week, Meatloaf released his new album, but buy it only if you really want to as Meatloaf's better days may have been in the '80s with songs like If You Really Want To.

Rock 'n' roll dreams came through for Jim Steinman

You love his songs and you hate them. But you cannot deny the presence of Jim Steinman as it was during the '80s that his Rock n Roll dreams came through.

John Stamos creating TV series about ‘80s soap operas

Oh, Blackie Parrish - how we’ve missed you! (Now wipe your nose!) John Stamos, who starred in that teen role on General Hospital, now is planning to create a drama series for cable TV based on soap operas in the ‘80s.RELATED POST PROFILESHARE

Monday morning earworm: J. Geils Band's 'Flamethrower'

There's a lot of love still out there for The J. Geils Band and their 1981 album Freeze Frame - and justifiably so. The album was a huge success for the band thanks to some TV network called MTV, which played videos for Freeze-Frame and Centerfold on constant rotation.

This near-miss for Santana in '85 is worth listening to again

How many times do we have to say it again on Stuck In the '80s? We love Rock Dinos. As we get older and more forgetful, forgive us for repeating ourselves but when Santana is involved its fine to Say It Again.

Happy Batman Day!

  Saturday, September 17, 2016 is Batman Day! DC Comics has been doing this promotion for a couple of years now and I think it’s a great idea. A number of retail sponsors and online shops offer discounts on Batman comics and merchandise, while DC also releases free-to-download activity kits for schools, libraries, parents, etc. […]

‘Family Ties’ being adapted for stage play?!?

Alex P. Keaton … thespian Republican? According to, the ‘80s sitcom Family Ties is being adapted into a stage play with performances scheduled to begin next June.Lest you …

Nobody knows Lyle Lovett? Maybe not in the '80s

Ah Lyle Lovett. The man many remember as Julia Robert's first husband is a special musician that most of us missed in the '80s. With his second appearance on Lost and Found, let's correct Lyle Lovett's assertion that Nobody Knows Me...

How did we miss a band called Hawaiian Pups?

The '80s were notable for female singers turning the tables on male sexism as artists like Madonna sang about her boy toys. As we are prone to do, we dig deep on Lost and Found and find a boy toy gem from the group Hawaiian Pups called Young Boys.

Original E.T. artwork headed to auction block

E.T. fans, phone … well, I guess phone the action house because the original artwork that evolved into the movie house poster for E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial is up for sale.TMZ reports that the painting by artist …

A remake of 'Predator' is coming? Get to the chopper!

Another week, another Hollywood reboot. This time it’s our beloved Predator, the 1987 sci-fi classic that featured the all-star cast of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Carl Weathers and Jesse …

Hey, girlfriend! What happened to Irene Cara after '84?

The inside joke of Stuck in the '80s is the perceived lack of female fans, so today we dedicate today's Lost and Found song of Girlfriends by Irene Cara to the female SIT80's fans - all seven of you.

Halloween Mood Music, Volume 3

I’m still talking about music that I love to listen to in the build towards Halloween to keep me in the spirit! Check out Volume 1 and Volume 2. Black Sabbath Much like with Alice Cooper, it can’t be the Halloween season without listening to some Black Sabbath. Most people think of Ozzy Osbourne when it […]

Guns N’ Roses reunion tour grosses $117 million

Remember how we all mocked the audacity of Guns N’ Roses to reunite and attempt a “Not In This Lifetime Tour?” Well, welcome to the jungle … we’re all gonna die. Well, not really die, but we felt dead inside upon reading that GNR grossed $116.8 million on the North American swing of their tour, …

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