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How I Spent My Halloween

Well, Halloween 2014 season is nearly at an end now. :/ But I still had a good time at home today. I requested off from work months ago because Halloween is my day. This is the day I don’t want to do anything other than have some apple cider, eat something pumpkin-flavored, a little bit of […]

Old-Time Radio Horror: “Fugue In C Minor”, “The Thing on the Fourble Board” and “The House In Cypress Canyon”

Quick! I know it’s late but if you’re not too sleepy, too full of candy or too drunk, take a listen to these classic radio episodes of horror tales from the old-time radio series Suspense and Quiet, Please. I love old-time radio but I mostly stick with comedy. Some of the suspense and horror series are just […]

Monsters of Wrestling IV

A new installment to a series I debuted way back in 2008. More of professional wrestling’s weirdos, creeps and freaks! The Road Warriors/Legion of Doom One of the greatest and most popular tag teams of all-time were Hawk & Animal, collectively known as The Road Warriors. They were often referred to as the Legion of Doom as […]

Listen to the perfect '80s Halloween forgotten hit

It's Halloween and we couldn't pass up the opportunity to tell a special "ghost" story on Lost and Found. With the bait and switch complete, it's time to come clean and feature The Specials with their UK hit Ghost Town.

Double Movie Review: The Ghost Galleon and Night of the Seagulls

I finally wrapped up Amando de Ossorio’s “Blind Dead” series last night, so here are my thoughts on the series’ final two entries: The Ghost Galleon 1974, Ancla Century Films This is the third movie in Amando de Ossorio’s “Blind Dead” series and was released in the United States as Horror of the Zombies. While […]

Sammy Hagar would rejoin Van Halen for a reunion tour

Van Halen fans deserve "the best... of... both worlds" and that would mean one last tour that included Sammy Hagar. But would the Red Rocker be willing to run with the devil (or the twin devils of Eddy and Alex) one last time? Sure, RELATED POST PROFILESHARE

Podcast time: Save Spearsy and other '80s News Now items

You want to know what a Dead Man's Party feels like? With apologies to Danny Elfman and Oingo Boingo, try staying four days in the hospital with a bad case of pneumonia. That's what happened to me earlier this month, which is why we've only managed to produce two shows in October.

Is this the best Halloween song of the '80s? Or is there room for maybe just one more?

If you have even casually have followed Stuck in the '80s over the years, there is perhaps no other band that Steve Spears has championed more than Oingo Boingo. Even though the band is no stranger to the blog, as Halloween Eve approaches, there is no better time to give them their Lost and Found debut with Dead Man's Party.

Was this Jane Child song the last gasp of greatness in the '80s?

At Stuck in the ‘80s, we play by the rules and only feature ‘80s movies and songs. Let the jury cast judgment, but for better or worse, Jane Child's Don't Want To Fall In Love is an ‘80s song.

A Nightmare on Elm Street vs. Friday the 13th: A Halloween trivia showdown

A Nightmare on Elm Street vs. Friday the 13th. How well do you know your '80s horror movies classics? This Friday night at 9 p.m., the Capitol Theatre in Clearwater will show both movies back to back in a Halloween movie …

Sorry, Brian, but this 'Boz' had staying power beyond the '80s

Have you seen the Dish Network commercial this fall featuring Brian Bosworth as the punchline? A sighting of "The Boz" brings to light the question of who is the most successful "Boz" of the ‘80s: Brian Bosworth or Boz Scaggs? Let us build the case for Boz Scaggs with Break Down Dead Ahead.

A fitting video tribute to the genius of Chrissy Amphlett and the Divinyls

As October winds down, you surely have noticed it is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. We all have had someone in our lives who has battled cancer, so it's fitting today we honor the fighters of the disease, including the Chrissy Amphlett of the …

Return of the Blind Dead [Movie Review]

Return of the Blind Dead 1973, Belen Films Buy the movie Alternately released as Return of the Evil Dead and Attack of the Blind Dead (in Spain), Return of the Blind Dead is the second movie in the four-part Blind Dead series by Spanish writer/director Amando de Ossorio. I first discovered the existence of these films while doing an online search for […]

Could this be the greatest '80s-themed cruise vacation ever?

Themed cruises featuring bands from the '80s aren't new, but there's a new one that has just been announced that will blow your mind. The '80s Cruise, a 7-day cruise to the Caribbean, will be hosted by original MTV veejays Nina Blackwood, Mark Goodman and Alan Hunter and …

How Spandau Ballet got its name ... and that near-miss hit from the '80s

It's Friday and many will be heading towards the movie screens later today to catch a flick. I know this much is true: One movie that probably is not playing in Peoria is the new Spandau Ballet film Soul Boys of the Western World, so for right now pacify yourself with the lost hit Only When You Leave.

The Year

I’ve gone back over that weekend in my head so many times, trying to pinpoint the exact moment the year began. I’ve decided it was the car accident that happened in front of me. The guy didn’t see the car … Continue reading ?

Podcast: Interview with Keva Rosenfeld from 'All American High Revisited'

Every blue moon, we get a clear glimpse back into the past and the '80s return to us completely in focus. Such is the case with the new documentary movie All American High Revisted. Basically, this "new" movie is actually a documentary from 1984, when director Keva Rosenfeld followed the Class of 1984 from Torrance High School in …

Annie Lennox to today's faux musicians: 'Twerking is not feminism'

God bless, Annie Lennox. The former Eurythmics singer finally took at shot at what passes for "musicians" these days and blasted Beyonce for pretending to be a feminist.

Back to the Future's 30th anniversary re-release to feature live orchestra

Whoa, Doc. This is heavy. When Back to the Future is re-released to theaters for its 30th anniversary in 2015, the screenings will include a live orchestra playing the musical score, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Look at the stats: Billy Joel's biggest decade was the '80s

On a recent podcast, Steve mentioned "we never talk about Billy Joel - and I don't know why?", so let me jump in the fray to chime on the Billy Joel collection because besides the hits, there are other chestnuts out there like All For Leyna.

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