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Halloween's best duo of the '80s? Alice and Jason

On the SIT80s blog and podcast, we make lists the iconic songs, movies, catch phrases and commercials of the '80s, but have we ever charted the most iconic "sound?" As Halloween approaches, I nominate this one sound as iconic and all you need to hear is the whisper of "che, che, che, cha, cha, cha." You can hear that sound in today's Lost and …

Dead Or Alive frontman Pete Burns dead at 57

Pete Burns, the iconic frontman of Dead or Alive, died Sunday from a massive heart attack, his spokesman has confirmed via Twitter:

’13 Going On 30’ returning as Broadway musical

Just when the naysayers were ready to bury the ‘80s nostalgia movement, there’s proof that there’s plenty of air left in these lungs: The 2004 movie 13 Going On 30 is coming to Broadway as a stage musical.

Weird Al breaks the Internet with debate parody 'Bad Hombres, Nasty Women'

Just when you're about to give up all hope on Western Civilization, along comes Weird Al Yankovic to save the day. His latest video parodies the final presidential debate (yay!) between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. It's called "Bad Hombres, Nasty Women."

Still a lot of 'hot love' between Dee Snider and his wife

Today we wish happy anniversary to Dee Snider and his wife Suzette as Oct. 21 is their 35th wedding anniversary. To honor the occasion, we feature the Twisted Sister video Hot Love, which centers around Snider and the rest of the band ogling after a hot blonde in tight clothing. Does that sound like a rude and unfitting choice? …

The best Halloween cookies I’ve ever had.

Okay. Obviously, nostalgia is playing a huge part in me saying this (especially when Panera Bread’s pumpkin cookies exist), but the cookies pictured below are my favorite Halloween-themed cookies of all time:. Sun Valley Halloween Buttery Flavored Cookie Snacks! Wait, “Buttery Flavored Cookie Snacks”? That’s just a fancy way of saying “shortbread”, right? While […]

Night of the Living Deb [Movie Review]

Night of the Living Deb 2016, Freestyle Digital Media Hot on the heels of watching A Little Bit Zombie, I decided to watch yet another zombie horror-comedy. Also like A Little Bit Zombie this movie was crowd-funded. However, unlike A Little Bit Zombie (which I stumbled across on Amazon Prime Video), Night of the Living Deb had been on my […]

Richard Marx, ex-wife slash price for 9-bedroom mansion

Richard Marx and ex-wife Cynthia Rhodes (Flashdance, Dirty Dancing) have been “right here waiting” for someone to buy their suburban Chicago mansion for a while now. This week, they tried to put to those "endless summer nights" by slashing the asking price by $2 million.

Here’s who Jennifer Grey would cast in ‘Dirty Dancing’ remake

ABC has been working on a TV remake of the classic ‘80s flick Dirty Dancing for a while now, but the co-star of the original 1987 movie is finally sounding off on who she would cast for …

The legend of Rossington Collins and 'Don't Misunderstand Me'

On this day in rock history in 1977, tragedy stuck when the plane carrying Lynyrd Skynyrd crashed in Mississippi on its way to Baton Rouge only three days after releasing their latest album. Six people perished in the accident including two members of Skynyrd including lead singer Ronnie Van Zant. Amazingly, six other members of Skynyrd …

Ed Harris a bad guy?!? Top 5 most villainous Ed Harris roles

Who out there is enjoying HBO’s new series Westworld? Like the 1973 movie that most of us only saw later in life on VHS, the series chronicles the chaos that erupts in a Old West theme park full of androids. And much is made of actor Ed Harris, who plays “The Man in Black,” possibly the villain … but this …

Billy Idol adds 2017 dates to Las Vegas residency

In the midnight hour, his fans cried “more, more, more!” Billy Idol has added two more blocks of dates to his Las Vegas residence at Mandalay Bay’s House of Blues.

Be it the Sherbs or Sherbet, we still ride tonight

One of the better horror movies over the last few years was the Australian film The Babadook, but Australia has always enjoyed giving us a scare and in the '80s, the Sherbs tried to capture some of that low budget horror feel with We Ride Tonight.

A Little Bit Zombie [Movie Review]

A Little Bit Zombie 2012, Cave Painting Pictures I’m always up for a horror-comedy featuring zombies. More-so than any other sub-genre of horror movies, zombie movies lend themselves to the over-the-top ridiculousness that plays well in a comedic fashion. A Little Bit Zombie is no exception. While the movie’s humor isn’t as subtle or as sharp […]

This Flock of Seagulls video is guaranteed to give you 'Nightmares'

One great device in horror films is to take something non-threatening like a birds or a clown and turn it into something scary. In today's scary video, A Flock Of Seagulls takes a girl's doll and turns it into a the nighttime activity we all dread - Nightmares.

Journey, Cars, Depeche Mode top list of Rock Hall of Fame nominees

The ‘80s revolution is alive and well at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The Cleveland-based institution just announced its 2017 class of …

Killer Klowns From Outer Space was a movie and a song

As we get closer to Halloween, it's time to grab the flashlight and walk hesitantly into the basement to find forgotten scary videos from the '80s. This fall, not a day has gone by without a story about creepy clowns lurking around and scaring the pants off the general public. However, it seems there is nothing new under the sun (or is it full …

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame to announce 2017 nominees on Tuesday

Here we go again. Let’s all turn our attention to the Rolling Stone Hall of Fame … err, I mean Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as it prepares to announce its 2017 class of nominees on Tuesday morning.

Phil Collins to return to touring in 2017 starting in …

You can’t hurry love, and you can’t hurry Phil Collins. So when the former Genesis frontman-turned-solo-star announced his unretirement back in 2015, fans figured they’d have to wait a while to actually see him …

Sunday earworm: Thompson Twin's 'In the Name of Love'

Lately, I've been on a Thompsons Twins kick, and one of the songs that always bubbles up to the top of my playlists is the 1982 song In the Name of Love. For starters, it's the song that frontman Tom Bailey has using as the opening tune for all his recent live gigs. And it was the band's first hit in the early '80s.

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