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Marc Almond runs rings through '80s music history

One of the most iconic songs of the '80s is Soft Cell's Tainted Love with Marc Almond on lead vocals. On most conventional radio stations, Tainted Love is the only Soft Cell song that has ever been played, so it's about time we took a chance on the smooth voice of Almond and listen to …

Why Journey turned down performing at the RNC

Normally when we talk Journey here, it’s all about the eternal battle over whether Steve Perry will or won’t return to the band as its frontman. (He won’t. Give it up, Perry …

Sega Genesis returning this fall with 80 preloaded games

I tell ya this: Forget what Dennis DeYoung sang in the early ‘80s, THESE are the best of times. Well, not politically, or socially, or in any way actually EXCEPT when it comes to the re-release of video game consoles from the ‘80s.Ah yes, the best of times are when I'm alone with you, Sega Genesis. …

Rick Springfield is the devil?!? Only on TV

Did Rick Springfield sell his soul to get "Jessie’s Girl?" Not possible, because as it turns out, Springfield himself is the devil - at least on TV. Even Satan needs “The Human Touch,” it seems.The Hollywood Reporter RELATED POST PROFILESHARE

30 years later, 'Maximum Overdrive' remain's King's saddest clown

This has been a big year for 30th anniversaries - both of good movies and bad ones. But rarely has such a truly awful film come around that generates the hatred and concentrated loathing as this fantastic email that we received from “Brock in North Dakota.” So rather than try to top him, I instead present Brock’s take on …

Boys (and girls) did fall in love with this Robin Gibb classic

Star Trek Beyond had a big weekend at the box office, proving that the masses still love stories set in space. Today we push the limits of '80s videos set in space with the magnificent cheesy Boys Do Fall In Love by Robin Gibb.

Heart – Beautiful Broken [Album Review]

Heart – Beautiful Broken 2016, Concord Records Buy the album Beautiful Broken Two Sweet Darlin’ I Jump Johnny Moon Heaven City’s Burning Down On Me One Word Language of Love Band: Ann Wilson – Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals Nancy Wilson – Guitar, Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals Craig Bartock – Guitar Dan Rothchild – Bass, Moog […]

Begin your Star Trek weekend with this '80s classic

This weekend, the big movie release is Star Trek Beyond, the third in the series of the JJ Abrams reboot that has a mostly positive approval from the Stuck in the '80s Nation. But Star Trek in the '80s is more than the reruns we watched as a kid and the Shatner-Nimoy movies of the '80s, so today we …

Prince secretly bought house from ‘Purple Rain’

Remember late last year when we reported that the house featured in the movie Purple Rain was up for sale? Turns out there was an interested party who couldn’t wait to buy it: Prince. The …

There’s no mystery behind the appeal of ‘Clue’

If Hollywood is so gung-ho on remaking movies from the ‘80s, maybe they should start with just making movies based on board games. It worked for Clue.Clue, the 1985 comedy with an ensemble cast including Madeline Kahn, Tim Curry and Christopher Lloyd, wasn’t a huge box office hit when …

Information Society joins lineup for 2017 voyage of The '80s Cruise

Tell me what's on your mind. Is it The '80s Cruise? Good news for you then, because the 2017 edition for The '80s Cruise has just added Information Society to their music lineup.

New podcast: Hollywood slimes us with new Ghosbusters

Think of the WORST quote from the original 1984 version of Ghostbusters. Oh wait, that's right - there aren't very many. Now, if you've seen the 2016 remake, give me a memorable line from that flim. Oh wait, that's right - there aren't very many.

'80s Cruise quiz: Match the lyrics to the '80s tunes

How well do you think you know the bands on the 2017 edition of The '80s Cruise? There's only one way to find out. Take the quiz! And to join the Stuck in the '80s hosts on the 2017, book your passage on the cruise's official website. Use the promo code STUCK to save hundreds off …

He-Man, Masters of the Universe returns with new episode

By the power of Greyskull, He-Man has returned. According to Entertainment Weekly, He-Man and the Masters of the Universe will air a new episode at San Diego’s Comic Con on Wednesday. Here’s the trailer.

Stuck in the ‘80s review: ‘Ghostbusters’ dead on arrival

The final two words of the new Ghostbusters - before the ending credits, which last nearly as long as the movie itself - sum up this reboot in two words: “Not terrible.”You could also more harshly toe-tag it with these two words: “Not funny.” And there lies the problems of this otherwise …

Top 5 'Never Found' cover songs of the '80s

I enjoy being able to feature additional songs by previously profiled Never Found artists; because, in the '80s, mainstream pop radio just ignored them so completely despite these artists having plenty of good stuff. In order to re-feature Never Found artists, I've done a Top Five Love Songs list and a couple …

The Revolution’s Dr. Fink bringing Prince tribute show to Tampa Theatre

Hey, Purple Rain fans, everyone remember Dr. Fink? Fink (aka Matt Fink) was the physician scrubs-wearing keyboard player for Prince & The Revolution from 1978 to 1991. He might not have talked much in the 1984 movie, but he did have that one great zinger about why Wendy is only nice one week a month.Anyway, …

Lost Boys sequel coming, but in comic book form

One thing about being stuck in the '80s I never could stomach; all the damn movie sequels. It’s okay, Grandpa, because the sequel to 1987’s The Lost Boys will be a comic books reports that Issue No. 1 of …

The '80s stay with us thanks to bands like Blue Nile

If you ever peruse lists of top albums of the '80s, don't be surprised if you see the band Blue Nile on those lists. If you never had heard of one of their songs, stay a few more minutes on the blog and check out the Blue Nile with Stay.

NES Classic Edition

The nerd world is abuzz with the announcement from Nintendo today that they are bringing the original NES back in “Classic Edition” form: 30 pre-installed games (featuring first- and third-party games), no internet access, no option to install more games. Nintendo has said there are no plans to a second volume of NES Classic Edition (stating […]

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