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How a misunderstood 'villain' from WWII inspired a hit song for Idle Eyes

We've all heard the name Tokyo Rose, but do we know the whole story behind the name? One of America's darkest secrets is the treatment of Asian-Americans during the 1940s. In the '80s, movies like The Karate Kid touched on the subject while the name Tokyo Rose became the inspiration for a hit by Canadian band Idle Eyes. …

Def Leppard’s 2017 tour includes Poison, Tesla

Def Leppard has announced a huge 2017 tour that starts in New Hampshire in early April and winds its way across North America before wrapping up in Indianapolis in late June.

John Wetton to miss part of Asia's tour, Cruise to the Edge

Asia lead singer and bassist John Wetton has announced he’ll have to skip a slate of 2017 tour dates due to medical issues.

Lou Gramm confirms he’ll perform on Foreigner’s ’40’ tour date

Former lead singer Lou Gramm is telling Twitter followers that he will join Foreigner for a date on the band’s upcoming 40th anniversary tour “for a song or two.”

'CHiPs' trailer makes debut on 'Jimmy Kimmel'

Did you know there was a big-screen remake of CHiPs coming this year? Apparently, Dax Shepard and Michael Pena have decided to take on the roles made famous by Larry Wilcox ("Officer Jon Baker") and Erik Estrada ("Officer Frank “Ponch” Poncherello) in the movie and debuted the first trailer Wednesday night on …

If it doesn't really matter, then why Platinum Blonde?

Do blondes really have more fun? Well at least in the '80s, they had more hits in Canada as today we show our roots with Platinum Blonde and proclaim it Doesn't Really Matter.

This Canadian band loved slugging it out for laughs

The secrets of love remains eternal but the secret of the identify one of the more humorous bands of Canada is out as Doug and the Slugs lampoon classic American television with their fun video for Who Knows How To Make Love Stay.

Woody Harrelson in a Star Wars movie? It’s happening

Lucasfilm has confirmed that Woody Harrelson is joining the cast of the Han Solo prequel movie that’s due in theaters next year. Entertainment Weekly confirmed the news Wednesday.

Honeymoon Suite makes us feel Canadian again

The January weather has been mighty cold for many of us, but we shouldn't complain too much as we still are warmer than our neighbors to the north in Canada. In honor of our frozen friends, let's spend a whole week (again) celebrating some of Canada's best lost songs starting with Honeymoon Suite and Feel It Again.

Michael Sweet – One Sided War [Album Review]

Michael Sweet – One Sided War 2016, Rat Pak Records Bizarre One Sided War Can’t Take This Life Radio Golden Age Only You I Am Who Am I You Make Me Wanna Comfort Zone One Way Up Can’t Take This Life [Moriah Formica vocals] Musicians: Michael Sweet – Vocals, Guitar Joel Hoekstra – Guitar Ethan Brosh […]

U2 marks 'Joshua Tree' anniversary with stadium tour

Hey, Billy Joel isn’t the only act planning stadium shows for 2017. U2 also announced it will hit the road this summer to celebrate the 30th anniversary of their Joshua Tree album with a series of stadium …

Billy Joel adds baseball stadium shows to 2017 tour

Pitchers and catchers may report in mid-February, but piano men generally prefer to wait for warmer weather. And so it is that Billy Joel has announced a slate of baseball stadium concerts to his 2017 tour plans.

Halestorm – Reanimate 3: The Covers EP [Review]

Halestorm – Reanimate 3: The Covers EP 2017, Atlantic Records Still Of The Night Damn I Wish I Was Your Lover I Hate Myself For Loving You Heathens Fell On Black Days Ride The Lightning Band: Lzzy Hale – Lead Vocals, Guitar Joe Hottinger – Guitar, Backing Vocals Josh Smith – Bass, Backing Vocals Arejay […]

Infamous ‘Caddyshack’ boat is up for sale

“Hey, you scratched my anchor!” Is there an ‘80s fan out there who doesn’t know that quote from Caddyshack? Now Rodney Dangerfield’s boat from the movie is up for sale, RELATED POST PROFILESHARE

Feel like Going Underground after 2016? The Jam doesn't blame you

Over the past month we've reminded you of some of the forgotten Cold War songs from the '80s and since we like "blasts from the past" more than "blasts from bombs," today we duck and cover and head for the fallout shelter for some more anti-war tunes with the The Jam and Going Underground.

How about just one more No More I Love You's?

Many New Year's resolutions have to do with "no more..." but at SIT80's we hope to do more, specifically more cover songs. Whether its older songs remade in the '80s or '80s songs covered in later decades, it's our resolution to cover more cover songs. Today it's the latter as we feature a popular '90s song whose genesis was in the '80s with …

Another 'Chucky' movie starts filming this month

Wait … another Child's Play movie? Even Jon Gruden has moved on. But it’s true: Cult of Chucky begins filming Jan. 9 in Winnipeg, Canada, according to Entertainment Weekly.

30 years ago, ‘Mac Tonight’ made our stomachs rumble

It was 1987 when McDonald’s restaurants unleashed “Mac Tonight” on a weary, fast-food nation. Granted, many in ‘80s Nation had possibly never heard the original Mack the Knife song by Bobby Darin, but did that make us crave Big Macs any less? Noooo. Thirty years later, the Mac attack survives.

'Common Ground' in 2017? Good luck with that

With the all the posturing, tweets and rhetoric between the leaders of Russia and the U.S., you may ask yourself is it 2017 or 1987? Somehow both countries worked through the differences in the '80s to avoid conflict and the plea we make now is the same one that the Rhythm Corps made in 1988 - can we find some Common Ground?

Is it too late for one last 'World Party?'

For most of us the holiday parties are over and it's back to work. As we transition into 2017, let's throw one last party and make it big, so today let's have a World Party.

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