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Podcast: Interview with Keva Rosenfeld from 'All American High Revisited'

Every blue moon, we get a clear glimpse back into the past and the '80s return to us completely in focus. Such is the case with the new documentary movie All American High Revisted. Basically, this "new" movie is actually a documentary from 1984, when director Keva Rosenfeld followed the Class of 1984 from Torrance High School in …

Annie Lennox to today's faux musicians: 'Twerking is not feminism'

God bless, Annie Lennox. The former Eurythmics singer finally took at shot at what passes for "musicians" these days and blasted Beyonce for pretending to be a feminist.

Back to the Future's 30th anniversary re-release to feature live orchestra

Whoa, Doc. This is heavy. When Back to the Future is re-released to theaters for its 30th anniversary in 2015, the screenings will include a live orchestra playing the musical score, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Look at the stats: Billy Joel's biggest decade was the '80s

On a recent podcast, Steve mentioned "we never talk about Billy Joel - and I don't know why?", so let me jump in the fray to chime on the Billy Joel collection because besides the hits, there are other chestnuts out there like All For Leyna.

Halloooooweeen Nintendo Hoodie Giveaway

My last post was kind of heavy, so now I want to lighten things up and give away a grand prize. I’ve teamed up with TV Store Online, who has tons of great Halloween costumes and merch in stock. The … Continue reading ?

Here is the most successful '80s song you probably can't name

Some ‘80s songs sound like they could be from other decades, including now, but sometimes you hear a song that could only be 100% from the ‘80s and one of those songs is Trans-X's Living On Video.

How the best movie of the '70s became an almost forgotten band in the '80s

Even though the movie was made in 1973, many of us Stuck in the ‘80s remember as a kid watching Westworld, the story about an adult western theme park where the gunslinger robot played by Yul Brynner goes haywire. It was that movie that inspired the band name for Westworld who we profile with their best known song Sonic …

30 years of The Terminator: Come with me if you want to live...

Big fan of The Terminator? Check this out: Today, we're closer in time to the skull-crushing, machine-ruled future of Earth than we are the release date of the movie. Arnold Schwarzenegger's character returns from the year 2029 to wreak havoc in 1984. So enjoy these next 15 years... while you can. Thirty years old …

Monday lost and found: The JoBoxers' Just Got Lucky

Let's start off the week with a nugget that most everyone fondly remembers: The JoBoxers and Just Got Lucky.

Never Found in the '80s: Red Guitars

Jeremy Kidd put Red Guitars together in Hull, England, in 1982. As lead vocalist, Kidd released Red Guitars' first few singles and first album on his own label, Self Drive Records. The band was known for playing gigs supporting leftist causes and their anti-corporate attitude was reflected in …

Zombi 3 [Movie Review]

Zombi 3 1988 Buy the movie Today I’m taking a look at Zombi 3, AKA – Zombie Flesh Eaters 2, which is the sequel to Zombie AKA - Zombi 2, AKA - Zombie Flesh Eaters, which was an unofficial Italian sequel to Dawn of the Dead, AKA - Zombi. Confused? I first became a big fan or horror movies during […]

Rainbow Brite returning to TV featuring voicing by Molly Ringwald

When it comes to cartoons, is there anything more '80s than Rainbow Brite? What if we added Molly Ringwald to the mix? Done.Subscription video-on-demand service Feeln has announced it's reviving Rainbow Brite, …

Zombie [Movie Review]

Zombie 1979, The Jerry Gross Organization Buy the video I always thought this Italian horror movie was made in order to cash in on the popularity of George A. Romero’s Dawn of the Dead, but it wasn’t until recently that I found out that production on Zombie started before Romero’s classic had been released. This movie’s scenes in […]

Dracula Untold [Movie Review]

It may be 80 degrees outside but I'll be darned if I wasn't going to keep the Halloween spirit alive by going to see Dracula Untold today and then wash it all down with some hot chocolate from Starbucks.

Halloween SFX Cassettes of the 1980’s: Horror Sounds of the Night

Truth be told, I'm a bit weirded out listening to this tape as a grown man. It takes me back to when I was a kid and afraid of all these scary sounds coming out of the tape player. I can't imagine any Halloween SFX tape being as powerful and as spooky as this one.

The Smiths lead nominees for Rock and Roll Hall of Fame's 2015 class

Several legendary '80s-era acts were nominated today for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame's 2015 Class, including The Smiths, …

These chicks are toast! 'Ghostbusters 3' to feature female cast

This is just spooky: Ghostbusters 3 will star female comedians, presumably in place of the male "ghostbusters" who appeared in the first two movies, RELATED POST PROFILESHARE

Rachel Sweet's discography was less magic and more 'Voodoo' in the '80s

For every Pat Benatar that became an icon in the ‘80s, there were other women who carved out smaller paths in the hearts of ‘80s lovers and one of those forgotten females was Rachel Sweet.

14 Creepy Bat-Villains Not Named the Joker

Batman has always had the most twisted villains in all of comics. So naturally it all goes hand in hand with Halloween (and Christmas as well, for some reason) and it got me thinking about putting a list together of some of Batman’s scariest villains. This is not a countdown and obviously the Joker would […]

Steve Perry leads Giants crowd in singing 'Don't Stop Believin''

Former Journey frontman Steve Perry led the crowd at Monday's Giants-Nationals game in singing along to the Journey hit Don't Stop Believin', the '80s anthem that has been adopted as a theme song for the San Fran baseball club.

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