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Surprise! Sugarcubes' 'Motorcrash' not actually about NASCAR, Daytona

NASCAR is mostly a love it-hate it sport. Those who love it make up an incredibly loyal fan base that appreciates racing stalwarts like Jimmie Johnson who defy death at insane speeds while those who hate declare NASCAR to be a bunch of yahoos driving around in circles. This weekend, the racing season begins with its biggest event - the …

There’s still hope for baby boomers!!!

This is quite a story about Bob Mostello who is a bit beyond boomer years. The post There’s still hope for baby boomers!!! appeared first on

To Live or Not To Live, That Is the Question

Don't worry, this post is NOT about suicide.This post IS about life and what our lives are or could be.At this point in our lives, many of us boomers are evaluating our lives and wondering if we are truly living the lives we want to live. Show More Summary

There's a new face behind Chewbacca in the Han Solo spinoff

Perhaps lost amid all the giddiness over the release of the first cast photo of Disney's Han Solo spinoff is this: A new actor is now portraying Chewbacca in the Star Wars universe.

Here's the first look at cast for Han Solo spinoff movie

Disney has released the first cast photo from its Han Solo movie, which began filming Monday in London. The photo includes Alden Ehrenreich (who plays Solo), Donald Glover (as Lando Calrissian), Woody Harrelson (a yet-unnamed …

EW's ranking of best TV show finales includes these ‘80s gems

Entertainment Weekly bravely has waded again into the dangerous waters of Top 20 articles. This time, they attempt to rank the top 20 TV show finales of all time. And honestly, they hit a home run with their picks, especially their list-topper.

See first pic of cast from 'Predator' reboot

Hollywood is busy messing with our precious '80s memories again. This time it's another reboot of Predator, the 1987 flick that still has us all saying "Get to da chopper!"

A baby boomer volunteers in Cuba

An American boomer mixes business with pleasure in Havana. The post A baby boomer volunteers in Cuba appeared first on

A Roomful Of Perspective

India, Syria, Lebanon, the Philippines and the United States. Those are the countries of origin represented at our neighbor's home where we had dinner and wine on a recent Saturday night. Although we mostly avoided political conversation, we did talk about life and culture in these various countries.Of the nine people there, five are immigrants. Show More Summary

10 ways to recover from The 80s Cruise

The 2017 voyage of The 80s Cruise ended Saturday morning, and 2,000-plus weary but smiling nostalgia fanatics filed dutifully off the Celebrity Summit with a week's worth of memories that will last a lifetime.

How did we miss this Sinead O'Connor gem from 1987?

Finally, Wuench Beat Me to It Week comes to an end with this bonus entry - six this week instead of the customary five. Today's artist might be argued to have been found in the 80s, because her 1987 debut album reached number 36 on the US Album chart and was certified gold. However, none of the singles released from ‘The Lion and the …

One baby boomer reflects Beyond The End

Larry Lefkowitz ponders what becomes of our accumulated knowledge when we die. The post One baby boomer reflects Beyond The End appeared first on

Definitely too many The's in this band's song

The The is the second of my entries in Wuench Beat Me to It Week to have had two songs previously featured in the Lost & Found series. ‘This is the Day' and ‘Heartland' were grabbed up before I could get to them, but that just gives me the chance to shine more light on this excellent band from the UK.

Sesame Street: as meaningful to boomers as to anyone else

Sesame Street, the long-lasting TV series for children, debuted the same year Neil Armstrong landed on the moon. So it is no understatement to say, it has had some impact on us as baby boomers, and surely on our kids [...] The post Sesame Street: as meaningful to boomers as to anyone else appeared first on

All I need is Aztec Camera (and this song)

As Wuench Beat Me to It Week continues, let's take another look at Aztec Camera. This band out of Scotland has had two songs previously profiled by Mr Wuench: ‘Oblivious' and ‘Walk Out To Winter.' Both songs are fine examples of the light and breezy guitar playing of the band's only mainstay member, Roddy Frame.

A paradise for baby boomers … which isn’t lasting forever

Grand Cayman - a Caribbean getaway - suffers environmental, commercial blight. The post A paradise for baby boomers … which isn’t lasting forever appeared first on

Stuff Boomers Grew Up With

My family's weekend rituals during my pre-teen years included Saturday morning grocery shopping, afternoon lawn care, dinner and some television watching. Sunday started with church, then a tasty breakfast from a neighborhood bakery, reading the Sunday newspaper, a Sunday drive in the city or country or a visit to a grandparent's house. Show More Summary

'80s music and rollerskating? This video is the perfect Valentine's Day gift

Wuench Beat Me to It Week continues with us revisiting the Paisley Underground and the band that led the way in that LA music scene: The Three O'Clock. The Paisley Underground was mainly influenced by the Psychedelic bands of the '60s, both in their look and sound. Tight, swirling, slightly trippy tunes were the hallmark of the scene.

In the '80s, this band kept their revolution quiet and private

With The '80s Cruise finally upon us, I've asked our good friend Dr. Dim to contribute a few extra guest blog items this week. Hope you enjoy.

A baby boomer’s complicated first kiss

Some boomers’ memories fade... but rarely the first kiss. The post A baby boomer’s complicated first kiss appeared first on

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