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A baby boomer’s life shaped by Active Duty

Former newsman Haney Howell remembers how his life was shaped by service. The post A baby boomer’s life shaped by Active Duty appeared first on BoomerCafe.

Elephants, the circus and other baby boomer nostalgia

Time passes, and Larry Checco writes of vanishing memories, including circus elephants. The post Elephants, the circus and other baby boomer nostalgia appeared first on BoomerCafe.

The Past Comes Crashing Into the Present

Something people in their fifties and sixties are not always psychologically prepared for is the death of friends. Maybe nobody is prepared for that.My Wednesday started with news that an old girlfriend died last week. Even though IShow More Summary

Did Cameron Crowe find his ‘kwan’ again with Roadies?

Have you seen the trailers for Roadies? It’s a new Showtime series created and executive produced by the great Cameron Crowe. Yeah, the Cameron Crowe who wrote Fast Times at Ridgemont High and Say Anything. The guy who gave us Singles, Jerry …

An '80s band borrowing from the '50s? Boy, that's a first

Now that we have taken our spelling and math lessons the past two days on Lost and Found, '80s students now get rewarded with some class time for some book reading. While it might be a little dusty, there is one book worth perusing and that is the Book Of Love and their dance hit Boy.

New Musik's signature tune surely a hit with math majors in the '80s

Yesterday it was all about spelling, but we are all about balance on Lost and Found so today we tackle arithmetic and it all adds up to a feature on New Musik and Living By Numbers.

EBN-OZN? Or would you prefer Liben-Rosen?

It's spelling bee time again and today the Scripps Spelling Bee contest in National Harbor, Maryland begins their onstage competition that seems to capture the attention of us common spellers. The ever helpful '80s had some helpful hints back in the day to today's Spelling Bee contestants as evidenced by …

How a boomer can increase retirement income

The traditional retirement of a generation ago looks very different today. The post How a boomer can increase retirement income appeared first on BoomerCafe.

30 years later, ‘Cobra’ still one of decade’s worst box office winners

How can one of the most panned action movies of the ‘80s be a box office king? Don’t ask me. Ask Marion “Cobra” Cobretti. Cobra starred Sylvester Stallone, who also wrote the screenplay that was based loosely on a novel by Paula Gosling called Fair Game. Released May 23, 1986, …

Because Madness can be hereditary, we grandfather in 'One Step Beyond'

In our busy lives, it seems we are one step behind. Yesterday on Lost and Found we were one step ahead, but today we go one step further and go One Step Beyond with Madness.

Split Enz truly was one step ahead with this forgotten tune

Covering songs that were released 30-35 years might on the surface seem a little tardy, but with so many forgotten songs, it's great to learn about "new" '80s songs in 2016. While many see '80s music as the past - for many of us, the music is still being discovered and we are One Step Ahead.

The world was once different and so were baby boomers

Writer Eric Mondschein fondly recounts an adventure from his youth. The post The world was once different and so were baby boomers appeared first on BoomerCafe.

The Tubes' Fee Waybill talks MTV, Jen Aniston and his BFF Richard Marx

It's probably safe to say downtown Clearwater has rarely if ever seen the likes of a band like The Tubes, who play the Capitol Theatre on June 3.Sure, The Tubes enjoyed mainstream success in the early …

This baby boomer opposes ever being invisible

Carole Sullivan thinks boomer women need to be empowered now as ever before. The post This baby boomer opposes ever being invisible appeared first on BoomerCafe.

In the '80s, John Farnham was 'the voice' of anti-war sentiment too

As we learned this week, '80s artists were not afraid to tackle the tough subjects of war and PTSD among its soldiers. However, '80s artists were also equally optimistic and encouraging on overcoming the brutality of war with songs of hope like You're The Voice by John Farnham.

Support for armed conflicts hit the Skids with this tune

While there is mostly respect for the military in America, there are those who don't always trust the motives of all our military actions and that sentiment is represented by The Skids and their post punk hit Working For The Yankee Dollar.

Baby boomers’ memories of TV network news are history

Remember the heyday of TV news? Especially on the big networks. Those days are gone. The post Baby boomers’ memories of TV network news are history appeared first on BoomerCafe.

Motley Crue – Carnival of Sins: Live [Album Review]

Motley Crue – Carnival of Sins: Live 2006, Motley Records 1. “Shout at the Devil” 2. “Too Fast for Love” 3. “Ten Seconds to Love” 4. “Red Hot” 5. “On With the Show” 6. “Too Young to Fall in Love” 7. “Looks That Kill” 8. “Louder Than Hell” 9. “Live Wire” 10. “Girls, Girls, Girls” […]

The best freebies for people 60+

We boomers have terrific opportunities to save money. Here's how. The post The best freebies for people 60+ appeared first on BoomerCafe.

Let's not do the time warp again: Here's trailer for 'Rocky Horror' remake on Fox

Just a day ago, I was gushing about Fox's TV remake of Lethal Weapon. (Okay, not "gushing" but I was tolerant, which is a start.) Today, the gush turns to dry heaves with our first look at Fox's remake of …

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