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Alone in the Dark (1982) [Movie Review)

Alone in the Dark 1982, New Line Cinema With its aging stars (Jack Palance, Donald Pleasance and Martin Landau), you might think they would be odd choices to star in a slasher movie just as the teen-centric horror sub-genre was starting to explode. And you’d be right. It is a bit weird seeing them in […]

Where are the Red Rockers today? Not in China ... China ...

Today we feature the red rockers - no, not Sammy Hagar, but the New Wave band Red Rockers and their classic China.

All we know is, we boomers are grown-up

Retired newspaperman Garret Mathews looks at what he can and cannot do. The post All we know is, we boomers are grown-up appeared first on BoomerCafe.

The Cars, Cheap Trick among nominees for Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

The yearly disappointment known as the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame nominations is happening again this morning. Let's get the bad news out of the way first: No Duran Duran. No …

Doctor Who did amazingly bad TV commercials for computers in the '80s

Of course a time-traveling doctor would make TV commercials for computers in the '80s. But for most of us, we'd have to actually travel back to the '80s ourselves to remember the client: Prime Computers. When most of us geeks think of computers in the '80s, we think Radio Shack's TRS-80, or the Texas Instrument TI-99/4A or …

Nevermind Canada's Holy Trinity, this Church ruled Australia in the '80s

I am canvassing today to preach about Church today. Okay, before you slam your door on me in an unguarded moment, let me clarify that today it's just the band The Church. Now, will you let me inside?

Stocking up on Halloween goodies at Dollar General

I spent a few hours of one of my recent days off driving around town, bored out of my mind, and looking for some junk to spend my money on. I went to the usual places like Walmart, Target, etc., but then I remembered a hot tip I had gotten just a few days earlier […]

No keymaster this time: Rick Moranis turns down role in Ghostbusters remake

I do not believe, for one second, that Ghostbusters 3 will be a movie worth watching. And apparently Rick Moranis doesn't believe it's a movie worth acting in: The Hollywood Reporter says Moranis turned …

Another nail in the heart of the '80s? This Squeeze tune deserves more love

The '80s was filled with peculiarities. We might be able to explain mullets, Walkmans and Garbage Pail Kids, but will we every explain why Squeeze didn't have more Top 40 success in the U.S. pop charts with winners like Another Nail In My Heart?

The Surfing Pizza Seven Years On, Interpretative Baking, and the Return of…

I’ve been blogging for seven years. Mostly I’ve written essays, reviewed snack cakes, and done science experiments. These days I’m trying to lay off the snack cakes, and it seems I’m doing the ultimate experiment in raising a small human. … Continue reading ?

A baby boomer throws in the towel to her routine

Baby boomer Mariana Lima is living a cool life in Panama. The post A baby boomer throws in the towel to her routine appeared first on BoomerCafe.

The Cure announces 25-date tour of North America for summer 2016

The first big tour of 2016 has been announced: The Cure today say they'll do a 25-date tour of North America in late spring and summer of 2016.Only three dates have been announced so far: L.A.'s …

This underrated Billy Idol tune has lingered in the shadows long enough

A few weeks ago, our fearless leader Steve Spears, ventured to the Hard Rock Cafe to view Billy Idol in concert during Idol's week long trek through Florida. Was Steve in the front or off to the …

Pepsi Perfect coming for Back to the Future Part II anniversary

Are you ready to go back to the future... umm, again? You won't have to wait long. If my calculations are correct, Oct. 21, 2015, was the infamous date that Marty McFly travels to in 1989's Back to the Future II. Hardcore fans will recall that the beverage of choice then was Pepsi Perfect. To mark the big date, …

Scruffy-looking Nerf herder buys Slave Leia bikini costume at auction

I feel a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of once-prepubescent voices cried out with excitement and were suddenly silenced. It can only mean one thing: Someone has purchased Princess Leia's "slave bikini" at a …

With paperclip, duct tape and some egg whites, CBS plots 'MacGyver' reboot

A TV network is pulling a classic "MacGyver" by rebooting … well, MacGyver. Entertainment Weekly reports that CBS is "re-imagining" the Richard Dean Anderson series that ran on TV from …

A baby boomer tunes pop quiz

Writer Roz Warren has come up with an irresistible test of your baby boomer credentials. The post A baby boomer tunes pop quiz appeared first on BoomerCafe.

Random Gun Observations

The mass shooting episode in Oregon this week led to the predictable public reactions from the White House, the NRA, the pro and con gun control advocates and the various biased and unbiased news outlets. I’d like to hear from the mental health experts. Show More Summary

Miss Manners blames boomers for ruining aging

Judith Martin, aka Miss Manners, says we baby boomers denigrate getting older. The post Miss Manners blames boomers for ruining aging appeared first on BoomerCafe.

The House of the Devil [Movie Review]

The House of the Devil 2009, Magnet Releasing This one was a great find and a perfect start to the horror movie marathon I plan on having all throughout October. What a movie to watch on a cool Friday evening when you’re all alone! I had this one in my Netflix queue awhile ago for a […]

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