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Journey reunion? Neal Schon says 'door has always been open' for Steve Perry (Yeah ... right)

Journey founder and guitarist Neal Schon has told ABC News Radio that he's open to the idea of Steve Perry returning to sing with the band, according to Should …

If this David Pack video prompts you to buy jewelry, now you'll know why

I don't sit around all day playing love songs, but once in awhile one comes along that makes you walk on clouds and if you want that ‘80s love song feeling may I introduce you to David Pack and I Just Can't Let Go.

Investing a boomer’s retirement money is different

Financial writer Dennis Miller takes a different approach to retirement investing.

No anchovies, no official video for this J. Geils Band B-side tune

As our home-made video week continues, let's keep the party going with one of the nuttiest bands of our youth - the J. Geils Band and No Anchovies, Please.

Molly Ringwald to visit Clearwater for 'Breakfast Club' screening

Sweets, we couldn't forget you if we tried! Molly Ringwald will be at Clearwater's Capitol Theater on Oct. 3 for a screening of The Breakfast Club on its 30th anniversary. Following the movie, the co-star of the 1985 …

Fan-made video week begins with Frank Marino's Strange Dreams

We are going to try something new on Lost and Found. Normally I have been a stickler for featuring a song that only has a video made by the artist, but sometimes the artist never made a video or it is locked away awaiting its Youtube freedom. At least for this week, we'll tweek the rules with some great songs with some quality fan-made videos …

R&B week wraps up with Stevie Wonder feeling 'Overjoyed'

Will Stuck in the '80s ever do a podcast on Saturday Night Live in the ‘80s? It's a big topic to tackle, so maybe we can cover it on the blog in small doses with a few good memories courtesy of Steve Wonder and Overjoyed.

A boomer’s look back at sometime magical years

Tom Winton has written many books … but didn’t always want to.

My Kid’s First Birthday Party

Having never really arranged or thrown a big party before, I sort of pictured a one-year-old’s birthday in the park on a mid-summer afternoon a chill event. You rent a pavilion, you bring a cornhole set, you eat popcorn, drink … Continue reading ?

For National Hot Dog Day, try biting into 'Hot Dog ... The Movie'

Because today is National Hot Dog Day, it's only fitting we honor the ultimate movie for this occasion: 1984's Hot Dog … The Movie. (As opposed to the TV series? Not sure why the need to explain that, but whatever.)

Podcast: Our 10th anniversary episode of Stuck in the '80s

As of today, Stuck in the '80s is officially one day older than the decade it honors. That just blows me mind. When we released Episode #1 back on July 22, 2005, I would have been shocked if we lasted six months. I remember telling a colleague after a year that if survived for THREE years, that he should just come by my desk and kill me. And …

Gladys Knight & the Pips worked some overtime in the '80s

I know its summertime, so the last thing you want to do is work over. But don't worry, because here at Stuck in the ‘80s Gladys Knight & the Pips are here and will stay late since they said to Save The Overtime (For Me).

Give you four guesses which '60s powerhouse scored in the '80s with 'Indestructible'

The Stuck in the '80s podcast has covered Rock Dinos extensively, but what about R&B Dinos? Well if you are going to start, why not start with one of the biggest and best R&B groups of all time, The Four Tops, with their last Top 40 hit Indestructible.

One Small Step for …

Yesterday was the 46 th anniversary of the first human landing on the moon. I used my calculator to subtract 1969 from 2015. Seems like I should be able to do simple math in my head. Has technology helped us or hurt us? Calculators and calculator apps on our smart phones, tech that was unheard of in 1969, is almost a necessity now. Show More Summary

Are we baby boomers having fun yet?

Personal trainer Linda Melone with 6 ways to slow down time.

'Back to the Future' cast reunites; film returns to theaters Oct. 21

Great Scott! Christopher Lloyd, Lea Thompson and Michael J. Fox look as good today as they did 30 years ago. The three actors reunited over the weekend at the London Film and Comic Con, answering questions from fans on Back to the Future's 30th …

Can you name the 'other' top 100 hit by the Dazz Band?

When it's time to hit the dance floor, you always want to make sure you Let It Whip, but besides whipping, make sure you do like the Dazz Band and Let It All Blow.

R&B Week on Lost and Found starts with Rick James

It's been a long time since we devoted a week to ‘80s R&B, so if we are going to throw the funk down this week, why would we start with Rick James? Because he's Rick James, b&!?h!.

One boomer remembers one of the best days

Larry Checco will never forget the historic 1969 moon landing.

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