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Dinner At A Diner

Diners are an interesting part of our American past. Although the first diners appeared in the late 1800s and were often horse-drawn night lunch wagons, they became a popular part of American culture in the 1950s at the beginning of the serious ‘car’ era. Show More Summary

MTV Classic? Not even close, bud!

What images race through your mind when you hear “MTV Classic?” Martha! Alan! Nina! JJ! Mark! The Buggles! Video Countdown! Too bad that’s not what MTV Classic will be.Instead, MTV has announced RELATED POST PROFILESHARE

One of the creepier videos of the '80s: 'Dance with Me'

Oh how we love Martha Quinn and relish any chance to drop her name on the Stuck in the '80s blog. A topic covered in the oral history books about MTV is the romances of Quinn during her VJ tenure, including the curious pairing between her and Stiv Bators - lead singer of the Lords Of The New Church and …

Boomers and Music

Buying a song back in the day, 60s, 70s, 80s, even 90s... Go to store, search for the album, initially on vinyl, later on cassette or CD single, take it to the counter, stand in line, pay the cashier, go home, put the 'thing' into a player on one room in your house, hit play, enjoy your song. Show More Summary

Concert review: Guns N' Roses starts early, finishes strong in Atlanta show

The Guns N’ Roses reunion tour might not be everyone’s cup of tea (or whatever hardcore liquor the band drinks these days), but they seem to be defying our lowered expectations by showing up on time and giving the fans what they paid for. Our Stuck in the ‘80s Atlanta correspondent Dee Paige …

30 years ago, we fell for REM's 'Fall On Me' and 'Lifes Rich Pageant'

During the spring we featured Replacements Week were we talked about the Replacements rivalries with other bands. Without a doubt, the Replacement's biggest rivalry was with R.E.M. In the rivalry, the real winner was the music fans as we all were treated to the Replacements working class songs and …

Baby boomer celebrates turning 60 with adventure

Maryland author Marianne Bohr's theme for her life is an active lifestyle. The post Baby boomer celebrates turning 60 with adventure appeared first on BoomerCafe.

There was ANOTHER version of Midnight Blue?

Ludwig van Beethoven in the '80s? His musical genius is so timeless it's no surprise that Ludwig V pops up in the '80s, so roll over Beethoven and explore today's curiosity Midnight Blue by Louise Tucker.

Blame It All On...

The thing that bothers me most about political rants on Facebook, political discussions/arguments at my neighborhood bar and political speeches by most politicians is that so many people think that their opinions and those of their political party are the only correct ones. Show More Summary

Is it too late to buy a Lava Lamp?

I had NO IDEA they were still actively making Lava Lamps. Truth be told, I always wanted on when I was in college. But for some reason, after buying bamboo curtains, black lights, obligatory Beatles poster for the wall, my remaining funds couldn’t accommodate such a luxury.So imagine the rejoicing when I saw a website …

Ultravox's Midge Ure announces 2016 North American dates

Over the last few years, few touring artists from the ‘80s have impressed me as much as Midge Ure. And if you’ve missed him to date, you’re lucky because Ure just announced another North American tour for the fall.The frontman from Ultravox (and Live Aid co-founder) dazzled fans on the Retro …

Morrissey announces 2016 world tour dates

This just in: Morrissey announces world tour! Coming soon: List of places where you can ticket refunds after he cancels your town's date. Ah, the jokes never get old. The former Smiths frontman-turned-vegan-solo-artist RELATED POST PROFILESHARE

What Does It Mean When A Police Union Asks For A Temporary Ban Against Open Carry?

By Cathy Tang When the world didn’t end in 2012, thousands of Doomsday preppers emerged from their underground bunkers disappointed by the relative calm of the scheduled apocalypse. Fortunately for them, they can once again pull out their survival kits … GO ? The post What Does It Mean When A Police Union Asks For A Temporary Ban Against Open Carry? appeared first on Pushback.

Marc Almond runs rings through '80s music history

One of the most iconic songs of the '80s is Soft Cell's Tainted Love with Marc Almond on lead vocals. On most conventional radio stations, Tainted Love is the only Soft Cell song that has ever been played, so it's about time we took a chance on the smooth voice of Almond and listen to …

Why Journey turned down performing at the RNC

Normally when we talk Journey here, it’s all about the eternal battle over whether Steve Perry will or won’t return to the band as its frontman. (He won’t. Give it up, Perry …

Sega Genesis returning this fall with 80 preloaded games

I tell ya this: Forget what Dennis DeYoung sang in the early ‘80s, THESE are the best of times. Well, not politically, or socially, or in any way actually EXCEPT when it comes to the re-release of video game consoles from the ‘80s.Ah yes, the best of times are when I'm alone with you, Sega Genesis. …

Are working baby boomers headed for a train wreck?

A new survey that spells possible trouble ahead for working boomers. The post Are working baby boomers headed for a train wreck? appeared first on BoomerCafe.

Rick Springfield is the devil?!? Only on TV

Did Rick Springfield sell his soul to get "Jessie’s Girl?" Not possible, because as it turns out, Springfield himself is the devil - at least on TV. Even Satan needs “The Human Touch,” it seems.The Hollywood Reporter RELATED POST PROFILESHARE

30 years later, 'Maximum Overdrive' remain's King's saddest clown

This has been a big year for 30th anniversaries - both of good movies and bad ones. But rarely has such a truly awful film come around that generates the hatred and concentrated loathing as this fantastic email that we received from “Brock in North Dakota.” So rather than try to top him, I instead present Brock’s take on …

Boys (and girls) did fall in love with this Robin Gibb classic

Star Trek Beyond had a big weekend at the box office, proving that the masses still love stories set in space. Today we push the limits of '80s videos set in space with the magnificent cheesy Boys Do Fall In Love by Robin Gibb.

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