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What caused the death of Can't Buy Me Love's Amanda Peterson?

The death of Amanda Peterson, the actress who co-starred in 1987's rom-com Can't Buy Me Love, has really shaken '80s Nation. Is it because she died so young? (She was just 43.) Was it because we've all wondered what happened since she left acting more than 20 years ago? (Her last screen credit was for 1994's Windrunner.) …

One name is both the worst dessert and best soft FM band of our era

Ambosia, the fruit and marshmallow salad, gets mixed results when thrown on the dinner table, but the Ambrosia for today is the band and after sampling their lost hit How Can You Love Me, the answer to the question is "How can you not love Ambrosia?"

Baby boomers – This is about your sex life

Roxanne Jones say hearing loss can affect your sex life. So listen up!

Can you name the last Top 5 single by the Go-Go's? Bet Rob Lowe can

Since the pulling of the Rob Lowe DirecTV ads in April, a nation turns its lonely eyes to find the next ‘80s star to be reborn as a commercial spokesman. But until then, we have "hunky" Rob Lowe and his video blast from the past with the Go-Go's Turn To You.

Highest grossing Independence Day Weekend Movies released in the '80s

You know the best thing about the July 4 holiday during the 1980s? We didn't say 'Merica. Call me Old Man Spearsy, but I'm not a fan.

Generations Politics and the 4th of July

I spent Independence Day weekend with four generations of a family that is close to me. The age range was a few months to 82. One was celebrating an 80th birthday.A few more statistics: three Democrats and 30+ Republicans. Two Marines. Show More Summary

One boomer’s list of Life’s Greatest Pleasure

Writer and editor Alan Paul is a man of lists. This is his Life’s Greatest Pleasures.

Never Found in the 80s - Black Flag

One of the first and most influential American hardcore punk bands, Black Flag was a champion of punk's do-it-yourself ethic. They had their own label (SST Records) and they followed their own ideas on the kind of music they wanted to make, sometimes to the chagrin of their own fans.

If you're not putting The Band back together, this Robbie Robertson hit is the next best thing

Is the world coming to an end? For many in the ‘80s, the escalation of the nuclear arms race sure felt that way. Today, do we feel any safer or are we heading for a Showdown At Big Sky?

How could we have forgotten Gettysburg ... the song?!?

As our county nears its birthday celebration, Civil War flags have been a hot topic of conversation. While it's been 152 years to the day since the Battle of Gettysburg, it still seems the tensions of the Civil War still simmer as we recall The Brandos and their forgotten song Gettysburg.

It’s not too early for Halloween candy is it? 3 Musketeers MuskeFEARS fun-size candy!

In what may sound like heaven to some (such as myself) or a nightmare to others, when you work in the world of retail, you get see and access most holiday items way before the customer does and long before the holiday arrives. I’m fine with this and I’m always on the lookout for two […]

Hey boomers! It’s summertime. Time to get healthy

Certified Personal Trainer and Health Coach Rashelle Brown says just get moving!

Comic Block – June 2015 Review

I was really pleased with last month’s initial Comic Block. It’s not as extravagant or junk-filled (I mean “junk-filled” in a nice way) as other mystery boxes such as Nerd Block, but it’s a fun, fairly inexpensive treat for a comic fan to look forward to every month. Apparently they won’t be doing anything special […]

Ready for the Fourth? Top 5 patriotic and summer movies of the '80s

Sometime this Fourth of July holiday weekend, you're doing to need some down time. Picnics, beaches, fireworks -- it's just too much. So start planning ahead for couch time with suitable movies for the occasion. Here are our top 5 favorite movies for a patriotic holiday and top 5 favorite movies for the summer in general. Oh, and of course, …

Never Found in the 80s - Lime Spiders

We have a lot of things to be fond of from the 80s, but mullets are not among them. And there are some classic 80s mullets to be found on this band from Sydney, Australia. Lime Spiders are a sort of punk, sort of retro 60s garage band with a strong element of psychedelia thrown in.

Motorhead announces U.S. tour dates for 40th anniversary

Motörhead is celebrating its 40th anniversary with a U.S. tour beginning in August (including one date in Florida). The tour promotes the band's 22nd album, Bad Magic, due out Aug. 28, reports Eighties fans probably …

50 Days of Summer: Guest Post

Today I’m posting a very special kind of post. I’m posting a guest post. Except the guest doesn’t even know I’m posting it. But his or her comment deserves to be read by the entire world. Or all forty of … Continue reading ?

No 'Back to the Future' remakes, director swears over his dead body. That's heavy!

Remakes? Where we're going, we don't need remakes. Back to the Future fans can take a deep breath. Your mother doesn't have the hots for you. There's no problem with the Earth's gravitational pull in the future. Chuck Berry never had a cousin named Marvin. Darth Vader isn't from the Planet Vulcan. And there will be NO REMAKE …

George Hrab covers Yes' 90125 album

Perhaps you've heard of him. His name is George Hrab. His friends and fans call him Geo.

A British patriotic anthem so nice, we say the band's name twice

"Well it ain't written in the papers, but it's written on the walls. The way this country is divided to fall."

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