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What is New with this Baby Boomer? Plenty

I’m back again after a long blogging layoff. It’s not that I didn’t have anything to write about. I was just concentrating on life as it happened, pushing the reflection and writing to the back burner. Now I seem to have a little breathing room. Show More Summary

Hard to believe this classic Cure tune didn't chart in '85

The Cure will be heading for the U.S. in 2016 for a summer tour and questions abound. Will Robert Smith's makeup hold up in the heat? Will they come close to a city near you? Even if you are some distance away, never fear, as The Cure are always close - well, Close To Me.

Who’s ready for Ferris Fest? Here are more details

The 30th anniversary of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off is nearly upon up, and so it’s only right that we all plan to attend the definitive event marking the NINE TIMES our favorite Shermer High student skipped school: Ferris Fest!The event takes play May …

Why did Def Leppard and Styx cancel their tour? Now we know

Def Leppard, Styx and Tesla fans were bummed out when the trio of legacy acts canceled the remaining dates of their joint tour last week, including a Jan. 30 date in Orlando. The given reason at the time? The dreaded “due to illness” dagger.Now, however, we know the rest of the details. Turns out that Def …

Can't Turn Back to the '80s but we can still listen to this Red Rider tune

How many more Tom Cochrane and Red Rider videos will be highlight on Lost and Found? As many as it takes to show some love for the Canadian rockers as we Can't Turn Back now.

The ABCs of '80s hitmakers should have included phd

Each August 1st, we remember the launch of MTV and over the years more information and stories emerge about the videos that appeared that historical day in 1981. With the help of the internet, you don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure out what songs were played on Aug. 1st, 1981, but you do have to have a …

A baby boomer offers The Big Sorry

Bob Brody has been recalling his childhood and kids he offended.

Blue Hair Who Cares

I dyed my hair electric blue for the second time in life. The first time I did it I was 19, and this time I am 35. The first time I did it to be different, or maybe I did … Continue reading ?

Ready for the shortest New Order tour ever? (At least there's a Florida stop)

New Order has sprung a short spring tour on fans in the U.S. How short? Six shows. Hey, but at least Florida scored a stop. How rare is that?

The Police tune was nearly invisible on American radio in the '80s

The winter has been cold, snowy and icy for parts of the country in 2016 and sometimes the weather makes you feel all bleak and wonder if the sun is invisible, a thought shared by one of most popular bands of the '80s - The Police.

Real detective work needed to see why this 38 Special song wasn't a hit

38 Special is one of those bands whose catalog goes much deeper than the songs they play on the radio. As we take our weekly trip back to music video memory lane, for old time's sake let's have a laugh with One Time For Old Times.

For this baby boomer, the older the wiser

Photographer Mike Plews demonstrates boomer wisdom, expertise.

Howard Jones, OMD join Last Summer on Earth 2016 tour

Wait, shouldn’t the 2015 Last Summer on Earth tour have been the last? This is the most blatant case of false advertising since Lionel Hutz's suit against the movie The Neverending Story. In any case, it turns out that British electro-legends Howard Jones and OMD will be joining Barenaked Ladies for the 2016 version …

How commercials are changing a baby boomer’s life

Writer Leslie Handler laments the lack of good old-fashioned jingles in today's commercials.

'Grease 2' was the (dirty) word, though this song is still cool

Sunday night is the big live performance of Grease on Fox that might have caught your attention. Yes, Grease is from the '70s but even for those Stuck in the '80s, Grease was a fun phenomenon growing up. But the '80s DID have Grease. Well Grease 2 and today's hot number of …

Podcast: 30 years later, the sights and sounds of the Challenger tragedy

Some anniversaries seem too soon (Sept. 11) or too long ago (D-Day) to wrap your brain around. And yet, what are we to make of January 28, 1986? The 30th anniversary of the Space Shuttle Challenger explosion is our topic for this week's podcast and it remains a unique moment in time. For this solemn occasion, we've altered our usual show …

Who could have guessed a Star Trek character was the 'heart and soul' of the '80s?

It's an interesting study of which '80s hits disappear and which make into the daily rotations of '80s-based music stations. One song that gets played every day is T'Pau's Heart and Soul, however can you lay claim to ever hearing any of T'Pau's other singles like China In Your Hand?

How boomers can color their way to relaxation

Writer Donna Hull fondly recalls and uses Crayolas, coloring pencils and coloring books.

Great Scott! DeLoreans are back in production

Whoa, Doc, this is heavy. The reborn DeLorean Motor Co. in Humble, Texas, will soon begin building replicas of the epic 1982 automobiles made famous in the Back to the Future movies, according to RELATED POST PROFILESHARE

Schwarzenegger reveals name of next Conan sequel

With Terminator sequels terminated, Arnold Schwarzenegger has turned to another of his movie franchises for resurrection. Who’s ready for Conan the Conqueror?It turns out Schwarzenegger has plans to play Conan …

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