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John Lewis Pays Tribute To Martin Luther King Jr.

Rep. John Lewis (D-Ga.) paid tribute to civil rights icon Martin Luther King Jr. on Monday. Lewis, himself a well-known civil rights leader, said in a series of tweets that King “was like a big brother.” Lewis detailed all the nonviolent...Show More Summary

Rex Tillerson: a secretary of state pick with a long, troubled history in Venezuela

ExxonMobil and Venezuela have been spatting over oil for decades. Reuters Sary Levy-Carciente, Universidad Central de Venezuela and María Teresa Romero, Universidad Central de Venezuela If Rex Tillerson, CEO of Exxon Mobil and Donald...Show More Summary

The Lessons We Can Learn from Our Country's Cuban Refugee Policy

The policy of "wet foot, dry foot" that President Obama ended late this week was a variation of the special status provided to Cubans fleeing that nation by every president since Dwight D. Eisenhower. Along with the Cuban Adjustment Act of 1966, these policies gave millions of Cubans a head start on legal permanent residence and a path to U.S. Show More Summary

Sen. Kamala Harris To Vote Against Jeff Sessions As Attorney General

Newly elected Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) on Saturday joined other Democrats against Donald Trump’s nominee for attorney general, Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) Harris announced her opposition to Sessions at a California labor breakfast honoring Martin Luther King Jr. Show More Summary

11 Documentaries About Immigrants Everyone Should Watch Right Now

Donald Trump ran his presidential campaign partly on promises of overhauling the United States’ immigration system. While the president-elect seldom shared specific policies or actions he’d take, he’s made several promises when it comes to immigration. Show More Summary

Congressman John Lewis and President-Elect Trump

The recent Media kerfuffle between Civil Rights Icon Congressman John Lewis and President Elect Trump should not distract us from "the fierce urgency of now". Both men exhibit a certain amount of naiveté or sheer ignorance about theShow More Summary

10 Reasons Why Michelle Obama Is One Magical 'Mama-In-Chief'

Some of our most cherished memories of Michelle Obama come from sacred moments of her serving out her mama duties to Sasha and Malia. From advising young women to prioritize their education over boys to shamelessly rapping Missy Elliot’s...Show More Summary

Draymond Green Follows Flagrant Foul On LeBron James With Flagrant Mock

The Warriors’ Draymond Green appeared to lower his shoulder into LeBron James in an NBA game Monday, then took a shot at the Cavalier star’s falling reaction. Apparently believing that James acted a bit after the contact, Green madeShow More Summary

CONSTRUCTIVE FEEDBACK UNIVERSITY: Rep John Lewis STAYS IN POWER To Advance "Progressive Fundamentalist Nationalism" AS A WHOLE Because Of The "Educated Ignorant" Black Female Real Estate Agent Who SHOWS BUCKHEAD Instead Of BANKHEAD - Thanks To The FREEDOM

Don't Ask ME: "Why Have YOU Broken Ranks - And Are Always Seemingly Defending Donald Trump AT THE EXPENSE OF (So Called) BLACK LEADERS?"YOU Need To GO TO The ACTUAL PLACES That Your CURRENT EXISTENCE In REAL TIME (NOT "Selma 1965") AFFORD...Show More Summary

3 Things to Do If You Keep Attracting the Wrong Man

Finding the right person to build a life with isn’t always easy. Sure, some people luck out and meet the right person when they are young and without much drama, but for many, dating is stressful and choosing someone who’s a right fit is often hard. And for women who feel like every time they Keep Reading ?

Here’s Why You Need to Give Your In-Laws the Benefit of the Doubt

Are in-laws bad or are they just getting a bad rap?  Many times, what seems like issues with your in-laws are just misunderstandings. You see, when you first get married, everyone is learning their new role – you, your spouse and your in-laws too. You are not the only one that will have to make Keep Reading ?

Green Day Rips Donald Trump In New 'Troubled Times' Video

Green Day takes aim at President-elect Donald Trump in its latest lyric video. A Trump-like figure wearing a red “Make America Great Again” cap appears to spew antagonistic rhetoric to crowds from a podium in the new clip for “Troubled Times,” which the punk rock band posted online on Martin Luther King Jr. Show More Summary

Help! Should I Remain Married Although My Husband Says He Doesn’t Love Me Anymore?

Dear Dr. Buckingham, I have been married 33 years. My husband says he no longer loves me and is very adamant about it. He has cheated in the relationship a number of times. I’m a Christian and have asked him about counseling and he refuses. I am at my wits end. I am considering divorce. Keep Reading ?

Trevor Noah Takes Down Donald Trump For Bombastic Attack On John Lewis

Trevor Noah wondered if Donald Trump even knew who Rep. John Lewis (D-Ga.) was before he attacked the civil rights hero on Twitter. Last Saturday ? two days before the nation celebrated Martin Luther King Jr. Day ? the president-elect tweeted that Lewis was “all talk... Show More Summary

The trumpPETs Are Falling For Donald Trumps Smoke On "Repeal & Replacing Obamacare" With A More Affordable System Of "HEALTHCARE FOR ALL"

The 'trumpPETs" CLAIM to be FISCAL CONSERVATIVES, worried about the long term fiscal consequences of running up a massive federal debt by BALLOONING SOCIAL JUSTICE PROGRAMS.Yet right now they are PACIFYING THEIR SUPPORTERS by focusing...Show More Summary

14 Truths About Being An Asexual Person

What’s it like to be asexual in a world as sex obsessed as ours? It might help to understand what it means to be asexual first. Unlike celibacy ? where people give up sex as a choice ?asexuality is a sexual orientation, according to the Asexual Visibility and Education Network (AVEN). Show More Summary

21 Fine-As-Hell Asian Men Who Will Make You Swoon And Then Some

Note to Steve Harvey: Plenty of women and men find Asian dudes hot. On Friday’s episode of his eponymous talk show, the host couldn’t stop laughing at the premise of a 2002 book called How to Date a White Woman: A Practical Guide for...Show More Summary

(My Mind's CONSCIOUS EYE Just Shed A Tear Out Of Anger & Depression) WHAT EVENT Triggered The Creation Of The Hash Tag "#DEFEND THE 5TH (DISTRICT)"? A) Black Residents Of Southwest Atlanta, Sounding A Lot Like WHITE GENTRIFIERS In SE And NW ATL" OR "Th


Women's March Organizers Say Anti-Abortion Group Added As A Partner In Error

The Women’s March on Washington faced backlash Monday after reports circulated that anti-abortion group New Wave Feminists had been granted partnership status. Now organizers of the march are saying that the group was added as a partner...Show More Summary

Death Disparities in NYC Highlight the Grim Realities of Economic Inequality

'Forty-two-hundred days is how much longer a person born in 2013 and residing in Battery Park City is expected to live than a person born the same day who spends their years in Brownsville. On this segment of BK Live, Jarrett talks with...Show More Summary

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