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Fresh Dressed: 10 Reasons You Should Watch This Stylish Hip-Hop Fashion Doc 

After flipping through the September fall fashion issues of my favorite magazines with black “It Girls” such as Beyoncé, Kerry Washington, Serena and Misty Copeland on their covers, I’m unusually interested in clothes. All that paging...Show More Summary

Russell Wilson Doubles Down On Claims That His Water Prevents Concussions

Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson is standing by his belief that Recovery Water, a water brand he's an investor in, will prevent football players from sustaining a concussion.  In a Rolling Stone feature published on Wednesday, Wilson claimed that drinking Recovery Water healed a January head injury. Show More Summary

Making Sense Out of Bryce Williams and the Virginia Shooting

Bryce Williams was a troubled man. This was clear to anyone who recently saw him shoot and kill news reporter Alison Parker and photographer Adam Ward on live TV. He also shot the woman being interviewed, Vicki Gardner, who survived her wounds after surgery. Show More Summary

George W. Bush Returns To New Orleans For Hurricane Katrina Anniversary

Former President George W. Bush will return to New Orleans on Friday to commemorate the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, the storm that devestated the city. Bush will give remarks at Warren Easton Charter High School, where heShow More Summary

Obama Recovers From Gaffe By Singing 'Movin' On Up'

President Barack Obama committed a pretty big gaffe while walking around New Orleans on Thursday. Obama, who was in town to commemorate the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, met a woman named Weezy while walking around New Orleans. "Weezy?...Show More Summary

Va. Shooter had Wig, Extra License Plates, and a Gun, in Crashed Rental Car

Vester Lee Flanagan II died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound on Wednesday afternoon after callously killing two Virginia TV journalists during a live broadcast.

Rand Paul Thinks He Has A Better Name For Black Lives Matter

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) suggested Wednesday night that the activist movement Black Lives Matter should rename themselves something like "Innocent Lives Matter" or "All Lives Matter." "I think they should change their name, maybe," the 2016 Republican presidential candidate told Fox News' Sean Hannity. Show More Summary

Kobe Bryant Is Older, Wiser And Reflecting On His Feud With Shaq

Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O'Neal had one of the most successful pairings in the NBA, winning three consecutive NBA championships in 2000, 2001 and 2002 for the Los Angeles Lakers and making a fourth appearance in the 2004 NBA Finals....Show More Summary

Serena Williams Has The Perfect Response To Maria Sharapova Endorsement Gap

Serena Williams has finally weighed in on the huge disparity between her and tennis player Maria Sharapova's off-court earnings.  While Williams dominates Sharapova athletically, leading in their head-to-head matchups 18-2, Sharapova...Show More Summary

Vester Lee Flanagan II aka Bryce Williams May Have Worked as a Male Escort and Other Strange Findings from the Va. Shooting

Early Wednesday morning Vester Lee Flanagan II, reportedly upset over being fired from Virginia news station WDBJ in 2013 and the church massacre in Charleston, South Carolina, targeted two former employees and fatally shot them on ...

Black Giving Matters: Q&A with Birgit Smith Burton of the African American Development Officers Network

A series by BGB Contributor Valaida Fullwood initiated for Black Philanthropy Month 2015 and aimed at informing, inspiring and investing in philanthropic leadershipBirgit Smith Burton is Founder and Chair of the African American Development...Show More Summary

Progressive Fundamentalist Cartoonist Mike Luckovich Says That He Keeps An Enduring Relationship With Rep John Lewis By Avoiding Unnecessary Focus Upon "Black People Who Kill" And Instead Pleasing Black Progressives By Shifting Focus To The White Right Wi

Mike Luckovich Should Be Credited Because He Has Discovered The "Secret Sauce" Given The Choice Between: Agitating The "Civil Rights Pharisees" Over Claims Of "Racist Coverage Of Black People By The AJC" And Triggering Their Protests...Show More Summary

Filled Negro, Upon Sensing That His Credibility Is Starting To Fray, Assures His Congregation That The "WHITE CAR THIEF SEEN DANCING In Los Angeles" Is SUPERIOR Threat To Them Than Is The "Street Pirate Urban Oppressor" Who Pistol Whipped And Then Shot A


Public (School) Enemy Number One: How Structural Racism Undermines New Orleans Public Education

Let there be no mistake. Public enemy number one in New Orleans' public schools is structural racism. Despite the various narratives of progress, black and brown kids across our city--almost regardless of school, age, neighborhood, or income--are punished, threatened, failing, and producing predictable, vilified, low test scores. Show More Summary

Daniele Watts Ordered to Perform Community Service After Insincere Apology to Officers

Actress Daniele Watts, who appeared in Quentin Tarantino's Django Unchained, is back in hot water.

New Orleans Marks 10 Years Since Hurricane Katrina

By Kathy Finn and Edward McAllister NEW ORLEANS, Aug 29 (Reuters) - New Orleans, a town renowned for staging big celebrations, faces a tricky challenge on Saturday, 10 years to the day from when Hurricane Katrina slammed into southeast Louisiana and triggered flooding that would leave 80 percent of the city under water. Show More Summary

Follow the Money: How New Orleans’ Charter School System Influences Both Economic Development and Injustice

In part 1 of “‘Like Another Katrina’: The Charter School Debate Fractures New Orleans Along Lines of Race and Class,” The Root took a comprehensive look at the educational, cultural and racial effects of the charter school system, which rapidly expanded in the city following Hurricane Katrina.

Watch: Alleged Gunman Held in Brazen Gas Station Shooting Death of Texas Sheriff's Deputy  

A man was being held Saturday by law enforcement authorities in Houston, Texas, after he allegedly shot and killed a Harris County sheriff's deputy execution-style as the officer pumped gas into his police cruiser at gas station on Friday night, according to CNN.

Black Man Held After $5 Grocery Theft Found Dead in Va. Jail Cell

A 24-year-old black male was discovered dead inside a Virginia jail cell after he was held without bail for four months over an alleged theft of $5 worth of groceries, reports The Guardian.

Before Emmett Till’s Death, Willie James Howard, 15, Was Murdered in Florida

Eleven years before Emmett Till’s bloated and brutalized corpse was displayed on the pages of Jet magazine as proof of the South’s atrocities against African Americans, there was Willie James Howard.

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