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From Emmett Till to Trayvon…We Have Been Here Before and We Still Can’t Breathe

From Emmett Till to Trayvon… We Have Been Here Before and We Still Can’t Breathe (Interview with Chasen Hampton on His New Single “I Can’t Breathe”) by Gloria Y.A. Ayee | @GloriaYAyee | special to NewBlackMan (in Exile) “I can’t breathe. Show More Summary


A Night Where I Have EVERY Possible News Channel Recording - I Decided To Watch The "Lawrence O'Donnell Show".Keep in mind that CNN and Fox focused on THE RIOTS and the Mayor/Police Speeches. When you get to MSNBC - they provide THE VOICE OF THE RIOTERS. Show More Summary

Things You Want to Know About Investing but Are Afraid to Ask -- Part 2

Key Points Stocks, bonds and cash are the building blocks of your portfolio. It's important to understand the different types of stocks and bonds and why one may be a better choice than another. Mutual funds and exchange-traded funds...Show More Summary

College Minority Recruiting

As the first numbers on the composition of incoming freshman classes trickle in next month, many colleges and universities take substantial credit for increasing their pool of minority enrollment. They link their claim to ambitious and...Show More Summary

Photos: Baltimore in Chaos          

On Monday, shortly after an emotional funeral for Freddie Gray--the 25-year-old man who died in police custody--portions of Baltimore erupted into chaos as rioters clashed with police, threw objects at passing lsw-enforcement vehicles and looted local businesses.

Filled Negro Is Fully Aware That Even The Fellow Jamaican Ex-pats In His Congregation Would Rather Hear About The Koch Brother's Plan To Destroy Black People Through "Global Warming And The Republican Party" Than He Cares To Ask The "International Crimina

All dis bkause we naaah mek sumting GWAAN fi di hang-man a Spain Town. We a eediat or wha,jus a kill wi one a nedda daily. PERSONAL NOTE: ANY FUTURE "CULTURAL ARCHAEOLOGIST" WHO LOOKS BACK UPON THIS TIME IN ORDER TO FIGURE OUT "WHY WERE...Show More Summary

Baltimore Schools Look For 'A Teachable Moment' Amidst Freddie Gray Tensions

On a day of civil and violent unrest sparked by the death of Freddie Gray, a 25-year-old black man who died in police custody last week, officials from the Baltimore City School District announced that they are making crisis counselors...Show More Summary

Police Throw Rocks Back At Protesters In Baltimore

Baltimore police officers targeted by rock-throwing protesters on Monday appeared to hurl projectiles toward crowds on at least two occasions. One photo shows a projectile, possibly a rock or piece of concrete, leaving an officer's hand. (AP...Show More Summary

Black Lives Matter Takes Over Forever 21

A retail titan unwittingly became a protest site over the weekend, when activists transformed a Forever 21 window display with a Black Lives Matter banner and t-shirts. Gothamist reports that Saturday's protest was the work of an anonymous...Show More Summary

WATCH: Protestors Speak Out on Freddie Gray, "I Miss Him So Much"

“All I have to say is black lives matter,” said Briana Briscoe on a video of protests erupting out of the death of Freddie Gray, a 25-year-old Baltimore man who died under suspicious circumstances from injuries he sustained while in police custody.

There's Nothing New About the Freddie Gray Case

We now know that Freddie Gray's apparent fatal spine injury was not the first delivered at the hands of a Baltimore police officer. Ten years earlier, 42-year-old Dondi Johnson was arrested for urinating in public and placed inside a police van much like the van used to transport Freddie Gray. Show More Summary

We Fact-Checked All Of Jay Z's #TidalFacts

Things have been rocky for Jay Z’s Tidal service ever since the service relaunched with an Avengers-like call-to-arms of music superstars last month. Since then, the streaming platform has fallen out of the top 750 apps on Apple’s App Store, replaced its CEO and taken several dings in the press. Show More Summary

Here's What It Would Look Like If Inspirational Quotes Were Honest, Vol. 2

What is the sound of one hand clicking to unfollow a friend who posts way too many quotes? Ah, the inspirational quote. It's become social media's emotional currency. Like that jar of Nutella on your bedside table, quotes on images are fine in moderation. Show More Summary

Baltimore Riot Injures 7 Officers On Day Of Freddie Gray Funeral

Baltimore protesters hurled rocks and bricks at police officers in riot gear Monday, injuring seven, on the day of the funeral for Freddie Gray, a 25-year-old who died after being injured in police custody. The demonstrators also smashed...Show More Summary

This Infographic Proves Why We Need To Stop Believing Myths Related To Vaccinations

It's getting more and more difficult to justify the decision not to vaccinate a child. In recognition of World Immunization Week from April 24-30, 2015, UNICEF created an infographic to point out how crucial vaccinations are in preventing...Show More Summary

Interview With Founder of MOKSHINI, Nadeesha Godamunne

Nadeesha Godamunne is a full time in-house fashion illustrator/colorist from New Zealand now residing in Brooklyn, New York. Her voice needs to be heard. The creativity of her hands need to be seen. Say hello to Nadeesha. 1. Tell Me Your Story! My name is Nadeesha Godamunne, I'm a 27 year old illustrator originally from Sri Lanka. Show More Summary

6 Prison Officials Are Fired and 29 Suspended For Leaving Mentally Ill Inmate in Disgusting Cell

Pink slips are flying in a Houston prison after Deterrius "Terry" Rashad Goodwin, an inmate with a history of mental illness, was placed for several weeks in an unkempt isolation cell that contained dozens of food trays, “an infestation of gnats,” and Goodwin’s feces, KRPC reports.

La. Oil Executive, Son Allegedly Killed by Armed Teens 

Two teens have been charged with the double murder of a Louisiana oil company manager and his son, the authorities revealed on Sunday, according to the Daily Mail.

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