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High School Alumni Raise Money to Create Scholarship in Philando Castile’s Name 

Alumni from Central High School in St. Paul. Minn., banded together over the weekend to host a fundraiser in order to raise money for a scholarship meant to honor Philando Castile, the Star Tribune reports. According to the report, more than 500 attended Sunday’s event – which included music, food and kid’s activities – at the […]

The One Thing Women Frequently Do That Prevents Them from Growing as Wives

My husband and I attended a marriage conference recently.  And they had a breakout session where the wives went in one room and the husbands went in another room. The purpose of the session was to have an honest and open dialogue about being a husband or a wife. We were encouraged to ask questions Keep Reading ?

5 Critical Choices You Need to Make Daily to Have a Marriage That Last a Lifetime

I don’t take for granted that I have a fulfilling, happy and amazing relationship with my husband. Is everything perfect? Of course not. But everything is perfect for us and our relationship. Over the decade that we’ve been married, we’ve seen a lot of marriages fail. And every time, we hear of another failed marriage, Keep Reading ?

Will Your Marriage Survive Empty Nest Syndrome? Here’s How to Make Sure it Does

In about five more years, my husband and I will nearly have an empty nest. My youngest daughter will be going away to college and my oldest will be living on her own. I get excited and nervous when I think about that phase of my children’s lives. As their lives change, so will mine. Keep Reading ?

Exclusive: Nate Parker’s Former Classmates, Penn State Alumni Speak Out in Support 

Four Penn State University alumni have come out in support of embattled actor Nate Parker and writer Jean McGianni Celestin, releasing a statement exclusively to The Root late Wednesday night. In the letter, Penn State Alums LaKeisha Wolf, Assata Richards, Lurie Daniel Favors and Brian Favors all state their belief in the innocence of Parker […]

365 Days Of Social Justice For Travon Williams, Keaira Palmer, Dylan Scott, Kashara Parks, Michael Fuqua, Miprecious Hoskins & Chancey Harper Jr: While The Government Entered The INTIMATE SPACE Of Chancy Harper Jr, Trying To Turn His Life Around From A Pa

The "Obama My Brother's Keeper" Harvesting Scheme IS NOT NEW.There are an abundance of other local and organizational "Young Black Male Outreach" initiatives that have been in place for decades.While the "Charter Schools" are under attack...Show More Summary

As Summer Ends, Tensions Remain High Between Black Community and Police

The third summer of our discontent is almost over. The latest tensions started in Ferguson, Mo., two years ago; then came Baltimore last year, with Milwaukee the latest city to erupt in protests and upheaval as tensions continue to run high across the nation between law enforcement and black Americans living in some of the […]

Why Tika Sumpter Was So Nervous About Playing Future First Lady, Michelle Obama

In coming months, we will be inundated with the endless highlights from our first black president’s historic two terms. One of the most delightful developments over the first family’s eight-year stay is the emergence of first lady Michelle Obama. Is there any doubt that she has helped sparked the #BlackGirlMagic that is our reality more […]

Donald Trump, Surrounded By White People, Calls Hillary Clinton A ‘Bigot’ Who Won't Help Minorities

GOP nominee Donald Trump, surrounded by white people at a rally Wednesday evening in Jackson, Mississippi, called Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton a “bigot” who doesn’t care about minority voters. Hillary Clinton is a bigot who sees people of color only as votes, not as human beings worthy of a better future. Show More Summary

Trump Fans Told My Mom to Go F Herself

On August 20th, Donald Trump visited Fredericksburg, Virginia. My mother and sister were verbally assaulted. “Go f?- yourselves!” men screamed at them as they stood outside peacefully with an anti-racism sign. Obscene gestures and shouts of “Idiots!” and “Go home!” from car windows. Show More Summary

Mark Anthony Neal Discusses Black Masculinity @ The Reginald F. Lewis Museum (Sept 17th)

As the Question Bridge: Black Males Interactive Exhibit at the Reginald F. Lewis Museum comes to a close on September 30th, Duke University Professor Mark Anthony Neal will visits the museum to discuss his work on Black Masculinity.Show More Summary

If You Can't Answer These 8 Questions, You're Not Over Your Ex

There’s no easy way to get closure after a split. The time it takes to heal varies for everyone and while some of us may feel ready to date almost immediately, others need considerably more time. (Some experts have said it takes a good...Show More Summary

Etienne Charles: Afro-Caribbean Jazz in Service to a Big Idea

'Trumpeter Etienne Charles leads a big band and writes about big ideas. He’s made a name for himself by combining Afro-Caribbean musical traditions with American jazz. His new San Jose Suite is an ambitious 10-part work inspired by San Jose, California; San Jose, Costa Rica; and Etienne’s hometown of St. Show More Summary

Do Black Women’s Lives Matter To Social Work?: A Gender Analysis Of Racialized State-Sanctioned Police Violence

Do Black Women’s Lives Matter To Social Work?: A Gender Analysis Of Racialized State-Sanctioned Police Violence by Crystal Hayes | @MotherJustice | HuffPost BlackVoices Understanding the risks and adversity facing women of color in our...Show More Summary

Andrea Lewis, Former ‘Degrassi’ Star, Announces Women’s #EmpowermentWknd

Andrea Lewis, former star of the tween classic drama Degrassi, is developing Women’s Empowerment Weekend. Lewis, most notable for her role as “Hazel,” or Wheelchair Jimmy’s Drake’s ex-girlfriend on the hit show, will launch the inaugural Women’s Empowerment Weekend this upcoming weekend, Saturday Aug. Show More Summary

The Venomous Trio Of Racism, Hypocrisy And White Privilege Were Present At The 2016 Rio Olympics

The now concluded 2016 Rio Summer Olympics were an event packed with suspense, intrigue and drama. Anticipation about the games had been intense even before the competition began. One thing can be said for certain, the athletic competition did not disappoint as there was hardly a dull moment. The U.S. Show More Summary

Who Dies In Police Custody? Texas, California Offer New Tools To Find Out

Amanda Woog, University of Texas at Austin How many people die in our criminal justice system each year? It turns out it is hard to tell, and it depends who you ask. Following the deaths of Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Freddie Gray and...Show More Summary

Black Lives Matter, Peter Sellars, Street Dance, Cops... It's A Long Story

Relations between law enforcement and the African American community are perhaps the most complex and painful issue facing the nation today. Dance, of all things, to the rescue. Reggie "Reg Rocc" Grey invented a dance form based on Jamaican...Show More Summary

The Federal Reserve And Black Unemployment

The Federal Reserve Open Market Committee (FOMC) that determines U.S. monetary policy met in July. Its job is to weigh the state of the American economy, both the labor market and inflationary pressures to set policy. In an interesting...Show More Summary

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