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What The DOJ Is Not Doing to Keep Police Accountable

Black and Brown people want justice. How do we define justice? Is Justice a lofty, unattainable, ideological pursuit or aspiration? Is justice achievable to a degree that will satiate the hunger that Black and Brown America has for it? The answers are as simple as the questions. Show More Summary

Whole Foods Opens Store in Chicago 'Food Desert'

As Whole Foods opens a store in Chicago's Englewood neighborhood -- a so-called food desert -- he glaring question of course is, "how will residents in a place with 21 percent unemployment afford to shop here?" WBEZ's Natalie Y. Moore reports. -- +Marketplace APM

#BettaVote: Duke University Students on "Disrupting the Regular Flow"

Rock the Vote's new # VoterRegistrationDay anthem produced in collaboration with Duke University Students and the Center for Documentary Studies.

Vic Mensa Shares How His Clash With Police Moved Him To Vote

After dash-cam video footage of Laquan McDonald’s shooting was finally released to the public in 2015 ? more than a year after the 17-year-old died at the hands of police ? rapper Vic Mensa took to the streets of Chicago in protest.Show More Summary

This 6-Year-Old Had A Drake-Themed Birthday Party And It Was Legit

A Texas 6-year-old, who is officially cooler than all of us, celebrated her birthday with a Drake-themed party. Alexis Gomez threw the party for her daughter, Leah, at Peter Piper Pizza in San Antonio, Texas. The birthday bash included...Show More Summary

Like Cops Who Kill Unarmed Black Adults, Pre-K Teachers See Same ‘Bad Dude’ in Kids

Editor’s note: Once a month, this column will tackle broader questions about what the country should do about gaps in achievement and opportunity. Perception is a matter of life or death. Now, a new study from Yale University delivers the news that even black babies suffer the burdens racial stereotyping inflicts. Preschool educators’ implicit biases […]

Carolina Panthers Running Back Mike Tolbert Might Be Super Petty

Carolina Panthers running back Mike Tolbert might the most passively aggressive petty person ever if you believe the owner of Motion Lab Tuning, an automotive company in Charlotte, N.C. According to automotive site Jalopnik, Tolbert took a vintage ride to Motion Lab to get a new engine. The owner says that because of Tolbert’s local […]

'I Gave You Power': Nas' Plea For Gun Control Still Remains Relevant

On April 29, 1996, 28-year-old Martin Bryant set out to eat lunch at the Broad Arrow café in Port Arthur, Tasmania; an Australian penal colony that was transformed into a bustling tourist attraction. After Bryant finished his meal, he proceeded to carry out a killing spree that claimed the lives of 35 people and wounded an additional 23. Show More Summary

What is One Misconception about Black Popular Culture in the Digital Age?

In this clip from the Duke Council on Race + Ethnicity (DCORE), Cultural Studies Scholar Mark Anthony Neal, Political Scientist Kerry Haynie and Literary and Legal Scholar Karla FC Holloway discuss the value of Black Popular Culture in the Digital Age. DCORE: What is one misconception about Black Popular Culture in the Digital Age? from Michael Anthony on Vimeo.

Filled Negro Says That He Won't Treat A "Man Gunned Down IN North Philly As EQUAL To A Civil Rights Era VICTIM In Mississippi Because Such A Label Of EQUALITY Would Upend His Black Voter Mobilization Efforts Against Donald Trump And The Racist Republicans

NOTE: You Should Let The Video Series Play Uninterrupted. Since The Content Management System At WPIV Queues Up Similar Videos Based Upon A TAG - This Allows You A Time Lapses View Of How Much The POLITICAL NARRATIVE In Philly Is A MOLESTATION Of The MAN ON THE STREET VIEW, Whom They Harvest

Largest Private Prison Contractor Slashes Jobs After Losing Federal Business

The country’s largest private prison contractor announced plans Tuesday to cut between 50 and 55 full-time jobs at its company headquarters in Tennessee, slashing its corporate workforce by 12 percent. The cuts are part of a restructuring...Show More Summary

Nebraska Players Protest Before Game, Leadership Wants Them Kicked Off Team

On Saturday, three University of Nebraska football players took a knee during the national anthem to protest injustices by police against African Americans. On Monday, senior linebacker Michael Rose-Ivey, who of the players who protested, gave an impassioned speech about threats that he and other players — DaiShon Neal and Mohamed Barry — have received […]

D.C. Releases Video Showing Moments after Police Shot and Killed an Unarmed Black Man

The D.C. mayor’s office have released video from an officer’s body camera, showing the moments immediately after the cop shot and killed an unarmed black motorcyclist, the Huffington Post reports. Officials released the video following protests demanding answers and transparency. Show More Summary

Constructive Feedback University: "White Progressive Cheshire Fox Ally" AJC's Mike Luckovich Understands That Today's Play On The SENSITIVITIES OF "THE FEMALE VOTERS" Requires The "Black Racial Services Machine Oligarchy" To Have Compromised Themselves Fo


Tenn. Woman Returns Home to Find Alleged Burglars Having Sex on Her Couch 

Talk about adding insult to injury. A South Memphis, Tenn. woman is in shock and is expediting a move after catching two alleged burglars having sex in her house and ransacking her home, WREG reports. “It’s horrible in there,” the victim, Jamie Barnes told the news station. “It’s absolutely horrible in there. It’s like they just […]

Celebrity RelationshipGoals. “Sure, Set Them Up” or “No, It’s a Set Up?”

News about a celebrity’s professional life isn’t enough. The media with its prying eye picks up on the private lives of celebrity couples too. And I don’t know why, but the media loves celebrity romances. The celebrity romance just seems so alluring. Here they are—these gorgeous, wealthy and famous people who happen to be in Keep Reading ?

Are You Ashamed or Discouraged Because You’ve Never Been in a Relationship Before? Read This Now

Never been in a relationship before? Heck, have you never been asked out on a real date before? If you’re 20 or older and you’ve never been in a relationship before, you can feel like something’s wrong with you. That’s exactly what many women have confessed to me. They feel like they’re behind their peers Keep Reading ?

5 Ways to Stay Sane While Dating a Busy Entrepreneur

Many years ago, I dated an entrepreneur. He was extremely driven and consumed with his business affairs. At the time, I felt neglected and constantly in competition with his business for his attention. Although he assured me that wasn’t the case; he had to admit that his business was constantly on his mind. Although he Keep Reading ?

Loving Tells One of the Most Important Love Stories in Black History

Imagine being cuddled with your loved one in bed, in the middle of the night. It’s peaceful, and the warmth of your spouse’s body sends goosebumps all down your skin. And then, boom! You’re both shaken awake by a police officer kicking down your door and yelling, “Get out of bed!” because your marriage is […]

Is Insecure Preying on Black Women’s Insecurities?  

I may lose some friends over this. In fact, I may lose friends, followers, respect and possibly even my “black card” (which, apparently, has been under review since I dared address the Nate Parker issue). Which is unfortunate, since being black is one of my favorite things, and one of my favorite things about being […]

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