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Why I Feel Some Kind of Way About the Pope Meeting Kim Davis

I'm not a Catholic. I have a few rosaries but mostly because rappers kept wearing them in videos as they referenced Jesus while pouring champagne over some woman's head at the club, which is the stupidest thing ever.

How did Elizabeth overcome racism and perform...

Elizabeth Taylor Greenfield was the first African-American concert perform to achieve international acclaim and perform at the Royal Palace.

Why did C. Delores Tucker Campaign Against Rap...

C. Delores Tucker was the first African-American secretary of state in Pennsylvania and co-founded the National Congress of Black Women.

How did Harry Pace help African-American...

In 1921 Harry Pace established Black Swan Records, the first African-American owned recording company.

Why was James Monroe Trotter known as a...

James Monroe Trotter was a true Renaissance Man. An educator, military officer and musical historian, Trotter was also the first black man to be employed by the postal service.

Why did Dorothy Height devote her life to...

Dorothy Height's career as an advocate for women's rights and racial equality spanned the Jim Crow Era and into the post-modern Civil Rights Movement.

How did Jesse Jackson become a social activist...

Jesse Jackson is an activist, minister and politician whose career in the public eye has lasted more than 50 years.

Detroit's New Generation of Activism

The Motor City, long a home of Black empowerment movements, has given birth to a millennial seed of socio political awareness By Kristian Davis Bailey As Detroit, the most densely Black city in the country, faces water shutoffs, land...Show More Summary

Why Some Tennessee Women Are Afraid To Give Birth At The Hospital

A year ago, when Tennessee passed a bill allowing women to be charged with assault if they use narcotics while pregnant, health advocates warned that the law would deter women from seeking vital medical care out of fear of being prosecuted.  Their concerns are now coming true. Show More Summary

Don't Compliment Carey Mulligan For Playing A 'Strong Woman'

Carey Mulligan is done with the tired trope of the "strong woman" role in movies.  In an interview for Elle UK's November issue, the "Suffragette" actress explained why it's so problematic to tell an actress she "played another strong woman" in a film. Show More Summary

Black Lives Matter-Saint Paul and Mayor Chris Coleman Come to an Agreement Regarding Proposed #BlackMarathon Protest

The media frenzy surrounding the proposed Black Lives Matter Saint Paul protest at the 2015 Twin Cities Marathon on Sunday, October 4th has left the Twin Cities and the nation anxious regarding what will ensure on race day. NationalShow More Summary

Passport Life Doesn't Need to Mean Ahole Life

I need to lead with the truth. There was a point in my life when I adopted a toxic school of thought: If you ain't about that jet life, you just don't get life. But then me and my lucrative job parted ways and I got a helluva lot more discerning about the allocation of my dollars. Show More Summary

Hear Will Smith's First New Song In A Decade

Will Smith has been teasing a return to rap for years, and now it's here. But instead of dropping a new solo track, Smith is appearing on a remix of Colombian group Bomba Estéreo's song "Fiesta." That gives us no indication of when (or...Show More Summary

The Body Always Remembers

Putting gendered violence into words is a site of struggle. Press here and I’ll tell you if it hurts. Amy Berkowitz’s Tender Points opens with a riddle: “Why, exactly, am I constantly in pain?” This question positions itself as a point...Show More Summary

A Wife's Biggest Question For Her Gay Husband

When Tiffany, a young single mom of three, met a Kentucky pastor named Mitchell, it seemed as if life was moving towards one with a happily ever after. The couple married, had two children together and appeared to enjoy a relationship that, on the surface, seemed both strong and devout. Show More Summary

Don Henley of The Eagles Has Opinions: Kanye West Is 'Arrogant and Insecure,' Frank Ocean a 'Talentless Prick'  

Don Henley still hasn’t gotten over the fact that Frank Ocean sampled his music on his 2011 Nostalgia, Ultra mixtape. Ocean sampled the Eagles’ “Hotel California” on his “American Wedding” song and it wasn't that bad. Forget about Ocean possibly exposing new listeners to Henley’s music, in a recent interview with The Guardian, Henley's still angry about it.

Watch: Man Breaks Down In Tears After Learning Wife is Pregnant After Trying for 17 Years  

A Dinwiddie, Ga. wife shocked her husband recently with news that literally had him in tears. Dana Griffin-Graves, who has had a hard time conceiving, recorded her husband’s reaction after letting him know she had a ‘bun in the oven...

Elizabeth Warren Sets The Bar On Race For 2016 Presidential Candidates

Elizabeth Warren is on fire. In a Sunday speech discussing racial inequality in the U.S., the Democratic senator from Massachusetts called for police reform, a recommitment to voting rights and economic policies that will help black families become upwardly mobile. “We have made important strides forward. Show More Summary

103-Year-Old Ga. Woman who was Banned from Church, Returns after Pastor Leaves 

Genora Hamm Biggs will be going back to her church, the church she's goning to since she was 11-years-old and now she is in charge, Fox News reports.

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