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Bill Cosby's Daughter Writes Letter In His Defense, Says He 'Respects Women'

Evin Cosby has written a strong defense of her father, Bill, ahead of his June 5 trial. In a piece for Black Press USA, Cosby wrote about the toll that the accusations against her father have taken on her family, and denied that her father has ever been sexually violent with women. Show More Summary

The Worst Presidential 100 Days Ever

Trump, number 45, got one thing right about the media-hyped, first-hundred-days presidential measuring stick. It’s a silly measure. In fact, presidents from John F. Kennedy to Obama have derided the hundred-day fetish and correctly noted...Show More Summary

Eric Holder Rips Republicans For Trying To Make It More Difficult To Vote

Former Attorney General Eric Holder says it’s “shameful” Republicans are seeking to implement photo ID laws and other measures that make it more difficult to vote. Holder, who is leading a national redistricting reform effort, accused Republicans of trying to suppress potential voters who are less likely to support them. Show More Summary

Progressive Philly Rising Vows: "A Few Instances Of Random Violence In The Delaware Valley Will Not Derail The Progressive Image Of Philadelphia As 'The NFL Draft' Highlights The Revitalized Beauty & Promise Of The River District, Despite The Fears Of Gen

If you THOUGHT that the very same forces that seek to bring to the debate in the public square were going to PROTEST the following events in Philadelphia: How historical marginalization leads to concentrations of 'despair triggered violence'...Show More Summary

News Roundup for April 26

Lots of news today. Just like every other day. 1. A Federal Judge has blocked Trump’s attempts to punish sanctuary cities. Is it just us, or is Trump (thankfully) not very effective? More here. 2. Michael Flynn probably broke the law. Show More Summary

LIBYA: The Same "Historically White Controlled Nations" That DESTROYED THE LIBYAN NAVY 7 Years Ago During The 'Humanitarian Mission', Are Showing Grace Today By Suppling The Sea Vessels To Help The Libyan Government Keep AFRICANS From Migrating Into Europ

FIRST: MY POSITION HAS NOT CHANGED FROM DAY ONE - REGARDLESS OF WHO IS IN POWER IN THE AMERICAN GOVERNMENT:The CIA /NATO COUP In The North African Nation Of Libya (And Somalia, Mali and Yemen) WAS NOT POSSIBLE Without 'Historically White...Show More Summary

Women Are The Lifeline To Those Without Access To Water In Kenya

KILIFI COUNTY, Kenya ? Each morning before the heat rises, Kanze Kahindi sets out from her one-room hut near the village of Changojeni for a six-mile walk to the nearest small river. She returns eight hours later, balancing a yellow 5-gallon jerrycan of water on her head. Show More Summary

From The LA Uprising To The People’s Climate March: Building Power When You Are Under Threat

By Gloria Walton As a native of Mississippi, I often think of the famous words of Ms. Fannie Lou Hamer: “I am sick and tired of being sick and tired.” Twenty-five years ago, a predominantly white jury acquitted the California Highway...Show More Summary

5 Straightforward Steps to Becoming a Better Husband

I’ll be honest and admit a truth: as husbands, we don’t always get it right. With the pressure put on us to perform in so many roles, sometimes the hardest thing in the world to do is to admit when we are wrong. Knowing he let his wife down or fell short is a blow Keep Reading ?

Here's Why You Don't Ask NBA Star Chris Paul A Dumb Question

Maybe the question should have been rephrased from the get-go. On Tuesday, Los Angeles Clippers guard Chris Paul took umbrage at a reporter who basically asked if his team could win its next playoff game against the Utah Jazz to force...Show More Summary

Racial Con Man Willie D: A Study Of How Curated 'Racially Loyal Bias' Is A BENEFIT For 'Historically White Controlled Governments' - When It Keeps A 'Containerized Negro's CONSCIOUSNESS' Boxed Away From The BIG PICTURE

You Must Watch The SERIES Of Video Based Arguments From Racial Con Man 'Willie D' In Order To UNDERSTAND The Strategic Flaws Of His AnticsThese Two Videos Are An Excellent PairA Black Male In Detroit Michigan Shoots Two Police Officers As They Approach His Home, Believing That They Were Intruders. Show More Summary

CONSTRUCTIVE FEEDBACK UNIVERSITY: "Black Athletes Accused Of Domestic Abuse" AS WITH "ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS": Our Punitive 'One Strike And You're Out' Society Is Going To Suppress REPORTING TO THE POLICE AUTHORITIES

Source: Athens HeraldAlmost 3 years after the fact - I am still not on speaking terms with a lifelong friend who I now see is an "Intellectual coward". On the subject of football player "Ray Rice" being caught punching his fiance (who is now his wife) I engaged in a debater on my friend's FaceBook page. Show More Summary

The Dekalb County AK47 Murderer Is Captured: How The Credibility Of "#Black Lives Matter" Is Undercut By Their Fraudulent And Selective OFFENDEDNESS (In Support Of Their Progressive Fundamentalist Nationalist Agenda - But At The Expense Of Black Communit


Beyoncé Introduced Me To Some Of the Most Magical Black Women I've Ever Met

My homegirl Vikkie doesn’t allow guests to wear shoes in her house. So when I showed up with three other visitors in our Unfriendly Black Aunties friend group Sunday to prepare brunch for one another, we stood in the kitchen and, inShow More Summary

Nina Simone Said She Almost Killed A Man For Not Paying Her In Vintage Clip

In a recently resurfaced clip from a 1999 BBC interview with the late Nina Simone, the legendary musician recalled an incident during which she says she attempted to kill a record company executive for robbing her. BBC Hard Talk posted a clip from the March 1999 interview to their Twitter page on the 14th anniversary of Simone’s death last Friday. Show More Summary

We Cannot Afford Another 100 Days of Trump Without An Action Plan

As we approach President Trump’s 100th day in office, many pundits and commentators are reviewing what he has not accomplished – and rightfully so. Whether it was his promise to build the wall and have Mexico pay for it, tax reform,Show More Summary

Bill O'Reilly's Sexism Got Him Booted, But His Racism Got Him Paid. Why?

The ousted and disgraced Bill O’Reilly’s blatant anti-black cracks, digs, slurs, and putdowns didn’t start last year, two years ago, or even a decade ago. They started almost from the day that he took the helm of the “Factor” last century. Show More Summary

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