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MTV Decoded Answers The Question ‘Are Hispanic People White?’

When it comes to matters of race and ethnicity, things can get very complicated. Thankfully, Franchesa Ramsey is always ready to decode everything. In a new episode of MTV News, the host of “Decoded” tackled the question “Are Hispanics...Show More Summary

Tyler Perry Is Really Over Being Asked About His New Mostly White Cast

Tyler Perry is “so sick” of the backlash about his decision to cast a majority white cast for his new TLC drama-series, “Too Close To Home.” During a Monday interview on The Tom Joyner Morning Show, the Hollywood director recalled his...Show More Summary

13 Truths About Being Young And Divorced

Getting a divorce when you’re in your 20s is a humbling, isolating experience ? and the misconceptions others have about your decision don’t make it any easier. With that in mind, we asked HuffPost Divorce bloggers and readers on Facebook to share what they wish others understood about divorce in your 20s. Show More Summary

Delta Airlines Pulls Chris Rock Special Over Anti-Gay Slurs

Delta Airlines has pulled a 2008 Chris Rock special called “Kill the Messenger” from the company’s aircrafts following a complaint that Rock used anti-gay language during the program, including the word “faggot.” The airline companyShow More Summary

70 Times Fox News Was Sexist AF, In 6 Minutes

Got six minutes? Then you have time to witness 70 instances of sexism courtesy of Fox News. Last August, non-profit organization Media Matters for America released a video that rounded up 70 times Fox News was really freaking sexist. Here’s...Show More Summary

13 Illuminating Books That Should Be Required Reading

Good morning, class. Raise your hand if you actually read your summer assignments, Great Expectations and Nineteen Eighty-Four. Yes, raise your hand if you did read those books. Did read, yes. What’s that you say? An extension, you say? Too hot outside to focus? Well. Show More Summary

Questlove Lends His Musical Expertise To Help Reshape Pandora

Questlove is bringing his eclectic love for music to streaming radio. The Roots drummer announced the launch of his new Pandora radio show, “Questlove Supreme,” on Wednesday. The weekly three-hour show will be curated and produced by the Philadelphia-native. Show More Summary

Donald Trump Doesn’t Understand White People

After a year and a half of dog-whistling so loud that even Blue Dog Democrats held their ears, Republican nominee Donald Trump has switched gears. First he was going to “Make America great”; then he was going to “Make America safe”; and now he’s pitching “What have you got to lose?” to African-American and Latino […]

Autopsy Reports In-Custody Death of Mich. Man as Accidental  

On Wednesday, the Kalamazoo (Mich.) Department of Public Safety released an update to their investigation of the death of James Dunigan, who died in custody 90 minutes after being arrested in the Bronson emergency room, as reported by WWMT. Dunigan had been admitted to the Bronson emergency room at 2:13 a.m. for treatment regarding chest pains […]

Why Black Breastfeeding Week Is So Important

Contrary to the stereotypes and data culled over the years, black women do breastfeed their babies. And three black moms want to highlight that simple fact with the creation of Black Breastfeeding Week. The week, which kicks off Thursday...Show More Summary

Grandmother Receives Racist Letter Attacking Her Biracial Kids

A woman in Wichita, Kansas, was shocked when she opened her mailbox and found a racist letter directed at her biracial grandchildren. “We have noticed that there are some black children at your residence,” the handwritten letter delivered to Nancy Wirths read. Show More Summary

Kan. Woman Receives Racist Letter: ‘This Neighborhood Does Not Need Any Blacks In It’ 

Nancy Wirths received an anonymous, racist letter on Monday that stated that black people were not welcome in her neighborhood, as reported by Wirth’s claimed that the hand-written letter was an attack on her and her biracial family of which six of her nine grandchildren are African American. “I look over my shoulder. I […]

Some Advice for the Blacks Trying to Get Blacks to Vote for Donald Trump

Last week Donald J. Trump, the present reigning champ of white male mediocrity, continued to benefit from the media’s bigotry of low expectations. Trump was largely celebrated for expressing “regret” over some of the offensive statements he’s made since the start of his presidential campaign. Of course, noting regret is not the same as an […]

Nude Photos? To Send or Not to Send? That’s the Question for Today’s Marriages

Are texting nude photos the new norm in today’s relationships? But before we get into this, we’d like to say, first off, we were horrified to hear that hackers leaked actress and comedian Leslie Jones’s personal information, which reportedly included her driver’s license, passport info and even nude photos. This violation is the worst form Keep Reading ?

Paul LePage Keeps A Binder Of Mugshots To Prove He's Not Racist

Maine Gov. Paul LePage (R) said Wednesday that for the past seven months he has been keeping a dossier of drug dealers arrested in his state to justify an earlier comment linking drugs and race. In a January conversation about Maine’s...Show More Summary

'Hands Of Stone' Director On How Lack Of Diversity Heightens Hateful Rhetoric

Venezuelan-born director Jonathan Jakubowicz knows his film, “Hands of Stone,” stands out in Hollywood. The movie sets out to tell the epic story of Panamanian boxing legend Roberto Durán, portrayed by Édgar Ramírez (”Joy”), and his long rivalry against boxer Sugar Ray Leonard, played by Usher Raymond. Show More Summary

Police Unions Demand Extra Pay For Accountability And Transparency

Police chiefs, officers and citizens across the country have gone on record in support of policy changes in response to controversial instances of police exercising extreme, often deadly force. But police unions, which serve as mouthpieces for many rank-and-file officers, are responding by holding up the push for reform. Show More Summary

5 Critical Choices You Need to Make Daily to Have a Marriage That Lasts a Lifetime

I don’t take for granted that I have a fulfilling, happy and amazing relationship with my husband. Is everything perfect? Of course not. But everything is perfect for us and our relationship. Over the decade that we’ve been married, we’ve seen a lot of marriages fail. And every time, we hear of another failed marriage, Keep Reading ?

A Damn Gorgeous Poem About Passing Feminism Onto Our Daughters

A stunning new slam poem, “Mom,” by Alyesha Wise and Aman Batra explores the complicated relationship between mother and daughter ? and what feminist motherhood can actually look like. “If my daughter is anything like me, raising her...Show More Summary

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