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How The Church Failed My Mother's Mental Health

For most black folks, faith and liberation are a tandem. But every institution has its limitations.

Cosby Is Not O.J.

The O.J. case sparked furious debate about these issues. The Cosby trial will do none of those things.

Dear Queer Black Activists: An Honest Letter About Desirability Politics Among Our Men

Dear Queer Black Activists, As of late, the desirability politics among a lot of same-gender-loving (SGL) and queer Black

Gratitude For Black Teachers

I recently came across a piece titled, “Where Did All the Black Teachers Go,” by Brent Staples of the New York Times. I shared

The Public School System Is Rigged Against Poor and Black Children

After working nearly 30 years as an urban school educator, I am convinced beyond a reasonable doubt that the rules of the

Banning One Racist Fan Doesn't Fix Red Sox Racism

There are two widely accepted definitions for racism in America. They are as follows: Rac·ism (noun): 1) When a white person

18 Years Ago, Caregiving Forced My Brother To Drop Out Of College. But Today, He Finally Graduates.

This Saturday my older brother will graduate magna cum laude from Volunteer State Community College with his Associate’s

My Son Was Shot In The Head By A Stray Bullet. This Is Why Sensible Gun Laws Matter.

I hope that by letting the world see who Dre was, and now is, we can help show our leaders why sensible gun laws matter.

Dr. King Died Fighting For Economic Justice. Today, We Continue His Fight.

For more than 40 years, I’ve worked as a home care worker. Yet I’ve never been paid more than $9 an hour.

Kaepernick Situation Proves America Still Seeks To Punish Black Protesters

Historically, black athletes in the US have always been punished for speaking out against injustice.

Why Black Women Are -- And Should Be -- Leading The Fight For $15

Women of color have changed the world through their resilience and fortitude to never settle for less.

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