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Why ‘How to React When Being Called a N–ger’ Is So Complicated, Explained

Who is Emmy Victor? Emmy Victor is a morning reporter for KCCI-TV in Des Moines, Iowa. According to her Twitter bio, she’s also a New York City-Washington, D.C.-area native and a Howard University alum. And, according to the footage I saw of her, she might also be a Tibetan monk. A Tibetan monk? Why would […]

Why I Don’t Steal Music Anymore (for the Most Part)

In a recent VladTV interview, living rap god Bow Wow (formerly of the “Lil’” variety) discussed his entire career. He referenced Ray J and Lil’ Kim’s “Wait a Minute,” a joint that I’d forgotten made me nod my head around the turn of the century (and the only worthwhile thing Ray J ever did that […]

DMX Delivers Powerful Prayer During ‘Breakfast Club’ Interview

DMX’s reputation for uplifting fans through spiritual prayer was on full display during his recent appearance on “The Breakfast Club.” The rapper-actor concluded his interview on the syndicated radio show Tuesday by leading a prayerShow More Summary

These Apps Let You Get The Pill And Skip The Pelvic Exam

By Annie Lowrey A few weeks ago, I went to pick up my birth-control prescription from my local pharmacy and was told my doctor needed renew it. I called my doctor's office, and they told me I needed to come in. I came in, and they insisted...Show More Summary

It's Been 1 Year And Rachel Dolezal Is Still Whiter Than Mayonnaise

Remember Rachel Dolezal? The lady who doesn't understand questions. The white woman who wanted to be black ever since she colored with a brown crayon to color in Kindergarten. Well, she’s back on social media. She has been for a while. Oddly enough, black Twitter has mostly much left her alone Shocking, I know. Show More Summary

Leslie Jones Said Designers Won't Dress Her, So Christian Siriano Did The Best Thing Ever

Who you gonna call? Well, you can tweet Christian Siriano -- at least when you need a designer dress for a movie premiere. "Saturday Night Live" standout Leslie Jones is on a press tour for her starring role in the highly anticipated...Show More Summary

George Washington Williams Was a Black Human Rights Activist; So, What Is He Doing Hanging With Tarzan?

In his long and illustrious film career, Samuel L. Jackson has played a dancing crackhead, a Jheri-curled killer, the coordinator of a team of Marvel Comics superheroes (a favorite role of this writer), a Jedi knight and the ultimate house Negro. On Friday he plays George Washington Williams, the pioneering black American writer and African […]

#UnderTheSoulCovers:“Giving Up”--Donny Hathaway + Gladys Knight & The Pips+ Jennifer Holliday

#UnderTheSoulCovers:“Giving Up”--Donny Hathaway + Gladys Knight & The Pips+ Jennifer Holliday by Mark Anthony Neal | @NewBlackMan | NewBlackMan (in Exile) “Giving Up,” a song written by Van McCoy--the same McCoy who would give us “ The Hustle ” in the mid 1970s -- is the opening track of Donny Hathaway’s self-titled second studio album. Show More Summary

Woman Slays Singing ‘The Star-Spangled Banner’ At Lincoln Memorial

Tourists at the Lincoln Memorial were treated to a major performance. A video of a tourist killing it with an impromptu rendition of the national anthem at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C., has gone viral ­— receiving over 14Show More Summary

Why Jeremih’s Song ‘Oui’ Bothers the Hell Out of Me

I’m not a fan of Jeremih. I’m also not not a fan of Jeremih. In fact, Jeremih exists in a space where I typically forget he exists until one of his songs pops up on a Sirius station I listen to and I read the info and I’m like, “Wow, he’s still around, eh? Well, […]

Damon Dash On The One Thing That Bothered Him About 'Lemonade' Rumors

Damon Dash says he wasn’t initially fazed by the controversy surrounding his ex-wife, Rachel Roy, and the lyrics on Beyoncé’s visual album, “Lemonade,” until his daughters were drawn into the drama. On Monday, the music mogul appeared...Show More Summary

Just Because We Are Magic Does Not Mean We Are Not Real! - Jessie Williams

Watch his BET Awards speech here Every morning I wake up in search for inspiration, and I normally search for it from people like me, black voices that spread messages of hope and that inspire us to think differently about the black condition in America and worldwide. Show More Summary

5 Reasons Jesse Williams is a Black Girl’s Best Friend

“The most disrespected person in America is the black woman. The most unprotected person in America is the black woman. The most neglected person in America is the black woman.” Malcolm X spoke these words over 50 years ago; Beyoncé brought them back into current consciousness a mere two months ago. Sunday night, with two […]

Maybe It’s Prayer or Hot Tea, but Mariah Carey Is Sounding Better Than She Has in Years

Toward the end of 2014, vicious and very much hateful people worked quickly to spread isolated, unedited vocals of a Mariah Carey holiday performance that was not her best (to say the least). We know Mariah loves herself some Christmas, but unfortunately, when she performed “All I Want for Christmas Is You” during a Rockefeller […]

Why Are People Hating on Birdman and Toni Braxton’s Relationship?

Whitney and Bobby. Janet Jackson and Jermaine Dupri. Flava Flav and Brigitte Nielsen. Lauren London and Lil Wayne. Ciara and Future. Eve and Maximillion Cooper. The list goes on and on, but the fact is that celebrity culture has long been rife with unlikely pairings—some seemingly out of nowhere, others seemingly out of convenience and […]

Poets Break Down Why They Won't Let You Mispronounce Their Names

If you can't pronounce Yesika Salgado and Aman Batra's names correctly, don't bother saying their names at all. In a powerful spoken word performance posted by All Def Poetry on June 21, the poetic duo recounted what it was like forShow More Summary

Jill Scott Secretly Ties The Knot With Longtime Boyfriend Mike Dobson

It appears Jill Scott is back to living her life like it’s “Golden” as she married fiancé Mike Dobson during a private wedding ceremony on Saturday. Though the blissful twosome have remained mum on details surrounding their nuptials,...Show More Summary

Watch Maya Rudolph Sing An Epic 'Vajingle' About Tampons

Here's something awesome that you didn't even know you needed until now: Maya Rudolph singing a jingle about vaginas. A Vajingle. In the video above, posted by Seventh Generation on June 13, the "Saturday Night Live" alum talks about how the feminine care line is free of perfumes, unnecessary chemicals and chlorine processing. Show More Summary

Can Serena Get Her Groove Back?

Serena Williams turns 35 in September, which is hard enough to believe by itself. But part of her birthday celebration could include capturing the modern record for major championships if she wins the U.S. Open earlier that month. Williams can tie Steffi Graf’s mark (22 majors) with a victory at Wimbledon, which begins Monday. Last […]

Watch Rory (Christiane) Aman-Pour It Up With Michelle Obama In 'Gilmore Girls' Teaser

Where the Obamas lead, Rory Gilmore will follow. When "Gilmore Girls" aired what was originally intended to be its series finale in 2007, Rory bid Stars Hollow adieu to follow Barack Obama on the campaign trail as a political reporter. Nine...Show More Summary

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