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Charged Up: How Big Brands Are Fueling Women's Empowerment

There's a lot of girl power happening right now. From pop icons and television writers, to entrepreneurs and tech executives, women are taking an even more noticeable stand for gender equality. As a self-proclaimed feminist, I've noticed a particularly large increase in content aimed at empowering women. Show More Summary

Debate: Should White Supremacy Be Considered a Mental Illness?

You know those times when you're thinking very deeply about something and you come up with a brilliant idea that is so revolutionary, so unique, so groundbreaking it makes you believe you're the first to have ever thought it? Sometimes...Show More Summary

Would President Obama Tell Dr. King to Stop Yelling?

In 2008 President Obama inspired people from all backgrounds by his firm commitment to what Dr. King called the "fierce urgency of now". It was a young Dr. King's response to many who thought that he should wait, that his tactics were...Show More Summary

Only Voter Suppression Can Stop Bernie Sanders

The most popular politician in the country is up against all three facets of the American political power structure, and he's already defeated two of them. After weeks of inspiration and joy, there was anger and sadness this past week in the Bernie Sanders movement. Show More Summary

No, Hillary Clinton Is Not Pandering When She Says She Carries Hot Sauce in Her Bag

Hillary Clinton has been involved in a number of snafus over the course of the election cycle. Being confronted about her use of the term “superpredators.” An ill-fated dab. Somehow putting Rosa Parks on the back of her ever shifting “H” logo. Hiding her forearm tattoo sleeves under a collection of Steve Harvey pour femme pantsuits.

The Digital Analog Files: Julie Dash interviews Octavia Butler (1995)

A lost interview (1995) with award-winning Speculative Fiction writer Octavia Butler and filmmaker Julie Dash at her home in Los Angeles. Watch

Watch: Disturbing Video Shows NC Hospital Volunteer Turn Into Demon

A female volunteer at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center in North Carolina went from 0 to 100 real quick. It is unclear what prompted the encounter between the enraged hospital volunteer and a father, Isaiah Baskins, who was at the facility with his two children and posted video of the incident to YouTube.

Black Food Matters: Vegan Eco-Chef Bryant Terry Shares Recipe for Food Justice

Black Food Matters: Vegan Eco-Chef Bryant Terry Shares Recipe for Food Justice by Camille Jackson | @Camille225 | special to NewBlackMan (in Exile) Kale, mustard greens, dandelion greens, black eyed peas, broccoli rabe. These are foods...Show More Summary

Meet The Art Collective Of 'Sad Asian Girls' Destroying Asian-American Stereotypes

When you think of an Asian woman, what comes to mind? A tiger mom? An anime fantasy? A manicurist talking about you in another language? For Asian women, these stereotypes are frustrating, disheartening and downright depressing. Instead...Show More Summary

An Unfiltered Response To Buzzfeed's Viral Anti-Black Video

I can honestly say I love(d) Buzzfeed. Although I am annoyed by their 'white person tries ethnic food and realizes ethnic food is where it's at or calls it 'weird' videos and I was given pause by their most recent Try Guys vid in which...Show More Summary

Last Man Standing: Meet the New Head of African-American Outreach for the Republican Party

Telly Lovelace is not stepping into an easy job. Not that it’s ever been easy to work on African-American outreach for the Republican National Committee, but things haven’t been this bad for the Republican Party since Kanye West called out George W. Show More Summary

The Most Kobe Moment Ever Was A Regular Season Out-Of-Bounds Play

Usually, a routine, under-the-basket inbounds play in the third quarter of a regular season NBA game wouldn't make "SportsCenter." Usually, the in-bounder passes the ball to a teammate and the flow of the game continues. But on March...Show More Summary

She Won't Play The Harp While Inner Cities Burn

Angelica Hairston is not content to play the harp while the inner cities burn. The 23-year-old classically trained musician, currently a Martin Luther King, Jr. Scholar at the John D. O'Brian African-American Institute Boston's Northeastern...Show More Summary

Willow Smith Nails The Origins Of Great Style

When it comes to stylish teenagers, and teenagers in general, Willow Smith is in a category all her own. At 15, she's as known for her fashion choices as she was while whipping her hair back in forth back in 2011. Her inherent personal style earned Smith her most recent gig as an ambassadress for Chanel. Show More Summary

Aunt Flo Makes All The Visits You Never Asked For In Adorable Video

A visit from Aunt Flo can be a huge inconvenience or a huge relief -- it all depends on your situation. A new video from women's health site HelloFlo captures a day in the life of a fictional Aunt Flo to highlight the good, the bad and the ugly of having your period. Show More Summary

The Paradox of Being a Black, Christian, Social-Justice Advocate

I’m a black woman who loves hip-hop. And I don’t mean that in an “I have a gym playlist that includes a little Hov” kind of way. I mean it in the “At least once a day I use rap lyrics or their song titles to express myself” kind of way. Show More Summary

Marques Brownlee

Tech is in Marques Brownlee's blood. His father was an information technology consultant, and introduced his son, Marques, to the industry. After joining YouTube in 2008, the young Brownlee has made quite a name for himself. MarquesShow More Summary

Why Hillary's Super-Predator Comment Matters

It was only a matter of time before President Clinton's 2008 gaffes during Hillary's initial presidential bid would re-appear. And re-appear they did when former President Bill Clinton tried to defend Hillary's "super-predator" comment. Show More Summary

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