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Trevor Noah Blasts Donald Trump's Fat-Shaming Of Miss Universe

When it comes to fat-shaming women, Trevor Noah says Donald Trump just can’t help himself. On Wednesday’s “The Daily Show,” Noah focused on how Trump continued bringing up former Miss Universe Alicia Machado to the media, one day after...Show More Summary

This May Be The Most Horrible Thing That Donald Trump Believes

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has offered a litany of racist comments, which it turns out may be rooted in his deeper belief in the inherent superiority of some people ? and not others. The Frontline documentary “The Choice,”...Show More Summary

The Problem With Black Men Who Refuse To Date Black Women

One woman is calling out all the black men who choose not to date black women thanks to negative stereotypes and stigmas. Kimberly N. Foster, founder of For Harriet, posted a video on Facebook and YouTube Monday in response to a recent...Show More Summary

Why Police Officers Need to Be Held to Higher Standards

Similar to the racially charged times of the 60s and 70s, America is finding itself at the brink of another civil rights revolution. With the current political and social climate as it is and the alarming number of unarmed Brown andShow More Summary

Passing the Torch on the Clinton Immigration Legacy

Let's play a quick game of Guess the Candidate: "...we must remain a nation of laws. We cannot tolerate illegal immigration and we must stop it. [Candidate] is making our border a place where the law is respected and drugs and illegal...Show More Summary

Increasing Rates of HIV among LGBT Latinos are Wake-Up Call to Health Advocates

Over the past few years, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention(CDC), healthcare providers, and community advocates like LULAC have been working to decrease HIV infection rates. While a report released by the CDC shows that HIV...Show More Summary

The El Cajon Shooting May Be Yet Another Sign Police Need Better Mental Health Training

An unarmed black man was shot and killed by police in El Cajon, California, Tuesday, sparking protests in the city. Police came to the scene following a 911 call about an African-American man walking through traffic and behaving “erratically.” A...Show More Summary

This Land Is Your Land: HIV, Latinos And Election 2016

I voted for the first time in the 1988 election. I still remember entering the voting booth, full of nerves. I also remember the thrill of finally getting to do what so many around the world never get to do -- participate in their government. Not...Show More Summary

18 Latinos Share Their Honest Thoughts About Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton said she was prepared for the first presidential debate on Monday, but are Latinos prepared to vote for her come November? Well, that depends on who you ask. While many Latinos have spoken out in support of Hillary Clinton...Show More Summary

Daily Headlines: September 28, 2016

Peru: Vladimiro Montesinos, the shady former Peruvian intelligence chief who was instrumental in the rise and fall of Alberto Fujimori from the presidency, was sentenced to twenty-two years in prison for the kidnapping and burning of three people. Show More Summary

‘Saturday Night Live’ Has Its Eyes On Upcoming Host Lin-Manuel Miranda

Good news, “Hamilton” fans! Non-stop Lin-Manuel Miranda is slated to host “Saturday Night Live.” NBC announced Tuesday that the Broadway star will appear Oct. 8 in the second episode of the new season with musical guest Twenty One Pilots. Show More Summary

Why Latinos Can't Afford To Sit Out This Election

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Virginians Pay $1.8 Million A Year To Cage Alleged Pot Users In The State's Deadliest Jail

WASHINGTON ? Mark Goodrum died last year after spending a month in Hampton Roads Regional Jail in Virginia. He had been charged with misdemeanor marijuana possession and was unable to come up with the approximately $100 he needed for...Show More Summary

Yes, Preschool Teachers Really Do Treat Black And White Children Totally Differently

When Tunette Powell’s 4-year-old son first got suspended from his preschool class in 2014, she assumed that she needed to be doing something different as a parent. She had already worked hard to enrich her children’s lives, but she challenged...Show More Summary

Bureau Of Land Management Must Act On Natural Gas Emissions In Four Corners Area

New Mexico has a problem with natural gas waste. The recent NASA's Four Corners methane report found that two of the most polluted energy-producing regions are located in the state. In fact, NASA found that a Delaware-sized methane cloud...Show More Summary

10 Photos Represent The 67% Of Women We Don’t See Enough

A new campaign is reminding everyone how important body diversity truly is. On Sept. 26, Refinery29 launched The 67% Project, a multi-media initiative promoting body positivity and plus-size visibility, both across R29 and the general media and fashion landscape. Show More Summary

On Behalf Of All Latinx Americans, Please Un-Invent the Whopperito

Oh, poor Big Business. The American revolución is in full effect, and you still haven’t gotten a grip on how to market to the kaleidoscopic fabric that is the Latinx community. Well, you should, since we’re a “minority” of 55 million in the United States. Show More Summary

14 Rights Women Have Gained Since Earning The Right To Vote

With the 2016 presidential election right around the corner, it’s important to look back and remember how much it matters that women are engaged in the political process. On August 18, 1920 the 19th Amendment was ratified, which granted white women the right to vote. Show More Summary

31 Latinos Share Their Most Honest Thoughts On Donald Trump

Donald Trump painted a very bleak picture of what life is like for both Hispanics and black people in U.S. cities during Monday night’s presidential debate. When addressing issues of race and police brutality, the GOP presidential nominee said the following: We need law and order. Show More Summary

Poetic Justice: How Two Immigrants, A Muslim Man And A Latina, Sealed Trump's Fate

As the most bigoted campaign in modern memory stumbles toward a close, it’s perfectly fitting that two immigrants ? a woman from Venezuela and a man from Pakistan ? may have delivered the fatal blows to Donald Trump. First it was the GOP nominee’s self-defeating, relentless bullying of the Muslim American parents of Capt. Show More Summary

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