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El Chapecoense y el Piloto Boliviano.

Foto Tomada de Facebook. "Es una satisfacción para nosotros que ellos (el Chapecoense) nos hayan elegido" decía sonriente Miguel Quiroga, el piloto que hablaba con emoción al decir que ellos podían personalizar su avión. En el exterior...Show More Summary

UNLV Erupts After Instructor Threatens to Turn In Undocumented Immigrant Students

A Nevada university instructor is furiously back-pedaling after warning that his classroom is not a “safe space” and vowing to turn students in to immigration authorities if he suspects they are in the country illegally. The controversial...Show More Summary

We’ll Remember Cuba’s Ebola Compassion Long After Castro’s Death

While the Cuban government’s accomplishments and failures are still being tallied in the days following Fidel Castro’s death on Nov. 25, the island nation’s health care system is one achievement expected to stand the test of history. One...Show More Summary

Book Of 'Kid-Lit Parodies' Isn't Just Offensive, It's Bad Comedy

The American public loves everything just a little bit dark and twisted these days ? superhero movies, comedies, and even children’s books. So Bad Little Children’s Books fits right into the market: Billed as “Kid-Lit Parodies, Shameless...Show More Summary

An Old Little Girl Reacts To The Death of Fidel Castro

Family photograph hand-colored by Rolando Estévez I got the news of Fidel Castro's death before the story broke in the United States. I heard it from my friend, the writer Sandra Cisneros, who texted me from Mexico. "Will your parents...Show More Summary

Weekend Roundup: Populists Grow Stronger Once in Power

Populists, caudillos and strongmen in power don’t fail at the outset, they gain strength. That is because their personalist rule delivers up front to the constituencies that brought them to the top, often challenging bothersome institutional constraints along the way. Show More Summary

Syrian-Mexican Family Talk Trump’s Election In Powerful Video

A spike in hate crimes across the country have many marginalized groups feeling unsafe about what life will be like in President-elect Donald Trump’s America. Fusion visited the home of one Syrian-Mexican family in Southern California...Show More Summary

A Muslim Comedian Sat Next To Eric Trump On A Flight. Here's What He Learned.

As Mohammed Amer stepped onto his plane in New York City on Wednesday, he noticed an unmistakeable murmur that struck him as odd. The comedian, who was on his way to Scotland for the start of his Human Appeal Comedy Tour, had been upgraded at the last moment, a pleasant surprise considering the length of the trip. Show More Summary

Mexico To Trump: We Don’t Need You, You Need Us

President-elect Donald Trump has convinced air-conditioner-maker Carrier not to move an Indiana plant to Mexico. Mexico’s reaction so far: You can keep it. “The U.S. is not the world,” Jaime Rodríguez, governor of the northern stateShow More Summary

La Crisis del Agua y Las Personas Con Discapacidad

En Mayo del 2016, el gobierno boliviano reprimía con cañones de agua helada a las personas con discapacidad en La Paz, en Noviembre se acabo el agua en La Paz. ©VioletaAyala Bolivia se encuentra en Alerta Roja por la crisis de agua que ya afecta a seis regiones del país. Show More Summary

Let's Talk About The Natural Hair That Slayed The Victoria Secret Fashion Show

Gorgeous curls, coils and kinks made a few jaw-dropping appearances at the Victoria Secret Fashion Show on Wednesday in Paris. Several models of color ditched the hot combs, weaves and extensions to flawlessly rock their natural tresses...Show More Summary

Selena Gomez Took A Hard Pass On 2016 And Is Still Instagram's Most Popular Celebrity

If Instagram were a high school yearbook, Selena Gomez’s superlative would be most popular. Obviously, Taylor Swift’s would be most likely to write a No. 1 song about you if you cross her. Despite taking an extended break from social...Show More Summary

Guns N' Roses Fans Smashed A Piñata Made To Look Like Donald Trump

Welcome to the jungle. A few chosen Guns N’ Roses fans were invited onstage to beat the stuffing out of a Donald Trump look-alike piñata on Wednesday at a concert in Mexico City. “Let’s bring up some people and give them a fking stick,” lead singer Axl Rose said. Show More Summary

Texas Governor Threatens To Cut Funding For ‘Sanctuary Campuses’

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) on Thursday lashed out at a movement to keep college campuses safe for undocumented immigrants, issuing a Twitter threat to yank funding from any state university that endorses the idea. Texas will not tolerate sanctuary campuses or cities. Show More Summary

Andy Cohen Totally Blew His Chances Of Dating Anderson Cooper

We’d be thrilled to live in a world where Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper fell and love and became a huge, A-list media power couple. Turns out, it could have happened ? if Cohen hadn’t gone and screwed it up. On Wednesday night’s “Watch...Show More Summary

What Mexicans Have To Say To Americans Worried About Trump

The United States could use some neighborly advice right about now. Vox’s Liz Plank recently hit the streets of Puebla, Mexico to ask citizens about their views on the U.S. in light of Donald Trump’s election. During her trip, she asked...Show More Summary

Senators Draft Bipartisan Bill To Give Undocumented Youths 'A Fighting Chance' In Trump's America

WASHINGTON ? Sens. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) and Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) are drafting a bill that aims to protect undocumented young people who could be at risk of deportation when President-elect Donald Trump enters the White House. Durbin...Show More Summary

Watch Your Favorite Musicians Perform 'The Hamilton Mixtape' Live

Hey, #HamFam. As you know, the highly anticipated “Hamilton Mixtape” drops tonight, Dec. 2, at midnight. But, did you also know that some of the musicians on the record are performing the album live today, Dec. 1, at Richard Rodgers Theatre in New York City? No? Now you do. Show More Summary

Teen Asks Trump Aide How She Can Work For An Accused Sexual Predator

Kellyanne Conway, campaign manager and top aide to President-elect Donald Trump, reportedly chastised a 17-year-old student for asking about Trump’s history of sexual assault. On Wednesday morning, The Hill reported that Conway was speaking at an event in Washington, D.C. Show More Summary

Congressman Xavier Becerra Tapped To Replace Kamala Harris As California Attorney General

California Gov. Jerry Brown (D) has nominated Rep. Xavier Becerra (D-Calif.) as California’s next attorney general, replacing Senator-elect Kamala Harris (D). “Xavier has been an outstanding public servant ? in the State Legislature, the U.S. Show More Summary

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