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For Dreamers Who Endured The Horrors Of Joe Arpaio's Arizona, Our Work Is Not Done

Life under the anti-immigrant sheriff led many of us to the front lines of battle against the ideals he professed.

Latinos Leading On Climate Change

“To me it’s important that all communities in a sense be treated equally… Why is it that poor communities have all the waste

Selena's Inspiring Life And Legacy Celebrated In Uplifting Google Doodle

Selena Quintanilla, the "Queen of Tejano music," died more than 22 years ago. But her legacy and music endure.

San Juan Mayor: It May Be Easy To Disregard Puerto Rico Because We’re A US Colony

"We will no longer be able to hide our poverty and our inequality with palm trees and piña coladas," Carmen Yulín Soto told HuffPost.

For The Health Of Latino Families, The EPA Methane Rule Must Stay In Place

Public comments for the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) proposed two-year suspension of the Methane Rule are closing

My Racial Ambiguity Taught Me About People And Privilege In The South

I experienced the general ignorance many Americans exhibit toward Hispanics of lighter complexions.

A Trip To Israel With 50 Latinx Changed My Life

Here are six things I learned, reinforced by some of the amazing people that I met.

Data On Puerto Rico's Water, Power No Longer Available On FEMA's English Website

Crucial stats on the humanitarian crisis are now only available on a Spanish-language Puerto Rican website.

I Survived Hurricane Maria Thanks Only To The Kindness Of Strangers

My husband and I could have drowned in our own home, while government help was nowhere to be found.

I Am Latina And Muslim. That's Why The Race For Virginia Governor Matters.

The outcome of Virginia's gubernatorial race will set the tone for elections all around the country.

Immigrant Rights Activists To Congress: Not One Dollar For Trump's Deportation Machine

By Thomas Kennedy Donald Trump spent a good portion of the 2016 election cycle mindlessly chanting “build that wall” alongside

The Power Of A Xenophobic President

One of the most important things we learn throughout life is speech, or words. It is one of the most potent things we have

As A Feminist Dominicana, I Love Cardi B. Here's Why

I love Cardi B. precisely because she represents so much of what we’re supposed to hate about women.

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