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If Young Boys Spoke To Women Like Donald Trump Does

“Such a nasty woman.” “She’s a slob.” “Does she have a good body? No.” These are only a few things that Donald Trump has said about women, and in a new Cosmopolitan video, young boys are asked to repeat those same words. Spoiler alert:...Show More Summary

This Philadelphia 76ers Fan Couldn’t Just Sit There and Watch the Game

A ticket allows you admission to the game. It doesn’t mean that you get to flip off Oklahoma City Thunder star point guard Russell Westbrook. On Wednesday, the Thunder took on the Philadelphia 76ers in Philadelphia and one fan believed he had the right to do just that. Early in the first quarter some goofball […]

Donald Trump Unveils His ‘New Deal for Black America’ to a Largely White Crowd

Donald Trump unveiled his “new deal for Black America,” Wednesday, to a predominantly white Charlotte, N.C., crowd, and painted himself as the great white savior to fix all the problems plaguing the black community. According to NBC News, Trump’s plan entails three principles bound to sway African American voters: safe communities, great education and higher […]

‘Kill N–gers” Scrawled on Whiteboard on Fla. University Campus

A Florida university campus is left in chock after a threatening sentence was left scrawled on a whiteboard on campus, accompanied by a graphic drawing, WBBH reports. According to the report, the problematic image showed up about two weeks ago and the culprit is still unknown. The image was found in Seidler Hall at Florida Gulf […]

These Women Born Before Suffrage Will Finally Vote For A Female President

It’s hard to think about Hillary Clinton’s history-making presidential run without considering that the 19th amendment, which gave (white) women the right to vote, was ratified just 96 years ago. Clinton’s mother, Dorothy Rodham, was...Show More Summary

Black D.C. Cop Says He Was Unfairly Detained, Tackled and Struck During Stop in Prince George’s County 

A black D.C. police officer who was off-duty and dressed in plain clothes is accusing Prince George’s County officers of inappropriately searching him, as well as tackling him and striking him in the face in their search for a gunman on Tuesday afternoon, the Washington Post reports. Officer Robert Parker Jr., a five-year veteran on […]

High School Student Disciplined in Miss. Noose Incident 

A Miss. high school student has been disciplined following allegations that white students put a noose around the neck of a black football player and “yanked backward,” the Associated Press reports. Officials acknowledged that Stone High School’s conduct code was violated in the Oct. 13 incident, attorney for the school district Sean Courtney said, adding that […]

¿Y si las mujeres matamos a 2 hombres cada semana?

#NiUnaMenos en Cochabamba, Bolivia. ©Andrea Monasterios Mientras miles de mujeres marchábamos en contra la violencia machista, en una de las protestas mas grandes que se ha visto en Latinoamérica en los últimos tiempos, unidas bajo la...Show More Summary

Would You Rather Be Wanted or Needed in a Relationship?

One of my followers on social media posed an interesting relationship question that she wanted me to answer along with other men who follow my posts on social media. She wanted to know what’s on the minds of men. And in her inquiries, she asked a question that stood out to me: Is it better Keep Reading ?

Beers, Crate and Barrel and Christmas; The Making of Our True Love Story

I love a good love story. I’m always curious about how couples met. When I’m chatting with newly married couples, I sometimes ask what the proposal was like. Whenever I’m talking to couples who’ve been together for a while, I might ask what they enjoy about marriage or what’s the secret to their longevity. There Keep Reading ?

Singles: 4 Love Lessons That I’ll Take Beyond My 20s

As I reflect on this past decade of my life and welcome my 30s, I’ve learned a lot about relationships and about myself. I’ve made plenty of mistakes, but at this age, I’ve realized that they were lessons that didn’t simply wound me but became opportunities to help someone else. As we all continue to Keep Reading ?

President Obama and First Lady, Please Do These 10 Blackest Things Before You Leave

The Obamas haven’t been the typical presidential family. From moving Michelle’s mama into 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. to hosting rappers and poetry sessions, this couple has done away with tradition and brought some much-needed life (and color) to the White House. Now, with only a few months until they leave the Oval Office, there are 10 […]

Thankfully, Money. Power. Respect. Is Less Love & Hip Hop and More Married to Medicine

For black professionals who do reality television, there often needs to be a middle ground in terms of entertainment value; as in some kind of balance between Olivia Pope at a Jack and Jill banquet and Joseline Hernandez, inebriated and full of rage. Anything besides shows like The Real Housewives of Potomac, which spent far […]

The Miseducation of the White Man: How Our Education System Failed White Voters

My first job after college was teaching kindergarten. For a decade I worked as a kindergarten teacher and then as an elementary school principal. Now I am a professor charged with preparing teachers and administrators. The 2016 presidential election is the first time that every one of my approximately 2,000 former K-12 students are of […]

How We Can Reap Reparations From Marijuana Reform

In September, a coalition of 60 organizations that collectively make up the Movement for Black Lives issued a series of six platform demands to promote black power, freedom and justice. Included among these demands is an end to the criminalization, incarceration and killing of black people in the name of the various named and unnamed […]

Young Girls Are Closing The Gender Gap In Science Achievement

White men continue to dominate employment in the STEM workforce, but at the elementary school and middle school level, girls and students of color are starting to catch up in science achievement. The results of the 2015 National Assessment...Show More Summary

University of Wisconsin Student Facing 30 Charges Related to Sexual Assault

A University of Wisconsin student is facing 30 charges related to the sexual assault of 4 women, and prosecutors say more charges could be on the way. Alec Cook, 20, was charged last week with sexually assaulting an acquaintance. The Washington Post reports that on Oct 12, a female student went to police in Madison, […]

Georgia State Senator Vincent Fort Demands That A "White Racist Elections Board Member" Be Removed From Power BECAUSE It Is ALLEGED That As He Drove Into A Crowd Of Black People He Asked His Wife To Retrieve His Gun From The Glove Compartment And THUS For


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