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A Love Letter to the U.S.

Miliann Kang, faculty in Women, Gender, Sexuality Studies at UMass Amherst, writes a love letter to the U.S. in the wake of Trump's election.

Why I Had Mixed Emotions About The Women's March

Millions turned out on Saturday for the Women’s March on Washington and its sister marches around the world. I wasn’t one of them. It isn’t that I was against the core ideals of the march, or sided with those who thought it was just a bunch of feminist nonsense. Show More Summary

Before You Celebrate The Zero Arrests At The Women’s March...

“No Arrests Made At Peaceful Women’s March In Washington.” This, from, was just one of dozens of headlines that sprang up in the wake of Saturday’s march, a demonstration that may have been the largest in American history, with marches held in at least 500 cities across the nation. The fact that the protests in Washington, D.C. Show More Summary

This Troop Is Basically The Girl Scouts For Social Justice Warriors

Of all the people who marched across the world on Saturday in the name of women’s rights, one group in particular will give you hope: the young’uns. A dozen 8- to 12-year-old girls marched in the Women’s March in Oakland, California,...Show More Summary

11 Profound Photos From Black Women At The Women's March

Black women showed out at women’s marches around the world on Saturday with some ridiculously profound signage. While some women of color expressed mixed feelings over the march and chose not to attend, those who did made sure to send powerful messages. Show More Summary

White House Signing Ceremony Reveals Blinding White Maleness Of Trump's Inner Circle

President Donald Trump signed a trio of executive actions on Monday, withdrawing the U.S. from negotiations surrounding the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal, implementing a federal hiring freeze and reinstating an international policy...Show More Summary

A Box Of Fried Chicken Was Left On A Black Student’s Car Not Long After Trump’s Inauguration

WASHINGTON ? Elliott G. Holliday, a 20-year-old junior at North Carolina State University, was leaving a friend’s house early on Sunday morning when he found his car in disarray. “There was a chocolate milk bottle by the right rear wheel,” Holliday told The Huffington Post. Show More Summary

How To Keep Your March Momentum Going

Millions of people across the United States marched on Saturday in what may become the biggest single-day demonstration in this country’s history. And when they woke up on Sunday morning, many wondered: What’s next? Historically, marches...Show More Summary

What Your Birth Order Can Tell You About Your Love Life

Does birth order have any bearing on how your love life plays out? A little, experts say. “Early experiences do lay down the foundation for how we act throughout our lives and romantic lives,” said Linda Blair, a psychologist and the...Show More Summary

The Crucial Lesson Jessica Williams' Mom Taught Her About Black Womanhood

Jessica Williams is using the vital lesson she learned from her mom when she was a kid to fight against President Donald Trump. The comedian shared this lesson in a powerful speech at the women’s march in Park City, Utah during a break from the Sundance Film Festival on Saturday. Show More Summary

America Ferrera Breaks Down The Role Of Artists In 'Times Like These'

America Ferrera feels she has a responsibility to use her platform for social change. The actress, who gave an impassioned speech at Saturday’s Women’s March on Washington, described what inspired her powerful words and the role of artists...Show More Summary

Man Is Fatally Shot By Police Responding To Burglary At His Home

Police fatally shot an armed Pittsburgh man inside his home Sunday as officers responded to a call about a burglary in progress, authorities said. Christopher Thompkins’ ex-wife, Brenda Richmond, said the nightmare began around 4 a.m. Show More Summary

'Batman v Superman,' 'Zoolander 2' Lead 2017 Razzie Nominations

Fashion industry satire “Zoolander 2” led nominations on Monday for the annual Razzie Awards, a list of the year’s worst films that includes performances by past Oscar winners Robert De Niro, Ben Affleck and Julia Roberts. The tongue-in-cheek Razzies, created in 1980, serve as an antidote to Hollywood’s Oscars ceremony. Show More Summary

Mary J. Blige: Trump Is 'Racist,' Speaks About Women 'Viciously'

Singer Mary J Blige didn’t suppress her feelings about the nation’s 45th president at the Sundance Film Festival on Saturday. While promoting the movie “Mudbound,” in which Blige co-stars, the Grammy-winning singer ? who was open about...Show More Summary

Dear So Called Black (Political Operative) Conservatives: Please Learn How To Counter The 'Black Faced Progressive Fundamentalist Nationalists" By Hooking Their MOLESTATION Of The Black Diaspora To Something TANGIBLE Other Than Exposing Their Hypocrisy.

This Is A Black POLITICAL OPERATIVE Conservative - Who Resides INSIDE OF "The American Container" (Of Politics) And Thus Despite His Content Expose' Of "Black Faced Progressive Nationalists" - THEY CAN'T SEE Clearly Enough To Push Back...Show More Summary

A History Of Black Cowboys And The Myth That The West Was White

A quick internet search of “American cowboy” yields a predictable crop of images. Husky men with weathered expressions can be seen galloping on horseback. They’re often dressed in denim or plaid, with a bandana tied ‘round their neck and a cowboy hat perched atop their head. Show More Summary

Richard Spencer Gets Dragged On Twitter After Tweet To Aziz Ansari

In case you missed it, alt-right leader Richard Spencer was punched in the face while being interviewed on-camera after President Donald Trump’s inauguration. You’d think after that he’d lay low for a while, but instead Spencer tookShow More Summary

An Open Letter On Behalf Of Undocumented Immigrants

While on a recent trip to the Ellis Island museum, I had an opportunity to reflect on the 12 million immigrants that shaped and continue to define this great nation we call America. I am always disappointed when critics pose the dueling...Show More Summary

40 Years Ago To The Day, 'Doctor Who' Predicted 'Alternative Facts'

On Sunday, President Trump senior adviser Kellyane Conway joined Chuck Todd on NBC’s “Meet the Press” to discuss the size of the president’s crowds. One day prior, White House press secretary Sean Spicer had falsely claimed in his first...Show More Summary

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