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Latinos Leading On Climate Change

“To me it’s important that all communities in a sense be treated equally… Why is it that poor communities have all the waste

WHYY Philadelphia Says: "The Boy Scouts Come From A CONSERVATIVE RELIGIOUS Tradition And Are Only Now Becoming PROGRESSIVE Despite This Recent Stunt To Admit Girls". They Did Not Say: "Obama's My Brother's Keeper Program" Was A Secular Political Fraud Ru

With their new website there is no more embedding audio from the WHYY Philadelphia 'Radio Times' program. So here is the link to the original story. IF YOU LISTEN CAREFULLY THEY WILL REVEAL THEIR GOD TO YOUSLAM AGAINST THE BOY SCOUTS:...Show More Summary

Jemele Hill on Being a Black Woman in Sports Journalism

'Jemele Hill talks about being a black woman in sports journalism and how it's the right time to be unapologetic.' -- The Root

Haitian History, Art & the Harlem Renaissance

'Jerry Philogene (Dickinson College) discusses the uses of history in the field of Haitian art. Taken from "Memory and History in Haitian Art," a panel discussion with Anthony Bogues (Brown University) and Haitian artist Edouard Duval-Carrié that took place at the Forum for Scholars and Publics at Duke University.' -- Scholars and Publics

Edwidge Danticat Reads “Sunrise, Sunset”

'Edwidge Danticat reads her story “Sunrise, Sunset” from the September 18, 2017, issue of The New Yorker. Danticat is the author of more than a dozen books, including the novels The Dew Breaker and Claire of the Sea Light. Her most recent book is the memoir The Art of Death, which was published in July.' -- Tiny Podcast

Bill Rhoden on Black Athletes Taking a Stand (or a Knee)

'Colin Kaepernick has yet to set foot on the football field this season, but the protest movement he launched a year ago has taken on a life of its own, after the President went on a tirade against protesting players, suggesting that “that son of a bitch” be fired. Show More Summary

5 Ways to Make Dating Fun Again That Actually Work

Do you dread dating because you’re bored with the kinds of men you meet? Or are you suffering from burn-out and the thought of getting dressed up just to be disappointed makes you feel like you’re wasting time when you could be getting work done? You might even feel bitter about the dating scene because it Keep Reading ?

Mother Of Black Woman Who Put Her Two Kids In The Oven And Murdered Them: "The State Government FAILED TO PROTECT MY GRAND CHILDREN"

A PSYCHOLOGICAL "WARD OF THE STATE" - A person who abdicates his own INTIMATE RESPONSIBILITIES to his loved one's or community as he vocalizes how the (amorphous and ubiquitous ) GOVERNMENT has failed to deliver what he was conditioned...Show More Summary

Selena's Inspiring Life And Legacy Celebrated In Uplifting Google Doodle

Selena Quintanilla, the "Queen of Tejano music," died more than 22 years ago. But her legacy and music endure.

The NFL Season is Turning Me Against My Husband. Am I Overreacting?

Dear Dr. Buckingham, My husband and his friends range from 40-52 (All married or living with someone). During football season, they turn into drunken clowns and buffoons. They use the NFL as an excuse to drink excessively and hang out 8+ hours every Sunday. They all drink and drive and have a CDL license. I Keep Reading ?

San Juan Mayor: It May Be Easy To Disregard Puerto Rico Because We’re A US Colony

"We will no longer be able to hide our poverty and our inequality with palm trees and piña coladas," Carmen Yulín Soto told HuffPost.

Gregory Porter - Nat "King" Cole & Me (Album Trailer)

'For Gregory Porter, the influence of Nat King Cole on his life and music runs deep, a through-line that reaches back into some of his earliest childhood memories, and culminates in the release of the two-time GRAMMY-winning vocalist’s...Show More Summary

A Genealogy of Possibilities: Cultural Studies 1983: A Theoretical History

A Genealogy of Possibilities: Cultural Studies 1983: A Theoretical History by Nicole Higgins | @nicoledhiggins | NewBlackMan (in Exile) Cultural Studies 1983: A Theoretical History (Duke University Press, 2016) generously allows the anti- or inter-discipline’s most central thinker to serve as guide through its theoretical genealogy. Show More Summary

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